Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Trinity College Dublin


Irish Grammatical Tract.

1319 is made up of two volumes, formerly one, are made up of various fragments, some quarto, some small folio, of various ages, and treating of different subjects.

1319/2/7 belongs to the second volume comprising of vellum.

p. 195. An imperfect copy of the Uracept (or Uraicept), na n-Eigeas, or Primer of the Bards, small folio, written by different hands.

pp. 195-278. Not Uraicept na n-Éigeas, but five middle-Irish grammatical treatises : (1) on the verb ; (2) p. 231 b, on the noun ; (3) p. 233, on the verb ; (4) p. 239, on the syntax of the verb; (5) p. 252, on the noun. The last has been edited by Bergin. Eriu, vol. viii, Supplement. The first, fourth, and fifth are mainly written by one scribe, helped here and there by a second. The other two treatises seem to show two or three different hands.


199. in a blank space, the name “Domhnall” is written in ogham characters.

219. in the upper margin, a late hand has written as maith an Leabar so ag cloinn Craith.

221. upper margin, in another late hand, Agso Leabar lollainn í Domnallain.