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MS A 2

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in University College Dublin

A 2


Late 11th or early 12th cent. Vellum. 29.5 × 21 cms. Ff. 23, with pagination in late hand; earlier pagination, 1-12, on pp. 3-14, upper margins. Bound in vellum cover entitled 'Liber Hymnorum quos Sancti Hiberniae composuerunt' and marked 'No 11' and 'No 8'. Outer cover bound in calf-skin and marked '9 aut 10 saeculo, Liber Hymnorum, S. Isidoro'. No. '2' on spine. Within outer cover is a loose sheet with lists of contents of this MS and of TCD 1441 (E.4.2) in parallel columns. 'Ex libris de Conventus [sic] de Dunnagall' (in Colgan's hand) on p. 3, lower margin. Written in pointed minuscule, about 30 lines to the page; double columns on p. 2. Ruled in dry point. Illuminated capitals, in purple, minium, yellow and green. The material on p. 1 has no ornamentation and appears to have been written much later than the rest of the MS.

Stokes has given an index of contents in The tripartite life of Patrick I (London 1887) cii-cix. The edition of Bernard and Atkinson (HBS XIII-XIV (1898), here referred to as LH) supplies from this MS what is lacking in TCD 1441 and includes variant readings, glosses, colophons, etc. The MS has been described by them, LH I, pp. xiii-xvi (see also p. viii), and by H. Zimmer, Keltische Studien I (Berlin 1881) 13-16. Palaeographical description by L. Bieler, Scriptorium 2 (1948) 187-93, who concludes that the MS was originally in two gatherings of 12 leaves, the last leaf being now lost; see also F. Henry and G. L. Marsh-Micheli, PRIA 62 C 5 (1962) 129-34 (bibliography, p. 129 n. 1: add W. Stokes, RC 6 (1883) 264-6). MS was used by Ó Cléirigh for Martyrology of Donegal in 1630 and by Colgan for Trias Thaumaturga in 1647. Mentioned by Ware (1639) as belonging to the convent of Donegal.

Marginalia etc.: (a) p. 5, lower margin. 'Beandacht o Domhnall mac Dabog mic Mael Tuili les in leabharsa et Ase Colam cill[e] / docuir re leghes iat fein acath Cuildreimne et o Mael Tuili mac Maela Fith(righ?) / atait clann mic Mael Tuili .i. arslicht Neil naeimgialaigh (?) Finit' (cf. Zimmer, art. cit., 13; Bieler, art. cit., 188 n. 1). (b) p. 29, outer margin. 'Mise Muiris', (c) Inside back cover of MS. A Duilimh gabh ar mo g[l]or. 1 q. Other notes and scribblings inside both vellum covers and on pp. 5, 7, 22, 29, 33, 36, 37; see also p. 44 marg. Note on mounting of p. 3 mentioning Adamnan (?), Góaire and Mailruain.


1 . Some writing in upper left margin partly cut away.

1 .  Note of 13 lines. Beg. Naempapa uasal oiregda do bai isin Roimh dabo comainm (C)lemens papa. LH 193.

1 m. Triur ríg táinic do tig De. 10 qq. LH 194. Ed. from 3 other MSS by C. Ó Ceannabháin, IMN 1961, 45-6.

2 .  Preface, beg. Locus huius artis Hí. LH 62. Hymn beg. (p. 3) Altus prositor uetustus. Titles in Irish and Latin. LH 66.

6 -7 , lower margins. In later hand, a poem in Latin of 24 lines, partly illegible. Beg. Quod Romanus corpori sibi vindicat (?).

9 m. Preface, beg. Colum Cille dorigne. Hymn beg. In te Christe. LH 84.

10 . Preface, beg. Colum Cille doronai. LH 87. Hymn beg. Noli pater. LH 88.

11 .7. Preface, beg. Iohannes apostolus fecit. LH 90. Prayer beg. Deus meus - pater - filius. LH 91.

11 i. Preface, beg. Iesus Christus fecit. LH 93. Prayer beg. Beatus es. LH 94.

