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LS 8

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Mount Melleray Abbey Co. Waterford

LS 8


[p. 49]

Correspondence. Letters in English addressed to Fr Maurus Ó Faoláin, unless otherwise indicated. Items now numbered in pencil.


1-12. Letters from Michael Beary, Borough Surveyor, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

1. 19-20 August 1898. Pp. 2 with encl. Results of his examination of General Valuation list, 1851, for Ballynagaul Beg and Ballynagaul More. Enclosure: cutting from the [Waterford] Star [20 August 1898, pp. 7-8]; letter from Richard Costin, Kilrossenty, County Waterford, to editor.

2. 8 June 1899. Pp. 4. Town Commissioner's Office, Town Hall, Dungarvan. Impending meeting concerning Ardmore Pattern and Feis [see 74, 121]; Fr John Walsh, PP, to preside. Report on correspondence with P. W. Joyce and, in particular, with David Comyn, regarding Foras Feasa ar Éirinn and Séathrún Céitinn's death and burial; Beary's mother's maternal grandmother a Keating, and cousins and forbears of his buried in Tubrid. Note on line from Donnchadh Ruadh [Mac Con Mara]. Proposal to publish Ordnance Survey Memoirs for Waterford. Requests advice regarding County Council Seal [see 4 and 102].

3. 13 August 1899. Pp. 2. Report on meeting, of same date, to organize branch of Gaelic League in Kilrossanty; Fr M. Casey, PP, in chair; meeting addressed by Fr M. P. Hickey, Maynooth, Fr R. Hennebry, Washington, Mr [Patrick] O Daly, President [Gaelic League, Dungarvan Branch], T. McCarthy (who ‘was falling back on the English but he had to beat a hasty retreat again to the Vernacular as the people would have none of it’), Town Clerk [Dungarvan], Fr Maurus's brother and other locals. ‘There was an old Native called [Robert] Weldon who came on the platform and Composed Irish Poetry on the Spot.’ Hopes Modelligo [Feis] will be success.

[p. 50]

4. 16 August 1899. Pp. 4. Account of previous day's ‘heat’ (singing and dancing, the latter adjudicated by Beary and Henry Beresford) at Modelligo attended by Frs Hickey and Hennebry, Dr [Gabriel O'C.] Redmond of Cappoquin and Mr [Richard J.] Ussher, JP, of Cappagh. Ussher proposed to Beary that a ‘grand meeting’ be held in Dungarvan in the Autumn with Dr [Douglas] Hyde and Fr [Peter] O Leary to attend. Beary at present Clerk of Works at construction of house for Sisters of Mercy in Dungarvan. Fr Hickey's advice regarding County Council Seal [see 2 and 102].

5. 18 August 1899. Pp. 2. Acknowledges letter regarding Kilmacthomas District Seal. Will make sketch of Comeraghs on returning from taking measurements for Miss Kennedy's public house in Rathgormac. Suspects that such a sketch might be too much to be incorporated in Seal.

6. 20 August 1899. Pp. 2. Encloses sketch of Seal [enclosure not found] but unable to include much of mountain. Suggests G. D. Croker, Waterford, as printer [cf. 36 and (3), 24 (1)].

7. 3 September 1899. Pp. 3 with encl. Encloses tracing of Clashmore Village and Well. Account of St Cronin and his foundation at Clashmore. With enclosure.

8. 5 March 1903. Pp. 2 with encl. Irish and English. Note covering enclosure. Enclosure (pp. 2): 28 February 1903. Professor John Rhys, Jesus College, Oxford, to Michael Beary. Recalls visiting Dungarvan 1883. His driver, Aherne, pronounced word for Gaelic language ‘Galwin’; Rhys should like to know more about this pronunciation. Asks for address of Mr Ussher.

9. 20 February 1904. Postcard. Irish. Note on river names, Abha na hUidhre and Uisge Soluis. Location of Dubh Ghlais river. Desirability of solving origins of placenames before sending a map ‘cun an ‘‘tard thuadh’’’.

10. 28 December 1905. Pp. 1. Quotes reference to Sir Nicholas Walshe of Bally Keerogue, died 1615.

11. 15 December 1910. Pp. 1. Fears he has made error in dates of St Declan (citing W. H. Grattan Flood in Waterford and S.E. Ire. Arch. Soc. Jn. 3 [(1897) 86-90]) and requests Fr Maurus to strike out dates of Declan's birth and death.

12. 15 December 1910. Pp. 1 with encl. Believes Books of Durrow and Dimma written by Colum Cille's maternal grandfather and

[p. 51]

granduncle. Encloses details which he has already sent to Fr [Patrick] Power. With enclosure (pp. 4, stencilled in part).

13. 5 August 1896. Pp. 2. [Rev. Dr] A. Brownrigg, Bishop of Ossory. No address. Will keep an open mind until the day of appointment but will be as favourably disposed as possible to Fr Hickey. [See 44 and 47.]

14-26. Letters from P. Carmody (Carmodi, Ua Cearmoda), Mill House, Comragh, Kilmacthomas, Co. Waterford.

14. 19 July 1887. Pp. 3. Irish. Sends books by his sister. Apologizes for his written Irish. Fr Maurus's people are well. Possesses a translation of Luke's gospel which he is willing to send.

15. 1 November 1887. Pp. 4 with encl. Irish. At request of [Seághan] Plémion (whom he knew in Clonea) he has taken down words of ‘Curnán’ from ‘old Hally’ [Patrick Hally] for publication in Irisleabhar [na Gaedhilge 3/27 (1887) 47-8], a young woman of his acquaintance [M. J. Armstrong] taking down the music. Encloses music for inspection and correction if necessary [this enclosure not found]. Stanza ( A Mháire is tú mo ghrádh ) of ‘Curnán’ supplied in postscript. Sees Fr Maurus's mother regularly and reads to her in Irish. Enclosure (pp. 1): 1 November 1887. M. J. Armstrong, Briskey House. To Carmody. Sends music. Wishes a more competent musician could see it before publication.

16. 31 May 1888. Pp. 4. Irish. Requests correction of Miss Armstrong's transcription of music of song collected from Hally (for publication in Irisleabhar [na Gaedhilge]). Supplies first stanza of song beg. Lá dá rabhas a machtnamh cois Bríde air mhaoilín faille. (On reverse of letter Fr Maurus has written (pencil): Cois leasa 's me go h-uaigneach air uair na maidne am aonar. 11 /2 stt.)

17. 12 June 1888. Pp. 6. Grateful for corrections to music which he has forwarded to Plémion though he was unable to show them to Miss Armstrong. Mistakes introduced into songs by singers. Learns of singers through Fr [Michael] Casey [PP Kilrossanty]. Has searched in vain for ‘Samhra cruaidh’ [see (2), 13]. Intends to visit a man named Flynn in Glendalligan who may have it.

18. 9 May 1900. Pp. 3 with encl. Encloses poem by Robert Weldon which the poet wished him to send. Enclosure (pp. 1, Irish): ‘Caoineadh air bhás an t-Athar Risteard Paor - Riobard

[p. 52]

Bheldon ro chan’. A athair dheagchroidheach is éadh mo dhainid. 5 + (‘Ceangal’) 1 stt. With notes by Carmody. Elegy on Fr Risteard Paor [Rector St Anne's, Fairfield, Manchester]. Mentions Noraliach [Furraleigh, Co. Waterford].

19. 26 May 1900. Pp. 4. Further remarks on Weldon's ‘caoineadh’, which he has sent to Irisleabhar na Gaedhilge [10/118 (July 1900) 548-9]. On a recent visit to Dublin he heard from P. O Brien, printer and bookseller, of the last months of Mr Fleming [Seághan Plémion]: on having to resign from post in Academy he was saved from the workhouse by the Rev. Mr [Maxwell H.] Close who allowed him £40 a year and who paid for his funeral.

20. 21 May 1902. Pp. 3. Sends copy for correction of song by Bob [Robert Weldon] intended for entry in Feis na Mumhan [enclosure not found].

21. 19 November 1903. Pp. 2. Sends ‘Musgail a Bhanbha’ by Bob [Robert Weldon (cf. NLI MS G 381, p. 23); enclosure not found] which won first prize at Feis na Mumhan, 1902, and will send lament for Fr Richard Power [see 18 and 19] if requested. Does not know of the Uidhir as a name for Uisge Soluis [see 9] but will inquire.

22. 20 December 1903. Pp. 4. Information from one Christopher of Graigrush, a trapper of fox cubs, that the Uidhir and Uisge Soluis are distinct. Committee of Feis na Mumhan do not allow unauthorized publication of prize poems. Fr [Patrick A.] Walsh of St Vincent's, Cork, had to get permission from Cork Feis to publish Bob's [Robert Weldon's] ‘Páidín Ó Rafarta or some other of his compositions’. Location of Com Gártha, Com Iartha, the Comlocha, the Sgileóga and other lakes.

23. 28 December 1903. Pp. 4. Replies to queries concerning the Comlocha and the Sgiologa. Bob [Robert Weldon] has composed two pieces lately.

24. 1 January 1904. Pp. 3. Remarks on source of the Nire; information received from John Kirwan of Kilclooney and from Christopher [see 22].

25. 5 March 1904. Postcard. Irish. Acknowledges receipt of three copies of An Sléibhteánach.

26. 25 March 1904. Postcard. Irish. Apologizes for delay in returning maps of lochs in Comeraghs.

[p. 53]

27. 5 January 1887. Pp. 2. John Casey, 86 South Circular Road, Dublin. Letter covering copy of [Rev. B. McCarthy] ‘‘‘Stowe Missal’’’ [RIA Trans. 27 (1877-86) 135-268]. Has heard from his son Joseph in Madeira and assumes he is in Sydney at present.

28-9. Letters from [Rev.] M. H. Close, 40 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin.

28. 19 March 1887. Pp. 3. Embossed paper of Royal Dublin Society. Mr [Richard] Mulrenin has spoken to him. He [Close] has no recollection of receiving letter and postal order but will search for it when he goes home.

29. 23 March 1887. Pp. 2. Has found letter and postal order for £1 for which he encloses receipt [enclosure not found]. Will attend to request respecting Gaelic Journal.

30-34. Letters from D. Comyn, 43 Brighton Square, Rathgar, Dublin.

