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MS A 29

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in University College Dublin

A 29


17th cent. Paper. 15 × 10.5 cms. Ff. 231 with two fly-leaves at beginning and one at end. Scribe is the translator, Fr Bonaventura Ó Conchubhair, O.F.M. Written in 1650 (f. 228 r) on the continent, probably either at the convent of San Francesco a Ripa or St Isidore's, Rome. For identification of scribe see B. Millett, The Irish Franciscans 1651-1665 (Rome 1964) 486-7. The MS was prepared for the press but never printed (cf. first fly-leaf and f. 231 v). An edition by P. Ó Súilleabháin, O.F.M., is in the press. Bound in vellum. In excellent condition. Bears stamp of St Isidore's College (recent) on second fly-leaf and on f. 228 v. See F. Ó Briain, IMN 1937, 34-9.

First fly-leaf. 'Triumphus Crucis siue ueritas fidei Christianae contra omnes sectos, uersus in idioma Hibernicum per P. f. Bonauenturam Ó Conorum ord. min. strict. obseruantiae, S. Theol. Lectorem'. Foll. in different hand by 'Rdi. Patres Lectores nostri Collegii Sancti Isidorii recognoscant praesens hoc opus intitulatum Triumphus Crucis etc. Suumque sensum aperiant. Fr. Julian Perdi, Procurator generalis ordinis'. Verso and all of foll. fly-leaf blank except for stamp of St Isidore's College.


1 r . 'Brolach nó remradh an chéidleabhair do Bhúaidh na Náomhchroiche nó dFírinne an chreidimh ar na chur a ngaoídheilg leis an mbráthoir bocht dord S. Proinsias B.C.' Beg. Do chuirios romham le congnamh Dé búaidh ghlórmhar na náomhchroiche do sgríobhadh anaghaidh dhraoitheadh agas aois eagnuidhe fhallsa an tsáoghail urchóidigh so. Ends (f. 288 r m) ⁊ glóir tre shaoghal na sáoghal Amén. Finit 18. octobris 1650. Underneath is date 1812, from which 1650 has been subtracted. F. 228 v blank except for stamp of St Isidore's College. Translation of Triumphus Crucis de Fidei veritate by Jerome Savonarola (Florence 1497).

229 r . Table of Contents.

231 v m. 'Imprimatur si uidebitur R.P.M.S. Palatii, A. episcopus Verulanus Vicergerens'. [different hand:] 'Imprimatur, fr. Vincentius Candidus (?) O.P., M[agister] S[acri] P[alatii] A[postolici]'. A stands for Alexander Argoli, bishop of Veroli, 1651-4 (see P. Gauchat, Hierarchia catholica medii et retentions aevi IV (Minister 1935) 365). Last leaf blank.