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LS A 24

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in University College Dublin

A 24


18th cent. Paper. 16 × 11 cms. Ff. 60. Scribe: Manus O Rourke, curé of Branles, department of Seine-et-Marne, France, c. 1740-43 (ff. 1 r, 1 v, 3 v, 17 r, 17 v, 21 v, 25 r, 27 r, 29 r, 48 r). Written transversely. Contains matter (almost entirely in verse) in Irish, French, Latin and English, almost all by the scribe, including original poems in Irish and translations into Irish, French and Latin. The Irish is written in a phonetic script, based sometimes on the French values of the letters and sometimes on the English. The entire text has been edited by C. Mooney, Celtica 1 (1964) 1-63. Only the Irish verse is noticed here.

Bound in half-leather with title 'Manutiana, A. 32, O.S.F.' in gilt on spine and labelled A 24 on front cover.

Notes and scribblings: (a) 'May the 21st I wrote to Ireland in' (f. 50 v; some text cut away above the line); (b) 'Ex donis fratris Caroli Feargus, Fratri Eugenio Conolly, A.D. 1774. Pro provincia Conachiae' (f. 55 v); (c) 'June the 27th I left my father's; July the 4, Dublin. September the 3d I put on the habit in the year 1776. September the 15th I left Boulay in the year '77 and arrived in Rome the 12th of November. I was priested April the 19th in the year 1781. November the 9th I began philosophy with Lector A. Conors in the year 1781' (f. 56 r); (d) 'Frater D.' (f. 60 v).


2 r . Cruh is faur gagh draume is oigih is bouich. 3 stt.

2 v . (a) Dr Kenedy. A Ghido ghonny is troueh dih choursy. 1 st. (b) Dyser dih chealih a Guido hreak hou. 1 st.

3 v . (a) Nih Phoenisens tapuh, mase diaruf nagh breag an stair. 1 st. (b) Lah Farsalih gag min er miarou rief. 1 st.

4 r m. Aunle wanrk hivir er manhif nih Ghealhy schaunde. 5 + 1 stt. A copy of stt. 3-5 in normal Irish orthography has been edited from Maynooth MS Murphy 7 by C. Mooney, Celtica 1 (1950) 297-8.

6 r m. 'Doctor Kenedy's answer in Eiris'. An fleah sin dih reasih gan doueis gan chame. 4 stt.

7 r . 'O Rourke's translation in Irische of Bucquenanu's love and prais for Paris' (6 v i). Annir wain manlih wlafuir ghiannuwill khine. 9 stt.

9 r . Guih beah haite nih mime is quih pearbih dih nime. 4 stt.

11 r i. Annir wan winlih nih maclegas guyhis. 9 stt.

13 r . Tor Nelly Macharty Madame Yvers, as a louver a praise' (12 v i). Ny hea is couch lem khunus fose dih hyr. 6 stt.

13 v m. Tor ye daghter of my lord Condon a schild of six years ould, how loved me offer all men'. Annir wig wuk lannibuig da wakuhmuir sihtealsoh a tounil. 6 + 1 stt. with a variant of the last 2 lines.

15 v . Tr was muh wrahir Donnill O Manhuhnih'. As bron shiaslum Donnill O Manhounih. 6 stt.

16 r i. 'For ye bussup of Watterfort'. Mas khonrih er asbug weh ghiannunih kynsiesih. 1 st.

18 r . Quah beak are ghailter, queah dikirrigh croueig are gase. 11 stt.

22 v . An tahir sih Ry flahis dih ghyme piarsihnih an tryne neafuh. 6 stt.

26 r . 'Paraphrase sur le pater noster en I[r]landois'. An tahir an mak guih kniastih woune dounih. 5 stt.

46 r m. A gheah nuh gonunt nuh ghoir led grast muh fouir. 4 stt.

47 r m. Guimsih an tahir is piarsih nih spridih nenfuh. 3 stt. alternating with 3 stt. of Latin.

51-60. Mainly blank (see above).