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MS A 3 (Book of Leinster fragment)

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in University College Dublin

A 3


(Fragment of LL)

12th cent. Vellum. 32 × 23.5 cms. Ff. 10 (with modern pagination 1-20) + 1. These 10 leaves are from the Book of Leinster (LL : TCD 1339 (H.2.18)) and traces of the old foliation corresponding to the gap in LL are still visible. They were identified by Todd at St Isidore's College in Rome in 1862 (see J. H. Todd and W. Reeves, The martyrology of Donegal (Dublin 1864) xiv-xvi). Together with the last leaf, now marked A, which did not originally belong to this MS, they are included in the facsimile of LL (R. Atkinson, The Book of Leinster (Dublin 1880) 355-76). They may have been acquired by Ó Cléirigh on his visit to Leinster in 1627 (B. Jennings, Michael O Cleirigh (Dublin and Cork 1936) 57, 193-4; see also P. Walsh, Catholic Bulletin 27 (1937) 125-7 and Introduction, n. 11 above) and must have been already separated from LL by then (R. I. Best, O. Bergin and M. A. O'Brien, The Book of Leinster I (Dublin 1954) xviii). Used by Ó Cléirigh in Martyrology of Donegal (1630) and by Colgan in Acta Sanctorum (1645). They were in Louvain by 1631 (Jennings, op. cit., 193-4 n. 16). Scribe: Aed mac meic Crimthaind (see W. O'Sullivan, 'Notes on the scripts and make-up of the Book of Leinster', Celtica 7 (1966) 1-31: p. 6 and collation table). MS now enclosed in vellum cover bearing the title 'Martyrol. Tamlactense et opuscula S. Aengusi Keledei' in a 17th cent. hand. There is also an outer cover like that of A 1 bearing a similar title in gilt lettering and press-marks G. iii and A 3 (twice). Notes in Colgan's hand, occur as follows: 'Ex libris conventus Dungallensis' (pp. 1 and 3, lower margins), 'Liber Conventus Dungallensis' (p. 20, lower margin). Ruled in dry point, 3 to 8 columns to the page (double columns in A), c. 60 lines per column. Coloured initials, chiefly in vermilion, yellow and green.

Previously described by Atkinson, op. cit., 9-13, 76-8, and by R. I. Best and H. J. Lawlor, The martyrology of Tallaght (HBS LXVIII, 1931) xii-xv, where it is pointed out that a leaf is missing after p. 2, two leaves after p. 6, and a leaf after p. 10; see also O'Sullivan, art. cit., 13, 16, 18, and P. Grosjean, 'Le martyrologe de Tallaght', Analecta Bollandiana 51 (1933) 117-30.

Marginalia and Notes

Marginalia on pp. 1-11, with the exception of the last item on p. 11, have been edited by Best and Lawlor, op. cit., 92-127; those on pp. 12 i -15 i have been edited by D. T. Brosnan, Archiv. Hib. 1 (1912) 361-5. Notes properly regarded as additions to the text are not included here. Other notes and scribblings on pp. 4, 6, 8, 18; see also above.


1 i. I re Chesair Auguist [tair]. 5 qq., much defaced. See Best and Lawlor, Addendum (p. 262).

2 , upper margin. E[nlaith betha] brig cen tair. 7 qq., illegible in parts.

2 m, left margin. Note in Latin, beg. A[gna u]irgo in [Roma . . ].

2 i. (a) [Cethri] com[anm]and (r)oscribad. 1 q., foll. by prose note. (b) Athair Póil dithrebaig déin. 1 q. ? (6 11.).

3 , upper margin, (a) 'xiii. Kl. Aprilis. Auxilinus episcopus et coepiscopus et . frater Sancti Patricii. . . Patricius dixit.' Auxilinus tainm ifus. 1 q. (b) 'Uii filii Restiti de Longbardis . . .'. Fiacail Mochta ni blad fas (?). 1 q.

3 , left margin. Sáegul Moch[a]emóc leith. 1 q.

3 , right margin. Fir nimi fir thalman. 3 qq.

3 i. Commodus ainm ind ríg thall. 4 qq.

4 , upper margin. Tale, beg. Fecht doringni Bresal mac Diarmata mc. Cerbaill fleid moir.. . . Includes some verse.

4 , right margin. Note on name Cluain Eóis, beg. Tigernach Cluana Eouis.

5 , upper margin. Note in Latin. Beg. Hermoginis magus prius et per Iacobum Ze[b]edi filium Deo credidit.

5 , left margin. Note about tree in Rome worshipped by the Pagans. Beg. .i. Crand mór robái issin ( ?) Róim ....

5 i. Poem on the three Jameses. Cia beit nana[n]fis. 4 qq.

6 , upper margin. Litany of virgins. [N]am [ch]urim ar commairge Maire ogi ingini.

6 i. (a) Poem of advice to clerics. Diamba cleirech níba írach. c. 20 11. (b) 17th cent. hand: 'Omnes hic desunt ab 19 Maii usque ad 1 m. Augusti'.