12 m. Preface to hymn of Sechmall. Beg. Sechnall filius Restituti. LH 3. Hymn beg. Audite omnes. LH 7.

16 .4. Preface to hymn of Ultán. Beg. Ninnid Lámidan mac Ecnach ise dorigne. Hymn beg. Christus in nostra insola. LH 14.

16 i. Preface to hymn of Cummaín. Beg. Cummain fota mac Fiachna. First seven lines rubbed and partly illegible. LH 16. Hymn beg. (p. 17 ni) Celebra Iuda. LH 18.

19 .2.  Preface, beg. Mugeint fecit hunc hymnum. LH 22. Hymn beg. Farce Domine parce populo tuo. LH 23.

20 .3.  Preface in Latin to hymn of St Hilary. Beg. Locus huius artis spelonca. LH 35. Hymn beg. Ymnum dicat turba fratrum. With single Latin gloss at p. 22 i, outer margin. LH 36.

22   i. Preface to hymn of Colmán, now partly illegible. Beg. Meicc Murchon do Chonnachtaib doronsat. LH 43. Hymn beg. (p. 23) In Trinitate spes mea. LH 44.

23   i. Preface to hymn of Oengus. Beg. Oengus mac Tipraite. LH 44. Hymn beg. (p. 24) Martine te deprecor. LH 47.

24 m. Preface, beg. Tres pueri in fornace. Hymn beg. Benedicite omnia opera Domini dominum. LH 195 (H. Zimmer, Keltische Studien I (Berlin 1881) 14; RC 6 (1883) 264).

25 i. Preface, beg. Ambrosius suí epscop. Hymn beg. Christe qui lux es. LH 197.

26  m. Preface, beg. Aingil doronsat in fers. Hymn beg. Glor[i]a in excelsis Deo. LH 49.

27   m. Christi patris in dextera. LH 195.

28   m. Preface to Irish hymn of Colmán. Beg. Colman mac ui Chluasaig. LH 25. Hymn, beg. Sén De donfe. LH 26. Marginal and interlinear glosses, partly illegible, are printed in LH.

30  m. Preface, beg. Cu Chuimne dorónai in nimmunsa. LH 32. Hymn beg. Cantemus in omni die. LH 33.

31   m. Preface, beg. Maria mater Domini fecit. LH 53. Hymn beg. Magnificat anima mea Dominum. LH 54.

32 .7. Preface, beg. Filii Israhel hoc canticum cecinerunt. Hymn beg. Cantemus Domino gloriose. LH 200.

33 i. Preface, beg. Zachair athair Iohain Babtaist dorone. LH 56. Hymn beg. (p. 34.6) Benedictus Dominus Deus Israel. LH 57.

34 i. Preface to Te Deum. Beg. Neceta comarba Petair dorónai. Hymn beg. Laudate pueri Dominum. LH 59.

36 . Preface, beg. Fiacc Sleipte dorónai. LH 96. Hymn beg. Génair Patraic i nNemthur. Copious marginal and interlinear glosses. LH 97.

38 m. Prayer of Ninnine. Beg. Admunemmar noebPatraic. Interlinear glosses. LH 105.

38   i. Preface to hymn of Ultán. Beg. Commad hé Colum Cille. LH 107. Hymn beg. (p. 39 m) Brigit be bithmaith. Interlinear and marginal glosses. LH 110.

39   i. Preface to hymn of Broccán. Beg. Locus huius ymni Sliab Bladma. Hymn beg. Ní cair Brigit. Copious marginal and interlinear glosses. LH 112.

43  m. Preface, beg. Epscop Sanctaín dorónai. Hymn beg. Ateoch ríg namra. Interlinear and marginal glosses. LH 129.

44  m. Preface, beg. Sened Nece dorónai. Hymn beg. Quicumque uult saluus esse. LH 203.

44 , lower margin. Four lines of writing in a late hand (largely indecipherable).

46 m. Blank space of 11 lines (ruled).

46 i. Note of 6 lines, now illegible.