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MS A 34

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in University College Dublin

A 34


A miscellaneous collection (paper), bound in cover like those of A 30 etc. and marked 'A 34, Cláranna' in gilt on spine. Items 1-2, 5, probably 17th cent.; items 3-4, 18th cent. All the lists deal with the same material, the Louvain collection, and are evidently inventories taken at different times. Many of the MSS listed are identifiable as now belonging to the present collection; others are in the Bibliothéque Royale, Brussels; others still possibly in other collections; but many more are lost (cf. C. Mooney, IER 60 (1942) 221-2).


1 . (22 pp., 19.5 × 15 cms, enclosed in white paper cover, slightly larger; last three pages blank). Title on cover: 'Index Librorum Hibernicorum et Latinorum Manuscript, et Impres.' Beg. with 'Index Librorum Hibernicorum in Pergameno'. Includes 'Catalogus Actum Sanctorum quae MS. habentur ordine mensium et dierum'. A thin slip of paper has been pasted on at foot of p. 1 to cover some of the original text; contains additions to list, in different ink from that of the rest of the page; corrections and additions made elsewhere, some in other hands.

2 . (16 pp., 21 × 16.5 cms; last page blank). Written by Fr Bonaventura Docherty (p. [13]). Contains 'Catalogus Manuscriptorum tam Latiné quam Hibernicé olim in Camera R.P. Colgani repertorum; quibus postea R.P. Sirinus usus fuit'. Portion dealing with MSS printed in PRIA 6 (1854) 96-102 and HMC rep. 4 (1874) app., 611-12.

3 . (8 pp., 19.5 × 13.5 cms, last four being blank). Begins with 'Index librorum Hibernicorum in pergamino'.

4 . (1 leaf, 41 × 24 cms, folded in two and bearing stamp of St Isidore's College, Rome; numbered 'A 31, 8' in pencil; slight loss of text at lower left corner). List of 61 items, beg. Liber Poematum ubi habetur geinealaigh na naomh metrice. Most of verso blank.

5 . (fragment of leaf, c. 25.5 × 19.5 cms, bearing stamp of St Isidore's College, Rome). Includes 'Manuscripta scholastica P[at]ris Colgani'. Verso blank except for line of writing at bottom (inverted): 'A (?) Mssa. scholastica et alia R.P. Sirini / In plena cesta . . .'.