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MS A 39

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A 39


18th-19th cent. Paper. (a) (b) 15 × 9.5 cms (some pages smaller); (c) 16 × 10 cms. (a) Pp. [vi]+405 [scribal (?) pagination 1-[402] with 41-2, 49-50, missing; 2 pp. unnumbered after 47;4 pp. (here referred to as 51a, 52a, 52b, 52c) between 51 and 53; 2 pp. (numbered 110½, 110¾; here, 110a, 110b) between 110 and 111]. (b) Ff. 48, now numbered in pencil. (c) Pp. 24 (scribal pagination on 2-22). Formerly bound in boards but back cover now lost and many leaves of part (a) loose, especially at end; (b) consists of two gatherings and one loose leaf; (c) is part of an independent MS, first and last leaves loose. Different papers, pens and inks used in part (a), which seems to have been bound after writing, some leaves and sections being reversed and inverted. Leaves cut out here and there before pagination. P. [v] soiled and worn. MS formerly numbered A 36.

Scribes: most of the text of part (a) and almost all of (b) was written by Brian Ó Cathalán (Bernard / Bryan Callan) (see (a) pp. [vi], 29, 30, 36, 38, 40, 46-8, 52c, 72, 75-6, 83, 91, 101, 105, 113, 121, 131-3, 156, 159, 169-70, 187, 195, 241, 244, 253, 255, 264, 274, 295, 306, 311, 324, 335, 338, 380, 402), parish priest of [Donaghmoyne and] Enniskeen, Co. Monaghan (pp. (40?), 247 marg., 335, 338), who wrote part (a) apparently while a student at Antwerp (p. 380), in the years 1773-5 (pp. 30, 52a, 132-3,170,187,195,204)—pp. 323-4, 336, 342, 344, and probably others, seem to have been written later— and part (b) in the years 1801-3 (see ff. 6 v, 21 r). Blank spaces in (a) were later filled in by other hands: (1) Pádraig Ó Cathalán (pp. 23, (95?), 99, 257 marg., 260, 337, 339, (343?), 345, 381, 402) wrote pp. 345-81 and the extra items on pp. 75, 99, 171 ff., 325, 339, 341, about the years 1788-93. He was in Louvain in 1793 (pp. 99, 381). See Clogher Record 1955, 80 note k. (2) Niclás Mac Síomon (p. 105) supplied additions on pp. 97, 99, 101, 105, 312, 333, 340, about the year 1797. (3) Another hand appears on p. 37. The various notes and jottings occurring throughout the MS are also mainly in these hands. Part (c) bears no scribal signature.

For information about MS and main scribe see J. E. M'Kenna, Parishes of Clogher (Enniskillen 1920) 385-6; É. Ó Muirgheasa, Seanfhocla Uladh (1907, 274 etc.; 1931, 173 etc.), Dhá chéad de cheoltaibh Uladh (Baile Átha Cliath 1934) 362, Dánta diadha Uladh (BÁC 1936) 144-6, Co. Louth Arch. Jn. 9 (1937) 30-31; see also IBL 18 (1930) 140-42, 170; 19 (1931) 97-8; 27 (1940) 160; and P. Ó Gallchobhair, Clogher Record 1955, 79-81. Father Callan died in 1804 and the MS seems to have passed into the hands of Rev. James Duffy ((a) [iv], (97?, 105?), (b) 22 v), who was parish priest of Donaghmoyne from 1840 till his death in 1863 (cf. Clogher Record 1956, 136). It subsequently came into the possession of Dean O'Connor of Donaghmoyne, who died in 1919, bequeathing his library to the Franciscans of Multyfarnham and with it this MS. (Ó Muirgheasa is obviously in error in thinking there were two manuscripts by Bernard Callan involved.)

