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LS 1387


LS 1387

Brehon Law Tracts, ff. 16.

fol. membr., s. xv. (?).

Consists mainly of legal aphorisms on various subjects, with commentary. Written by one scribe who signs at foot of p. 7a : Seán doscríb do mac aedagáin. So the MS. comes from one of the law-schools kept by the Mac Egans, as to whom see above H. 4. 22, Scribal Notes : also Introduction to Laws i. xxxiv.

The volume is transcribed bv O'Donovan in No. 1424, vol. vii ; the numbers in square brackets refer to his transcript.

Besides the page-numbering which is here followed the first folio is numbered twenty, this numbering proceeding to thirty-five, so nineteen folios are wanting.

p. 1 a [O'D. 1552]. Begins: Amu sruith cober breith for dochuru. Law of contracts, as between 'heads' (cinn) and 'limbs' (memuir) or abbot and church-tenant : with time allowed in enforcing or invalidating the same.

p. 1 b [1554]. Fuidri flatha, &c. Of contracts with persons not law-worthy : cf. Laws iii. 10.

Ibid. [1555]. Cober breth im techta comaithchesa. Of partnership in land, with obligations as to fencing : also as to trespasses of cattle. See the Bretha Comaithchesa in Laws iv. 72 seq.

p. 2 b [1560]. Cober breith im dilge im ith, &c. Rules as to letting land, as in Laws iii. 126-8.

p. 3 a [1562]. Cobeir [breith] im techta comairme. More as to trespasses : cf. Laws iv. 90.

p. 3 b [1564]. Ga ba matrorais-[1565] Cobeir breith im tigradus. Of impounding cattle for a distress.

p. 4 a [1566]. Tigradus cach imaig fri aidche. Injuries caused by driving the cattle : cf. Laws ii. 4.

Ibid. [1567]. Slán cach esid : of animals caught in a pit.

p. 4 b [1568]. Cober breth im techta mborga. On fencing and guarding a joint holding.

p. 5 a [1569]. Cober breith im coningairi (sic)-[1570] Nach mil atbaill guin. Partnership in tillage and herding : cf. Laws ii. 56-8.

Ibid. [1571]. Cober breth im techta macslabra. Cf. Laws iii. 308-10.

p. 5 b [1572]. Cober breth itir firu ocus mna. Property of women.

Ibid. Cober breth im ímgona tuath. Responsibility for homicide.

Ibid. Cober breth im ancesa tuath. Of the right of a brehon to consider his judgment; and of his fee.

p. 6 a [1574]. Cober breth im talarice (?) tuath. Maintenance of aire echta and caithe críche : cf. Laws v. 244.

Ibid. [1575]. Cober breth im techta ngill, &c. Of a plaintiff’s fasting, and of pledges given by a defendant : see Laws i. 112 seq., especially 116-8.

p. 6 b [1578] Emide dannigab a raith do raith. Of securities against such fasting : cf. Laws i. 120.

Ibid. Cober breth itir biu ocus marb. Liability of heirs for obligations of deceased.

p. 7 a [1580]. Fortoing airem no aimsir. Validity of certain kinds of evidence.

Ibid. [1582]. Headed : Incipit do Fotha bec. Begins : Loc do fuithirbi Cormaic, ⁊ aimsir do aimser Finguine. A short tract, dealing with illegal distraint, much as in Laws i. 92. Then a paragraph as to the right of choosing a physician. Then some rules as to prescription (rudrad). The tract ends with a Finit.

p. 7 b [1584]. Incipit Do Fotha Mór, ⁊ locc do Daire Loráin, ut est Recht aicnid robui ac Adam. Of natural law (Adam), the law of the letter (Moses), the law of the Prophets, and the law of the New Testament.

After p. 7 should come the fragment of vellum containing pp. 27 , 28 , which are misplaced.

p. 27 [1584]. Cia is rith do aithre re cach. Of the eric of a flescach, and other classes of kine, bó tre laegha, bó indlaegha, &c.: cf. Laws v. 48.

p. 28 [1586] (added later). Uinge isin mban beim. Fines for bán-béim and cnoc-béim.

p. 8 [1587]. Heading : loc don Liubar sa Fuithribe Cormaic. Begins : Anfuigell breath [eman] brangaire catha. Cf. O'Davoren (ed. Stokes), no. 292, and see Eriu ix.

Ibid. Ní hacairther nech do tuit a cath, . . . is diles cia facabar and . . . is diles cia tucthar as. With commentary.

Ibid. [1588]. Heading : Triall taithmigh cundartha so sís. Combach nadma. Dissolution of a contract.

Ibid. [1589]. Nemed duine guba. Of diseases caught in keening for the dead.

p. 8 b [1590]. Guugud rathachais. Repudiation of suretyship.

Ibid. [1591]. Rem nena, &c. Of a deoraid Dé.

Ibid. Nós tuaithe. Violations of nós dligthech and indligthech.

