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MS A 31

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A 31


A collection like A 30, bound in a similar cover, marked 'A 31' in gilt on spine. Only items 14-15 are dated, but it seems that items 1-12 belong to the 17th century, item 15 to the 18th, and items 13-14 to the 19th. Items 4-9 bear the stamp of St Isidore's College, Rome. For items 4-8 (then differently numbered) and other related documents, see C. Mooney, 'Colgan's inquiries about Irish placenames', Celtica 1 (1950) 294-6, and the references given below.


1 . (12 pp., 27 × 19 cms, the last 6 being blank). Copy of marginal glosses in Vatican codex of Marianus Scotus. Beg. Sequentia sunt que lingua Hibernica scripta reperiuntur in marginibus codicis Vaticani chronicorum Mariani Scoti. For the original MS see J. F. Kenney, Sources for the early history of Ireland I (New York 1929) 614-16.

2 . (numbered in pencil 'A 31 (p) 9', twice). Three slips of paper, the third of which has been pasted to the back of the second so that it covers about ten lines at the bottom. The first was formerly joined to the second at the top recto. Beg. Biodh a fhios agat a leugtoir gibe tú gurab íad na hughdair lenus an tairemh as mó ar aosaibh an domain do lenamur mar ata an da fher dhecch ar thrí fichthibh ó thús et Eusebius et Orosius lenus iadsein isin airemh cédna. An account of the authorities for the early history of Ireland, especially for the lives of the saints. Ends with a warning to prospective critics, and the writer says that especially as regards the Naomhshenchas he had at hand more books than anybody else would have had the opportunity of seeing.

3 . (2 leaves numbered 12-13 in pencil; probably not consecutive; lower portions missing; double columns). List of illustrious men and places in AFM. Beg. Aod mac Cathail Uí Concobair 1092. Last name Corcamodhruadh a tTuadhmumhain ....

4 . (1 leaf, 30 × 19 cms, numbered 14 in pencil; double columns on recto; lower margin frayed with some loss of text). Names of places in Derry and Tyrone. Beg. Nomina locorum in oirecht Ui Chatham, incipiendo a Bando . . . ex fratre Paulo Gormleo. Ed. by C. Mooney, Celtica 1 (1946) 67-73.

5 . (2 leaves, 20 × 16 and 13 cms, numbered in pencil 15-16; writing only on first page; two columns). Names of places in dioceses of Kilmore and Ardagh. Beg. [Dio]cesis Kil[morensis]. Sa mBreithne Ui Ruairc. Ed. by C. Mooney, Celtica 1 (1946) 64-7.

6 . (2 leaves, 30 × 18 cms, unnumbered; last page blank except for title, 'Descriptio Ecclesiarum Diocesis Kildariensis', and quatrain, beg. Agan mac Bearuigh gan beim). Latin account of Kildare placenames with religious connections, apparently compiled by Fr Roch Mac Geoghegan, bishop of Kildare, and sent to Colgan in 1638. Beg. after heading Ecclesia Kildariensis fundata erat mox post S. Patricii adventum in Hyberniam. Ed. by É. de hÓir, Dinnseanchas 2 (1966) 29-39.

7 . (8 leaves, 16.5 × 10 cms, numbered 17-24 in pencil with no. 'VIII' in pencil on 24 v). Portion of an alphabetical list of places with their patron saints and festival dates, containing the letter C and part of D. Based apparently on Ó Cléirigh's autograph copy of the longer recension of the Martyrology of Donegal (Brussels 5095-6). Half-quatrain, beg. A nduantaibh seanchais, crossed out at top of first leaf. See Celtica 1 (1946) 80-81.

8 . (7 leaves, 15.5 × 9.5 cms, numbered 25-31 in pencil; no. 'VI' in pencil on 31 v i; f. 25 reversed). Fragment of alphabetical list of placenames beginning with the letter C. In two hands, one supplying the names, the other the locations. Beg. (f. 25 v) Cill Phroiss. Ed. by C. Mooney, Celtica 1 (1946) 73-80.