30. 18 August 1897. Pp. 3. Acknowledges receipt of two copies of Rósaire na Maighdine Muire [see also 35, 37-9, 81, 100]. Congratulations on quality of print and on the elegance of the language. In general does not approve of dialect forms in literary work. Late John Fleming very impressed by study of Irish at Melleray. Preparing edition of Keating's ‘Díonbhrollach’ with vocabulary. Intends to produce complete edition of ‘Foras Feasa’. Fr Hickey recently in neighbourhood of Melleray. Fr [John E.] Nolan to publish new edition of Prayer Book in Irish [ Leabhar-urnuighe Naoimh Pádraic ].

31. 29 August 1897. Pp. 4. Acknowledges letter and receipt of ‘Annual’ [ An Sléibhteánach ]. Recommends Life of S. Kiaran edited by Rev. D. B. Mulcahy, PP Kilclief, a Waterford man and old friend of Mr Fleming's. Proposed memorial for Fleming; Dr Hickey the one to take it in hand. Remarks on Comyn's Mac-ghníomhartha Fhinn and on his proposed edition of ‘Foras Feasa’. Coneys's dictionary the best.

32. 28 December 1898. Pp. 3. His Díonbhrollach well received; hopes to publish Part II shortly. Has engaged with Irish Texts Society to provide first volume of ‘Foras Feasa’ by October 1899. Patrick O'Brien's imminent edition of Eochairsciath an Aifrinn, proofs of which read by Comyn.

[p. 54]

33. 7 March 1900. Pp. 4. Will send copy of second stanza of ‘Maoidheadh gach naon’ [see (2), 11]. Remarks on Irish coinage; never heard of Portlaw ‘leather money’. Copy of Coneys's dictionary in Traynor's book-shop but, if purchased, should not be sent to Germany as it is too valuable; recent publications will suffice to silence critics of Fr Maurus's friend [see 87].

34. 9 July 1901. Pp. 4. Shares concern that proceeds of Fr Mulcahy's book [see 31] should be realized by his friends. Letter from Mr [Michael] Beary. Regret at delay over ‘Foras Feasa’, a heavier job than he had imagined. Derivation of placename Colligan.

35. 1 October 1897. Card. [Archbishop] T. W. Croke, The Palace, Thurles. Acknowledges receipt of Irish publication [Rósaire na Maighdine Muire].

36. 15 August 1899. Pp. 1. George D. Croker, Bookseller, Stationer and Photographer, Waterford. To M. Beary [cf. 6 and (3), 24 (1)]. Encloses revised proofs; printers unable to print Gaelic ampersand. ‘The clergyman [Fr Maurus?] did not write to me.’

37-9. Letters from Bishops to Duncan Fickling [President, St Patrick's Gaelic Society, Mount Melleray] acknowledging receipt of Rósaire na Maighdine Muire. [See also 30, 35, 81, 100.]

37. 18 September 1897. Pp. 2. [Rev. Dr] F. J. Mac Cormack, The Eagle Hotel, Lisdoonvarna. Will make it known to clergy at next conference.

38. 7 October 1897. Pp. 1. [Rev. Dr] T. A. O Callaghan, Cork. Will promote it among Irish-speaking clergy.

39. 6 November 1897. Pp. 2. [Archbishop] William J. Walsh, Archbishop's House, Dublin. Unable to offer opinion on its linguistic merits but admires beauty of Irish type.

40. 14 September 1904. Pp. 1 with encl. W. H. Grattan Flood (Liam H mac Graidin Mael Tuile), Rosemount, Enniscorthy. Encloses notes on family of Ó Faoláin from Annals and State papers. Requests loan of two volumes of Irish music. Enclosure: two foolscap bifolia containing (rectos only) notes on Í Fhaoláin.

41-73. Letters from Fr Michael P. Hickey (from 1900: Michael P. O'Hickey, Mícheál Ua hIceadha), Waterford, Maynooth, Carrickbeg and Dungarvan.

[p. 55]

41. 18 July 1896. Pp. 4. St John's College, Waterford. Candidate for chair of Irish in Maynooth. Appointment to be made by bishops in October. Seeks testimonial and also asks Fr Maurus to request one of Fr O'Leary [see 45 and 97]. Further testimonials to be provided by Mr [John] MacNeill, who advised him to apply for the post, Dr Hyde and Fr Henebry (shortly to visit Germany to study with Thurneysen and Windisch). Letter from Mr [Michael] Cavanagh of Washington, who, with Dr [Thomas J.] Shahan, ensured Hickey's success in getting Fr Henebry appointed to Washington Chair.

42. 24 July 1896. Pp. 4. St John's College, Waterford. Things going well. Many bishops being contacted by Henebry and MacNeill. Dr [Richard A.] Sheehan will use his influence if necessary. Only one other opponent: Fr [Patrick] Doherty of Diocese of Raphoe. Hickey confident of a Waterford triumph.

43. 28 July 1896. Pp. 4. St John's College, Waterford. Copies of testimonials received by all bishops. Dr [Bartholomew] McCarthy unlikely to know of his existence. Anxious to secure support of Dr [Thomas] McRedmond. Fr O'Leary has ‘thrown himself ... ‘‘head over heels’’ into this affair’. Hopes to obtain testimonial from Patrick O Byrne (‘Pádraic’) of New York through agency of Mr Cavanagh. ‘I got Fr Henebry into Washington. It remains to be seen whether I can manage my own candidature as well as I managed his.’

44. 31 July 1896. Pp. 4. St John's College, Waterford. Dr [Abraham] Brownrigg not yet written to. List of bishops whose support has been pledged and of those whose support is expected. Very optimistic.

45. Stencilled copies (in Hickey's hand) of two sets of testimonials, the first sent 27 July 1896 (mentioned in 51) the second at a subsequent, unrecorded date. Pp. 4. (1) Testimonials from John MacNeill, Br Maurus Phelan, Douglas Hyde, Richard Henebry. (2) Testimonials from Peter O'Leary, P. A. Walsh, P. Power, D. Comyn.

46. 2 August 1896. Pp. 4. St John's College, Waterford. Fr [Patrick A.] Walsh has canvassed more bishops. Revised list of supporters. Has applied for support to Fr [Eugene] O'Growney. At MacNeill's request has undertaken to recast and enlarge [William] Williams's Catechism. Inquires regarding Denn's Catechism and Barron's Prayer-book.

[p. 56]

47. 8 August 1896. Pp. 4. St John's College, Waterford. Dr Brownrigg's letter [see 13 and 44] as definite as could be expected. Further support from bishops. Anxious to secure Fr O'Growney's support; being nearly synonymous with ‘‘‘Irish’’’ his support for other candidate would negate all that has been done. Not certain there is a catechism by Paddy Denn. Not surprised at Dr MacCarthy's reply; ‘He knows nothing of me of course; but even if he did know me, I doubt much whether there would be much change of attitude’.

48. 24 August 1896. Pp. 8. Carrickbeg, Carrick on Suir. Dr Sheehan hopeful of outcome. Problems of translation with reference to Fr Maurus's work (in progress) on Rosary. Instruction book and prayer book in Irish are desiderata. Kuno Meyer's view that language should be revived by creation of a religious literature. Fr O'Growney's address in America. Suggestion as to Irish version of Lord's Prayer.

49. 8 September 1896. Pp. 4. St John's College, Waterford. Thanks for ‘Munster Catechism’. ‘Bomb-shell’ from Bishop of Kerry regarding Catechism. What is known of Fr O'Doherty; he has no testimonials. ‘It is doubtful if Father [Thomas] Curran comes forward at all.’ Expects to hear from Fr O'Growney.

50. 12 September 1896. Pp. 3. St John's College Waterford. New candidate in field, Fr [Michael J.] Conroy, Tuam; he has testimonials (which Bishop Sheehan has allowed Hickey to see) but not as good as Hickey's especially now that Fr O'Growney's letter has arrived. Will write to MacNeill and Fr O'Leary.

51. 14 September 1896. Pp. 4. St John's College, Waterford. Lord's Prayer. Viceregal visit to Melleray. Fr O'Growney's letter should be decisive. Going to Ardfinnan to examine.

52. Undated. Pp. 7. St John's College, Waterford. Points of grammar and usage pertaining to Rósaire na Maighdine Muire.

53. 25 February 1897. Pp. 8. St Patrick's College, Maynooth. Teaching of Irish in Maynooth: difficulties and successes; teaching-hours and reading list. [Thomas] Flannery's ‘Donnchadh Ruadh’. Preparing General Report of the Schools for 1895 and 1896. Providing information for Dr [Thomas J.] Shahan on Irish language movement; requests details of classes in Melleray. Movement near victory.

54. 11 March 1897. Pp. 4. St Patrick's College, Maynooth. Everyone, except [Robert] Atkinson, co-operating with him

[p. 57]

in providing material for Dr Shahan [see 53]. Requests information regarding the Keating Society and John Fleming. Fr Henebry going from Freiburg to Milan. Hickey's recent public lecture hard-hitting. Has not abandoned idea of Catechism; must publish a satisfactory grammar.

55. 13 March 1897. Pp. 3. St Patrick's College, Maynooth. Has read manuscripts [of Rósaire na Maighdine Muire] and makes suggestions. Fr Henebry's excellent penmanship. Reading Comyn's Díonbhrollach in proof. [Patrick] O'Brien printing Eochair-sgiath; being an uneducated man and a ‘cobbler’ he will not do it justice.

56. 17 March 1897. Pp. 4. St Patrick's College, Maynooth. Further notes on translations of prayers.

57. 20 March 1897. Pp. 3. St Patrick's College, Maynooth. Further notes on translations of prayers. [J. P.] Craig's Modern Irish very good but limited by localism. Obtained uncut Lucerna Fidelium in Traynor's.

58. 23 March 1897. Pp. 4. St Patrick's College, Maynooth. Mr [Patrick] Carmody may be able to discover more about Mr [John] Fleming. Documents belonging to Fleming and the late Mr [William] Williams in possession of the latter's family. Further notes on translation of prayers.

59. 19 May 1897. Pp. 4. St Patrick's College, Maynooth. On translation of Agnus Dei. Report on first Oireachtas, held in Rotunda; a great success.

60. Wednesday (otherwise undated). Pp. 4 with encl. St Patrick's College, Maynooth. Has received letter and proof of Rósaire na Maighdine Muire from Fr O'Leary. Encloses notes on same. Will encourage its sale in Maynooth. Publication of Religious Report of Schools imminent (printed by Harvey). Irish examinations in Maynooth. Enclosure (pp. 3): remarks arising from proofs of Rósaire na Maighdine Muire.