Notes and jottings in part (a): (a) [iv] m. 'Loyalty in the heart of an Englishman is a rational attachment to the guardian of the laws. Junius'. 'Seamas Ó Duiche' (different ink). (b) [v] 'Bryan', 'Duffy'. (c) 23 i. 'Pattrig Ua Cathalan'. (d) 45 (inverted). Some accounts headed with name 'Mr Art Callan', and other writing. Accounts also on 2 unnumbered pages after p. 47. List of names on p. 51a. (e) 91 m. 'Bryan Callan His Book Dated this 10th of November 1797'. (f) 95 m. 'Mr. Patt Callan of Dundalk Dividend, Cotuard Callan'. (g)  97. 'I promise to pay James Duffy of Mountfolly . . .' (twice). Similar note on p. 105 i. (h) 107. 'Thomas Fleming', and other scribblings, (i) 110 m. 'Owen Clark of Dublin 1741' (cancelled), (j) 131. 'Ni thig ráth lé roiomod', 'Cia thusa a giolla hall / Mise giolla Criosd'. (k) 169. 'Brian Ua Callan is les an lebhran shó Sheon Dillon'. (1) 241 i. 'A Bhrian Ua Catalan a shagart. . ., Priest Callon'. (m) 242. 'Rioghacht gan duagh ni dual go bfaghair'. Also occurs on pp. 305 m, 311. (n) 247, left margin. 'Reverend Bryan Callán, Pastor of Enniskean'. (o) 252. 'Brian Ua Cathalan an tahir banigh . . .'. (p) 257, upper margin. 'Patt Callan 1796'. (q) 258, upper margin. 'James Jonshton [sic] of Dromkey 1796'. (r) 260. 'Pattrig Ua Cathalan agus mur sin sios'. Repeated. (s) 274, right margin. 'Bryan Callon his book and hand dated this', (t) 306 i. 'Brian Ua Cathalan, Aig so leabhran an nathar Brian I Challan ~ mo banachtsa agus banacht na mbocht na (cuideachta)'. Repeated. (u) 333 i. 'Do ghnid morluas míobhail / Ni thig luas le léire'. Other scribbling also. (v) 337. 'Padruig Ua Cathalan do scribh [twice] an dara la do September 178'. (w) 338 (trans.). 'The Reverend Bryan Callan / Pastor of Enniskeen 1795 / County of Monaghan By / Norman Steele Esquire'. Cf. Co. Louth Arch. Jn. 9 (1937) 30. (x) 343. Some lines of Latin and Irish signed 'Patt. Callan 1788'. (y) 402 i (inverted and cancelled). 'Aig so lomhran Bhrian Ua Challan an x la de an Mar[ta], Padrig Ua Call[an]'. Other scribblings on pp. 30, 84 ff., etc.



[i] . Scribblings.

[ii] . 'Clár an leabhran so'. Many items omitted,

[v] . ['S é mheasaim féin nach bhfacas rann. 6 qq.] Poem on four provinces (illegible at beginning). Foll. (p. [vi] ra) by '(. . .) le duine uasal (. . .) Mc. Goighegan. Brian Ua Cathalan'. See p. 323.

[vi] i. A lucht deanta an chrabhaidh fhuair. 1 q. Cf. Dánfhocail (1921) no. 143.

1 . 'Laoi na mna moir[e]'. Oisin is binn do beal. 81 qq. Laoithe na Féinne (1941) 137-45.

23 i. Turus Phattruig ar an cCruaigh. 1 q. Cf. Dánfhocail (1921) no. 201. Also occurs in Eoghan Ó Dubhthaigh's poem Léig dod chomórtas dúinn (C. Mhág Craith, Dán na mBráthar Mionúr (Baile Átha Cliath 1967) no. 27 q. 69a), and (separately) in Mac Aingil's Scáthán Shacramuinte na hAithridhe (ed. C. Ó Maonaigh, Baile Átha Cliath 1952) 11. 4321-4.

24 . An crodh adiarr Graim go glic. 5 qq. Entitled 'Crodh Ghráne' in table of contents (p. [ii]).

25 m. Duach do dhrath is maith na bodaidh. 1 q. Cf. (b) f. 22 v ra.

25 i. The Decalogue in verse. Dia breige dadhradh na targ. 2 qq. Title 'Decalogus' in different hand in margin. By Giolla Brighde Ó hEoghasa. First printed in An Teagasg Criosdaidhe (Antwerp 1611) and subsequently printed in other works. Latest edition by C. Mhág Craith, Dán na mBráthar Mionúr (Baile Átha Cliath 1967) no. 12 qq. 42-3. Cf. P. Ó Súilleabháin, Rialachas San Froinsias (Baile Átha Cliath 1953) ll. 1770-77.

26 . 'An alphabetical description of a bodach'. Beg. A amplusc aulach anchumach. 18 ll. In margin: A dhilla na sudoige. 1 q. (?).

