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MS A 11

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in University College Dublin

A 11


15th cent. (?). Vellum. 25.5 × 18 cms (some leaves much shorter). Ff. 49, now foliated in pencil on interleaved blank pages. F. 49 reversed and inverted in binding. Average of 38 lines to page; double columns. Ruling sometimes in ink. Decorative initials, some in colour. Rents in ff. 22, 25, have been repaired with red thread. Scribe: Daelgus Ó Duibhghennán (f. 24 a 32); another, more formal, hand appears briefly on ff. 7 a, 8 a. Bound in cover similar to that of A 10. 'Franciscan MSS., Destruction of Troy, A IF in gilt lettering on spine.

Numerous marginalia: (a) 2 r i. The word 'comortus' foll. by full line of writing. (b) 9 r, upper margin. 'tir fa thuinn an tírsi atám. ísle clár Cuinn ná a cúan', (c) 12 r i. 'Amen dico uobis omnis homo mendax'. (d) 13 r. 'ni leguim sin tuas' (between cols of text), 'ni leghuim so thuas ara dorcheta' (?) (lower margin). (e) 15 r i. 'ni thuiccim sin tuas'. (f) 15 v i 'Ní thuiccim na cethra líne ichdaracha sin tuas'; foll. in another hand by 'dar ndhóigh is e a sothuicsi fo deara sin duit', (g) 27 v i. 'In Dei nomine Amen dus an foghnann an glés so (?) ar an penn so Í Bern', (h) 30 v i. 'Iaspar fert mirram tuis Melcisar Balcasar Abram . . .'. Contd on f. 31 r i. (i) 32 v i. 'Ag sin duit a Chaitilin o Choinchondacht. ~ ní é in scriobh[aighe] a[s] ciontach oi[r] dorinnese adithceall [. . .]'. (j) 46 b, between 11. 28 and 29. 'ata uireasba air so thíos', (k) 49 r i. 'Ni tuigim sin tuas fon crois desbaidh na duilleoici testa asan leabh(ar)'. Other notes and scribblings (some illegible) on ff. 3 v, 5 r, 6 r, 7 r, 22 r, 26 v, 30 r, 31 v, 32 r, 40 v, 43 r, 48 r, 48 v.


1 . Sdair na Traoi (title in late hand). Beg. Pai tra forpuirt for cloind Adhaim co dilind. Ends (f. 24 a m) do cuaidh cach dibh docum atighe fén. Finit. Foll. by colophon: 'Daelgus mac Cormaic mc. Domnaill mc. Feargail mc. hi Duibhgheannan qui sgribsit an leabhairsa. [in red ink:] Beogun [or Deogun] . . .'. The text is an Irish version of Dares Phrygius, much expanded. The beginning of the early LL version (ed. W. Stokes, Togail Troi (Calcutta 1881)) occurs at f. 1 a 23, and these two seem to correspond closely, but All does not derive from LL and the text is here complete. The last words of LL=f. 19 d 21 here. This MS was not used by Stokes. See G. S. Mac Eoin, ZCP 28 (1960-61) 201-2 and Studia Hibernica 1 (1961) 20 n. 11.

24 a 33. The Irish Aeneid. Beg. O thairnig tra dona Grécaib slad ⁊ indreadh. Breaks off with f. 49 Atait dano ingean[a] saera sochenuil in aentomha. Ed. from the Book of Ballymote by G. Calder, Imtheachta Aeniasa (ITS VI, 1907). This MS, not used by Calder, corresponds closely to BB. Last words here=l. 2903 of Calder's edition.