Ibid. [1592]. Condull coecdach. Relations between gel- fine, derb-fine, iarfine, indfine, anfine.

p. 9 a [1593]. Collud sida. On protection (comairce), as to which see Laws iv 228-232.

p. 9 b [1595]. Gell nuathbais. Compensation for accidental injuries, from various causes.

Ibid. [1596]. lmdegail aitire. Liabilities of a hostage.

p. 10 a [1597]. Ecor tar folaid. Procedure where land is sold, but not duly paid for: as in Laws v. 430.

Ibid. [1598]. Fortacht re. Of calling in a loan.

p. 10 b [1600-1]. Three short paragraphs : Fiach con : Recht flatha : Cin fir mairb.

Ibid. [1601]. Maidm a críc : Right to kill raiders, without a fine
cf. Laws iii. 286, 16.

Ibid. [1602]. Crecha urradais. Reprisals on raiders.

p. 11 a [1603]. More short paragraphs. Enechruice rig : Recht sencairde : Saiged fechem &c. (conflict of testimony between trebaire and bidba) : [1604] Fod truig &c. IS la cach lasa foth.

p. 11 b [1604]. Fod luinge. Division of wreckage: cf. Laws iii. 424

Ibid. [1606]. Fod remdilsi. A vendor cannot resell what he has once sold.

Ibid. [1606]. Riar forb flatha. Of lawful and unlawful tenancy.

p. 12 a [1607-8]. Short paragraphs : Fiach mna marbslabra : Comfer tire tuinid : Ecor aircellta.

Ibid. [1608]. Port fiach. See Laws v. 500, last paragraph.

p. 12 b [1609]. Fobraithe bairce. Salvage of a wreck: cf. Laws iii. 42b.

Ibid. [1610]. Breth cen dilsi cen arach. Refusal to abide by a brehon's decision as to a debt.

p. 13 a [1611]. Deindill rathachais. Repudiation of suretyship.

Ibid. [1612]. Coscrad uad aenaig. Penalty for refusing to attend a muster, as in Laws iii. 494-6.

p. 13 b [1614]. Uargalach nair. Penalties for killing or wounding a cleric or layman, co taiselbad or cen taiselbad.

Ibid. [1615]. Arbach mbo da ba. The principle of comardugad: cf. Laws, Glossary.

p. 14 a [1616]. Short paragraphs : Is dilis frithguin (manslaughter, &c.). [1617] Burach nindraig (cf. Laws iii. 286, 15) : Ní herenar sét ona, &c. (on iarraid in fosterage): Inderb nallmaire (terms of barter).

Ibid. [1618]. Ailgesach dunaid. Lawful and unlawful demands of poets.

p. 14 b. Short paragraphs: [1619] Dasachtach nadma : [1620] Naidm meisce (contracts made in drink invalid) : Mescbuide flatha : [1621] Forbflaithe senaid : Sarugad ordan.

p. 15 a. Slog cen urnaidm. Accountability for damage committed by mercenaries (deorada).

Ibid. Short paragraphs: [1622] Aurnaidm cen forus (repudiation of suretyship) : [1623] Fuasnad iar naititin, &c. (impugning a land-contract).

Ibid. Athgait imna. Attempt to revoke gifts to a church.

p. 15 b. [1624] Indilsi duaise ; [1625] Doerad filed. Of a poet’s fee and privileges.

Ibid. Feadb do togais. Defrauding a widow.

p. 16 a [1627]. Short paragraphs. Turrugud for cill : Cetmuindter do fretech.

Ibid. Fodb do aesclad. Stay of distress on dead man's effects. Cf. O'Davoren, no. 170.

Ibid. [1628]. Short paragraphs : Aire eisc flatha (fishing rights).

p. 16 b. Etla ndithli : Diguin digona (responsibility for a deoraid's acts).

Ibid. [1629] (continued in top margin). Measdar ainmi. Defects in animals sold.

Ibid. [1630] (beginning with a large capital letter). Aidbriudh ardnemed fola di maigin. Of the kind of evidence required in suits brought against persons of rank.

p. 17 a [1632]. Nad lui uad rath. Conditions under which stock is supplied to farmers. See Laws ii. 262 seq.

p. 18 a [1636]. Na cundrad. Time for validation of contract. Cf. Laws v. 504 seq.

Ibid. [1637]. Na hoin. Of loans : cf. Laws iii. 276.

Ibid. Na haithne. Of rights acquired by a person holding a deposit, and of liability for neglect on his part.

p. 18 b [1639]. Short paragraphs : Na hairliugud (of loans) : Na haititiu (assertion of claim to property offered for sale).

Ibid. [1640]. Short paragraphs : Ocus imtongar andsin o gradaib ecalsa for gradaib tuaithe.

p. 19 a. Ardilat secht ngraid eclasa for secht ngradaib tuaithe : Doberar dal treisi &c. (of proving property in cattle.)

Ibid. [1641]. Cach aidbriud docuisin. Possession of property in dispute determined by rank, pendente lite.