27 . Struagh mo thuras go Loch Dearg. 7 qq. + l st. Ed. from this and another MS by É. Ó Muirgheasa, Dánta diadha Uladh (Baile Átha Cliath 1936) 149-51.

29 m. 'Guidh air an sgribhneoir Brian Ua Cath[alá]in'. Guidhe air mo shon a leightheoir gradh. 1 q. 'B. Ua C Ed. from this MS, Seanfhocla Uladh: 1907, p. 304; 1931, p. 199.

30 . 'Aige so leabhran Bhrian Ui Cathalan iar na sgríobhadh les fein ar na eirghidh on bfiabhras ar an chead la don mí na Mátharta aois an Tiarghana . . . 1774'.

30 m. (a) Coluim Cile chriche Cuinn. 1 q. From 'Naomhsheanchas naomh Inse Fáil' (cf. Irish Texts 3 (1931) 42 q. 13). (b) Na bi cruaidh 'sna bi bog. 1 q. Cf. Dánfhocail (1921) no. 176.

31 (trans.). Donatus of Fiesole (8th cent.). Finibus Occiduis describitur optima Tellus. 12 ll. Cf. p. 121 i. 32. See 37.

33 (trans.), (a) [A] Ghiolla na ttread 'sna ndeirce chruinneadh gan cheart. 1 st. See Seanfhocla Uladh: 1907, p. 318; 1931, p. 206. (b) Cuig mhile bliadhan air fad. 3 qq. Ed. from this MS, Seanfhocla Uladh: 1907, p. 310; 1931, p. 201.

34 . 'Pais Chriosta'. Feach coroin na ndealg maol. 7 qq. + l st. Ed. from other MSS by É. Ó Muirgheasa, Dánta diadha Uladh (Baile Átha Cliath 1936) 71-2.

36 (trans.). Testimony to good character of Bernard Callan in Latin, dated 30 April 1774.

37 (trans.), (a) An fhoghluim do gheibh an duine. 1 q. Cf. Dánfhocail (1921) no. 113. (b) Ol fionna dith drúise. 1 q. (c) Athdha mor ar aphór abfuil tu a ghráth. 1 st., with continuation (?) on conjunct, p. 32.

38 (trans.), (a) Ca ní is diombuaine nó an chre. 1 q. Cf. Dánfhocail (1921) no. 121. (b) A fhir fhiafraighios go ciallmhur gach sgeal nuadh. 1 st. Foll. by 'Brian Ua Calan'.

39 . Tar eis is aithne damh an triar. 4 qq. Ed. from this MS, Seanfhocla Uladh: 1907, p. 304; 1931, p. 198.

40 (trans.). Dair aleabharsa is ro chleasac meanghac na mna. 1 st. Foll. by scribal signature, 'Brian Ua Cathala[n]'; repeated twice in another hand and different inks, with the addition of 'sagart pharaiste Annis' (?).

43 (trans.) 'Difinitio Veraque Descriptio Aniculae'. Anus est vetula parvula querula loquax tremens. 8 ll. See p. 47.

44 (trans.). 'Airmind na diadharedh go coitchean seacht naicidi do mheaduighas an peacadh . . .'. 5 ll. of Irish foll. by 2 ll. of Latin.

46 (trans.). A dhuine od do chifhiom do shith go cluichte fann. 1 st. Foll. by 'Brian Ua Cathalan an scriobnor' (twice). Cf. Seanfhocla Uladh: 1907, p. 302; 1931, p. 197.

47 (trans.). 'Aige so in nuidh agas fiorchuntas ar sheanmhnio'. Sean bhean chebbinach chantach chraichfudach chrintillach neamhshesuidh. 8 ll. Trans, of Latin item on p. 43. L. 7 illegible because of stitching. Foll. by scribal signature.

48 (trans.), (a) A Bhriaghin Ui Cathalain alaimh ladir na feile. 1 st. Printed by É. Ó Muirgheasa, Dánta diadha Uladh (1936) 145. (b) Siad sliocht Donochadh cionn na finne. 1 q.

51 . (a) End of alphabetical poem. O. Ollpheist olmhar oreshantach. 6 ll. Entitled 'Minu na cailligh &c.' in table of contents on p. [ii]. (b) A challagadh an tricann, a callaghadh a Racann. 1 st.

52a (trans.). Duine ta ar mire no chailfadh a chidll ar fad. 1 st. Foll. by scribal signature and date 177( ), torn and illegible. Cf. p. 101. See BM Cat. ii, 154.

