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MS A 12

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in University College Dublin

A 12


16th cent. (?). Paper. 26 × 17 cms (pp. 41-2 shorter). Pp. 42, interleaved and numbered 1-41, the last page being unnumbered. Double columns, about 37 lines to column. Many spaces left blank for ornamental initials. Written by various hands. 'Missi Cumuman do scrib in col sin for lio(p)or [. . .]hail' at p. 6 i (page torn). Cover similar to those of A 10, etc. 'MSS., A 12, O.S.F.' on spine and 'Cormac's Glossary' on front cover, both in gilt lettering. There are glosses in an early hand, and also glosses in a later, 17th century, hand. Some late scribbling on pp. 40-41.


1 . Cormac's Glossary. Beg. Adhamh id est homo vel terrigena on talmuideacht. Ends conndernadh Suibne nde. Ed. by W. Stokes from LB, Three Irish glossaries (London and Edinburgh 1862); K. Meyer, from YBL, with v. 11. from other MSS, Anecdota from Ir. MSS 4 (1912). This MS was not known to Meyer. Text agrees closely with his edition, and may derive from YBL.

41 . O'Mulconry's Glossary. Beg. [I]ncipit discreptio [altered from discrepsio] de origine scoticae linguae. Breaks off with p. 42 arindi folongat na mna cach altram foro arightibh (=no. 113 of Stokes' edition, ACL 1 (1900) 232 ff., from YBL). This MS presents no important variants.