61. 2 June 1897. Pp. 4. St Patrick's College, Maynooth. Proof received from Fr O'Leary [see 98]; remarks on same (his last word on the matter); ‘I believe the little thing will be the best piece of local Irish ... that we have had for many a day’; Fr O'Leary's letter enclosed, requests return. Hickey's first year in Maynooth a success. Numbers taking examinations. Fr Edward Mooney, PP Carrickbeg, was at school in Kill with Mr Fleming.

[p. 58]

62. 11 February 1898. Pp. 4. St Patrick's College, Maynooth. Reports on Fáinne an Lae; Mr [Bernard] Doyle, though he knows little about Irish, greatest benefactor of the language movement; contributors. Language movement, in general and in Maynooth, progressing very well.

63. 27 June 1898. Pp. 4. St Patrick's College, Maynooth. Acknowledges congratulations on honour [DD] recently bestowed on him. Pleased on account of the diocese and the language movement (which is making great progress). Fr Henebry (now at Greifswald) preparing for Ph.D. examination.

64. 15 January 1899. Pp. 8. St Patrick's College, Maynooth. Preparations for lecture in Dungarvan. Has advised organizers on promotion of event. Suggests themes for motions. Great success of his ‘Idea’ [The true national idea Gaelic League Pamphlets no. 1, 1898] ensured by [Rev. John P.] Mahaffy's attack on it; has received abuse from bigots in Ireland and England. Has parted with Doyle and urges no support for Fáinne an Lae; confidence between publisher and editors essential. Mutinous conduct of three members (‘[John J.] Murphy, [Donnchadh] Fleming and (probably) [Osborn J.] Bergin’) of Lee Branch makes launching of new paper doubly difficult.

65. 21 February 1900. Pp. 8. St Patrick's College Maynooth. [William J. M.] Starkie's speech shows Commissioners about to climb down; account of events since O'Hickey started campaign [for Irish language, literature and history to have proper place in Irish education and for bilingual education in Irish-speaking districts] a fortnight previously - has written over two hundred letters. Fr O'Leary's letter nearly ruined everything.

66. 29 September 1900. Pp. 4. Carrickbeg, Carrick on Suir. Personal matter concerning Fr O'Brien, a distant relation of O'Hickey. Dr Henebry in Portlaw.

67. 19 October 1900. Pp. 4. St Patrick's College, Maynooth. Will do everything he can to help Peadar Ua Concheannainn of Inis Meáin in Maynooth. Rotunda packed for Hyde's lecture. Freeman's treatment of movement scandalous. Pleased with Fr Maurus's reaction to his Grammar and with that of Hyde and MacNeill.

68. 26 April 1901. Pp. 8. St Patrick's College, Maynooth. Has corrected proofs [of Leabhar Urnaighthe]. In matters of idiom would not contradict Fr O'Leary but in orthography

[p. 59]

O'Leary's principles all wrong. Model to be followed should be that of 17th century printed books. Observations on orthography. Answers to grammatical points raised by Fr Maurus. Observations on points arising from proofs. ‘Just now all the trouble about the Intermediate programme (this entre nous) is most the outcome of topsy-turvydom in spelling.’ Fr O'Leary doing endless harm as well as a lot of good. [Part of this letter reproduced in P. Ó Fiannachta, ‘An tAthair Micheál Ó hIcí’, Léachtaí Cholm Cille 16 (1986) 182-5.]

69. 7 August 1901. Pp. 12. Carrickbeg, Carrick on Suir. Has been appointed censor of Na Sacramaintí Déidheanacha [see 107]. Notes many points of grammar and orthography. Inconsistencies in Gaelic League publications constantly criticized; row concerning Cormac Ua Connaill (Fr [Patrick] Dineen careless in spelling). Fr Maurus's book will make fine start to Catholic Truth Society's publications in Irish. Only book published without misprint is by a pupil of his, Miss [Agnes] O'Farrelly's Grádh agus crádh; summary of her student career.

70. Pp. 8. Points of usage, grammar and orthography pertaining to Na Sacramaintí Déidheanacha [see 107]. [Does not appear to be an enclosure of 69.]

71. Saturday (otherwise undated). Pp. 4. Dungarvan. Cannot and would not use influence to secure appointment of Patrick Daly as General Secretary of Gaelic League [see 72, 88]; appointments to be made on merit alone.

72. 10 September 1901. Pp. 4. St Patrick's College, Maynooth. Acknowledges, with thanks, receipt of ‘An leabhar bliadhantamhail’ [i.e. An Sléibhteánach]. Patrick O'Daly has fair chance of being appointed secretary, but has no chance of managership. Urges Fr Maurus to write testimonial for him. Outline of necessary qualifications. [See 71, 88.]

73. 11 April 1903. Pp. 4. St Patrick's College, Maynooth. Knows nothing of Mr [Timothy] O'Neill Lane; another dictionary on the model of Foley's or O'Reilly's would be a nuisance. Comments on letter from unnamed correspondent on indignation in clerical circles at aspects of language movement.

74-80. Letters from P. J. Lawless ( Peadar Ó Laoidhléis ), Cork (various addresses).

74. 25 July 1899. Pp. 4. 2 Wellington Square. Chaos at Ardmore Feis [see 2, 121] despite best efforts of Fr Hickey and Mr [T. F.]

[p. 60]

O'Higgins. Locals unco-operative with outside organizers. ‘Poor Father [John] Walsh [PP Ardmore], though conducting the proceedings didnt seem to understand them very well.’ Regrets Fr Maurus had entrants there as ‘mediocre talent would have suited the place just as well’.

75. 11 June 1900. Pp. 1. Gaelic League, 41 Great George's Street. Seeks advice regarding Munster Feis and hopes Fr Maurus will have entrants participating.

76. 19 June 1900. Pp. 1. Gaelic League, 41 Great George's Street. Acknowledges and discusses advice regarding Feis.

77. 22 June 1900. Pp. 1. Wilton Cottage, Upper Glasheen. Declines invitation due to pressure of work.

78. 23 August 1900. Postcard. Irish. Corcaigh. Melleray entered in ‘Comórtas na naos óg’. Requests names without delay.

79. 5 September 1900. Pp. 1. Gaelic League, 41 Great George's Street. Melleray entries received: their events to be on 19th. Will send coupons for railway tickets.

80. 1900 (no further date). Gaelic League, 41 Great George's Street. Encloses £1.5.0, prize money for winners (named) from Melleray. Further prizes to follow [see 119].

81. 4 October 1897. Pp. 3. Michael Cardinal Logue, Ara Coeli, Armagh. Acknowledges receipt of Rósaire na Maighdine Muire. Doubts if there is any family in his archdiocese who recite rosary in Irish. [See also 30, 35, 37-9, 100.]

82. 17 November 1911. Pp. 2. Irish. Tadhg Mac Giolla-Fhionáin, Junior House, St. Patrick's College, Maynooth. Contemplating becoming a monk. Requests list of necessary qualifications.

83-4. Letters from Agnes J. MacHale, 34 Brewer St., Golden Square, London W.

83. 20 July 1901. Pp. 4. At the request of Mr [Fionán] Mac Coluim [secretary, London Gaelic League], asks permission for publication by London Gaelic League of Fr Maurus's arrangement of ‘Cillecash’ as sung by Mr P. O'Shea. Requests other suitable airs.

84. 6 August 1901. Pp. 4. Acknowledges receipt of music and accepts offer to obtain permission for publication [of music of ‘Cill Chais’: cf. Waterford and S.E. Ire. Arch. Soc. Jn. 1 (1894-5) 111] from Rev. W. P. Burke.

[p. 61]

85. 5 March 1900. Pp. 4. John MacNeill, 14 Trafalgar Terrace, Monkstown, Co. Dublin. Pressure on space in Claidheamh [Soluis] but hopes it will be possible to publish Fr Maurus's St Patrick's Day sermon.

86. 3 March 1903. Pp. 3. Irish. Pádraig Mac Suibhne, Mainistir Fhear Muighe. [Pádraic] Mac Piarais elected last night. Preferable to [Liam P.] Ó Riain because his Irish is better yet he is no Gaedhilgeóir. Mac Suibhne himself had no interest in job as he could not see how An Claidheamh [Soluis] might be improved. Will send Paddy Keane's song in praise of Melleray.

87. 14 December 1899. Pp. 4. Thomas Mulcahy, Klerikal Seminar, Eichstätt Stadt, Bavaria. Solicits help in proving to German colleagues that Irish is not a dialect of English [see 33].

88. 6 August 1901. Pp. 3. Irish. Pádraig Ó Dálaigh, Connradh na Gaedhilge, Craobh Dhúngharbháin. Extremely grateful for letter written on his behalf. His friend Micheal Ó Béara has clearly given too good an account of him. Perhaps he might write something similar to Professor M. P. Ó hIceadha? [See 71, 72.] Busy preparing for Dungarvan Feis.

89-90. Letters (Irish) from Tadhg Ó Donnchadha (Torna), Dublin (two addresses).

89. 3 February 1902. Pp. 3. Cuideachta Bhanba, 12 Cearnóg Rúthlainn. Requests article, with photographs, on study of Irish at Melleray for next issue of Banba; no college more Gaelic than it in Ireland. Has composed a few stanzas for inclusion in article. Requests prayer for his mother.

90. 18 March 1912. Pp. 4. Upper Clonturk Villa, Drumcondra. Acknowledges receipt of ‘Marbhna Phádraig Í Chearmoda’ which he will print. Glad that he proposes to collect Ribert [sic; Weldon's] poems. Neglect of poetry in Ireland. Literary spirit will be re-established in Ireland through Gaelic poetry.

91-3. Uncompleted letters from Fr Maurus Ó Faoláin (see also 107, 109).

91. 24 December 1887. Pp. 2. To Dr Casey thanking him for Christmas present. (Irish phrases in pencil on reverse.)

92. 26 January 1888. Pp. 1. Beginning of letter of acknowledgement to Matt.

[p. 62]

93. 28 March 1888. Pp. 2. To Mr Burke acknowledging receipt of £1. (Foll. by Irish and French phrases in pencil.)

94. 13 September 1900. Pp. 2. Irish. Osborn Óg Ó hAimhirgin (O. J. Bergin), Westcourt, College Rd, Cork. Thanks for letter concerning death of their friend, Donnchadh Pléimeann; a great loss. Few knew him or how much he did. Ó hAimhirgin and Seandún (Tadhg Ó Murchadha) have written account of his life, first half of which published in Weekly Examiner today.

95-6. Letters from T. F. O'Higgins, [Secretary], Gaelic League, Dungarvan, concerning [Dungarvan] Feis [see 183-5].

95. 28 December [1899]. Pp. 2. Thanks him for sending choir. Will avail of Mr D. Prendergast's offer to sing at concert.