52c (trans.). 'Memorare novissima tua et in aeteraum non peccabis'. Cuimhnigh adhuine do chrích deaghnach. 67 stt. (numbered). Entitled 'Na criocha deanach' in table of contents on p. [ii]. Foll. (p. 66) by 'Guidhe air Bhrian Ua Chathala[n]'. See IBL 19 (1931) 80-81; Béaloideas 4 suppl. (1934) 31, 48; IMN 1953, 61-3; BM Cat. ii, 102-3; Clár Lit. II (1939) nos 342, 342b, 343, 347, 859.

67 (trans.). A mhacaoimh theid alasadh do leighinn go Baltic no taobh suas dí. 11 stt. Foll. (p. 72) by 'Brian Ua Cathalan'. Ed. from other MSS by Muireadhach Méith, An tUltach March 1930, 6-8.

73 . Caoin thú fein a dhuine bhocht. 8 qq. Foll. (p. 75 m) by 'Brian Ua Cathal[án], beannacht a leighthoir'. Measgra Dánta II (1927) no. 65.

75 i (inverted). As duine saibhir fearr dhá bhó. 1 q. Foll. by 'Cuimhnigh an bas ~ ni pheaccain tu'. Cf. Dánfhocail (1921) no. 37.

76 . 'Annalac ó thus an domain gus an lá anuigh'. Biblical and Irish chronology. Latest entry, '1650 tan do rinadh briseadh Thire Conuill'. Signed 'B. Ua C

80 . Fóir air mamhgar a Dhe bhí. 13 qq. Cf. Ú. Ní Ógáin, Dánta Dé (Baile Átha Cliath 1928) no. 94. Foll. (p. 83 ra) by colophon: 'Gidhbe neach aleighfas nó eisdeas an diagacht sinn tugadh se beanacht le hannam an sgriobhneoira anonoir na Trionoide .i. Brian Ua Cathalan'.

83 i. Ni fhuil san ghlór bfaolidh (?) nait. 1 q. [=Dánta Grádha (1926) no. 101 q. 8; cf. P. Mac Aodhagáin, Graiméir Ghaeilge na mBráthar Mionúr (Baile Átha Cliath 1968) ll. 2787-90].

84 . Irish-English vocabulary. Beg. A. adhfhuabhar, Horrible or abominable. Ends p. 110. Various later additions and interpolations; scribblings etc. in blank spaces.

97 m (inverted). Ni canim duine asni higim alan gan eim (?). 1 st. Cf. Búrdúin Bheaga (1925) no. 41. See also p. 340.

99 (trans.). Bian ced gleamnigh aig fonn chú ar fuar lorg fíagh. 2 ll. (repeated). Cf. p. 341. Dated 'A Lomhan an sesugadh lá de September míle seacht ccéud trígh bliadna ~ nocad'.

101 i (inverted). Is duine ata ar mirre nu cailfidh a ciail ar fad. 1 st. written as prose. Foll. by 'Brian U. Cathalan'. Cf. p. 52a. See BM Cat. ii, 154.

105 . 'Aig so leabar anatar Brian Ui Callan ar ascriobadh le Niclas Mac Siomon an 20th la don mi an Ebran .... Dated this 20th of April 1797'.

110a . Pattraig Mac Lionduin. Módiom feasda o namsa go hamsir attiocfaidh an bás. 8 stt. Foll. (p. 113 m) by signature 'Brian Ua Cathalan'. Ed. from other MSS by É. Ó Tuathail, An tUltach Samhain 1925, 5.

113 m. 'Iomarbhaidh Phattrig is Oisin'. La dun ar Sliabh Fuaidh. 32 qq. Foll. (p. 121 m) by 'Ar na sgriobadh le Brian Ua Cathalan'. Ed. from other MSS by B. Ó Dubhthaigh, Éigse 9 (1958) 34-52.

121 i (trans.). Far westward lies an Isle of ancient Fame. 16 ll. Translated from the Latin by Dr. Dunkin'. Cf. p. 31.

122 . Inghean tsuairc an chrocha ghle. 3 qq. + l st. See BM Cat. ii 133.

123 . Triur ata aig brath mo bhais. 6 qq. See Measgra Dánta II (1927) no. 75 and BM Cat. ii, 69.

