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MS A 16

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in University College Dublin

A 16


17th cent. Paper. 19 × 15 cms. Ff. lv [now numbered in pencil; formerly, ff. 15 (unnumbered) + 3 + 3 (unnumbered) + 22 (paginated 1-43) + 12 (unnumbered)] + 125. Bound in cover of pasteboard and vellum with two fly-leaves at front and two at end. Title 'Genealogia Regum et Sanctorum Hiberniae No. 18' on front cover; 'No 1' on back cover. Leaves have been cut out after if. vi, viii, 51 (3 leaves), 92, 103 (with notes by Colgan on what remains); ff. iii-vi form an interpolated gathering (cf. C. Mooney, Celtica 2 (1954) 298); f. xxxii is an interpolated leaf but is included (as pp. 21-2) in the pagination referred to above. Enclosed in a black leather case bearing title in gilt and labelled with press-marks A 16 (twice) and G. xxi. The MS is in the hand of Br Míchéal Ó Cléirigh and has been freely annotated by Colgan; dates in anno mundi and anno domini have been added by another hand which also appears e.g. at ff. xix recto, lv recto. The whole text, with some of Colgan's notes (not always in full), has been edited by Father P. Walsh, Archiv. Hib. 5-6 (1916-17) app., and separately (Maynooth and Dublin 1918). Chapters numbered in MS as in edition.

The word 'Cork' occurs eight times and the word 'Guardi( )' once, in blue ink on front cover. F. i seems to have been much handled. On recto of first fly-leaf occurs a quatrain, beg. Da ttuicctheá misi a mhic Aine (in Colgan's hand?). Another quatrain occurs on the verso of the last fly-leaf, beg. Dá siobhlain Eire [altered to Siobhluim gach tír] ther is tuaidh. Foll. by some scribblings (two in Irish, one in Latin). The signature 'Joannes Colganus' occurs twice (in different inks) inside back cover.


i . Miscellaneous notes in Irish and Latin in Colgan's hand. Verso blank.

ii . 'Reges [et proceres above line] Hiberniae qui Brittaniam et pa [sic] regiones transmarinas subjugerunt uel infestarunt'. A short list in Colgan's hand. Verso and all of ff. iii-iv blank.

v . Approbation in Latin of Malachias [O' Quelly], archbishop of Tuam, 'Galuiae 15, kalendes Decemb. 1636'.

v verso. Approbation in Latin of Fr Boetius [Egan], bishop of Elphin, 'Rosriela 27. Novembris 1636'.

vi . Approbation in Latin of Fr Thomas Fleming, archbishop of Dublin, 6 February 1636.

vi verso. Approbation in Latin of Fr. Rochus [Mac Geoghegan], bishop of Kildare, 'in loco nostrae mansionis die 8. Jan. anno Domini 1637'.

vii. Blank.

viii . Title-page: Seanchas Ríogh Éreann . . . Genealuighi na nÁomh nÉreannach. 'Ar na ccriochnucchadh acconvent Bhrathar observantiae mhainistreach Áthaluain an easbaccóideacht Chluana mc. Nóis. 1630'. The following note occurs in the upper margin: 'Do connairc an t(ath)uir G. Luis Diolún fós na liubairsi ~ doni dfinne go bfuil sé ched bliadhuin o do sgriobadh leabur aca ata ag Toirdealbhach Mac Coclain .i. antí dár hoirdnedh an liuparso fein ~ tug a congnamh láimhe ~ cosduis do cum na dioghlumaso do criochnughadh' (see Hermathena 44 (1927) 2nd suppl. vol., vi and Celtica 2 (1954) 298). Verso blank.

ix . 'Do Toirrdealbhach Mág Cochláin', patron of the work, giving his genealogy and signed, 1630 (f. x verso m) by Br Michel O Clerigh, Fearfeasa Ó Máolchonaire, Cucoiccriche O Clerigh, Cucoiccrici D.

xi . 'Dochum an léghthora'. Beg. Cia an chland nádúrtha lá nábudh truaghhh et lá nabúdh himsniomhach. . . . Foll. (f. xii i) by signatures as above. F. xii verso blank.

xiii . Testimonials in Irish of Br. Seoirse Díolmhain, Gairdian Athalúain, 4 november 1630 (in the hand of Br Mícheál Ó Cléirigh), and of Conall Mhag Eochagáin, 'ó Lios Maighne agcineal Fhiachach agcundae Iairthair Midhe', 4 Nov. 1630. Verso and all of ff. xiv-xv blank.

xvi . 'Ag so ughdair choimhéda seanchois na hErenn o theacht mac Mileadh innte gos an aimsir dhedheanaighsi'.