96. 2 January [1900]. Pp. 2. Success of Feis partly due to Mr Prendergast and Melleray contingent. Patrick O'Leary specially commended.

97-117. Letters from Fr Peada(i)r Ua Laoghaire (Peter O Leary), Caisleán Ua Liatháin (Castlelyons, Co. Cork) unless otherwise indicated.

97. [1896] undated. Pp. 3. Irish. Has written to Fr Mícheál Ua h-Icídhe [see 41 and 45] and will do all he can to help him obtain chair of Irish in Maynooth. He speaks the language well and understands its beauty. Unlike the incumbent [Fr James Tully] during Ua Laoghaire's time at Maynooth, Ua h-Icídhe will raise the study of Irish to a position of excellence, as Fr Eóghan Ua Gruamhna nearly did before his health failed. [This letter printed in P. Ó Fiannachta, ‘An tAthair Micheál Ó hIcí agus Maigh Nuad’, Dúchas 1983-1984-1985 ([Baile Átha Cliath] 1986) 110, and printed with facsimile in P. Ó Fiannachta, ‘An tAthair Micheál Ó hIcí’, Léachtaí Cholm Cille 16 (1986) 150-51, 176-8.]

98. 1 June 1897. Pp. 4. Irish. Has read proofs and has forwarded them to Fr Mícheál [Ó hIceadha; see 61]. Note on word ‘cruadhálach’. Agrees that movement is progressing. Praise of An Niallach [John MacNeill].

99. 4 June 1897. Pp. 4. Incomplete. Points concerning translation of prayers. Note on vocative with possessive pronoun.

100. 18 August 1897. Pp. 2. Irish. Acknowledges receipt of Rósaire na Maighdine Muire and orders more as demand will be great. Praise of same. Busy. [See also 30, 35, 37-9, 81.]

[p. 63]

101. 21 May 1898. Pp. 4. Note on phrase ‘Is maith le Dia conghnamh d’fhagháil’. Disapproves of recent ‘roughnesses’ in Fáinne an Lae; friends cannot be won by force.

102. 25 June 1899. Pp. 4 with encl. Distinction between use of prepositions ‘ag’ and ‘do’. Remarks on proposed seal for Waterford County Council [see 2 and 4]. Asks Fr Maurus to recommend Mion-chaint to friends in Dublin as ‘the only phrase-book which is really useful in your experience’. Enclosure (pp. 1): Fr Maurus's sketch of seal of Waterford County Council with comment by Ua Laoghaire.

103. 8 July 1899. Pp. 8. John O Leary, Clondrohid, proposed reciter of the ‘Rosg Catha’. Notes on: gender in placenames; phrase ‘le hanmun do mharbh’ (expressions should be written as spoken); ‘ár gcroídhe’, ‘ár n-anam’ etc.; ‘seacht/ocht/deich gclocha mine’ (has never heard this [see 104]). Will recommend Fr Maurus's sister [for position of secretary, see 104] to Charles Mac Neill (who knows no Irish).

104. 13 July 1899. Pp. 4. Sea View Hotel, Ballycotton. Has written to Charles Mac Neill. Eclipsis dropped after ‘seacht’, ‘ocht’ and ‘deich’ in Ua Laoghaire's country, but ‘naoi’ holds its ground [see 103]. All the variations of speech should be written.

105. Undated. Pp. 4. Sea View Hotel, Ballycotton. His reason for attacking the Pan-Kelts.

106. De Luain (otherwise undated). Pp. 4. Baile Coitín. Busy awarding prizes for Feis. Note on word ‘ollamhnas’.

107. 13 November 1900. Pp. 3 with encl. ‘Viaticum’ should be translated ‘lón’, ‘lón bóthair’ or ‘lón aistir’. Would like to see work [Na Sacramaintí Déidheanacha] in manuscript or proof. Enclosure (pp. 3, with marginal comments by Ua Laoghaire): Fr Maurus's letter, 12 November 1900. He has been asked by Catholic Truth Society to translate pamphlet - ‘Instructions for the proper reception of the Last Sacraments’ - into Irish and requests assistance on some points.

108. 28 February 1901. Pp. 4. Has read Fr Maurus's manuscript: his Irish wonderfully improved. ‘Agus’ should not be used after ‘céadna’ in the way that it is used after ‘chómh maith’; ‘ceannsa’ translates Latin ‘pius’.

109. 24 May 1901. Pp. 4 with encl. Cannot attend; ‘Bás Dalláin’ will suit; asks for copy of ‘The Battle of Clontarf’ [see enclosure]. ‘Spioraid’ monosyllabic. Preposition ‘ar’ of time.

[p. 64]

Enclosure (pp. 4, with interlinear comments by Ua Laoghaire): Fr Maurus's letter, 23 May 1901. Thanks Fr Ua Laoghaire for his appreciation of Na Sacramaintí Déidheanacha. Questions of grammar and pronunciation. Invites him to production of two plays: ‘The Battle of Clontarf’ and Ua Laoghaire's ‘Bás Dalláin’.

110. 29 June 1901. Pp. 2. Irish word for adjective ‘Catholic’ is ‘Caitilicíghe’. ‘Uachtair’ and ‘iachtair’ in placenames. Preposition ‘ar’ of price. Requests copy of Irish Rosary in which his sketch of St Kevin appeared. Leader waking up ‘our milk-and-water committee in Dublin’.

111. 28 September 1901. Pp. 2 with encl. Fr Maurus's inscriptions [see enclosure] correct save that they mimic ‘up-to-date English paganism’ in the absence of any reference to prayer. Has, therefore, changed ‘I n-dil chuimhniughadh’ to ‘Guidh ar anam’. Enclosure (pp. 2, with Ua Laoghaire's corrections): Fr Maurus's gravestone inscriptions, in Irish, for Piaras Ó Faoláin (ob. 28.9.1888), his wife Mairéad Ní Chaorainn (ob. 18.2.1893) and their grandson Pádraig de Faoite, who died in infancy.

112. 4 October 1901. Pp. 2. Irish. Letter covering copy of Ua Laoghaire's An Teagasg Críosdaidhe. Further recommendations regarding inscriptions [see 111].

113. 9 November 1901. Pp. 4. Note on ‘paidir’ and ‘úrnuighthe’. Believes he has settled the passive voice in Leader; autonomous form second nature to him but unthinkable to the English mind.

114. De Satharainn (otherwise undated). Pp. 2. Note on passive usage. Irish terminology: logic (connaídheacht, connaighneas), metaphysics (iarchonn, árdchonn), mathematics (méid-mheas), arithmetic (uimhir-mheas), eloquence (urlabhra), composition (aistígheacht), philosophy (ollamhnacht), geography (tír-eolus, tuath-eolus).

115. Undated. Pp. 1. Irish. Gleann Maghair mentioned frequently in Four Masters.

116. [c. 1900-1901] Dé Máirt (otherwise undated). Pp. 4. Note on use of substantive ‘as a word of manner’. Would have sent the Táin [Cork Weekly Examiner April 1900 - April 1901] to An Claidheamh Soluis but for insistence of editor [John MacNeill] on retouching it. Those who knew no Irish before he [Ua Laoghaire] taught them were now seeking to re-edit his Irish. Using Keating as standard for Irish like using Spenser

[p. 65]

for English. Has parted with Claidheamh. Now publishes in St. Patrick's and Cork Weekly Examiner. Dramatic form chosen for Táin allows latitude; will ensure inclusion of no indecent word.

117. Undated. Pp. 2. To: ‘A Shiúr a chara’. Castlelyons, Co. Cork. Sends phrases as requested. A good deal of Irish now seen in print ‘not good Irish’; gives examples (‘tar isteach tú féin’, ‘cad é sin?’).

118. 18 May 1885. Pp. 4. Richard O Mulrenin, Hon. Sec., Gaelic Union, 17 Carlisle Street, South Circular Road, Dublin. Regrets mistake in prematurely sending notice of renewal of subscription to Lord Abbot. Reorganization of Gaelic Union which is heavily in debt. Mr [Michael] Cusack and Mr Comyn left the accounts in most unsatisfactory state. Entire work has now devolved on O Mulrenin, Mr Fleming and Mr Close. Mr Close very much out of pocket through defraying printing costs. Astounded by indifference of Irish people to destruction of language. True Irish nationality will be thing of the past if English becomes universal.

119. 2 November 1900. Pp. 1. Domnall O Shea [vice-president, Gaelic League, Cork Branch], Ard-na-laiche, Cork (notepaper of Connradh na Gaedhilge, Craobh Chorcaighe). Encloses £1 prize awarded to Gaelic-speaking children at recent Feis na Mumhan. [See 80.]

120-22. Letters from Donnchadh Pléimeann, 193 Sráid na Blárnann, Corcaigh.

120. 18 April 1899. Pp. 4. Irish. Orders twelve copies of Rósaire na Maighdine Muire. Group meets every Tuesday night in St Augustine's to recite rosary in Irish. Sale of book hindered by difficulty for sellers (particularly women who follow missioners) in making profit.

121. 18 August 1899. Pp. 4. Has heard good account of performance of Melleray Students at Ardmore Feis [see 2, 74]. Requests details, for newspaper article, as well as general report on progress of Irish at Melleray. Progress made in Waterford will affect north, east and mid-Cork, as influence of Waterford accent and pronunciation strong in those areas.

[p. 66]

122. 5 September 1899. Pp. 3. Irish. Orders consignment of Rósaire na Maighdine Muire for women's sodality in St Augustine's. Recitation of rosary in Irish showing promising results.

123-80. Letters from Seághan Plémion (John Fleming), Dublin, Clonea and Tramore.

123. 12 May 1883. Pp. 4. 49 South Circular Road, Dublin. Thanks for kindnesses. New science of comparative philology doing away with speculative etymologizing; examples of latter by ‘young Duggan’, Fr Richard Power (PP Kilrossanty, ‘the best Irish scholar in the diocese’), and Dr [P. W.] Joyce. Book of Ballymote being photographed slowly, there being no-one living to copy it for lithographer.

124. 15 June 1884. Postcard. 5 St Peter's Terrace, Phibsborough (stamped: Editor, Gaelic Journal, The Gaelic Union, [cancelled: 10 Kildare St.,] Dublin). Irish. Sickness and other troubles have prevented him from writing for some time. Received letter today from Fr Micheál O h-Iceadha reminding him that six years ago Plémion had told him that he had attended the ordination of one of his students, Risteard O Faolain, and that the next ordination he expected to attend was that of O h-Iceadha: ‘do cuireadh an ola ar a dheárna a n-diu acht b’fada uaidh do bhi mise’.