124 i. (a) Ni credim o dhuine da stuamacht glóir. 1 st. (b) Caoineas et míneas as greann gan sult. 1 st.; some words lost owing to torn corner.

125 . Seathrun Ceitin. Faidh breugach an saogal sa sna humhlaidh dho. 25 stt. Foll. (p. 131 m) by 'Brian Ua Cathalan mac Art Ui Cathalan'. Ed. from other MSS by E. C.Mac Giolla Eáin, Dánta . . . Sheathrúin Céitinn (Baile Átha Cliath 1900) 31-7; cf. Éigse 3 (1942) 278-304 (B, 46).

133 -132 (reversed). (a) 'Gach duine leighfeas no eis[. . .]iom bhriathraibh an leabhransi tugadh beanacht le anam an scr[iobh]-nora .i. Briogan Ua Cathalan'. (b) 'Scriptum per me Bernardum Calan, Aprilis Die Decimoquinto 1773'. Proh! dolor alme liber. 4 ll. (repeated). Is truadh sin a leabhran bhán. 1 q. Cf. Dánfhocail (1921) no. 130; RC 45 (1928) 305; IBL 20 (1932) 7. (c) 'Guidhe ár an sgribhneoir Brian Ua Cathalan'. Pilip ruad na mbutis. 2 qq. (?) (d) Da ttrian tinnis aige teacht oidhche. 1 q. Cf. Dánfhocail (1921) nos 249-50.

151 -134 (reversed). 'Comhairle mhic Clamh Ach na Muill[eann] do Airsigh ruadh . . .'. Beg. Airsigh criodhe chenain ruaidh. Verse and prose. Some of writing very faint. Ed. from RIA 23 I 1 and other MSS by S. Ó Dufaigh, 1966 (reprinted with corrections from Clogher Record 1965, 307-47).

152 (trans.). 'Comarle Choluim Cille cc' Beg. Is saithir gach feargach .... Foll. (p. 155) by Glac comairle Chaoimh Colm. 8 qq. Signed 'Brian Ua Cathalan' (p. 156). Cf. J. O'Daly, The Irish language miscellany (Dublin 1876) 76 ff.

157 (trans.). Breitheamh ceart comhthrom an téag. 10 qq. Part of last line cut away. See BM Cat. ii, 21; Clár Lit. I (1938) no. 913 (11); II (1939) nos 1766a, 1766b.

159 . Do peacaidh me an taghaidh a Righ. 3 qq.+l st. Signed 'Brian Ua Cathalan'.

160 (trans.). Is cláoite chur Adhamh le na clannaibh. 12 qq. alternating with 12 stt. + l st. Foll. (p. 170) by 'Guidhe air Bhrian Ua Chathalan a leighthoir June the 17th 1774'. See ed. of É. Ó Muirgheasa, Dánta diadha Uladh (Baile Átha Cliath 1936) 195-202.

171 . 'Laoi na Sealga'. Oisin. A Phadraig a ccuala tu an tseilg. 73 qq. with 6 others inserted in margins in the hand of Pádraig Ó Cathalán. Foll. (p. 187 m) by 'Guidhe air an sgriobhnoir .i. Brian Ua Cathalan do sgriobh an laoi so trí lá roimhe la Samhna, 1774'. See BM Cat. ii, 373-4.

187 i. (a) Na bí do Shimon Magus. 1 q. (b) Úghla cura chlana Neil. 1 q. Cf. É. Ó Muirgheasa, Céad de cheoltaibh Uladh (Baile Átha Cliath 1915) 4; An Lóchrann Mí na Nodlag 1930, 3; also in T. Ó Coinnialláin, Reidhleighin ar ghnothuibh cearba . . . (Ath-cliatha 1835)48.

188 (trans.). 'Summi sacerdotis Jesu Christi ad Sacerdotes Alloquium'. Piscatores hominum sacerdotes Mei. 6 stt. See IER 4 (1883) 566-73; 18 (1905) 455-7.

195 (trans.). 'Aige so leabhran beag aithridh (?) do diolnmghbhadh le Brian Ua Cathalan as leabhrainibh oile, mur bhfuil diosgan do ranntaidh agas do dhiadhghacht thaitneamhail, agas moran oile ta ró úisaidach chum déoidis gach (?) tionsgnadar don teangadh Ghaoilig, agas air an ábhar sinn ta an sgriobhnoir reamhraite sin aige guidhe gac neach do leighfios an diosgan ceana beannacht do thabhairt le an annam ~ mas beo no marbh é Dia do chuir air a leas. October ye. 13th 1774'. Foll. by scribbling in Irish and English.