9 . (4 leaves, 21 × 15 cms, numbered 32-5 in pencil; no. '6' in ink on 32 r and no. 'III' in pencil on 35 v i). Short life of St Declan not known to Power (cf. ITS XVI (1914) xxv) or Plummer (cf. Mise. hag. Rib. (1925) no. 32). Headed 'Deglanus'. Beg. Declan mc. Eirc mc. Trein mc. Luighioch. Ends (f. 34 v i) ⁊ is abal aliacht mirbuile do nitear ann sin ⁊ ag tuama Declain ann gach aimsir osoin aleith etcetera. F. 35 r blank except for stamp of St Isidore's College; verso contains a note in Latin on Sedulius Scotus.

10 . (10 leaves, c. 21 × 16 cms, numbered in ink; no. 'G. XXXVI (5)' in pencil on f. 1 r). ['Rule of Tallaght'.] Beg. Biaid phrainntighe na sesamh do candaois san phrointhigh namá. Breaks off at f. 10 v i with ní mor accas do chuirfedh ann ⁊ (ní mór an cás, catchwords). Chapter-numbers and notes in margins; blank space at f. 4 r m. Part of first page and marginal notes in Colgan's hand. Text possibly written by Thomas O'Sheerin, O.F.M. Ed. from this MS by E. Gwynn, Hermathena 44 (1927), second supplemental volume. For a related Latin text and discussion of scribe and date see C. Mooney, 'Paenitentiarium S. Maoil-Ruain, abbatis Tamhlachta', Celtica 2 (1954) 297-304.

11 . (1 leaf (reversed), 28.5 × 19.5 cms, numbered 36 in pencil on verso). In the same hand as item 12 and A 14, xiii-xiv. Part of tract on verbs. Beg. (on verso) 41. n[í] nábh ni naoieubh gecuin nár gecuin naoiear. Articles numbered 41, 43, 49, 46 and (on recto) [ ]2, 67. Contains material corresponding to IGT III §§42 ff. In the middle of the recto begins a new section headed 'Cáis beanus [ris cancelled] leabar cert ann so'. Fragment on declension. Beg. Cairde fine aicme. gu bfeas damh ni ro soileir cuirther an certsin síos. Articles numbered 1-3, 5.

12 . (1 leaf, decayed at top and bottom with loss of text; numbered 37 in pencil). Part of beginning of index to tract on declension found at A 14, xiii, containing portion of A, all of B and C, and the beginning of D. Double columns.

13 . (1 leaf, 19.5 × 17 cms, numbered 38 in pencil). Grammatical notes in English. Beg. Do ghuin was wounded the preterite of the verb ghuinim I wound ....

14 . (2 leaves, 27 × 19.5 cms, numbered in pencil 39-40; f. 40 reversed). Transcript from Keating's History. Beg. Anno Xri 868. Do gabh an tanflaith Tuirgeisius on Norvegia. (ITS IX (1908) 11. 2704-53). Interlinear translation in English. Breaks off in middle of sentence at f. 39 r i. In same hand as item 13. Ff. 39 v, 40 r, blank. F. 40 v has printed heading, 'Giuseppe Salviucci, Tipografo . . .', and contains a letter in Italian dated 'Roma il 16= del 1830' [sic], asking one of the fathers [at St Isidore's] to distribute the enclosed manuscript exemplars of a new breviary to the different Benedictine congregations in Ireland, England and Scotland.

15 . (2 leaves, c. 28.5 × 18.5 cms, numbered 41-2 in pencil). F. 42 blank except for the number 102 on top left corner of recto. F. 41 r contains the following (in different hands): (a) 'Labhras O Cathalan do sgriobh so an bhliagain daos an tigerna 1718'. (b) 'Et do bhidh usad ag an bhrathair Antón mac Duiéad re toil na nuachtran an bhliagan daois an tigirna 1729'. (c) 'Antone mhac Duiead brathar bocht dord S. Pronsias do convent Dhuin naga[. . .]'. (d) 'Antoniii (?) O hAongh(. . .) (?) 1701'. Other scribbling lower down. Verso blank.