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LS 1333

LS 1333


15th cent. Vellum. 23.5–27.5 × 19–22 cms; several leaves of slightly smaller dimensions or irregular shape (e.g. pp. 1–4, 9–10, 21–2, 43–6, 51–2); (f. ii, 18.5–19 × 19.5 cms; f. iii, 7.5–8.5 × 19 cms). Ff. ii (foliated ii–iii in pencil) + pp. 76 (numbered 1–75 in pencil; p. [76] unnumbered) + 4 (two binder's leaves, paginated in pencil 77–8, 78a, 78b, respectively, following p. [76]) + 26 (numbered 79–104 (ink supplemented by pencil) with pp. [80], [81] and [91] unnumbered); p. 1 bears earlier paginations 13 (faint) and 5; pp. [80]–99 previously paginated in pencil, 76–99. Three endpapers front, two back; paper slip (18th cent.?) (9 × 15 cms, foliated i in pencil) pasted onto recto of first front endpaper. No scribal signatures. Scribes: (1) main scribe, pp. 1–76; (2) pp. 79–93b16, 93b35–94b11, 94b25–104bz; (3) pp. 93b17–34, 94b12–24;

(4) ff. ii, iiiv; (5) f. iiir. For items on f. i, see individual entries below.

Bound in full calf, gold-tooled spine, double fillets in gold forming border on both covers; covers loose. ‘Medical / treatises’ and ‘H. / 3. /14’ in gold on upper and lower spine respectively; ‘H. 3. 14. (1333[)]’ (in pencil) and ‘Vamped feb. 1898’ (in pencil), inside front cover; ‘H. 3. 14. / (1333)’ on recto of second front endpaper; ‘37 leaves’ on p. 77. Ff. ii–iii comprise two leaves mounted on guard (f. ii above, f. iii below), with foll. note on recto of guard: ‘Conservation / Lab; / Folios 1 + 2 [ii + iii in pencil above] recto / cleaned + / tipped to / HM paper / guard. / Feb. '82.’ Note in pencil on recto of first rear endpaper: ‘77–78, 78a–b numbered / 103, 104 numbered / S[tuart] O S[eanóir] / 12/1/85.’

Collation: i12, ii8, iii6, iv12, v2 (pp. 79–82), vi4 wants 4 (foll. p. 88) with loss of text, vii8; loss before i, before and after ii, and after iii; textual sequence shows order of leaves to be pp. 1–24, 41–76, indicating that ii (pp. 25–40) is misplaced; textual sequence shows order of leaves in pp. 79–104 to be as follows: 79–80, 93–6, chasm, 97–100, 81–8, chasm, 89–92, chasm, 101–104, indicating that pp. 81–2 are misplaced, belonging after p. 100, that v was originally an eight (pp. 79–80, 93–100, 81–2) wanting its central bifolium between pp. 96 and 97, and that vii was originally a six (pp. 89–92, 101–4) wanting its central bifolium between pp. 92 and 101. Ff. ii–iii, single column, ruled in dry point; pp. 1–24, 41–76, single column (28–43 lines); pp. 25–40 and 79–104, double columns (42–8 and 40–44 lines, respectively); ruling where discernible chiefly in brown but with some dry point. Pricking for single column visible in upper and lower margins, and for top and bottom lines in vertical margins, pp. 1–24, 41–52; pricking for single column visible in upper and lower margins, pp. 53–76, with these pages being also pricked for horizontal text lines in inner and outer margins; pricking for double columns and for horizontal text lines visible in upper and lower margins, and in inner and outer margins, respectively, pp. 25–40, 79–104; pricking on stub following p. 88 suggests leaf cut away was similarly marked out. Guide-letters written in margins and spaces reserved for decorative initials (5- to 2-line) in pp. 1–24, 41–76, but corresponding initials not filled in (except p. 10, where initial written by later contemporary hand (?); guide-letters and reserved spaces otiose as first letter written in text at pp. 48.28, 49.1 and 49.11). Opening initials of chapters and subsections of text in pp. 79–104 usually slightly decorative or ornamented with calligraphic flourish. Display script for first line of each chapter in pp. 1–24, 41–76 (for first two lines of bk 5, p. 57.30, for first half-line, p. 66.12, 18), 79–88, 93–100; for first line or two lines of each chapter in pp. 25–40; and occasionally for first words of sections of text in pp. 89–92, 101–104. Text in display script, capitals, ‘ceann fo eite’ and line-fillers generally coloured red, also occasional guide-letters, and other letters and words, pp. 1–24; line-fillers occasionally completed in red, or written entirely in red in this section of MS; text in display script and capitals sometimes coloured yellow, or yellow and red, pp. 14–19; pp. 41–76 generally without colouring except for sporadic rubrication of text in display script on pp. 43, 47–8, 50, 56–7, 60, 70–71; initials, text in display script and capitals frequently coloured brownish yellow, pp. 81–2, 89–102, 103 (?), and red, pp. 83–8; line-filler and ‘ceann fo eite’ coloured red, pp. 85b10 and 87b34, respectively. Textual omissions supplied: f. iiir, upper margin. Marginal symbols for quaestio, pp. 18, outer margin, 19, inner margin, for nota, pp. 81, inner margin, 91, inner margin, and for proverbium p. 95, inner margin. Final word of p. 95az written below line and framed. No catchwords but opening words on pp. 6, 14, 22, 47, 58, 64, 72 and 82 repeat final word of preceding pages, respectively.