196 (trans.). 'Siadhbhura síth ~ inneoiread mhic na mhic na [sic] mithchomairle a broas ~ a laoi ar na chumadh le Carbhuil Ó Dáthluidh fris a ráitir eachtradh Charbhuil is mise mac na mithchomharle' [sic]. Beg. Amur ccualadh sibh ni miste diobh dfiafraidh dhíom. Breaks off (p. 240) with ⁊ an tan do shiol me bheith ngar no ngairi da leabadh is se ait, leaving most of page blank [=ed. of S. Ó Ceithearnaigh, Siabhradh Mhic na Miochomhairle (Baile Átha Cliath 1955) 1. 565].

241 . (a) (S?)ibse a charid mo cleibh. 1 q. (b) An teanghadh a ta gan brídh. 1 q.

242 . San am da raibh mise og. 4 qq. Entitled 'Duan an daone dhosciach' in table of contents (p. [iii]). Composed by the present scribe and first printed in M. Kennedy, The spiritual rose (Monaghan 1800 etc.). Ed. by É. Ó Muirgheasa, Dánta diadha Uladh (Baile Átha Cliath 1936) 142-6.

243 . 'Aig so Mánus Mhac Carann'. Ni hanmhuil le Manus másach mithcheiligh. 7 sit. Foll. (p. 244 i) by 'Beannocht a leighthoir—Brian Ua Cathalsn'.

245 . 'The Beth Luis nion or Irish alphabet'. P. 247 almost completely blank.

248 . 'Ag so garann bán Pheadar Uí Dhuirnín'. Ma ta mo gharanse bán, níl nár dho gan abheith donn. 13 stt. Foll. by scribal signature. Ed. S. de Rís (1969) no. 23 (from other MSS).

254 (trans.). Three lines of Latin, foll. by: (a) 'Aige so leabhran Bhrian Ui Chathalan ar na scriobhadh les féin ar an seacht(adh ?) la do mhi an Fhoabhair aos an tiarna míle seacht ccead seachtgad agas an ceathar. Guidhe oram aleighthor, Brian Ua Cathalan'. (b) Se chluinim anois da rádh ⁊ credim tra é bheith fior. 3 stt. 'Beanocht aleighthoira don aithar Óghan Mhac Muafbna do chum ~ do Bhri(an) Ua Chathalan do sgriobh' (p. 255, trans.).

256 (trans.). 'Marbhnaoi Chathail Bhuidh Mhich Alghunna ainimsir abháis c.' A Rígh na ngrasa is dána dhamh amharc ort suas. 7 stt. Ed. from this and other MSS by É. Ó Muirgheasa, Céad de cheoltaibh Uladh (Baile Átha Cliath 1915) no. 99.

259 (trans.). On the value of the Mass. Beg. Deir a teagnaidh foghlumghe Tomas Ua Kempis go bfuil 6 ni eafachta ro beanuighe le tabhairt fa dhear .... Foll. (p. 260, trans.) by Latin beg. Sacerdos dum celebrat.

260 (trans.) i. 'Aige so ceol molta do cuma les an Dall Mac Cuarta do Christeoir Glantunn—Bhaille an Loada'. Beg. (p. 261, trans.) A Glantunaidh na seoid 'sna lanna nitte inóir (?). 4 stt. Foll. (p. 264, trans.) by 'Ar na sgriobha le Brian Ua Cathalan an ceathramh la da January 1775'.

265 (trans.). 10 ll. of Latin. Beg. (. . .) evictus erat Clodius quam legem perniciosissimam tulerit.

266 . Latin Poem. Beg. Colloquamur ambo. 88 stt. [From F. O Molloy, Grammatica Latino-Hibernica (Rome 1677) 245-76.] Scribal signatures on pp. 274, 295 i ('per Bernd. Calan').

296 . 'Anmona na seanfocal Gaoidhilge'. Difficult words and their meanings. Beg. Tríath .i. righ no tiearna. No particular order.

305 m. Is fuirus don gcleir lucht Eigse agas Ealana (?) an tsaoghail. 1 st. Cf. p. 312.

306 . Urbis amor quondam Bernardus nobilis. 8 ll. P. 307 blank except for the words 'Abreviations, 7 —1st'.