125. 14 July 1884 (postmark). Postcard. Irish. 5 St Peter's Terrace, Phibsborough (stamped as 124). Will meet Fr Maurus in Dublin. Heard nothing about death of Fr Maurus's father; tribute to him by Fr Seaghan Ó Cathasaigh [PP Kilrossanty].

126. 20 August 1884. Pp. 4. 5 St Peter's Terrace, Phibbsborough [sic], Dublin. Hopes Fr Maurus enjoyed visit to Dublin. Dr Atkinson will visit Melleray soon and wishes to meet good local Irish speakers. Atkinson the best Old and Middle Irish scholar and will be best Modern Irish scholar if he perseveres, but prepositional pronouns can only be learned by practice, not by reasoning. Atkinson will start in Waterford and proceed to other counties. Things not improving with regard to Comyn. Hard to keep Journal to the mark.

127. 27 December 1884. Pp. 6. 5 St Peter's Terrace, Phibsborough, Dublin. Gratified to think it was he who encouraged Fr Maurus to study Irish. Also proud that a neighbour of his [Fr Patrick A. Walsh] (late of St Peter's, Phibsborough), who

[p. 67]

recently transcribed the Imitation of Christ - ‘the part that unfortunate Comyn left undone’ - for the printer, was taught Irish alphabet by Plémion in Dublin. Meaning of placenames. Will write letter in Irish when he has leisure. Plémion Waterford delegate to Teachers’ Congress. Rathgormuck schools almost certain to be severed from National Board due to Fr [Timothy] Dowley [PP Clonea and Rathgormack, Co. Waterford] allowing them to fall into dilapidation: ‘such is a good pastor over his flock’. If Fr Maurus hears of vacancy requests that he let John [i.e. Plémion's son] know. Journal would be ready but for printer's devils going on spree for Christmas.

128. 27 April 1885. Pp. 2. Irish. 17 Sráid Carlisle, B. C. Deiscirt, Baile-Ath-Cliath. Has changed address in order to be with O Mulrenin. Having passed seventy years of age he cannot expect to take on a big job and so will return Fr Maurus's book. However, if he lives long enough he may prepare it for press at some future date. Fr Maurus and Fr Alecsius [changed to Camillus by Fr Maurus] should rewrite it on one side of page.

129. 7 July 1885. Pp. 4. Unsigned. The Gaelic Union, 17 Carlisle Street, South Circular Road. 6 a.m. Places mentioned in poetry of Donnchadh Ruadh. John O Mahony's errors in his translation of Keating's History. Requests information on Cloch Labhrais, Oileán Uí Bhric, and on Philip Francis Barron. Mr O Mulrenin, knows twelve languages, speaks eight; Irish is language he is least acquainted with.

130. 30 July 1885. Pp. 3. Clonea, Carrick on Suir (headed paper of Gaelic Union, 19 Kildare St., Dublin). On Cloch Labhrais and Cloch Mhór Cill Chluana; Mr Close made sketch of latter. Recent edition of Battle of Ventry Harbour [by Kuno Meyer] done well for someone unable to speak language and unable to understand idiomatic expressions. Hopes to demonstrate this in next Journal [2/22 (1885) 289-94]. Attack of bile.

131. 19 January 1886. Pp. 7. 17 Carlisle Street, S.C. Road, Dublin. Instances of bad Irish in print. Every scrap of correct modern Irish should be published as antidote. Mr [James Quin] Maguire called with the two numbers of the Prayer Book [new ed. of one of Fr Jonathan Furlong's works: see Nation 19/12/1885 p. 3] and, had not O Mulrenin and Cusack frightened him away, he would have forced Plémion to correct them. Mr [Richard J.] O Duffy and Timothy O Riordan

[p. 68]

worked on it prior to publication. For pointing out inaccuracies Plémion is ostracized. [J. J.] Mac Sweeney scarcely talks to him. Maguire copied out Epistles and Gospels himself, not knowing a word of Irish, and Mac Sweeney advised him on choice of editors. O Duffy believed himself competent enough not to send proofs to either Dr Joyce or Plémion. Fr [Patrick] Walsh has all Imitation copied for printers. Cannot decipher fragment sent by Fr Maurus but will show it to Dr Atkinson.

132. 28 April 1886. Pp. 4. 17 Carlisle St., S.C.R., Dublin. Thanks for information provided. Intends writing to editor of Revue Celtique regarding Mandeville's Travels. Lecture in Nation gave opportunity for clarifying people's idea of Catholic faith, but instead Fr [Peter A.] Yorke attacked him. Fr Yorke (censor of the Short Catechism) has less Irish than he thinks and hates Gaelic Union. Fr P. Walsh's Imitation at press; son of Maurice Walsh of Ballindysart near Rathgormuck. Plémion proud of him and of Fr Maurus.

133. 15 March 1886. Pp. 2. 17 Carlisle St, S.C.R. Prostrated with bronchitis. Encloses Dr Atkinson's transcript of beginning of parchment [enclosure not found].

134. 30 March 1886. Pp. 2. No address. Parchment [see 131, 133] has defeated Dr Atkinson. New catechism very good save for eyesores introduced by censors. Will closely examine Fr Maurus's paper.

135. 10 August 1886. Postcard. Irish. Cluain-Fhiaidh Paorach. Intends spending a few days at Melleray. May have to return to Dublin to get treatment recommended by Rev. [Mr Euseby D.] Cleaver. Printing of corrigenda page has delayed Imitation. Will forward Fr Maurus's paper which is now being printed.

136. 25 August 1886. Pp. 2. Irish. 17 Sraid Charlisle, B. A. Cliath. Correcting final proofs with Fr Pádraig Breathnach. Asks Fr Maurus to correct and return enclosed papers. Fr Camillus might like to compile small dictionary and grammar in addition to anything he might write for Irisleabhar.

137. 9 September 1886. Pp. 2. No address. Uncertainties concerning Journal due to O Mulrenin's absence in Aran Islands. Printers ‘going to [hell]’: ‘like men drunk’ over title- page of Imitation. Encloses material received from Mr Cleaver [enclosure not found]. Douglas Hyde's mother died recently.

[p. 69]

138. 22 September 1886. Pp. 2. 17 Carlisle St, S.C.R., Dublin. Takes exception to [John] Abercromby's interpretation of ‘abhlan’ in Revue Celtique [7 (1886) 221]. Seeks information on same. Delaying Journal in order to reply to him.

139. 27 September 1886. Pp. 2. 17 Carlisle St, S.C. Road, Dublin. Printers must be kept at work until they approach correctness. O Mulrenin going to Waterford to report for Freeman's Journal; intends to go to Melleray. Not ready to reply to Abercromby [see 138] until new number of third volume. ‘Were it not for the sham society [i.e. Society for the Preservation of the Irish Language] that are throwing ugly dust in people's eyes we would get on bravely after all.’

140. 17 October 1886. Pp. 2. 17 Carlisle Street, S.C. Road, Dublin. Journal delayed because Mr Close too busy and unable to prepare financial statement for publication. Encloses Mr Flannery's communication [enclosure not found]; Fr Maurus and Flannery (one of the best scholars but wedded to his own opinion) will work together against those who will quote Irish manuscripts against Catholic doctrine. ‘Heaven help the Irish tongue shams and pretenders on one side and scholars without a speaking knowledge of the language misinterpreting it on the other.’

141. 10 November 1886. Pp. 4. Irish. No address. Tribulations attending publication of Irisleabhar. O Mulrenin wasted about £9 in bringing storyteller from Inis Meáin to tell stories of value to no-one. O Mulrenin then became ill. Mr Close unable to prepare financial statement because of pressure of work. Use of words: ‘mós’ and ‘deighionach’. Passage from Keating explaining ‘abhlainn’.

142. Diardaoin (otherwise undated). Pp. 2. Irish. No address. An Craoibhín Aoibhinn gave poem to O Mulrenin for inclusion in Irisleabhar but poem now cannot be found. Omitted to say that O Mulrenin paid £2 of his own money to bring storyteller to Dublin [see 141]. Close extremely busy.

143. 19 December 1886. Pp. 2. Irish. No address. Seeks music for ‘Abhrán an ghabha’; thinking of publishing music in Irisleabhar [see (2), 22]. Seeks opinion of new printing of Searc-leanmhuin. O Duffy finding fault with it in Nation.

144. 22 December 1886. Pp. 1. Irish. 17 Carlisle Street, Dublin. Copy of new Searc-leanmhuin conveyed to Pope [Leo XIII]

[p. 70]

via Dr O Ciairmhic [Rev. Dr Tobias Kirby]. Pope inquires about Irish language and sends apostolic blessing to editor and helpers.

145. 19 January 1887. Pp. 2. Irish. Ard-Sgoil. O Mulrenin poorly with lumbago and bronchitis since moving into Trinity College. Everyone fears for him but he has no thought of death and no-one dares mention it to him. He should, however, make some arrangements concerning his affairs, otherwise his money, invested in trams and gas etc., will go to the Queen. Plémion himself suffering in chest and throat.

146. 2 February 1887. Pp. 2. No address. He and O Mulrenin recovering. ‘Atatar’ to be found in Imtheacht na trom-dáimhe.

147. 6 February 1887. Pp. 4. 17 Carlisle Street, S.C.R., Dublin. Delay in printing Journal. Requests copy of Mr Kavanagh's translation of ‘Aonach Bhearna na Gaoithe’, printed some years ago in the Cork Herald, for inclusion, with music, in Journal [3/26 (1887) 26-9, 3/27 (1887) 43-6]. Delighted to hear that Fr Maurus and Fr Camillus have taken the Missal on hands. Misfortune that Quinn Maguire or associates should give a copy of Epistles and Gospels to world. O Mulrenin and himself recovering.

148. 9 June 1887. Pp. 2. Irish. Cluain-Fhiadh Paorach. Must be lonely for Fr Maurus, now that his brother has left him. Rheumatism and dizziness affecting Plémion. Hopes to go to Melleray next week.

149. ‘La Feil Chuain Airbhre’ [6 July, see 150] 1887. Pp. 4. Irish. No address. Hard to be patient with those who have time for everything else except the Irisleabhar. Instead of lashing them one has to persist in cajoling them. The two Irish organizations in Dublin are the greatest enemies of the language. O Mulrenin will dispatch proofs of poems tomorrow. Advises Fr Maurus to preserve his sermons as they will be valuable. Irisleabhar's worst enemy is McSweeney with his rumour-mongering and backbiting.