7 , upper margin. Story of the Seven Sleepers. Beg. Morfessiur de Christianis dochuatar inuaim ar imgabail animgrema.

7 i. (a) Molua ba anmchara do Dauid. 4 qq. (b) Nirbo docta do Mochta. 2 qq. (c) later hand: 'Colmán Cule' (?).

8 , upper margin. Note on Fáelán. Beg. Faelan Cluana Moesena .i. i Feraib Mide.

8 i. Note in Latin and Irish on Colmán, foll. by list of saints. Beg. Colman mac Echdach, Macc Óige mac Echdach ....

9 , upper margin, (a) Note, beg. Onme [.i. simul, above the line] uel Omne mac rig Lagen. (b) 'Brendinus profetauit.' A Odrain bat magister. 2 qq.

9 i. Poem on Ember Days' fast. Corgus apstal da lá déc. 7 qq.

10 , upper marg. (a) Poem on community of Munnu or Fintan. Triur ar trichait ar díb cétaib. 4 qq. (b) Munnu's ancestry. Munnu mór mac Tulchain trein. 4 qq.

10 i. 'Patricius .cc' Epscop hErc. 1 q.

11 , upper margin. 'Aed Allan .cc' Samthand fri soillsí sainmand. 3 qq.

11 i. (a) '[Fin]gein .cc.' A chleirig coisc in figill. 2 qq. (b) Quatrain on seven bishops. Caireil Cairin Comgail Cail.

12 , upper margin. Ancestry of Colmcille. Beg. Colum (Cille) [mac] Feidlimthi mc. Fhergusa. Cf. W. Stokes, Félire Óengusso (HBS XXIX, 1905) 146.

12 i. Poem on Brendan. Title illegible. (Mo chen) mochen a Brenaind. 7 qq. See also p. 15 i marg. Ed. from this MS by K. Meyer, Sitzungsberichte der königlich preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften 25 (1912) 436-43.

13 , upper margin. Note on Colmán son of Neman. Beg. Colman mac Nemain. Fainchi ingen Dallbrón siur máthar Brigti setig do Neman.

13 i. (a) Poem on patrons of different peoples. Húi (?) Néill uile ar cúl Coluim. 4 qq., foll. by 'Breth ind aingil andsin eter ardnoebaib hErend'. (b) Note in Irish and Latin, partly illegible, on ancestry and brothers of Lugna son of Máenach. Beg. Lugna mc. Maenaig mc. Fiachna. (c) In late hand: 'Comgall Bennchair da Comgall Ratha'.

14 , upper margin. Poem, partly illegible, on some Irish saints. [. . .]ctaig class, confoat anoentachas. 2 qq. Q. 2 beg. Epscop Eogain Aird Sratha. Cf. Analecta Bollandiana 55 (1937) 284-5.

14 i. Poem on Mochua of Noendruim. [Cotlud cen] chrínad colla. 2 qq. Cf. ibid. 49 (1931) 98.

15 , upper margin. Note on ancestry of Adamnán of Iona. Beg. Adomnan rohalt in Hí. Cf. Archiv. Hib. 4 (1915) 214.

15 i. Do róim romilis romuich. 2 qq. Part of the poem on p. 121, marg. Foll. by 'Ise senBrenainn do rat in chomairli do Cholum C . . . dia nepertsom'. Druim Lis cell bec. 1 q. Foll. by 'Is í imorro in chomairle tuc Brenainn ...'.

16 i. Poem or note, largely illegible.

19 i. 'Nem mac huí Birn. Nem tribus nominibus uocabatur . . .'. Abbas almus amabilis. 1| q., foll. by [Co]marba Petair is Póil. 1 q. Cf. W. Stokes, Félire Óengusso (HBS XXIX, 1905) 150.


1 . [Martyrology of Tallaght.] Beg. Uiii Kl. Januarii. Preceded by 5 lines, almost illegible. Text and marginalia have been edited from this MS by Best and Lawlor, op. cit. Includes calendar for the whole year except Jan. 30 to Mar. 11, May 20 to July 31, Nov. 1 to Dec. 16, wanting by loss of leaves.

11 c 53. Note in Irish and Latin, beg. Emianus [.i. Emin án, above line] natus est de patre Hienan. Ed. Best and Lawlor, 126-7. 11 d 1. List of Irish bishops. 'Nomina episcoporum Hibernensium incipiunt'. Beg. E. Patricius Ruis Dela, [E.] Patricius hostiarus. Ed. from this MS by P. Grosjean, Irish Texts 3 (1931) 28-33.

11 g 55. List of priests. 'Incipit de sacerdotibus'. Beg. (S.) Finnian Cluana-Iraird mac hui Telluib. Grosjean, loc. cit., 34-8.

12 d 45. List of deacons. 'Incipit de diaconibus'. Beg. D. Dechoin Nessan. Ibid., 38-9.

12 e 30. 'Comainmnigud noem hErenn so sís'. Beg. Aedan Irluachra. Ed. from this MS by D. T. Brosnan, Archiv. Hib. 1 (1912) 314-53.