308 (trans.). Peadur Ua Durnin. Inur na giabh tannam (?) ⁊ trial ar eachtre go Sliabh Feilim. 8 stt. Entitled 'Sliabh Feilim' in table of contents (p. [iii]). Foll. (p. 311) by 'Beanochtt a leiththoir Brian Ua Cathalan'. Ed. from other MSS by S. de Rís (1969) no. 12 and B. Ó Buachalla (1969) 31-2, 73.

311 (trans.). Is measa an ghaodh ó thuaidh. 1 st. 'B O C

312 . Is fuiris don gleir lut eigse agus ealana an tsaoghail. 1 st. Cf. p. 305 m.

322 -313 (reversed). Comrad an Anma Dhamanta agas an Cuirp re cheile, 'Do reir mur is folus don leabhar da ngoirthar Dionisios Sicanus eidir mhiniorthibh an doctur diadha Raipert Easbog Lincolin a Sagsuibh'. First chapter beg. Feacht naon da raibh direamhach aithridh ar an bfasach don fuil Riogha Francaidh. Ends imperfectly in 3rd chapter: ⁊ go dimhin o huguis do thoil go heagorach eagceart is ort féin is coir aifir gach. Ed. from other MSS by S. P. Ó Domhnaill, Lia Fáil 3 (1930) 37-86; see also Catholic Survey 2 (1955) 79.

323 . 'An Encomium on Ireland'. Se mheisim fein nach bfacis ran. 6 qq. Signed 'Brian Ó Catalan' (p. 324 i). Cf. p. [v]. Oral version of last 4 qq. in (J. O'Daly), Poets and poetry of Munster (2nd series, Dublin 1860) xxvi; for other versions see Clár Lit. I (1938) nos 484 (2), 872 (36), 913 (6) and T. Ó Coinnialláin, Reidh-leighin ar ghnothuibh cearba . . . (Ath-cliatha 1835) 6 (cf. Fáinne an Lae 5/2/1898, p. 7 and 12/10/1898, p. 149); also in The Nation 8 Jan. 1859.

325 . 'Inghin ui Mhódhra'. Suid í an feirín deaghbhan aille. 2 stt. See BM Cat. ii, 74.

328 -326 (reversed). 'Aige so na ceathartha fuathghe figid an so sios' (title partially cancelled). Beg. 1. Is fua liom gan tol an Aifrionn. 46 11. See BM Cat. ii, 15-16.

329 (trans.). 'Aig so ceol molta le Pattruig Mhac Lionduin'. A Rig ler fuasgleadh as geimhiol guase don bpoball uasal on Eigpt. 8 stt. Ed. from other MSS by É. Ó Tuathail, An tUltach June-July 1925, 7, with additional stanzas ibid. Feb. 1927, 7.

333 (trans.). Attriath beag ardbach ariradh chaich aige macadh. 6 11. (First line repeated above.)

334 (trans.). Beginning of alphabetical list of Irish words with their Greek, Latin and English equivalents. Beg. Aer, Aer, Aer, the Air. Foll. by 'Brian O Cathallan ~c. 1794 foure. The Revd. Bryan Cawlan pastor of Enaskeen' (p. 335).

336 (trans.), (a) A righ na cereuicht fuair éug ambáir an chrainn. 1 st. See BM Cat. ii, 68-9; Burdúin Bheaga (1925) no. 37; RC 45 (1928) 300. (b) Srotha mealla as soitheach óir. ½ q.

337 (trans.). 'Descriptio Cujusdam Aulae hibernice per Joannem O Gara'. Halla na ccliar do riarfadh milte. 10 ll.

339 (trans.). Bannacht do gach lethoir grinn. 1 q. 'Brian Ua Cathalan an an carthu lá fithid de an Mart . . . 1791 . . . . Ar na scribadh le Pattrig Ua Cathalan . . .'.

340 . 'An fichu la don mhi Februari a scriobha an began sho shis'. (a) Ni canem duine sni higim alan gan eim (?). 1 st. Cf. p. 97 m. (b) An te bios go sonna seasgur an fharus fein. 1 st. Cf. Búrdúin Bheaga (1925) no. 59. See also p. 341. (c) Different hand: some lines of Latin.

341 (trans.), (a) An té bhios go sonna seasgur an fharus féin. 1 st. Cf. p. 340. (b) Bian cead gleamnígh aig fonn chugh ar fuar lorg fiagh. 2 ll. Cf. p. 99.

