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MS 23 P 10 (i)

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Royal Irish Academy


23 P 10 i

Medical Treatises

15th cent. Vellum. Large folio, 13½ × 8⅘. Pp. 46. Half-bound in leather, gilt-lettered on back : "Medical Tracts Royal Irish Academy." Names of scribes unknown. Former Acad. no. 209, marked in pencil on flyleaf. Consists of three fragments : (i) 10 ft, (ii) 9 ff., (iii) 4 ff. These have been put together by a person not understanding the contents, and each section numbered consecutively, regardless of the various books the translation was made from. These numbers are here given in brackets. The whole is in a fairly good state of repair, except the first and last pages of each fragment, which have suffered from damp and exposure.


(i) 1 . A commentary on Hippocrates' Prognostics : Latin headings, followed by Irish renderings. Beg. Omnis medicine artis studio seu gloriam seu delectabilem amicorum copiam . . . Is edh adeir Ipocraid annsa leabur so (Progn. i.).

4 , lower margin. Fuair Aod mac Ronain robhas. ó Conan[na]n-arm roger. ata a lea[ch]t ó lo an co[m]raic. a nInis Oiric odhbhel. 1 q., repeated at pp. 16-17, marg.

19 . (48) Laudabilis est uomitus cibi (Progn. xiii.).

20 . Illegible, except headings of five articles in large letters.

(ii) 21 . In another hand, very small, initials bordered with green. Beg. acephalous (54) in middle of Hippocrates' Aphorisms, bk. iii. 30, . . . na mbrigh ⁊ o anbainne na mbrigh toirmisgter. This leaf is numbered 21 on both sides

27  i. (91) Aph. iv. 37, Sudores frigidi. (92) Aph. iv. 38, Et ubi in corpore sudor . . . ⁊ adeir Ipocraid da tiucfa in t-dllus. After this page a lacuna.

28  a. (93) In another hand, beg. acephalous, foillsighe sin linn dub loisgi maillere fiabras teinntighe sa leith cle don ceand. Part of a treatise on contents of urine in fevers.

28 b. (94) Hippocr. Aph. iv. 71, Quibus septima die terminatur.

31 a. (105) Aph. iv. 83, . . . an tan beas fual na haidchi a meid moir.

31 b. (106) Aph. v. 1. Beg. Spasmus ex eleboro mortale est . . . an spasmus tic o folmugad as marbthach . . . ⁊ tuig gurab inann eliborus annso ⁊ gach leigheas on dentar tarraing. . . Ends imperfect.

32 . (107) Beg. aceph. in middle of Aph. v. 19, o do labair Ipocraid isin da canoin so tuas dona heslainti doniter o fuaraigecht.

37 . (145) Aph. v. 59, Mulier autem si non aoceperit in utero. Imperfect.

(iii) 38-46. A long treatise on miscellaneous topics, in which Isidore (of Gaza?) is constantly quoted as authority. Every section ends with Litera patet. Beg. acephalous (147) Visum anime sequitur oomplexionem corporis . . . is edh adeir Isidorus annso, an tan medaigtlier, etc. (148)  Medicinarum quedam, etc.

39 . (155) Frequentasio morbi in membro prinsibpali disolusionem corpuris et membri sinifloat.

41 . (168) Quomodo nascuntur morbi ex umorum canditatis et calitatis habundantiam.

42 . (171) Habitantes in quincto aut in sexto climate. The numbering passes from 42 to 44 : no lacuna.

45 (part of top margin cut away). (183) Emplastra et ungenta secundum uisinetatem calitatis et canditatis.

46 . (188) Urina sanitatem signiflcat . . . (192) Quibus in iuuentute quater in anno fleobotomia . . . Item, ataid da solstisium annsa bliadkain . . . ⁊ adeir an fer cedna go fuil da equinocium ann. Ends with heading Senes aquara andis . . . Imperfect.