Notes and jottings.
(a) f. iir, lower margin. ‘a b c d’.
(b) f. iiiv, lower margin. ‘dfecain dfecain dfecain glesa pind acus ni maith in dubh.’
(c) ibid. ‘[...] pi[? n] d[? o] [? r][...].’
(d) ibid. ‘dfecain / in fo[.].’
(e) ibid. ‘a b.’
(f) ibid. Doddles (four interlace patterns).
(g) p. 1, upper margin. ‘fecan gl[? e] pi[? nn] a[? n].’
(h) 3, lower margin. ‘Nullum pure equicacum debet difniri ante quam dubitatur.’
(i) 5, lower margin. ‘buradh borcteg aoidhi file sord anbaraoin dotige ar madh mbeis doteige don deis [? gan, contracted] colc / is cert damh mo dealc romh [? gabaid, contracted] sealg seachtmhaine sord ni bec sin ⁊ na [? liter, contracted] ⁊.’
(j) 8, outer margin, transversely (in red) ‘gra [? mna] [? f[.]á] [? uill][...] [? a] [? luamhe] ni br[...] ts ⁊ d[.]at duall m–o deoár / is fuaide air [? isu]me o [...] bas acht [...] doim cain aimhe a[? llad] beó / Coem[...] scriptum.’
(k) 9, outer margin (in red). [...] / [...] / [...] / [...] isure [...] / [?a]it [...] / uotre s[? eru]e s[...] / medani / futor [...]glande.’ Foll. by space and: ‘Sin agimh se / fra[...] / se f[? eim] – / [? Co][.]ne[.][? u]s o [...].’
(l) 22, outer margin, transversely. ‘Mo beannacht cugad.’
(m) 22, outer margin. ‘fec.’
(n) 41, outer margin, transversely. ‘[? J][.].’
(o) 41, lower margin. ‘[...] / [...][? cenny].’
(p) 41, lower margin. Scribbling.
(q) 46, upper margin. ‘[...] / [...]el.’
(r) 46, lower margin. ‘[...][? g ...] / [? Bermingham].’
(s) 55, lower margin. ‘[...] my [...].’
(t) 55, lower margin. Scribbling.
(u) 64, lower margin. [? Is] on cré doní [? neue] ar tosaidh. taladh do neoch arís. [? an] righ [? dorinne] na huile doni f[? inn]e duibeardís.’
(v) 65, lower margin. Offset from latter part of previous entry.
(w) 66, lower margin. ‘Know all men.’
(x) 74, lower margin. ‘[...] .i. gan [...] [? asdig] ni he [...] / [... ? sgal] ⁊ leig fein e [...].
(y) 81, lower margin. ‘Cad do beir an fuaricht ag buairt [an corrected to nn (?)] [hanmha corrected from nanmha] sa ced ceim ⁊ an [2, cancelled] flichit [contracted] annsa 2 ceim.’
Item (j) written prior to marginal numbering of text by Dr Fergus (see p. 1, below).


ir Transliteration (in 17th cent. (?) hand) from Greek of Dionysius Periegetes, Oikoumenes Periegesis, ll. 561–4. Foll. by pencilled note in modern hand: ‘see also other side’.