14 g 39. 'Comanmand naebúag hErenn inso sís'. Beg. Brigit ingen Dubthaig. Brosnan, loc. cit., 353-60.

15 c 24. 'Macrad noeb hErenn inso sís'. Beg. Meic Aeda, Meic Nessain. Grosjean, loc. cit., 22-5.

15 f 44. 'Oenmeic hErenn inso sís'. Beg. Mac Corpre, Mac Nise. Ibid., 25-6.

16 a 1. 'Ingenrada noeb hErenn inso sis'. Beg. Ingena Pilip. Ibid., 26-8.

16 c 1. 'Hic incipiunt sancti qui erant bini unius moris'. Beg. Iohannes Baptiza, Epscop Ibar. Ed. from this MS by W. Stokes, Lives of saints from the Book of Lismore (Oxford 1890) 298-9.

16 c 41. 'Lucht oentad Mael Ruain inso'. Beg. Mael Ruain Tanalachta. Probably connected with the poem on 16 d 52. Preceded by '.i. iar Patricius ~ iarsna da apstal déag Insi Fáil'. Cf. R. Flower in The Church of Ireland, 432-1932 (ed. W. Bell and N. D. Emerson, Dublin 1932) 70.

16 d 1. Preface to following poem on the reliquary of Adamnán. 'Ba hamra inti Adomnán . . .'. Beg. (16 d 7) 'Isé inso lín na martra ut Adomnanus cc' A maccucain isruith. 18 qq. Ed. from MS Harleian 5280 with collation from this MS by L. Gwynn, Archiv. Hib. 4 (1915) 204-7. Prose introd. ed. from this MS by W. Stokes, Félire Óengusso (HBS XXIX, 1905) 210.

16 d 52. 'Cormac mac Culennáin cc.' Maelrúain Maeltuile imgním rígle. 2 qq. See p. 16 c 41 above. These two quatrains are repeated in lower margin (in Colgan's hand ?).

17 a 1. Dialogue of St Brendan of Clonfert with Moínenn. Beg. Luid espoc. Beg. and title partly illegible. See Plummer, Misc. hag. Hib. (1925) no. 81, and P. Grosjean, Études Celtiques 2 (1937) 280-82.

17 a 62. Story about birth of St Brendan of Clonfert. Beg. Brenaind Mac Findloga. See Plummer, op. cit., no. 80 and Stokes, Félire, 132-3.

17 b 37. Note in Latin about St Donnán of Eigg, entitled 'Donnan Ega'. Beg. Ega nomen fontis. Ed. from this MS by P. Grosjean, Analecta Bollandiana 51 (1933) 125-30.

17 c 1. Note on Monnine. Beg. Sárbili ainm Monnini. Cf. Stokes, Félire, 166-7.

17 c 26. Tract entitled 'Cinti crábuid ~ gnathaigthe scoile Sinchil so sis'. Beg. Crábud cen scís. Ed. from Rawl. B 512 with variants from this MS by K. Meyer, Hibernica minora (Oxford 1894) 41-2.

17 c 57. Note. Beg. Longarad cosfind. I tuasciurt Ossairge. Cf. Stokes, Félire, 198-9.

17 d 1. Long note in Latin and Irish. Beg. Epscop Ibar. Tri bliadna trichat. Ed. from this MS by P. Grosjean, Analecta Bollandiana 77 (1959) 442-50.

18 a 1. Tract on mothers, etc., of Irish saints. Beg. Ondbaiuin no Gombauin do Bretnaib máthir Patric. Cf. Plummer, Misc. hag. Hib. (1925) no. 195.

19 b 9. Litany (or litanies) of Irish saints. Beg. Secht noebepscoip déc ar secht cétaib. Ed. from this MS with variants by C. Plummer, Irish litanies (HBS LXII, 1925) 54-7; see also pp. xix-xxi.

20 c 19. 'Ciaran cc' An rim [ ] a Rí richid ráin. 10 qq. Ed. from this MS by M. O Daly, Éigse 2 (1940) 183-6; cf. P. Grosjean, Analecta Bollandiana 55 (1937) 285-7, and D. Greene and F. O'Connor, A golden treasury of Irish poetry (London etc 1967) no. 28.

20 c 39. Cethrur ar fhichet nosfail. im Fheidlimid mac Chrimthain. 12 qq. Cf. K. Hughes in Studies in the early British church (ed. N. K. Chadwick, Cambridge 1958) 263-4.


A a 1. [Dún Eógain Bél forsan loch.] Acephalous. Ed. by K. Meyer, ACL 3 (1907) 303-4, from RIA B iv 2. The present copy contains qq. 3-8 of Meyer's edition (with some loss of text) preceded by part of another quatrain not in his version.

A a 17. Poem on the Bórama Tribute. Beg. [R]í rogab Temair na treb. 63 qq.

A d 1. Poem of questions and answers about the earliest inhabitants of Ireland, spoken in the name of Fintan (q. 7). Beg. Cia i [. . .]. 26 qq., of which the last breaks off with the second line. Q. 2 begins Cia port i rragaib a long.