150. 25 July 1887. Pp. 2. Irish. No address. Believes printer now has enough to fill Irisleabhar; resolves to be patient and cajoling in future. Explains ‘Lá Chuain Airbhre’ as the Mothel pattern day.

151. Monday 26 September 1887. Postcard. Irish. ‘At Captain Morrissey's, Market St, Tramore.’ Rheumatism in right hand.

[p. 71]

Fr Maurus's people well. Requests him to send sermon to Tramore.

152. 13 October 1887. Pp. 4. Irish. 75 Sráid Amiens, Baile Áth’ Cliath. Believes all material for next number of Irisleabhar in print, but, if so, will put Fr Maurus's sermon in following number. On his return he read ‘Sgeul mhic an bhradáin’ [Irisleabhar 3/25 (1887) 1-4] and found it so full of errors that he has compelled the writer to compile a list of errors and a short vocabulary [Irisleabhar 3/26 (1887) 23-4]. Misreading of colophon by [Heinrich] Zimmer, corrected by S. H. O Grady. Glad that Fr Camillus is collaborating with him against Whitley Stokes [Irisleabhar 3/27 (1887) 33-4].

153. 23 October 1887. Pp. 1. Irish. 75 Sráid Amiens. Unless rheumatism finally takes him, will attend Fr Camillus's consecration [as Abbot of Mount St Joseph, Roscrea] next Sunday.

154. 6 November 1887. Pp. 2. Irish. No address. Separation of Fr Maurus and Fr Camillus has been a blow to him. If Fr Maurus has not the time to edit his sermons for print Plémion will do it.

155. 29 November 1887. Pp. 2. Irish. 75 Sráid Amiens. Complains of absent-mindedness. Fr Maurus's piece and that of Fr Camillus, with the printers [see 152]. Secretary [O Mulrenin] gave distribution of Irisleabhar to relative; work took him three weeks. Recovering from rheumatism.

156. 10 December 1887. Pp. 3. 75 Amiens Street, Dublin. Delighted to hear that Fr Maurus is copying Fr [John] Meany's sermons. It would be best to copy every word as written and add correct spelling in footnotes. Germans want spoken Irish, not book Irish; Atkinson and Fr [Edmund] Hogan want Munster Irish. Intended to have Dr [Thomas] MacHale, of the Irish College [Paris], ask the late Canon [Ulick J.] Bourke to edit the literary remains of the Archbishop of Tuam [John MacHale]. The Canon had queer notions regarding Irish orthography but was nearly of Plémion's way of thinking before he died. O Mulrenin nearly disabled with rheumatic gout.

157. 20 January 1888. Postcard. Irish. No address [Dublin postmark]. Sermon is excellent. All knew that Fr Camillus would make a great man. O Mulrenin still sick, as is P. Ó Briain.

158. 15 March 1888. Pp. 2. Irish. No address. Irisleabhar will be printed in day or two. Everything seems better now. Phrase from Stair Éamoinn Ui Chléirigh.

[p. 72]

159. 9 June 1888. Pp. 2. No address. Explains why arrears circular sent in error.

160. 15 June 1888. Pp. 4. 75 Amiens Street. Sacred Heart excellent theme for sermon and unlikely to disturb Protestant subscribers. Thinks Gaelic Union should be more Catholic and would not have joined had not Comyn told him it was to be a Catholic union. Sure that Mr Close, Mr Cleaver and Mr [James] Stevenson will be pleased at this. Dispute with Mr [Thomas] O Neill Russell.

161. 27 June 1888. Pp. 1. No address. Requests contribution for next issue. Duanaire [na Nuadh-Ghaedhilge, air na chur i n-eagar tré chúram an t-saoi oirbhidinigh E. D. McCliabhar] almost ready for publication. The family of his host [Martin Ryan] have moved to Mantua Cottage, Castlewood Avenue, Rathmines, and Plémion has moved with them.

162. 27 July 1888. Pp. 4. Mantua Cottage, Castlewood Avenue, Rathmines, Dublin. Apologizes for continually complaining about Gaelic Union. Mr Close has too many irons in fire: in addition to his work he is treasurer to the two Irish societies and to the Royal Irish Academy and involved in scientific and political movements. Hence delays and confusion regarding subscriptions and receipts. Gout has forced O Mulrenin to leave Trinity and live in Carlisle St.

163. 5 September 1888. Pp. 2. No address. On Curnan's song [see 15]. ‘I had the finest hold a person ever had of O Neill Russell - but the Craoibhín Aoibhinn has written to me to say that it is better throw oil on him for the sake of the cause.’

164. 17 October 1888. Postcard. Irish. No address [Dublin postmark]. Irisleabhar printed. Has had no help as O Mulrenin in Blarney for five weeks and laid up for a week prior to that.

165. 21 November 1888. Pp. 4. Mantua Cottage, Castlewood Avenue, Rathmines. Fr Maurus suffering from illness of the liver. Plémion advises him of the efficacy of the wet bandage, a cure he first heard of from attendant at Turkish baths in Waterford; his landlady cured of liver complaint in this manner.

166. Sunday night (otherwise undated). Pp. 2. Mantua Cottage. Further remarks on wet bandage cure.

167 10 December 1888. Pp. 4. Mantua Cottage, Castlewood Avenue, Rathmines (written on back of letter from Denis Dunlea, Turkish Baths, Waterford, 10 December 1888, to

[p. 73]

Plémion, giving details of cure). Wrote to Mr [Denis] Dunlea of Waterford Turkish Baths regarding cure.

168. 21 January 1889. Pp. 2. Mantua Cottage, Castlewood Avenue, Rathmines (headed paper of Gaelic Union). Health improved somewhat though O Mulrenin almost disabled. Does not expect sudden recovery in Fr Maurus's case.

169. ‘Domhnach an Iubhair’ [1889]. Pp. 3. Irish. No address (written on back of letter from Denis Dunlea, Turkish Baths, Waterford, 13 April 1889, to Plémion, expressing satisfaction at hearing that Plémion's ‘recluse friend’ has benefitted from cure). Has received message from his brother's son, the young priest in Brooklyn, that he is to be in Dublin on his way back from Rome. Going to Gresham Hotel to meet him.

170. 21 March 1891. Pp. 2 with encl. 33 South Frederick St. Encloses letter the pious wishes in which Fr Maurus will want to second. Anxious to have Fr Maurus's name on Council in order to make Journal as Catholic as possible. Suggests selection of Fr Maurus's sermons and of those of Fr [John] Meany be published as book. Enclosure (pp. 2): 18 March 1891. Ladysbridge, Co. Cork. W. Rice, PP, to Plémion. Encloses subscription. Praises sermon on Sacred Heart [Irisleabhar 4/37 (February 1891) 70-72]. Asks for sermons by same author on Eucharist and Penance as a help ‘to missionary priests who are only poor scholars in the Celtic’.

171. Trinity Sunday 1891. Pp. 2. 33 South Frederick St. Rev. Mr Cleaver within grasp of the ‘slaighdeán mór’; so near to conversion that he has been deprived of his living and his wife has left him. Young Mr Carmody here last night; Fr Maurus's people keeping well. John [Fleming] teaching all the time.

172. 6 March 1893. Pp. 2. 17 Westland Row, Dublin. To Abbot Camillus, Mount St Joseph, Roscrea. Anti-Catholic background to Denis H. Kelly's interest in The Book of Fenagh and The Vision of Mac Conglinne abetted by W. M. Hennessy. Fr O Growney's association with latter work. Plémion wrote testimonial for Fr O Growney when seeking professorship in Maynooth ‘though I knew he was not very competent’. Mr [John] Coffey, publisher, had to buy up entire edition of book containing Professor [Brian] O Looney's extracts from ‘The Speckled Book’ following comments of Fr Hogan and Dr Atkinson. Plémion believed he was dying last Christmas and

[p. 74]

had books ready to be sent to Abbot Camillus's family in Rathmines in the event of his departure.

173. 19 March 1895. Pp. 4. 17 Westland Row, Dublin. Words in O Reilly's and O Brien's dictionaries. Has annotated a copy of Mr O Brien's Garland [of Gaelic selections] and would send it to Fr Maurus but that he had promised it to O Brien himself ‘though I fear it will sicken him’. New editions needed of Searc- leanmhain and Trí biorghaoithe. Such works should be edited by Catholics if possible; only three Catholic scholars come to mind, Fr Maurus, Fr Peter O Leary, Mr Thomas Flannery.

174. 20 March 1895. Pp. 2. 17 Westland Row, Dublin. Will send list of corrections if Fr Maurus thinks Trí biorghaoithe likely to be revised by Catholic. Dr Atkinson has no bigotry and used to consult Plémion on points of Catholic doctrine. Further to yesterday's list of Catholic scholars: Fr Henebry, Mr Patrick O Leary (assisting Fr Hogan), and Fr Edmund Hogan (‘will not know modern Irish very well for years, if for ever’).

175. 9 May 1895. Pp. 2. 17 Westland Row, Dublin. Dr Joyce has cuill as genitive of coll in [The origin and history of Irish names of places] first volume. Hymn in St Patrick's Prayer Book might be set to music. Requests rosary beads for two grandsons.

176. 14 May 1895. Pp. 4. 17 Westland Row, Dublin. Further remarks on Garland [see 173]. Dr Joyce followed [John] O Daly's version of ‘The fair hills of Erin’; both equally unreliable. Had not heard of Dr Henebry's appointment though testimonial was requested of him. Fr John E. Nolan, who has a low opinion of Dr Joyce as a musician, may visit Melleray.

177. 6 July 1895. Pp. 4. 17 Westland Row. Notes on ‘spéirbhean’ (occurring in Philip F. B[arron]'s Harp), ‘maise’ and ‘ádhbhar’; corresponding with Mr Hugh Brady of Ruan National School, Co. Clare, with regard to last two.

178. 12 July 1895. Pp. 3. 17 Westland Row, Dublin. Notes on words and placenames; Ordnance Survey maps or names not to be trusted as Anthony O Curry, who was responsible for Waterford and who got position through his brother Professor Eugene, unable to spell even common words.

179. Undated. Pp. 2. Acephalous. Refrains from giving unnamed author his opinion of his work for fear of estranging him, as happened in the case of Comyn ‘when he found he was not as good a modern Irish scholar as he imagined’.

[p. 75]

180. ‘Céadaoin na luaithridh’ (otherwise undated). Pp. 1. Irish. No address. Note acknowledging message received.

