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MS E i 3

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E i 3

The book of Clanranald (?): genealogical.

17th cent. Paper. (a) 5⅛ × 3; (6) 6 × 3⅝. Pp. 44, numbered 1-24, 1-20. The MS. is composed of two distinct portions of MS., the first portion bearing an earlier numeration. The MS. has been mounted on fresh paper and strengthened with gauze where necessary. There are some blank interleaves, to which the original leaves of manuscript are attached. Scribes: (a) pp. 1-24, Cathal Mac Muireadhuigh (Cathelus Mak Murrich), see pp. 11, 22, who transcribed the poems here (two of which are stated to be his own composition) for Sir Tormod Mac Leoid (see p. 23, apparently the Norman MacLeoid who died 1705) at a date subsequent to the year 1649 (the year in which Eoin Mac Leóid, the subject of the elegy on p. 1 ff., died). This portion of our ms. is incomplete at beginning and end ; p. 1 is p. 13 of a former pagination. A name, “Donald Mac Donald," is scribbled on p. 22. (b) p. 1-20 is in a good 17th cent. hand, apparently the hand of one of the O’Cléirighs, but there is neither subscriptio nor date on the MS. Pp. 17-18 have been injured by scorching. Bd. in calf, gilt-tooled. The MS. has recently been rebacked. Formerly in Stowe (Press no. 1/43) and Ashburnham Collections. The Ashburnham number 616 stands on back of cover. In 1784 the book was the property of T. Astle, Custos Archivorum in the Tower of London (probably no. 44 of his collection ; see first flyleaf). Astle’s hand appears in marginal notes and notes on flyleaves throughout.

One is tempted to identify section (a) as portion of the Book of Clanranald, but the matter calls for further investigation.



[i]. Prefatory note in English, in Astle’s hand, indicating the general contents of the ms. States that Charles Mac Murrich (see p. 1) was hereditary bard to the family of Clanranald in the 15th century. A poem attributed to this poet here (p. 1 ff.) is, however, a seventeenth century composition.

[ii , iii ]. blank.

[iv]. Transcript and English version of the first quatrain of the following poem.

1 (earlier 13). Cathal Mac Muireadhuigh. Do ísligh onóir Gaoidheal, 48 qq. “Marbhna Eoin Mhic Leoid.” This Mac Leoid died in 1649 (see penultimate quatrain of poem). A signature, "Cathelus Mak Murrich," occurs at end (p. 11).

12. Pedigree of Sir Tormod [Mac Leoid]. In a cursive hand (partially phonetic script). The original Gaelic is given beneath in another hand.

13. Cathal Mac Muireadhaigh. Mairg chaomnus a cholann, 28 qq.

17. Mochean dochonnarc aréir, 28 qq. On Domhnall Gorm.

20 m. A Sheónoid, méaduigh meanma, 16 qq. Consoling Seónoid for the death of Caitirfhíona.

22. Deimhin do shíol Adhuimh éag, 3 qq. At the end of this poem (p. 22m.) occurs the signature “Cathelus Mack Murrich”.

23. A note (in a hand slightly larger than that of scribe) addressed to Sior Tormod Mac Leoid : “Ata annso agad, a Shior Tormod mic Ruaidri . . . cuid do shaothair Thomais é Cempis ar leanmhuin Chriosd ⁊ ar diomhaoineas an tsaoghail. Ata ann na dhiaigh sin cail do dhantuibh saoghallta ⁊ cuid díobh o sheanugdaruibh ⁊ an chuid oile o lucht ar n-aimsire féin. Ata cail ann do laoidhibh sugartha ⁊ caitheamh aimsire ⁊ biadh a rogh [a] ag an léichtheoir dibh sin óg no arr[sa] da mbí se.” The version of Thomas á Kempis indicated here (and the poems) are missing from our MS.



1. [GENEALOGIAE SANCT. HIB.], beg. An bráthuir bochd Míchel Ó Cléirigh do sgriobh ⁊ do ghlan seanchas riogh et naomh Eireann. Fragment. Contains (p. 3) the pedigree of Patrick, followed by pedigrees of saints of the race of Colla Uais, etc. On p. 7 occurs a list of Irish historians. The text ends (p. 20) with the saints of the race of Eoghan, son of Oilioll Olum. Sequence of text differs from ed. Walsh, Arch. Hib. 5, 37 ff.