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MS 23 L 33

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Royal Irish Academy


23 L 33

Miscellaneous Prose

18th cent. Paper. 7 9/10 × 6⅖. Pp. 68 + 5 blank leaves at beg. and 6 at end inserted by binder. From p. 55 to end was originally a different ms. Paginated at top to p. 67. There is also an older pagination (cancelled) from pp. 55-67, numbered 59-71. Scribe (pp. 1-54), Richard Tipper (Riosdard Tuiber), the scribe of preceding ms. Though remainder of ms. is in an altogether different script, it is possibly also his when he was copying from a vellum. There is a slip from a sale catalogue pasted in inside cover which reads as follows:—"33. A Small Quarto Paper Book, 172 pages; ms. principally written by Tipper in the year 1710. Its contents are Miscellaneous, as follows:—A Life of St. Bridget, the first Irish Nun—a Fragment of the Adventures of Aeneas, Son of Anchyses—this wants beginning" (slip here seems to be cut away, as if remainder of ms. were missing when it was pasted in). Ms. is clean and in good preservation. P. 1 is mended at back with white paper, and p. 33 is soiled and writing faded. From p. 55 is on thinner paper, and written only on recto of each page. Pp. 55, 63, 65, 67 are written in double columns. There is a rubricated initial on p. 55 and one on p. 63. There is possibly a leaf missing between pp. 62 and 63 (orig. 66, 67), though pagination is consecutive. See under contents. Blank: half of p. 30, pp. 31, 32, half of p. 53, pp. 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64, 66, 68. Bd. in green cloth, green leather back, and on back at foot: "M.S. Hib.," and across back: "St. Bridg. &c." On front flyleaf is written in pencil, "No. 919." Hodges and Smith, No. 165.


I b (i.e. verso of inserted leaf). "An Account of the Life of Saint Bridget, of the manner in which she was born, and of her Miracles, as the pious authors who were contemporary with her relate and as handed down by tradition." As preface to the following.

1 . [Beatha Bhrighde], headed "In ainm De an obair so. Trachtadh ar Bheatha Bhrighde accus an modh a rugadh í agas ar a feartuibh," etc. Beg. Feachtus do Dhubhthach a ccoigadh Laighean ⁊ fúair sé Brúighseach .í. mathair Bhrighde a ndaoirse et a mhoghsoine. Ends p. 30, 1. 16, nior bho lía trath gaineamh mara no Reulta neimhe no a deirce ⁊ a trocaire amhthuil innistear san scrioptuir dhiadha; in secula seculorum Amen. This is in general a modernised version of the Life in Lism. L. to ca. 1. 1705.

31-32. blank.

33 . A Life of Christ, headed "Feria Secunda .i. Cuid an Luain," and beg. Inter al(l)ia virtutum et Laudum preconia de sacritissima virgine Cecilia legitur quod evangelium Christi absconditum se portabat in pectore .i. leghthuir ar an mbanogh rochoisregtha re nabarthur Cecilia idir gach uile shubailce . . . This is part of a Life of Christ, contained more fully in 3 B 27, 1, and A. iii, 2 (Stowe), 38 r. Contains introductory homiletic matter to p. 37, 19; then treats of the Annunciation, Visitation, Nativity, and Circumcision. Incomplete. Breaks off p. 53, 11 : De Ep[i]phania Domini hic loquitur ut legitur in Mathei (= 3 B 27, 23, 19; A. iii, 2, 44 v° a 4). Probably the work of a Franciscan. Note prominent mention of St. Francis, and the authority given by the author for his facts at p. 49, 21: "amhuil fuaras ó bhraithar maith dom ord fein."

54. blank.

55 . [Togail Trói]. Acephalous. Fragment beg.: doib cia frecra doberad no bud coir doib do tabairt for sin aitesc tuccad chucca in tipridis tairis do aes in braith amail rocuindigsit. Ends p. 61 f. : do comartadar forgla rig righdamna ⁊ tuisech ⁊ treband ⁊ octigemn ⁊ oclach ⁊ saercland ⁊ maccoem na Troiana ⁊ ina huili Aissia im cog macco xlat do maccaib Priaim (= B.B. facs. 441 b 40-443 a 16). This fragment, though taken from B.B., is intended to fill up a gap in version of T. Tr., King's Inns ms. No. 12, where one or two folios are missing between 37th and 38th fols. Fol. 37 v 2 ends there with word preceding this fragment. Only about half of missing part is here supplied from B.B., so possibly a leaf is lost. See also next item.

63 . [Imthechta Aeníasa] . A fragment. Beg.: Robaid dono Aenías a bas frisinti doberad cloidim do (= I.T.S., vi, 1. 3137-end). This replaces from B.B. the contents of fol. 26 (a lost fol.) of King's Inns' ms. No. 13, containing a version of Aeneid. Fol. 25 v 2 there ends Bai Turn oc atach a muintire an tan sin oc cuinncid cloidimh. Scribe of both 12 and 13 King's Inns is Maolsechlainn Ó Cianáin. The fragment here copied from B.B. differs in some respects linguistically from remainder of version in King's Inns' ms.