iv. Note by Séamus Ó Fearghaile: ‘Cetamain caoin ré nár [above line: nach] sár an cuacht! / canait loin laoi lán. da mbeitheadh lagaidh / ann. S. O Fearghaile .i. Bealtainne. 1889.’ Foll. (in same hand) by ‘Riaglacha leighis . H. 3. 14. 76. / delc’.

iir. Beg. In demhin anois techt in tairrngeri. 14 qq.

iiv8. Table of Latin manuscript contractions, with expansions, arranged in alternating rows. Beg. with entries for bene, corpus, non, neque. Ends (f. iivz) with entries for celi, eigis [i.e. eius], qam [i.e. quam]. Later hand has written ‘do’ between words of text on f. iiv.15.

iiir. Definitions of resun, solucio and dlige. Beg. (a) Isedh isresun [corrected from isrersun] and .i. gne fhollus nanethe noc aithinter annsa menmuin mallere cosmuiles achtgebhis bregach; (b) Solucio is uime aderar an tanum so on fhocal so .i. solum .i. grian (f. iiir4); (c) Et is ead is dlige and oraidiugad .i. frital na harramuinti no an resuin (f. iiir7). Ends (f. iiirz) ⁊ re timargadh narand anaighidh na harramindti ‘Finit’. Foll. (f. iiir10) by: ‘Comes andsosis re Sethfraith ⁊ is misi bod gu ser’.

iiir11. The following cure for syncope: Cuid doleges nasingcopisi andsosis .i. agruag do tarrang ⁊ auirgi ⁊ muc do cur do sge[d][...] nacluas.

iiiv. Table of Latin manuscript contractions, with expansions, arranged in alternating rows. Beg. with entries for semper enim and dicont. Ends (f. iiivz) with entries for et tricisimo, et tricisimo primo.


1. [Commentary on Hippocrates, Aphorismi bks 3.15 (acephalous), 16–32; 4.1, 2 (ending with citation of aphorism 4.3), 4–14, 15 (incomplete), 36 (acephalous), 37–60, 61 (beg. Que inparibus diebus non iudicantur ⁊ cetera), 63, 62, 64–7, 68 (incomplete), 76 (acephalous), 77–8, 80, 79 cum 81, 82–3; 5.1–4, 6–13, 16–19, 21–5, 27–47, 49–51, 53, 52, 54–64. (Aphorisms unnumbered in MS; numbering assigned here is that of Hippocrates, Liber aphorismorum in Articella (Venice 1493) [second foliation] ff. 1–38.)] Acephalous. Beg. here a comfurtacht nacorp tirim murader Galen a leabhur noxamaton. Mania ⁊ meleangcolia doteacht otirmaidhecht nanaimser so [= MS 1436 here, p. 13b28]. Bk 4 beg. p. 16.11 (numbered ‘4’ in outer margin); bk 5 beg. p. 57.30 (headed ‘[In .v.] pairteagal’ in outer margin, with tape repair obscuring words conjectured here). Chasm in text after p. 24 corresponding to pp. 30b36–35b34 of this MS; text resumes p. 41. Chasm in text after p. 52; text resumes p. 53 [at point corresponding to RIA MS 452 (23 P 10 i), p. 29b23]. P. 75 ends murataid uighidh boga ⁊ cearrbocan ⁊ a cosmaile Et t[...]; p. 76 illegible. Sections of text headed in hand of Dr John Fergus as foll.: ‘Sect. iii. ab Aph. 13 [sic] ad finem [? insequens]’ (p. 1, upper margin), ‘Sect. iv. ab Aph. i. ad 15’ (p. 17, upper margin), ‘Sect. iv. Ab aph. 36 ad Aph. 68’ (p. 41, upper margin), ‘Sect. iv ab Aph. 76 ad finem’ (p. 53, upper margin), and ‘Sect. v. ad Ap. 63 et ultra’ (p. 57, upper margin); chapters in pp. 1–52 also numbered by Fergus in margins in two groups, viz. (a) iii.15–iii.31 [= Articella 3.16–32], iv.1–2, 4–15, pp. 2–24 (with chapter 3.15 (acephalous, p. 1.1) unnumbered); (b) iv.37–44, 46–64 [= Articella 4.46–61, 63, 62, 64] 67–8 [= Articella 4.66, 67], pp. 41–52 (with chapters 4.36 (acephalous, p. 41.1), 4.45 (p. 44.13), 4.65 (p. 52.12) and 4.66 (p. 52.x) unnumbered). For order of leaves, see above.

