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MS 23 P 10 (iii)

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the Royal Irish Academy



15th cent.? Vellum. 14 × 10. Pp. 70. Scribe unknown. Former owner: Searga O Conuill (p. 47). Old Academy no. A 3. Paginated in later hand, much worn at margins; pp. 1 to 5 have suffered especially; pp. 19 to 29 are much damaged at top. Large illuminated capitals with intricate interlacing, rubricated, and occasionally coloured with yellow. Many tail pieces and other decorations. Finely written, with few contractions throughout. No marginal notes; place of writing not known, but on p. 54a occurs in middle of prescription: Is iad so na luibi dileges lind dub .i. an da dhairin ... ⁊ fili-pendula a Corcumruadh (Corcumroe, Co. Clare?). In 17th cent. hand, "See ye plant." O'Curry thinks that the language also points to Clare. The MS. contains a translation of the major part of Book 1 of the Rosa Anglica of John of Gaddesden, with occasional pieces from Bernard of Gordon and Gilbert the Englishman interspersed. P. la. Opens with preface to Rosa Anglica, Amail adeir Gailighen, na rognathaigh cuirte naid halladha na ndaineadh mor, etc. (cf. Wulff, Rosa Anglica, pp. 1-17), continuing with chapter on tertian fever. 4a. Anoise da comarthaib (signa) . . . Labrum andois do taisgeltaib (prognostica). 5a. Labrum anois do leigheas an fiabrais seo (curatio). 8a. On the accidents (na haicideada), followed by the six non-naturals, as far as p. 30b; cf. Lia Fail, iii, pp. 115-125, iv. pp. 233-268. Ends (p. 30 i.) gurub galar dona dainib easlana. FINID AMEN. 31a. Beg. Codidiana feibris et setara, .i. as reis adearar an fiabras re nabar coididiana .. . Ends (45a 19), Is mair sin is fearr he an gach uili fiabras. 45a. Beg. Abrum ni ar an da fiabras comuighthe seo re nabar epiala ⁊ lipairia. What follows as far as 47a 16 is not in Rosa Anglica. Gilbertus quoted. Ends (47b i.), ni fedann an teasaidecht minadurtha tiacht chuigi na a impodh cu[m] morgaidh. 47b i. Emitritceus et cetera . . . Ends (54b 22), rosata nobilla ⁊ diarrodon ⁊ pliris ⁊ diapapaibeiri. Begins with a large illuminated 'E' on p. 47b in right corner foot, in the coils of which is written in a later hand and ink, "Seargha O Conuil" (twice) and the date 1663. The portions from 48b 23 (Et adeir Gillibeirdin) to 51b 21 (Adeir Caitisten da mbia dath an fual), and from 52b 16 (Adeir Gillibeirtin da di flux isin easlainte) to 53a 21 (Et adeir Caitisden) are not in R.A. 54b. Quartana et cetera .i. an fiabras re nabar quartana; etc. Ends (p. 66b i.), preama don Cruaich Padruig ⁊ don luib re nabar linga arietis tri. The portions 59a (Taisgelta an cartana) to 59b (An trath tig an fiabras so a naimsir tamraidh), and from Curatio (Do leigheas na cuisi seo is eigin moran do smuaintiugad) to 66b (Adeir Seon Caitisden gurub mor do leigheas iartar do crich- nugud an fiabrais) are both from Lil. Med., pp. 26, 27. Bernard and Damascenus quoted. 66b. Blotted and worn; seems to have been outside cover at some time. 67a. Wrongly inserted, a detached leaf on Synocha, beg...i. an fearadh do beith arna dilegad isna hinnibh; ends 68b, ar son an tsaethair muna folmuighte co hob(ann). Cf. Wulff, op. cit. pp. 36-46. 69a. Quartana cont. 70a, 1.13. Quartana ends, ⁊ is maith doib cainel . . . ⁊ a cosmaili. L. 14, O do labrumar don faethugad, on crisis in fevers. Page ends incomplete, noch bis aturru ⁊ trid sin. Not in R.A.