Ibid. [1642]. Nach fer medon-gaite docuisin. Position of person found in possession of stolen cattle.

p. 20 b [1648]. Ar is faill do nemed cen iaraid. The first lines seem to belong to foregoing discussion. The comment then goes on : Ised is cendach d' anurradh and, about sale to a stranger (fer echtar-chúicid).

Ibid. A short paragraph. Feis leth-frichgnuma.

Ibid. [1649]. Ní lot los laban. Of waifs : cf. Laws v. 330, 336.

p. 21 a. Short paragraph : Aidbred testa.

Ibid. [1650]. Ni hindsorgor o crích do crich. Of legal seizures, and of impounding cattle, when ownership is in dispute : then p. 21 b [1653] Decce cia dingenum. Of the venue in such cases.

p. 22 a. Short paragraph : Duine lasimbia fod.

Ibid. [1654]. Heading : Slicht antechta so. Begins : Mad iar .III dechmadaib dligid. Ceremonial observed in entering on possession of land, as in Laws iv. 2 and 12.

Ibid. Short paragraphs [1655] : Segar othrad cacha cetra.

p. 22 b. Can urmach do muic (tending sick animals) : [1656] Tucthar trian forcsen (valuing land in dispute).

Ibid. Noch bit mairb beoaig de marb-cru. Dispute about stock supplied to tenant.

Ibid. [1657] Cia leth compert indarbtha. Compensation to witnesses dismissed on physical grounds.

p. 23 a [1659]. Noch fil focul foreith .n. (eli O'Don.). Attestation of a bóaire for strangers, and for his own tribesmen.

Ibid. [1660]. Nach breth bes doirchi diamair Right of a brehon to postpone judgment.

p. 23 b [1661]. Short paragraph : Ní fortoing nach fothla .f.

Ibid. Ni fuite nach n-aithne. Of deposits.

p. 24 a [1663]. Rosaig ordan olloman. Of élód and determination of tenancy.

Ibid. [1664]. Dilathar comar. Obligations of cotenancy.

Ibid. [1665]. Short paragraphs : Indles cacha tindscra (of hired labour): Tri hingaire dochuisin láin.

p. 24 b [1666]. Laigid feich fir findtiu. Liabilities of deceased debtor.

Ibid. Ni dingabar ria nde nóimaide. Maintenance of a sick man.

Ibid. [1667]. Coneitet raith bothaig. Mutual responsibilities of strangers (deóraid and murchuirthe) and serfs as to cin and díbad. Cf. Laws v. 514.

p. 25 a [1668]. Ni foesum ni turbuid. Of a person induced to lend his protection (fóesam) for the purpose of defrauding a creditor. Cf. Laws iii. 392, 3.

Ibid. [1669]. Short paragraph. Cor demonda do luag pecctha (?).

p. 25 b. bera cocrand for comranna. Possession of land settled by lot. Payments to artisans and workmen.

Ibid. [1671]. Feis inuait n-ithlaind. Trespass of a pet pig. Cf. Laws iv. 72 seq : iv. 108.

p. 26 b [1674]. Tochlaich irind icoem-indraib. Trespass in sacrosanct places : cf. Laws iv. 86.

Ibid. [1675]. Dire fidnemid nair bo isle sluind. Compensation for injury to trees: cf. Laws iv. 146-8.

p. 27 . (See above after p. 7.)

p. 28 b [1678]. Dire muilind mór-tharba. Compensation for burning down a mill or other building.

p. 29 a [1682]. Aithgin i loscud anfoit for oin o urrad. Same subject.

Ibid. Réim eich rig-sliasta. Joint responsibility of a party of horsemen for damages suffered (which apparently it was their duty to prevent).

The end of a tract is marked (p. 29b) by Finit.

p. 29 b [1685]. Heading : Loc don leabar sa daire louráin ⁊ aimser do aimser Domnaill mic Aeda mic Ainmirech. This is the place and date of the Leabhar Aicle : see Laws iii. 86, 17. The tract begins : Corus Iubaile, cid ara neper iubaile, &c. Cf. Atkinson's Glossary to the Laws.

p. 30 a [1686]. Cesc tra cis lir slechta for coraib. On validation and dissolution of contracts : cf. Laws iii. 2 seq.

Ibid. [1688]. Ní taithmis naidm soscela. Confirmation of a contract by oath.

p. 30 b [1690]. Maini bet relle reltacha. Defects and diseases in animals sold, and their effect on iubail and otherwise.

p. 31 a [1692]. Cesc caite eneclainne cach ae ria nurdan. Proportionate eneclann due to different grades of ollam and aigne.

Ibid. [1693]. Fechemain tra trian no cethruime. Of levying payment
cf. Laws iii. 318, par. 2.

p. 31 b [1694]. Cinmotha smacht an imluaig. Fines for failure to appear in court.

Ibid. [1695]. Cúic seóit i ndérach tige dianechtair. Fine for stripping off thatch or breaking into a house. Cf. Laws iv. 313.

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