25. [Commentary on Hippocrates, Aphorismi bk 4.1 (acephalous), 2 (ending with citation of aphorism 4.3), 4–50.]. Acephalous. Beg. here [at point corresponding to p. 16.20 of this MS] ris anre sin ⁊ nibidh nabaill arna nullmugad narna follamnugad gohuilide antansin. Breaks off with p. 40 [at point corresponding to p. 47.22 of this MS] oiximel cnaiteac discailteac dodenamh gabh prema radguim lan [...]. Text headed in hand of Dr John Fergus ‘Sect. iv. a 3 Aph. ad 50’ (p. 25, upper margin). For pp. 77–8, 78a, 78b, binder's leaves, see above.

79. [Commentary on Averroes Colliget.] Acephalous. Beg. here [at point corresponding to KI MS 18, f. 9ra5] [Oportet] ut qui in [calido] temore [sic] [...] [labr]um anois isin .2. [pairtegal] do lucht intsiubail ⁊ intsaethair. Chasm in text between pp. 96 and 97 corresponding to MS 1436, pp. 267a26–273.11. Breaks off with p. 88 [at point corresponding to 1436, p. 292.z] Dorer foirme murtaid na datha examla adubramar. Dorer adhbair murta. For correct order of leaves see above.

89. [Compilation of extracts from commentary on Hippocrates, Aphorismi; cf. pp. 1, 25 above.] 22 items. Beg. (a) O do luaig Ipocraid atosach na canoine Humedi dietea .i. dona diédaibh fliucha. End ⁊ sugh na nuball ngrainec ⁊ a cosamile (p. 89a19). From commentary on bk 1.16; corresponds to NLS MS Adv. 72.1.10, f. 7va33–49; (b) Do cosc influx tic andiaigh na purgoidi ordaigid Galen cengul caol na chos ⁊ na lamh (p. 89a20). Ends curob amlaid sin comfortachtaidhter lucht na folmaigthi ⁊ na ndroch aicidedh adubhrumur ⁊rl-a (p. 90a25). From commentary on bk 2.37; corresponds to NLS 72.1.14, ff. 7rb5–11, 21–38, va1–6, 14–41, y–vb9, 17–23, 29–34, z–8ra9, 22–30; (c) Labrum anois do leges na hepilensia (p. 90a26). Ends nach tuitind o hinamach innti ⁊rl–a (p. 90a38). From commentary on bk 2.45; corresponds to NLS 72.1.14, f. 13va31–42; (d) Adeir Galen isingluaisso condlegur inleigeas dexamlugad foexamlacht na leannann (p. 90aw). Ends sdicatós scinantum ⁊ scilla .i. uinnemun Spainech ⁊rl–a (p. 90b15). From commentary on bk 4.9; corresponds to p. 22.14–24 of this MS; (e) Adeir Ipocraid intan bus ail incorp dfholmugad cohuilide no corannaide (p. 90b16). Ends ⁊ curob co haicideac cuiris incollad ⁊rl–a (p. 91a9). From commentary on bk 4.13; corresponds to p. 24.3–23 of this MS; (f) Labhrum donanethibh togairmeas intallus isna fiabrasaib (p. 91a10). Ends do reir inntlechta inleagha eolaigh ⁊rl–a (p. 91a30). Two extracts combined: p. 91a10–21 (from commentary on bk 4.37) and p. 91a21–30 (from commentary on bk 4.38) correspond respectively to pp. 41.21–6 and 42.4–9 of this MS; (g) Anaigid terciana oir adeir Gillbertinus danimcubaid narind forimellaca (p. 91a31). Ends ⁊ coimil im de ⁊ tobair satimtirecht ⁊rl–a (p. 91b20). From commentary on bk 4.43; corresponds to p. 43.22–36 of this MS; (h) Anaigid nangoran tic andiaigh na fiabrus righni (p. 91b21). Ends ⁊ curtar naceirín um na halttaibh ⁊ iccaid ⁊rl–a (p. 92a21). From commentary on bk 4.45; corresponds to p. 44.16–37 of this MS; (i) Anaigid disma intan bis maille fiabrus martanach (p. 