342 (inverted). Quotation from 2 Pet. 3.12. with translation into Irish, and other scribblings. P. 363 contains similar scribblings, signed 'Patt. Callan 1788'.

344 (inverted). In praise of repentance. Beg. O shuailce neamhdha na hairidh a dhrudios geabhtaidh ifrion.

345 (trans.). 'Aig so TrAcht ar Mhárlíno ~ ar an spaorad éolach ~ air a thaibhse air an chead chabidail agus mur sin síos, le Pattrig Ua Cathalan'. Beg. Do bhí duine ana chomhnaigh a Righeacht na Bohemia dar bhanam Márlino Maligno. Ends (p. 379) ni bheadh cummas aige ó mhead ⁊ o lionmhaireacht a throcaire gan taise ⁊ tr[ó]care dhenadh ortha, agus mur sin sios. 'Gibe neac leafas an sgealsin no bheis aig eisdacht leis an tan a bhear dá leaghadh biodh sé bannochtach (?) leis ann sgriobhneor. Pattrig Ua Cathalan. Dated this 16th of April 1790 Ninety'. Ed. from other MSS by R. A. S. Macalister, ZCP 4 (1903) 394-455 and separately, Dublin 1905.

380 . (a) 'Aig so leobhar beg do scribhadh leis an athir Brian Ó Cathalan ar na staidear dhó a ccathir Antwerp agus a cuiradh gló [sic] an sa ccathir reimhrate . . .'. Cf. Clogher Record 1955, 81 and n.33. (b) As bréug adubhairt an chléir. 1 q. Cf. Dánfhocail (1921) no. 118. (c) Na meas mé es móige. 1 q. Cf. ibid. no. 114. Signed 'Pattrig Ó Cathalan'. P. 381: (d)  A fhir a chleacht a theacht sa nait a mbiam. 1 st. First 3 ll. repeated above. Printed BM Cat. i, 614. (e) 'Air na scríbhugh le Pattrig Ó Cathalan tareis a theacht air eis dhó on gcach uafasach siud do tugugh air a taobh a muith de Lomhán agus an ar goinnadh móran mór de na Francaigh an feacsiunt féin an dara lá de mhí na Márta míle seacht gcéud 3 bliadhan[a] agus nóchad ~c.'

382 -383 . Almost completely blank.

399 -384 (reversed; trans.). 'Marbhnig Shomarle Mhic Domhnaill'. An Eachraim an áir ataid na ccomhnaigh. 18 stt. Ed. from other MSS by S. Laoide, Duanaire na Midhe (Baile Átha Cliath 1914) no. XLIII.

400 (trans.). Ni ciste no stór rinnese don Ore. 1 st. (?) Foll., in different ink, by 'Bannacht an leothora Oaghin O Cathalan'.

[401] (trans.), (a) (G)uigham go cruaid hu Ríg na Slogh (?) 7rl. 1 st. (b) Níl Easbuc no Uatran cille no tuaighe hart temchal uatar Farney. 1 st. Foll. by scribal signature and the word 'Intestate' (inverted). Both stanzas may be part of a longer poem.

[402] . Scribblings.


Random jottings, literary, etymological, historical. Including: (a) 19 r (trans.). Luime léun agas léarsgrios. 8 ll. (b) 21 r. '1803/1773/30 Since I wrote the first part of this Book Ber Callan', (c) 22 v m. Dumh do gná is maith na bodaidh. 1 st. Cf. (a) p. 25 ra. Signed 'Scotstown Nov 2nd 1839. J. Duffy P.P.' Signature 'Brian O Cathalan 1801' occurs on f. 6 v.


[1] . [E]achtra Iollan Iolchrodha Mic Ríogh na hEas-[páine]. Beg. Riogh rathmhar réimdhíorach cródha cosgarthach cathbhuadhach clannlionnmar . . . Cormac mac Art mc. Cuinn .... Breaks off p. [34] i: ⁊ dar do laimhse amhic Cumhail [n]ior bheara liom croinn an domain na sin. An sin (adubhairt an, catchwords). Ed. from Maynooth MSS in Gadaidhe géar na geamh-oidhche (Columban League, Maynooth, 1915) 47-68 by Tomás Ó Gallchobhair; see ibid., p. 143 and BM Cat. ii, 355.