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MS A 10

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in University College Dublin

A 10


15th cent. (?). Vellum. 28 × 19 cms approx. 6 stray folios, now numbered in pencil 1-6. Blank leaves numbered 1-99 have been interleaved between folios, except 5-6. Bound in dark green cloth and half-leather. Front cover bears title 'Grammatical Treatise' in gilt lettering. 'MSS., A. 10, OS[F]' on spine. Press-mark A 10 labelled on front cover. 50 lines to page, double columns in ff. 1, 2 and 3 v. Some capitals on f. 3 v dabbed with green; colouring on recto faded. Upper outer corner of f. 3 v and both upper corners of f. 6 v rubbed, with some loss of text.

Marginalia, etc.: (a) f. 3 r, upper margin. 'inomine patr(is) [. . .]so mo pend'. (b) 3 r, 5 r. 'Iesus Maria deo gratias' (3 times, in slightly different spellings). (c) 6 r, upper margin. 'Leabor Cathail I Eachaidhean'. Marginal and interlinear glosses on ff. 1-3. Later marginal notes and scribblings (some rubbed or illegible) on ff. 1, 2 r.


1 . Fragment of Auracecht na nÉces. Beg. Cad eat da dual tri duail iiii duail. Breaks off with folio uel muite .i. onni is mutus. (=BB 317 b 35-319 a 3; ed. G. Calder, Auraicept na n-éces (Edinburgh 1917) 11. 342-469).

2 .  Fragment of Auracecht na nÉces. Beg. suin ¬ ceilli imale amal ata magnus magior maximus isi insin in connelg techta. Foll. (f. 2 a i) by 'Finit primus liber. Tosach an uraicechta ['p' written below 'ch'] iar Fercertne (?) inso. Incipit do libur Fercertne'. Breaks off with folio no epert airi .i. del idtu. (=BB 321 a 17 ff.; Calder, 11. 699 ff.).

3 .  Fragment of a grammatical tract. Beg. Is trena na fir an findtriur. Breaks off with folio ni coir or ar arm na fer. das marbh Mor Muirgel.

4 .  Fragment of a grammatical tract. Beg. Bud olc dad esi aderbail. an fedh besi ag U Berrain. Breaks off with folio as mor an teg adar teg.

5 -6 . Two separate fragments of Irish version of romance of Holy Grail, bound in wrong order. See S. Falconer, Lorgaireacht an tSoidhigh Naomhtha (Dublin 1953) xxxvi-xxxvii and text, where they are edited at 11. 2580-2678 and 2428-2532 respectively; previously published with trans. by F.N. Robinson, ZCP 4 (1903) 381-93.