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MS A 17

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in University College Dublin

A 17


17th cent. Paper. 18.5 × 14.5 cms. Ff. 139+4 blank leaves at beginning and 8 at end. There is some variation in script but most of the text seems to be the work of one hand, with brief passages in other hands on ff. 27 r (?), 62 r, 103 v, 113 v, 121 r-122 v (?). Ruling by dry point. Dates in the year 1616 occur at ff. 23 r i (.30. Se[pt].), 30 r i (.i. October), 66 v i, 86 r i (.22. October), 108 r i (.8. November). The main hand seems to be that of the scribe of Brussels 20978-9, which was probably written in Co. Fermanagh in 1618 (see B. Ó Cuív, Éigse 9 (1959-60) 173 ff.). Bound in cover of pasteboard and vellum marked 'No. 20' and 'No 9' and labelled with press-marks A. 19, G XXVII, and A 17 on front cover. Other writing also on front cover but now illegible. The writing is clear and the MS in very good condition.


i. [An Cath Catharda], Irish translation of Lucan's Pharsalia. Beg. Ceithri hiostudha flaitiusa itarrustar flaithius et forlamus for criocaib et cendnachaib na cruindi domandae. Ends (f. 139 v í) in tan at cluinfitis anaitri et ambraitri do commarbad araili icomraictib in cathae sae. Chapter-headings on upper margins, ff. 4 r-97 r. This is the only complete copy of the text that has been preserved and it was used by W. Stokes for his edition, Irische Texte IV pt ii (1909); see ibid., p. vi.