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MS 1283

MS 1283


15th or 16th cent. Vellum. 33.5 × 24.5 cms (pp. 23-4, 65-6 smaller). Pp. 72, numbered in pencil; pp. 1-63 bearing earlier foliation, 1-32; modern pencilled pagination on pp. 69-72 cancelled. No scribal signature.

1 a [Petrus de Argellata, Chirurgia .] Beg. acephalous [in section beg. [A ]postemata glandosa fiunt multis modis , in ms RIA 24 P 26, p. 197.22 (= Chirurgia (Venice 1480) [without foliation] book 1, tract 1, chapter 21)] fein inaball fuar isimurcacha fuara cuireas uaithi ⁊ feadtar moran dorésunaibh ele do beith aranadbur ceadna . Chasm in text after p. 54. Breaks off [in section beg. Deuulnere toracis mirum est quod nec Auicenna nec Haliabas de hocc scripcerunt (p. 67a4) (= Chirurgia , bk 3, ch. 12)] with p.68 ⁊ tabair tát don cneid Item féadaidh deoch do thabairt. Corresponds to RIA 24 P 26, pp. 197.36-286.z, 289.1-41, 288, 289.42-299.31, 318.9-331.z, 333.1-342.2 with loss of text due to cutting into shape of pp. 69-72, to removal of most of outer half of pp. 13-14 (remains of text on pp. 13b-14a; text lost on p. 14a[1]-[28] apparently shorter than corresponding text in RIA 24 P 26, p. 228.2-z) and of leaf between pp. 60 and 61 (remains of text on stub surviving after p. 60), and to decay and damage on pp. 63-8.

© Catalogue record by Aoibheann Nic Dhonnchadha of the School of Celtic Studies, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.