181. 1 December 1905. Pp. 3 with encl. James Power, Mahon Bridge [Co. Waterford]. Delighted with inscription as are Mr [Patrick] Carmody and poor Bob [Robert Weldon]. Encloses Miss Fairholme's letter. Spoke with old man at Ballykerogue who had heard of fight at Drihadeen Coum Cuing on old Dungarvan road, but not at Barnakill. List of townlands through which Borheen Caech runs. Enclosure (pp. 4): 17 November [1905]. C. G. Fairholme, Comeragh, to James Power. Fr Maurus without doubt correct in locating fight at Barnakill. Note on this, Bally Keirouge [sic], and other castles along old Dungarvan Road.

182-98. Letters from Fr P. Power (P. de Paor), various addresses.

182. 16 July 1898 (postmark). Postcard. St John's College, Waterford. Irish name for St Declan's Grave at Ardmore is the Beannachán. Asks Fr Maurus's opinion as to meaning.

183. 27 November 1899. Pp. 4. St John's College, Waterford. Requirements of Irish Catechism Programme. Sends copy of ‘Eachtra an Bháis’ [P. Power (ed.), Aighneas an pheacaig leis an mbás (Waterford 1899)]; due to his absence, many errors uncorrected. Intends to go to Brussels to transcribe ‘Beatha Dhéagláin’. Hopes Fr Maurus will send choir to Dungarvan Feis, 31 December [see 95, 96].

184. 4 December 1899. Pp. 2. St John's College, Waterford. Seeks volume of RIA Proceedings. Could railway people be induced to provide special train to Dungarvan Feis?

185. 2 January 1900. Pp. 2. St John's College, Waterford. Leaving for Brussels today. Congratulations on success of Melleray entrants at Dungarvan Feis. Feis itself a great success [see 95-6].

186. 27 April 1900. Pp. 1. St John's College, Waterford. Is reprinting An Teagasg Críosduidhe from Dr Williams's plates. Bishop requires new nihil obstat and has appointed Fr Maurus censor. Requests Fr Maurus supply necessary permit.

187. 15 July 1900. Postcard. St John's College, Waterford. Details of prizes to be awarded by Bishop for Irish Catechism answering next year.

[p. 76]

188. 22 July 1900 (postmark). Postcard. [Waterford]; printed heading (cancelled): Journal of the Waterford and South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society. Bill for four dozen Irish Catechisms.

189. 10 August 1901. Pp. 1. Callaghane, Waterford. O Donovan's derivation of placename Collaigeán.

190. 27 August 1901. Pp. 1. Callaghane, Waterford. O Donovan's derivations of placenames: Cuilleagáin, Clot-a’-thinne, Cúl-na-Críne, Móin-na-feithe-duibhe.

191. 16 December 1901. Pp. 4. Callaghane, Waterford. Promises to jot down some notes concerning Tadhg [Gaelach Ó Súilleabháin]. Has a first [Clonmel] edition of Tadhg's poems. Has succeeded in having Irish prayers made compulsory for Catechism examination in parts of diocese: ‘the thin end of the wedge &c. What we couldn’t get done through only patriotism or religion, we must now try to do by force’. Absence of definite article in certain placenames. Found pair of quern stones for Fr Maurus in Ardmore (refused pair in Cahir through superstition).

192. 14 January 1902. Pp. 3 with encl. Callaghane, Waterford. Encloses notes on Tadhg Gaelach. If Fr Dinneen would give him time he could get much more. Poultry matters. Enclosure (pp. 3): notes on Tadhg Gaelach Ó Súilleabháin.

193. 16 January 1902. Pp. 4. Callaghane, Waterford. Has located his copy of Tadhg Gaelach's poems. Quotes from address to reader.

194. 2 February 1902. Pp. 4. Callaghane, Waterford. Poultry matters. Giving talk in Iron Hall, Waterford, entitled ‘An Irish Ireland or national extinction’. Will look out for more stories concerning Tadhg [Gaelach]. Is sending small manuscript prayer-book under separate cover. Will send, or put Fr Maurus on track of, another soon.

195. 21 February 1902. Pp. 3. St Mary's, Clonmel. Wrote to Fr O Connor requesting him to purchase Atkinson's ‘Keating’ but he could not as it went for unreasonable price; this book becoming very rare. Has heard nothing more of other manuscript prayer-book.

196. 8 April 1902 (postmark). Postcard. Waterford (postmark). Note on ancient parish of Mora.

197. Easter Sunday [1902]. Pp. 4. Callaghane, Waterford. Sending manuscript prayer-book under separate cover;

[p. 77]

contains litany of Sacred Heart; no date or scribal signature. Has recently received a manuscript translation of St Liguori on the Commandments, Sacraments and Mysteries of Christian Faith by ‘Seamus Mac Gearailt a mBaile Uillíam, láimh le hÓghchuil, san mbliaghain 1864’ [see Irisleabhar na Gaedhilge 14/173 (February 1905) 728 x xx; now University College, Cork, Gaelic MS 102]. Poultry matters.

198. 1 December 1902. Pp. 1. Callaghane, Waterford. Fr Maurus has been ‘formally awarded gold medal for Irish Prayers &c.’ Saw some of Fr Maurus's Irish memoir of Melleray going through press at Harvey's recently.

199. 1 March 1900. Pp. 4. James J. Shee, Carrick-on-Suir. Will do everything to promote reforms of Primary Education proposed in resolutions of Melleray branch of Gaelic League. High time that anglicization by education should be stamped out. Mount Melleray College in van of movement for de-anglicization.


Verse. Loose leaves in hand of Fr Maurus Ó Faoláin unless otherwise indicated. Items now numbered in pencil.


1. Pp. 5. ‘Feart-laoi.’ I ndilchuimhne air Sheaghan fhíal Pléimion. Three drafts representing two versions: one of 3 + (‘an ceangal’) 1 stt., the other of 13 lines. [Published in An Sléibhteánach 1922-3, 7.]

2. Pp. 3. ‘A Chomraigh aoibhinn ó.’ Mo bheannacht ó chroidhe dod’ thír 's dod’ shléibhtibh. 6 stt., numbered. Some corrections and annotations. [Published in Saothar suadha II (Baile Átha Cliath 1912) 15, and elsewhere.]

3. Pp. 4. (1) ‘Cois Abh Móire.’ Is róbhreágh an duithche go mbearfainn liom tu. 5 stt., 1-4 numbered. (2) ‘Na sláintídhe [upper margin:] student in France.’ Mo shlán chom gach cnoc atá i mbar ghleanna an t-suilt. 6 stt., numbered. Poem of farewell to Co. Tipperary.

4. Pp. 12. ‘Marbh-chaoine air Athair Seághan Ó Maonadh. Sagart Paráiste Chill Rosantaigh: Anna Ní Chadhala cct.’ Mo chreach geur fada ’gus mo dheacair. Breaks off with beginning of st. 11 (stt. numbered). Lament for Fr Seághan Ó Maonaigh [PP Kilrossanty, Co. Waterford]. Mentions his brothers, Frs. Donchadh

[p. 78]

and Pádraic Ó Maonaigh [PPs Kilrossanty]. [Published in An Sléibhteánach 1924-5, 9-11.]

5. Pp. 3. ‘Peter Casey.’ A Father Casey nach dubhach a’ sgeul é ó támaoid réig leat anois go deó. 6 stt., numbered. Elegy on Fr Peter Casey [PP Dungarvan, Co. Waterford]. Mentions Fr William Sheehy [PP Dungarvan].

6. Pp. 3. A Mháire Ní Dhuinlae go n-imthighe díth ort. 28 lines. Elegy on Fr Nioclás Mac Síthigh. Mentions [John] Bagwell, An Craochach [Peter Creagh, Bishop Waterford and Lismore], [William] Egan [Parish Priest Clonmel, later Bishop Waterford and Lismore], [Thomas] Maud.

7. Pp. 6. Cás gul agus caoi trí’m chroidhe gan faoiseadh. 5 stt., numbered. ‘Caoin do Seamus Ó Gríthe (Greehy) by Seaghan Ó Laoi.’ Mentions Ó Gríthe's wife, Nóra Paor, and children, Máire, Brighid, Mártan. [Published in An Sléibhteánach 1913, 8-9.]

8. Pp. 4. (1) Maidin t-samhradh nuair d’eirig Phoebus. 5 stt., numbered. Mentions [Domhnall] Ó Conaill. (2) ‘Piaras O'Cairilt.’ Is mogalach, murarach uilinneach ómrach. 5 stt., numbered. In praise of Lucy Ní Ghearailt.

9. Pp. 2. ‘An Curratín.’ Is fada me gabailt timcioll siubal cuigide, duichthidhe 's tiorta. 5 stt., numbered. In praise of Pádraig Lee.

10. Pp. 6. Unidentified hand. ‘Seo amhrán do sgríobhas síos ó bhéal-aithris Sheagháin I Ceoin do shean-charad a chomhnuigheas i mBaile Finn (?). Tá tamall maith ó rinneadh é. Sa sean-aimsir nuair a bhíodh na Ciarraidhigh ag teacht timcheall na háite ag baint phrátaidhe dubhairt sé a rinneadh é. Bhí sgata mór aca aon mhaidean amháin is gan aon mhaighistir ag teacht chum a dtóganta (dtógbhála) ag seasam ag cúinne ‘‘Sráide an Calaith’’. Bhí fear na measg agus bhuail sé suas an t-amhrán so agus ba ghairid go raibh ‘‘maighstir is fiche’’ le fagháil aige.’ Go moch roimh labharta Féabas. 6 stt., numbered. ‘Sé féin do rinne an ceathramha so.’ Aisling. Mentions [Napoleon] Bonaparte, Botany Bay, [Domhnall] Ó Conaill.

11. Pp. 1. ‘Dan-mholadh na déirce.’ Muidheadh gach n-aon a shlighe sa saoghal. Breaks off with st. 1 and chorus. [See (1), 33.]

12. Pp. 1. ‘Do thug me bliadhain 's ráithe ag obair snáithid i gcuigi Laghionn’ [pencil]. Na bi go fóil silthéagach is na léigidh bhur

[p. 79]

n-arm síos. 12 lines. ‘Gabh mo leithsgéul air son an sgribhín miomhaiseach so - chaith me a dhéanamh le deithneas’ [pencil].

13. Pp. 4. Stt. 2-4, in hand of Pádraig Carmody (with two copies by Fr Maurus of st. 2), of song taken down from Patrick Hally [see also (1), 15-16]; st. 2 beg. Budh ghnathach súd don bhruigniol mart-fheóil árd air saille. In praise of Máire Nic Carthaigh. On reverse: ‘Here is the verse of the Samhra Cruaidh’. Bhuail mé amach ins a samhradh cruaidh. 1 st. [see (1), 17].

