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MS D iii 1

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Royal Irish Academy


D iii 1

Lebor Gabala

15th cent. (?). Vellum, 11¼ × 8⅛. Ff. 15, foliated consecutively in pencil. Fo. 7 is shorter than the preceding leaves, and from this point on the leaves are of somewhat irregular length. The ms. is in a good state of preservation, though somewhat stained by damp. The present order of leaves is entirely incorrect. In the list of contents below the proper sequence of the folios is observed. The correct sequence of folios is 7-14, 6, 1-5. The scribe's name is not given, but the ms. begins in the Fermoy hand found in the copy of Lebor Gabála in that ms., thus indicating that the present leaves belong to the Book of Fermoy. A second hand appears on fo. 9 v° b 5, and continues to the end, i.e., to fo. 14, 6, 1-5. Fo. 15 does not belong to this ms., and is in an unidentified hand. Likewise unidentified by the present cataloguer are the insertions in later hands on fo. 5 v°. Later scribblings in ink have been deleted, ff. 4 inf. marg., 8 v° marg., 9 marg. Fo. 15 v° is blank. The text is arranged in double column, and ornamented with crudely drawn capitals (occasionally washed in with faint colour) of interlaced zoomorphic design. The colour is accidental, and possibly late. That on ff. 10 v°, 11 r° has now changed to a dull disfiguring stain.

Bound in leather, blind-tooled, inscribed in gilt lettering "Irish MSS No VI. Reim Rioghraidhe. Fragment." Formerly in Stowe and Ashburnham Collections. Ashburnham no. 987 (see back of cover). Stowe Press no. 1, 6.

On a front flyleaf is pasted a typewritten note (by Dr. Macalister?) on the contents and sequence of pages in the ms. The text is identified here as the completion of the Fragment of Lebor Gabála prefixed to the Book of Fermoy.


1 . Lebor Gabála. Fragment, arranged by binder in wrong sequence. The folios must be read in the order : 7-14, 6, 1-5. (References in index to ff. 1-6 will thus be found infra after fo. 14 in the order given (6, 1-5)). The text is the completion of the Fermoy Fragment, the hand of the scribe of Fermoy being easily recognisable at fo. 7 ff. It will be more convenient here to catalogue the several sections in the proper order and sequence, beginning with fo. 7. Generally speaking, only verse sections are noted in the following analysis.


7 a. Eriu oll omit Gaedil. Acephalous, beg. here, iarum. re teora bliadan fichid (= Lec. Facs., 276 v°, BB. Facs., 28 b 53). 6 1/2 qq. remain.

7 a i. Togail tuir Conaind co ngail, 15 qq.

[Fir Bolg].

7 v° a. Account of the Fir Bolg.

7 v° a m. Fuat ben Slaine ní cam lib, 2 qq.

8 inf. marg. (in a later hand). Cairdeas na Muireadh gan bron, ca. 6 qq. Partly illegible, owing to worn margin.

8 b i. Fir Bolg badar sunn ar sel, 12 qq.

8 v° b. Dena mo raisneis, a mic, 20 qq.

9 b m. Goic coicid Erenn aine, 7 qq.

[Tuatha De Danann].

9 v° a. Account of the Conquest of Éire by the Tuatha De Danann.

10 v° a. Eiriu co nuaill co n-idnaib, 18 qq.

10 v° b. Note on the Tuatha De Danann kings of Éire.

10 v° b i. Tanaidi. Tuatha De Danann fo diamair, 11 qq.

11 a m. Pedigrees of Nuada Airgetlam and other personages of the Tuatha De Danann.

11 b i. Ethoir ard fofuair mid, 4 qq.

11 v° b m. Estid a eolchu can on, 37 qq.

12 v° a. Eistet oes eaccna aibind, 76 qq.

[Meic Miled].

13 v° b i. Account of the Milesian Conquest of Éire.

14 v° a. Amairgen Glungel mac Miled. Am gaeth i mmuir, etc.

14 v° a i. idem. Iasgach muir, etc.

14 v° b. Account of the first landing of Meic Miled in Éire. The text is continued on present fo. 6 a without a break.

6 b m. Ailim iath nErenn, etc.

6 v° a m. Trebsat mogaid ríg rothecht, 3 qq.

6 v° a i. Meic Breoghain buaid ar mbunaid, 2 qq. The text continues on present fo. 1 without any gap in the text.

1 a i, Sund ruc Amairgein in mbreit, 6 qq.

1 b m. Roigne. A meic áin Uguine, etc.