xvii . 'Do rioghaibh Fher mBolcc'; 'Do rioghoibh Tuaithe de Danonn' (xix m); 'Do rioghaibh mac Mileadh' (xxii); 'Do rioghaibh Erenn iar ccredeamh' (xliii.7); 'Do rioghaibh go ffresabhra'. Ends at top of f. lii recto; rest of folio filled with notes by Colgan.

liii. Blank.

liv . Title: 'Do naomaibh cenél Conaill Gulban m. Néll Naoighiallaigh'. Rest of folio blank.

lv . Index to genealogies of saints. Beg. Gan teacht tar geinealach Padruig atáid 38 do ghabhlaibh geinealaigh isin naoimhshenchassa as attigid naoimh fa leith mur so sios.

lv verso. Blank save for quatrain below, beg. Sealbhach nachar duthain dál. (In Colgan's hand.)

1 . Genealogy of St Patrick. Beg. Patraicc mac Calpuirn m. Fodaighe. Verso blank except for some rough notes in Irish in Colgan's hand.

4 . 'Do naomhaibh cineoil Chonaill Gulban mc. Nell'; 'Do naomhaibh cenél Eoghain m. Néll Naoighialloigh' (11, title only; beg. f. 12); 'Naoimhsleachta Laoghaire mc. Néll Naoighiallaidh' (17); 'Do naomhaibh shleachta Chonaill Cremtainne mc. Nell Naoighiallaigh' (23); 'O Fiachaidh mac Nell Naoígiallaidh' (24 v m); 'Do naomhaibh sleachta Maine mc. Nell Naoighiallaidh' (25); 'Do naomhaibh sleachta Enna mc. Nell Naoighiallaidh' (26 v ra); 'Do naomhaibh sleachta Briain mc. Eathach Moighmedoin' (27 v); 'Do naomhaibh sleachta Fiachra mc. Eathach Moighmeadhoin' (29 m); 'Do naomhaibh slechta Oilella mc Eathach Moighmedoin' (31 v); 'Do shliocht Feargosa caochain m. Eathach Moighmedhoin' (32); 'Do shliocht Colla úais mc Eathach Doimlen' (32 v); 'Do naomhaibh sleachta Colla da crioch' (36 v); 'Do naomhaib slechta Cholla Menn m. Eathach Doimhlen' (40 v ra); 'Do naomaibh slechta Eathach Finn Fuath Airt' (41 v); 'Do naomhaibh shlechta Fiacha Suighde mc. Fedlimidh rechtmair' (44 v); 'Do naomhaibh slechta Conaire mc. Modha lamha' (47); 'Do naomhaibh Dal Ríatta' (49); 'Do naomhaibh Dal bFiatach' (51); 'Do naomaibh Laighen' (56); 'Do naomhaibh Osraighe' (68); 'Do naomaibh slechta Eathach mc. Muireadha' (71); 'Do naomhaibh sleacta Ireoil m. Conaill Cearnaigh' (80); 'Do naomhaibh sleachta Laoighsigh Leannmóir mc. Conaill Cearnaigh' (87); 'Do naomhaibh sleachta Maoilcroich mc. Rudhraighe' (92); 'Do naomhaibh sleachta Cormaic mc. Feargasa' (93 v); Do naomhaibh sleacht Cér mc. Fearghosa' (96 v); 'Do naomhaibh sleachta Cuirc mc. Feargasa' (99); 'Do naomhaibh sleachta Firtlachtgha mc. Fearghasa' (100 v); 'Do naomhaibh sleachta Cuirb Uluim mc. Feargosae' (101); 'Do naomhaibh sleachta Modha Ruith m. Fearghosa' (102 v); 'Do sliocht Condri mc. Feargasa' (103 m); 'Do naomhaibh sleachta Cealtachair mc. Uitheachair' (103 v); 'Do naomhaibh sleachta Eoghain mc. Oilealla Oluim et Corbmaic Cais' (104); 'Do naomhaibh sleachta Corbmaic Cais mc. Oillealla Oluim' (108 v); 'Do sliocht Cen mc. Oilella Oluim' (116); 'Do shliocht Luighdeach Lágha Et do sliocht Aongasa mc. Modha Nuadhat' (121); 'Do shliocht Lughadh mc. Ithe' (123).

11, 55 v, 74 v-79, 89-91, 113-15, 126 v, blank except for title on 11 r and notes by Colgan on 11 v, 55 v, 79 v.

92 . Note by Colgan containing poem: 'Item alius vetustus codex'. Brathair Fursa cóir aradh. 5 qq. (Walsh, op. cit., 103.)