92a21). Ends cumusctar ⁊ comhsuigigter amail adubramar romainn ⁊rl–a (p. 92b19). From commentary on bk 4.50; corresponds to p. 47.1, 9–11, 17–34 of this MS; (j) Anaigid na buidhre ⁊ co hairithi natosac (p. 92b20). Ends fomaethan nacluas ⁊ iccaid intsenbuidhre ⁊rl–a (p. 92b34). From commentary on bk 4.60; corresponds to p. 50.6–12 of this MS; (k) Anaigid nafrenisisi ⁊ adeir Gillbertinus gondlegur ambuinn ⁊ andernanna dochoimilt lesalann (p. 92b35). Chasm in text which breaks off with p. 92 curtar éun coilig fonédan mur in cedna. From commentary on bk 4.72; corresponds to NLS MS Adv. 18.2.11, f. 150vb30–37; (l) Acephalous. Beg. here ⁊ emogrania ⁊ oghumpaia. Et intan doirtear intadhbar ceadna afeadanaibh inochta (p. 101a1). Ends le scariol ⁊ le sicoria ⁊ lena cusmaile ⁊rl–a (p. 101a14). From commentary on bk 6.28; corresponds to NLS Adv. 18.2.11, f. 164ra24–37; (m) Anaigid teinnis nasul ⁊ ataid nethe o legester iad (p. 101a15). Ends farmasia .i. leigeas dileas o folmaigter linn dub maille hindram ⁊rl–a (p. 101a31). From commentary on bk 6.31; corresponds to NLS Adv. 18.2.11, f. 164rb1–19; (n) De oxiremia .i. don bruchtaidh (p. 101a32). Ends eabar agloighe ⁊ ageirghi ⁊ icaid ⁊rl– (p. 101b18). From commentary on bk 6.33; corresponds to NLS Adv. 18.2.11, f. 164rb49–va22; (o) Donidropis annso (p. 101b19). Ends curtur mil fai ⁊ ebur mur siroip ⁊ icaid ⁊rl–a (p. 102a19). From commentary on bk 6.35; corresponds to NLS Adv. 18.2.11, f. 164va36–7, 164vb5–46; (p) De cancro .i. don canncear (p. 102a20). Ends mina ba harrsaidh in canncer leigisid re .3. la ⁊rl–a (p. 102aw). From commentary on bk 6.38; corresponds to NLS Adv. 18.2.11, f. 165ra32–4, 45–rb7; (q) Do leigeas splenetica [corrected from spenetica] pasio .i. eslainte na seilgi (p. 102ax). Ends oseimidhter ⁊ ombrister ingaethmuracht sin ⁊rl–a (p. 103a37). From commentary on bk 6.43; corresponds to NLS Adv. 18.2.11, ff. 165rbw–z, 165va36–166ra5; (r) Flegmon .i. nescoid nanae (p. 103a38). Ends donethib disle noc comfortachtaidhes nahae (p. 104a4). From commentary on bk 7.17; corresponds to MS 1318 here, cols 489.23–4, 29–47, 490.7–39; (s) Anaigid na scetraigh[e] fola (p. 104a5). Ends Dlegur an tan sin [gar]grisim [do den]am [...] (p. 104a40). Remaining 5 lines of column illegible. From commentary on bk 7.37; corresponds to 1318, cols 493.38–41, y–z, 494.23–31, 34–495.8; (t) Do [...] siucra gel ⁊ manna ⁊ licoris (p. 104b1). Ends arna legad da comilt don [...] (p. 104b2). From commentary on bk 7.47; corresponds to 1318, cols 496.x–497.1; (u) Do discailead anadbair flic isna corpaibh remra (p. 104b3). Ends discailid na lenna remra [rl–a] (p. 104b14). From commentary on bk 7.60; corresponds to 1318, col. 499.19–30; (v) Do [...] sqinantia oir ader Rogerus cuisle [do ligin] (p. 104b15). Ends ⁊ is amlaid sin legester [...] [sq]inancia maille gras[...] ‘[...][? orum] [? conuig] [...]’ (p. 104bz). From commentary on bk 7.60; corresponds to 1318, cols 499.40–499[a].17.

© Catalogue record by Aoibheann Nic Dhonnchadha of the School of Celtic Studies, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.