1 v° sup. marg. Indis do Leith Mogha Neid, 1 q. (?). A probatio pennae.

1 v° a. Account of the dynasties of Éire from the Milesian Conquest to the reign of Dathi mac Fiachrach. Beg. Isin cethramad aimser in domuin tangatar Gaeidil dochum na Hereann.

1 v° a m. Sé meicc Milid miadh n-ordain, 6 qq.

1 v° b. Eochaidh. Bas nEbir tri nuair namhneirt, 1 q.

1 v° b. Sin cath for Tennus na treb, 1 q.

1 v° b. A eicsiu Banba co mblaid, 3 qq.

1 v° b i. Account of the coming of the Picts to Ireland.

2 a i. I n-aimsir Eremoin ergnai, 7 qq.

2 b i. Daratsatar ima seach, 1 q.

2 v° sup. marg. [Truag sin, a lebair] bric bain. Scribal quatrain, first words of initial line torn away.

2 v° a. Eochaid. Flait Eremóin uaigh ocdhai, 1 q. Preceded by a prose note on the death of Eireamon.

2 v° a i. Irial ossar na clainde, 9 qq. Preceded by a prose tract on the reign of Hirial.

2 v° b i. Ethrial mac Iriail daclos, 4 qq.

3 sup. marg. Cid beg med feread do locht, 1 q.

3 a. Fland. Taissig na loingsi tar lear, 18 qq.

3 b m. Conmael cet fhlaith a Mumain, 6 qq.

3 v° a m. Tigernnmas mac Fhollaig aird, 14 qq.

3 v° b m. Aidheadh Sobairche na dhun, 1 q. Preceded by a short tract on the reigns of Cermna and Sobairche.

3 v° b i. Eocho faebur na Feinne, 7 qq. On the reign of Eochu Faebarglas as told in the preceding prose passage.

4 sup. marg. Tri bliadna tri mís, 1 q. On the age of Our Lord.

4 a m. Fiacho Labraind in laech, 4 qq. On the reign of Fiacha Labrainne as told in the preceding prose passage.

4 b. Oengus Olmucaid amhra, 8 qq. On the reign of Oengus Olmuccaid as told in the preceding prose passage.

4 b. Oengus Olmucaid atbath, 7 qq.

4 v° a. Notes on the reigns of Enna Airgneach, Rothechtaid, Setna Art, Fiaehu Finscothach, Muinemon, Aillergdóit, Ollam Fotla, Finnachta mac Olloman, Slanoll mac Olloman, Geide Ollgothach, Fiach Finolenes, Bernngal mac Geide, [Aillill mac Slanuill].

4 v° b m. Feireertne. Ollam Fotla feochair gal, 8 qq.

5 a m. Sírna soeglach saer in flaith, 6 qq. On the reign of Sirna as told in the preceding prose tract.

5 a i. Cath Mona Trogaidhe thair, 5 qq. Foll. by notes on the reigns of Rothechtaid Rota, Eilim Ollnnachta, Giallchad mac Ailella, Art Imleach, Nuadhu Find Fail, Bres Rí mac Airt Imlig, Eochaid Apthach, Find mac Blatha, Setna Innarradh, Símon Brec, Duach Find, Muiredhach Balcrig, Enna Dearg, Lugaid Iardond, Sirlam, Eochaid Uaircheas. Lebor Gabála ends imperfectly here at fo. 5 v° a 10 (= Lec. Facs., 291 v°).

5 v° a m. (later hand). Legend of King David and the Beggar, beg. Dia Casc is and nodailead Dauid a deachmada do bochtaib.

5 v° b (in yet another hand). Ba muca eich caoire gobair, 1 q. Later insertion. The lower margin of this folio is defaced by scribblings. For ff. 6, 7-14 see supra, where they occur in the order 7-14, 6.

15 sup. marg. Here occurs a probatio pennae, but the signature is indecipherable.

15 . This is apparently a folio from another ms. The hand is not that of the scribes of 1-14. It contains a poem of 26 qq., the beg. of which is indecipherable. First legible quatrain beg. Ba Cormac a Caisel Muman.

15 m. Here beg. in fainter ink nine quatrains beginning with the word Tosach, which may belong to the preceding poem. Mostly illegible.

15 i. Fada ata ar coir ar Cruachain, 1 q.

15 i. (in a second hand). Dered cumaind coimigheas, 3 qq,. Against women. Some scribbling defaces the page.

15 v° . blank. Some scribblings, including "Book of Reigns."