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LS 1319/2/6

LS 1319/2/6


Contents of TCD 1319/2/6 (fragment), as described in the Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the Royal Irish Academy, pp. 1575-6 (ff. 142-150, the T.C.D. leaves).

139 148 (138)r°[299]a, LEABHOR BREATHACH (in a later hand). Beg. Britania insola [a Bretoni] filio Isicon dicta est. The text is a composite one, incorporating two recensions of the original (Van Hamel's L¹ and L² versions). There is a gap, owing to the loss of one folio, after fo. 141, but this gap can be filled by the copy in BB Facs. 203 ff. The text ends imperfect on 145 r°a (= TCD, H 2 17, p. 178 a). Ed. A. G. Van Hamel, Lehor Bretnach (Irish MSS. Commission, Dublin, 1932).

145 r°b, H.2.17, p. 178 b (in an unknown hand). Dialogue of Colum Cille with a youth at Carric Eolairc. Beg. Imaccallaimm Coluim Cille. Ed. Meyer, ZCP ii, 313-7, from T.C.D., H.3.18, p. 555.

145 v°a, H.2.17, p. 179. TECOSCA CORMAIC (here headed : “Cairbri. Lifeochair rothothlaig in tegoscsa fora athair .i. for Cormac mac Airt”). Meyer used this text, with others, for his ed. R.I.A. Todd Lecture Series, xv (1909), p. 2 ff. Text breaks off fo. 146 v° (p. 181), col. 4, 1. 13, at a point corres. to ed. Meyer, p. 36, § 18, but resumes fo. 147 r° (p. 182), col. 4, 1. 45, and breaks off finally fo. 147 v° (p. 183), col. 1, at a point corres. to ed. p. 38, §19.

146 v°, H.2.17, p. 181, col. 4, 1. 15. The Sayings of Fithal. Beg. Tosack acra achmosan. Breaks off, fo. 147 r° (p. 182), col. 4, 1. 44, at a point corres. to ed. Thurneysen, Zu irischen HSS. und Literaturdenkmalern (Kgl. Gesellschaft der Wissensch. zu Gottingen, Abhandl. Phil.-Hist. Klasse, xiv, no. 2), 1912, p. 19, 1. 24. Cf. R. M. Smith : The Senbriathra Fithail and related texts, Rev. Celt., xlv, p. 1.

147 v°, H.2.17, p. 183, col. 2. Gnomic sayings, beg. Maith dan eacna. Ed. R. M. Smith, Rev. Celt., xlv, p. 89.

147 v°, H.2.17, p. 183, col. 2 m. The Triads of Ireland. Beg. Ceand Erenn Ard Macha.

148 v°, H.2.17, p. 185, col. 1. Dialogue of the Two Sages, beg.Agnai mac Uithir. Ends imperfect, fo. 150 v° (p. 193), suith usce i fín blasa .i. bias fína (— 23 E 13, p. 21, 1. 15).