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MS 1312

MS 1312


15th or 16th century. Vellum. 24–24.5–25 × 18–18.5 cm. Ff. 4 numbered in pencil. No scribal signature.

Unbound. Housed in paper folder marked ‘1312’ on front cover. Stitch-holes; numbers ‘1312’ (in pencil), ‘H. 2. 12 / 13 [re-inked]’ and title ‘Gualterus de dosibus’, f. 1r, upper margin.

Collation: i8 wants 1, 4, 6 and 8 with loss of text where defective. Double columns, with ruling where visible in dry-point and perhaps in brown, 39–45 lines; remains of prick marks for columns visible in upper and lower margins of all leaves at or near leaf-edge; opening word(s) of chapter-incipits and sub-sections usually in display script; initials, text in display script, capital letters and occasional other words coloured red; ceann fo eite coloured red, f. 1r only; opening words of Latin citations in lower margins of f. 1 (see below) similarly coloured; slight tinting on f. 1rb8, 12 apparently transferred from rubrication on leaf lost before f. 1; slight tinting from rubrication on facing page at f. 1vb19–20. Vellum defective in f. 1. Damage to upper and outer edges of all leaves. Staining throughout, with f. 4v heavily stained, indicating its use as outer cover.

Scribal additions: (a) f. 1r, lower margin. ‘Infirmitas est temperanscia. uindi fitt. sinnscibilis lecionis. efectus. / .i. isead iseaslainti ann .i. ainmeasardacht letamuith docursa na naduire oseadh an gortaigthe so.’ (b) f. 1v, lower margin. ‘Nut[ru]m est necsanum nec infirmum est .i. isead is nemnechtarda ann .i. ní gan beth slan na eslan.’ (c) f. 1v, lower margin. ‘Nutrimentum est perfecio asimalascio nutriti ⁊ nutritum .i. isead is oileamain ann cusmaileas foirbti anneth oileas risin ní oiltear’ [= Thaddeus Florentinus, Expositio in subtilissimum Isagogarum Joannitii libellum (Venice 1527), f. 378vb23–4]. (d) f. 2v, lower margin. ‘Pudtredo est corupcio secundum qualitatis abaligena qualitati in unum quoque umido .i. / isead ismorgad ann .i. truailliugad anteasa dilis nadura ... acht an méd is galur oiris putrifacio an cail ⁊ putredo an galur.’


1ra1. [Gualterus Agilon, De dosibus medicinarum]. Acephalous. Beg. here O esbaidh fortachta an legis aenda. Ends ⁊ is lor so do dosisibh na leges ‘Tairrnicc annsin leabar Galteruis do dosisibh na leges. Finit’ (f. 4vb14). Chasm due to loss of two folios at centre. Ed. and trans. S. Sheahan, An Irish version of Gualterus De dosibus (Washington 1938) from this and 4 other MSS, including TCD 1326 and 1436 with reproduction of f. 1v (except for scribal addition in lower margin) as p. [23]; text here corresponds to ed. §§ 18.1–45.3, 76.8–106.z.

4vb15. Excerpts. Beg. (a) Ader Rogerius in Post mundi febricam annsa cedcaibidil. Ends is moille tig an bas lethastig don ced la ⁊rl– (f. 4vb27). Corresponds to ‘Roger Frugardi De chirugia’, Studien zur Geschichte der Medizin 12 (1918) 158.120–159.128. (b) Moltar an oilemain so acoitcine .i. aran labin (f. 4vb28). Ends ⁊ a cosmaile doilemain maith ele (f. 4vb34).

4vb35. [Commentary on Hippocrates Aphorismi bk 5.64, excerpt.] Beg. Lac dare capud dolentibus malum ⁊ cetera .i. ised ader Ipocraid annso datuctar an bainne don lucht agambi cenn teinn. Breaks off with f. 4vbz is animcubaid doibh sin e ⁊ dona is [maith] do. Corresponds to National Library of Scotland MS Adv. 18.2.11, f. 159rb5–9.

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