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LS 1319/2/9

LS 1319/2/9


15th cent. Vellum. 26–27 × 20–21 cm. Ff. 8 numbered in pencil, 130–37, and bearing an earlier pagination, 317–333 (skipping 331) in ink. No scribal signature.

Bound in modern vellum cover; number ‘H. 2. 17 II Vol. IX 130–137 / 317–333’ stamped in black on front and back cover, foll. by ‘[331 not used]’ (in pencil) on front cover; number ‘1319/2/9’ in upper outer corner of front cover.

Collation: i10 wants 5 and 6 with loss of text where defective. Double columns, ruled in dry point and brown, 41–8 lines; prick marks for double columns visible in upper and lower margins of all leaves near or at edge of text frame. Rubrics in display script throughout (except for aphorism (bk 2.11) at f. 132rb11); guide-letters written in margins and spaces reserved for ornamental initials at ff. 130rb9–12, 131rb25–7, 131vb7–10, 24–7, 132rb5–7, 133ra1–3, 133va9–11, 133vb18–20, 135va28–30, 135vb28–30, 136ra18–21, 136rb26–8, 136va29–31, 137ra20–22, 137rb16–18 and 137vb24–6 but corresponding initials not filled in (no guide-letters written for reserved spaces at ff. 130vb41–3, 132rb35–7, 135vb11–13 and 136va38–40); guide-letters ‘[? n]’ and ‘l’ and reserved spaces at f. 130va17–19 and 130vb6–8, respectively, otiose, as opening letter of each rubric written by scribe. Textual omissions supplied in upper margins of ff. 132v, 133r, 136r, and in outer margin of f. 133r. Vellum defective in ff. 132, 134, 136–7; oblong processing hole towards lower inner corner of f. 134 extends into lower margin where it has been partially covered by tape affixed with glue (glue on verso has stained f. 135r, lower margin); tears in outer and lower edges of f. 130 repaired by tape affixed to recto; narrow strip of tape (26.5 × 1–3 cm) folded inward along its centre and affixed with glue to outer spine of ff. 130/137; two short narrow strips of tape folded inward along centre and affixed with glue to upper and lower inner spine respectively of ff. 131v/136r; similar repair to upper and lower spine of 132v/135r (with subsequent stitching, over tape, of tear in upper inner corner of f. 132); small strip of tape folded inward along centre and affixed with glue to lower inner spine of ff. 133v/134r (with subsequent stitching of lower spine of bifolium). Transference of ink from jottings (a), (c), (e), (f) and (g) to facing pages. Staining throughout, with front page heavily stained and largely illegible; ff. 130v, 131r–133r, 136v and 137 also heavily stained, with some words illegible in ff. 130vb, 131vb, 132, 133rb, 135ra, 136vb and 137ra; further illegibility in f. 137v, particularly in centre of leaf and corners of text frame.

Notes and jottings:
(a) 132r, lower margin. ‘[? W].’
(b) 133r, outer margin. Doodle (interlace pattern).
(c) 133r, lower margin. Doodles (viz., outline of letter (?); three interlace patterns; three circles connected by triangle; attempt at interlace drawing (transversely); three interlace drawings (transversely) ).
(d) 133v, lower margin, inverted. ‘[? B]’; ‘Lord in thy [? wrath].’
(e) 134v, outer margin, transversely. Three attempted letters (?).
(f) 134v, lower margin. Doodle (lozenge-shaped drawing).
(g) 135v, outer margin, transversely. ‘[...] of[...].’
(h) 137v, outer margin. ‘[? Lib]’ (? repeated).
(i) 137v, lower margin. Doodles (two interlace patterns).
Illegible letters or words in upper and lower margins of f. 130r, and in lower margin of f. 137v; scribbling (?) in f. 130v, between cols.


130r. [Ó Callannáin/Ó hÍceadha commentary (a. 1403) on Hippocrates Aphorismi: bk 2.2 (in part), 3–14, 15 (in part), 25 (in part), 26–34, 35 (in part).] Acephalous. Beg. here in commentary on bk 2.2. F. 130r largely illegible. First sequence of legible words reads dentar an codlad co himurcac [? cuirid] / [...] adeir gurobeadh iscodlad and innt / [...] ballaib foirimllaca cum naamball inmeadonac / [...] Et isead is neamcodlad and (f. 130ra9). First complete sect. (bk 2.3) beg. (f. 130rb8) [S]omnus et uigilia utrque ma / gius modo factae malum est. Chasm in text after f. 133v which breaks off (in commentary on bk 2.15 beg. [U]bi fauses egrotant uel pustuli incorpure perascuntur considere oportet egrestiones et cetera, f. 133vb18) Et adeir Gailen in tan bess imarcaidh eigin isin corp corotusga is coir ainnarbad. Resumes (f. 134ra1) (in commentary on bk 2.25, beg. [E]stiue quartane ut multum fiunt breues ⁊ cetera NLS Adv. 72.1.14, f. 1ra14) noch ongeintear naspiraid anainnteas ⁊ gabaid insgairt truailliugad ⁊ ainteas cuce ⁊ truailltear na spiraid. Breaks off with f. 137 (in commentary on bk 2.35, beg. [I]nomni[? bus] morbis [? ea que] / circa [? umbilicum] [...], f. 137b24) Et adermaid nac eadh amain is eig[? in] [...] / [...] dfeacain do tobairt na purgoidi acht moran. Text of ff. 134ra1–vb39, 134vb39–135ra19, 135ra21–va27 and 135va28–137vbz here corresponds to NLS Adv. 72.1.14, ff.1rb29–2va27, 3rb9–35, 2va28–3rb8 and 3rb36–6rb19, respectively.

© Catalogue record by Aoibheann Nic Dhonnchadha of the School of Celtic Studies, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.