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MS A 15

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in University College Dublin

A 15


17th cent. Paper. Ff. iii (now numbered in pencil)+pp. 374 (with older foliation, 1-20, on pp. 1-39). Ff. i-ii, 31 × 19 cms; f. iii and pp. 1 ff., 29 × 18.5-19 cms. Bound in cover like those of A 10 etc., with title in gilt on spine: 'Franciscan Library MSS, A 15'. The whole MS has been interleaved and f. ii repaired with tissue paper. Upper margins trimmed and some titles partly cut away. For old cover see A 14. Dates 1638 and 20 May 1641 on pp. 27, 214 i; the name which appears on p. 329 m is hardly that of the scribe. Consulted by Comyn and Dinneen for ITS edition (see ITS IV (1902) xiii-xiv, VIII (1908) xxxi-xxxii).

Occasional marginal and interlinear notes and comments occur in different hands throughout the MS. The following occur at beginning and end: [f. iii:] (a) 'Do ceistighéadhach do líbrari S. Isidór an labharso a ngardiantacht Uí Mhorchadh leighthóir iubláth dórd S. Prainnsias san mbliagain daois an Tighuirna 1739-Q 149'. (b) Note (a) repeated in different hand with some variation of spelling and foll. by 'Mac Ui Éilighe do sgriobh so' (somewhat smudged). [p. 1 m, margins:] (c) 'Applicatus Bibliothecae S. Isidori de Urbe sub Guard(. . .) RAP L. Jub: Morphy Q 149 16 July 1739'. Foll. lower down by date '1676'. [p. 373 m:](d) 'Anno a creatione mundi 176( ) [hole due to erasure at back] / Sheághann O Hogáinn a lámh deas Son' (?). (e) 'Anno a creatione mundi 1746'. (f) 'Dominus.Doctor Jacobus Dulaeus.Limericinus possidet 1652'. [p. 274, recte 374:] (g) 'Hic liber proelio (?) dignus est quod testificator a multis et a me pauperculo Seagan bha Ganíodhe'. Foll. by 'Hic (?) liber [quod at end of line with caret marks]dignus est / testificat ejus inulciia (?) inutilis, et ego pauperculus S. Isidore (?). Seagan bha Ganiode'. The signatures may not be in the same hand. (h) Cipher. 'Is é manm bhntdlng Mc c[ ]dlndlch' (last word lightly cancelled).


i . Blank.

ii . This leaf contains another copy of the first part of the Preface.

iii . Blank except for matter noted above.


1 . [Foras Feasa ar Éirinn.] 'Díonbhrollach gus an leigh-theóir'. Beg. Ag so dionbhrolach, no brolach cosnaimh Forais Feasa ar Eirinn, mar anochtar suim tseanchuis Eireann go cumair. Ends (p. 25 i)Oir ma ta einni inbheime ann, ni hó mhailis acht o aineolus ata, bar mbochtcara bitdi( )lus go bas. Seathrun Keiting.

26 . Blank.

27 . 'Ag so do Sencus Eirionn ... et ise aois an Tiagharna anois 1638'. Beg. Ar ttús cuirfiom sios annso gach ainm da raibhe ar Eirinn riamh. Foll. (p. 214 i) by 'Finis Libri Primi 20° Maij 1641'. Pp. 215-16 are blank and Book II begins on p. 217. Ends (p. 329 m): 'Finis an dara leabhar. [different hand:] Mac Conmara mc. í (. . .)' (indecipherable). Lower half of p. 329 and all of p. 330 blank.

331 . Genealogies: 'Do ghabhlughadh cloinne Mileadh ann so síos'. Ends p. 346 i.

347 . Synchronisms: 'Ag so síos craobha comfhlaithis na nar-daithrach, na nardflaithadh, ⁊ ríogh na hEireann, na bpápadh et in coimfhreagras aimsire do níd re chéile ar thrí rámhoibh in chéadrámh ar na hardaithribh. An dara rámh ar na hárdfhlaithibh, et An treas rámh ar ríoghaibh Eirionn'. Ends p. 373.8. Foll. (p. 373 m) by 'Finis Libri Secundi et ultimi'.