14. Pp. 1. An ghaot i noir bideann si dubh agus cuireann sioc isdoiche. 1 st.

15. Pp. 1. ‘Barrach an Réice ro chán.’ A athair Morocha atá go gunta líomhtha. 1 st. Appeal on behalf of Seaghán Ó Gríobhtha.

16. Pp. 1. Anecdote concerning Eóghan Ruadh Ua Súilleabháin and priest. An céad aithne dhíobh is fíor go n-oirean don chléir. 1 st.

17. Pp. 1. Nior seínn Tomas air phíb ’na shaoghal. 8 lines.

18. Pp. 1. Areir is me go deiganach air taob cnoic. 2 stt. Aisling.

19. Pp. 1. (1) Hand unidentified. ‘Casadh an tsúgainn.’ Nach é an cath marbh cás ann na háite so mé. 3 stt. Foll. by (2) [Pádraig Denn. A chailíní óga diaga atá faoi riaghalacha Ríogh na ngrás.] Beg. acephalous with st. 1 line 3, Faisinn shuarach spiagach air úr n’iadach na bioch go brách. 2 lines.

20. Pp. 2. (1) (a) Ní ualach do’n uisge an lacha. 1 q. (b) Fearg agas í air dhearg-lasadh. 1 q. (c) Deire loinge bathadh. 1 q. (d) Tosach loinge clár. 1 q. (2) English translations of (c), (d), (a). Foll. by ‘The three things of least value. 1 Throwing a stone down a steep. 2 Giving advice to a hasty woman. 3 Striking iron while it is cold.’

21. Pp. 1. ‘Amhrán - A Mhollé na gcarad.’ A Mhollé na gcarad ’sa mhasga-laig mhín. 2 stt., with music (tonic sol-fa).

22. Pp. 1. ‘Seaghan Gabha.’ Eistigheadh gach sár-fhear deagh- pháirteach mear t-suairc. 1 st., with music (staff notation) [see (1), 143; published in Irisleabhar na Gaedhilge 3/25 (1887) 13].

23. Pp. 6. ‘An tabhartas do fuair Adham agas Eva ó Dhia fad a bhriseadar an aithne do cheap sé dhoibh.’ Thuigeadh Adhamh eallacha an domhain go léir. 1 st. (two copies). Foll. by ‘Trí bliadhna an cuaile fál ...’ 8 lines (two copies). [Published in An Sléibhteánach, 1916, 132.]

[p. 80]

24. Pp. 2. Slán óm’ chroidhe ’gus gabhaim. 6 stt., numbered. Elegy for Fr Seaghán Ó Maonaigh. Mentions Fr Creen.

25. Pp. 4. ‘Cart nuadh-bhliadhan (cat).’ Bail o Dhia ort séan a's rath. 30 lines.

26. Pp. 4. ‘Teanga na nGaodhal.’ ’S air ár dteangaidh bhinn mhilis do bhí ’gainn 's d’imthigh. 5 stt., numbered. Foll. by another copy of stt. 1-3.

27. Pp. 1. Bhídheas a’ fíadhach ’sa’ sealgaireachd lá breádh dhem’ shaoghal. 4 stt., numbered. Aisling.

28. Pp. 2. ‘Cloidheamh Robaird Laoi.’ Amach as a thrúaill go soillseach thart. 6 stt., numbered.

29. Pp. 2. ‘Cum Croídhe Rónaomhtha Íosa.’ Chum Croidhe Rónaomhtha Íosa. 2 stt., numbered.

30. Pp. 3. Two copies. (a) Athair a Mhic ’sa Spiriod is naomtha cáil. 2 stt., numbered. (b) A Dhía ghlé-gil na daonachda a's Athair an t-Uain. 1 st. (c) Íosa a Mhic ’sa dhalta na Maighdeana. 1 st. [Collected from Fr John O'Reilly; published as single poem, An Sléibhteánach 1913, 6.]

31. Pp. 3. Míle baoidheas [sic] leat ardrig naomhtha. 6 stt., numbered. [Collected from Fr John O'Reilly; published in An Sléibhteánach 1913, 6-7.]

32. Pp. 1. ‘Don pobal.’ Is teathneamh liom féin an chléir lem’ thaobh. 3 stt., numbered. On the Irish language.

33. Pp. 2. ‘Feuch anuas, a Mhaighdean Mháthair.’ Feuch anuas, a Mhaighdean Mháthair. 4 stt., numbered.

34. Pp. 13. ‘An cath-bhrat claoidhte.’ Fill an brat úd, tá sé tnáite. 6 stt., numbered. Three drafts [second written on uncompleted lettter from Fr Maurus, 18 February, 1886, to Mr O'Brien acknowledging donation for prayers] and fair copy. [Published in An Sléibhteánach 1916, 133-4.]

35. Pp. 3. ‘St. Cassimirs hymn to the B.V.M.’ Daily daily sing to Mary. 3 stt. alternating with Irish translation, beg. D’lo ’gus doídhche can cum Máire. ‘J. O'Reilly, The Presbytery Waterville Co. Kerry May 3rd 1887.’

36. Pp. 6. ‘The Royal Hunt.’ Tantararara, Hark from Tara, how the herald's trumpet clear. 2 stt., with music (staff notation), and Irish translation beg. Reantarara, Tá’n adarc da séideadh taid da seidead i dTeamair na Midhe.

[p. 81]


Miscellaneous material in hand of Fr Maurus Ó Faoláin unless otherwise indicated. Items now numbered in pencil.


1. Pp. 1. Irish. Part of commentary on third and fourth Joyful Mysteries of Rosary. [See Rósaire na Maighdine Muire, 4.]

2. Pp. 1. Irish. On sacrament of Extreme Unction (draft). [See Na Sacramaintí Déidheanacha, 6.]

3. Pp. 4. Irish. (1) On prayers (draft). (2) On the rosary (draft). [Both written on back of draft discourse ‘On education’.]

4. Pp. 2. Irish. Prayer and meditation on ‘Lot na taoibhe naomhtha’.

5. Pp. 2. Irish. Fragment of sermon (draft) on salvation.

6. Pp. 7. Irish. Sermon on grace of God.

7. Pp. 3. Irish. Fragment of sermon on marriage and on benefits of marriage at mass.

8. Pp. 7. Irish. On Brighid Naomhtha.

9. Pp. 8. Part of diary kept by Fr Maurus during undated visit to London.

10. Pp. 1. Irish. Testimonial for Tomás Ua Nualláin, language teacher at Melleray, 1906.

11. Pp. 13. Irish. Collection of Irish proverbs.

12. Pp. 7. Dialogue in Irish.

13. Pp. 4. Irish. Part of draft account of journey to England.

14. Pp. 4. Irish. Part of draft account of journey to England, headed ‘Srut-mhainistir’.

15. Pp. 10. Notes on placenames. (1) Draft comments arising from proofs of P. Power, The place-names of Decies (London 1907); under ‘Móin a ruide / Móin a rud’ quotes lines from poem collected from Fr John O'Reilly. (2) Note on Bóthairín an Chapaill Chaoich intended for publication in An Sléibhteánach. (3) Note on Druim Finghín copied from John O'Donovan, Leabhar na g-Ceart or The Book of Rights (Dublin 1847) 93 note g. (4) Note on Comeragh. (5) Note on Cloch Labhrais.

16. Pp. 3. Note on surname Ó Faoláin drawn mainly from Leabhar na g-Ceart, 205 note a, 222 note b.

17. Pp. 5. Unidentified hand. (1) References to Lismore, Co. Waterford and Lismore, Argyll, from various sources. (2) References to the Déise from various sources.

[p. 82]

18. Pp. 10. In hand of Richard O Mulrenin. Information concerning Gaelic Union: list of addresses, Irish speakers on Council, Gaelic Journal, Irish class.

19. Pp. 7. ‘Proof / That the Hiberno Celtic or Irish Language is the best living representative, if it be not entirely identical with the language of Ancient Chaldea’; signed ‘Michael C. O Shea’.

20. Pp. 2. Lists of names (Irish and English) of trees, berries and plants.

21. Pp. 4. Class notes (typed) on Irish phonetics. (1) List of stops, spirants and liquids. (2) Notes for three lectures (typed).

22. Pp. 23. Notes on Irish grammar. (1) Two drafts of note on interrogative ‘cia’. (2) Notes on ‘compound prepositions’. (3) Four drafts of note on ‘Attraction in Irish’. (4) Two drafts of list of terminations in Irish verbal system.

23. Pp. 11. Material relating to examinations in Irish at Melleray. (1) Four examination papers (stencilled), 1898: Rhetoric Class; Logic Class, Junior Section; Logic Class, Senior Section; Second Philosophy. (2) Answer papers (two hands) with notes by Fr Maurus on reverse.

24. Miscellaneous printed matter. (1) Two photographs by George D. Croker [cf. (1), 6, 36], Photographer, 11 The Mall, Waterford: headstone of Donnchadh Ruadh Mac Con Mara (photograph inscribed: ‘Erected. November, 1910. P[atrick] P[ower]’); headstone of Tadhg Gaedhealach Ó Súilleabháin (photograph inscribed: ‘Erected, Dec. 1910. P[atrick] P[ower]’). (2) Pp. 5. Two bills (10 May and 23 August, 1899, to Rev. J. Delaney, Mount Melleray) with self-addressed envelope, and one receipt (29 March 1899, to Fr Maurus Ó Faoláin), from Brian Ó Dubhghaill / Bernard Doyle, Fáinne an Lae, 9 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin. (3) Pp. 4. Circular from Irish Literary Society, Adelphi Terrace, Strand, [London] W.C., concerning ‘Proposed Irish Texts’ Society’. (4) Pp. 1. Notice of [second] AGM of Irish Texts Society, 25 April [1900]. (5) Pp. 8 (unopened). List of subjects and prizes for sixth Oireachtas, Rotunda, Dublin, 19-23 May 1902; with accompanying circular and subscription form. (6) Pp. 4. Sheet music (arranged by Brendan J. Rogers) of Is truagh gan peata an mhaoir agam. 3 + 1 (chorus) stt. (7) Two newspaper cuttings: account [two copies] of consecration of Fr Camillus Beardwood as Abbot of Mount St Joseph Abbey, Roscrea [30

[p. 83]

October 1887; see (1), 153]; account (from Midland Tribune and King's County Vindicator, Saturday 19 August 1911) of ceremony of Month's Mind for Dom Camillus Beardwood.