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MS 1302

MS 1302


15th or 16th cent. Vellum. 26–27 × 17.5–19.5 cm (f. 6, 26–24 × 19 cm; f. 7, 27 × 16–19 cm). Ff. 7, numbered in pencil. No scribal signature.

Unbound; housed in paper folder marked ‘1302 Grille’ (in pencil) on front cover. Held with two leather thongs; stitch-holes; labelled on paper slip (9.5 × 3 cm) folded over and pasted onto centre of spine, at front: ‘No 1[...] / [...]’ (transversely), and at back: ‘Hippocrates Aphorisms / Latin & Irish’ (transversely), in the hand of Theophilus O'Flanagan, and numbered ‘H.22’, above which Todd inserted the word ‘olim’, underlining the number itself; remains of impression of Lhuyd's seal, f. 1r, upper margin; marked by Todd ‘olim H.22’ and ‘H.2.12 / 1’, in upper margin of f. 1r over cols a and b, respectively; numbered ‘1302’ (in pencil), f. 1r, centre of upper margin; ‘Foliated June [?] 1978 / 7 folios’ (in pencil), f. 7v, lower margin.

Collation: i8 wants 3 with no loss of text. Double columns, frame-ruled in dry point and in grey-brown ink, with double outer and single inner bounding-lines and vertical rule between columns, 34–43 lines; text written below top line; ruling grid clearest on ff. 4r and 7r; prick marks for all seven vertical rules visible in upper and lower margins of most leaves at edge of text area; opening two lines of chapter-incipit on f. 1r in display script; guide-letter ‘m’ in inner margin facing f. 1ra1 but corresponding initial not written. Marginal symbol ‘po’ (i.e. Lat. proverbium) facing Latin citations in text: ff. 1v (outer margin and between columns), 2r (inner margin and between columns), 2v (outer margin and between columns), 3r (inner margin and between columns), 3v (between columns). Initials, capitals and various words and phrases, especially opening words of Latin aphorisms, sporadically shaded in grey-brown ink on ff. 2–4, 5r. Vellum defective in ff. 1, 2, 4 and 7; slight defect, f. 5, outer margin; slight hole in f. 1 occupying area left blank on recto, apparently because of perceived imperfection in vellum, but written on on verso, with letters subsequently lost by holing in f. 1va5–6, supplied, with carets, in upper margin of f. 1v, letters immediately following those lost being also repeated. Slight tears in f. 1 with damage to some letters. Strip cut from entire lower margin of f. 3 and inner quarter of lower margin of f. 4 with slight loss of text on final line of both columns on f. 3r, and substantial loss on final line of both columns on f. 3v and col. b of f. 4v. Ink from initial on f. 4ra16 transferred onto f. 3v inner margin. Staining throughout; white stain on f. 6v, outer margin, where vellum exposed through hole in f. 7; front and back pages heavily stained and rubbed, indicating their use as outer covers, with some words illegible, especially in ff. 1ra and 7vb.

Notes and jottings:
(a) 2r, upper margin, above col. a. ‘[? c].’
(b) 2r, upper margin, below previous item. ‘[? u]a con[?cu]’.
(c) 2r, upper margin, above col. b. ‘Fecain glesa [? f ...]’.
(d) 2r, lower margin. ‘T[? i].’
(e) 2v, upper margin. ‘co.’
(f) 2v, upper margin, below previous item. [? c ...]as ó [? b]ais do[...]’.
(g) 2v, inner margin. ‘F’.
(h) 3r, upper margin, above col. a. [? f] [? fec]ain gl[? e]s[? a].’
(i) 4v, upper margin, beginning diagonally above col. a and continuing in straight line across margin. ‘Amen [... erased].’
(j) 4v, upper margin, above col. a and below previous item. ‘[f[ec]ain [? glesa] erased].’
(k) 5r, lower margin, below col. a. ‘f[? ec]aín’.
(l) 5r, lower margin, below previous item. ‘[? ame].
(m) 5v, lower margin, below col. a. ‘[? 79].’
(n) 6r, upper margin, mirror writing. ‘[? fi]orga[...]. abt[? h] mac d[? uach] [...] [... th]mor / g[? m]ailtisi ga[.] daithle arenn is ad uamhar lem [...] [... ? onn ...] / [...].’
(o) 6v, upper margin. ‘Amen.’
(p) 7r, upper margin, above col. b. ‘f[...].’
(q) 7r, between cols. ‘[? s].’
(q) 7v, upper margin, above col. b. ‘c’ (repeated ?).
(r) 7v, between cols. ‘[? A].’
Illegible letters or words on f. 1r, lower margin, inner corner; 7v, upper margin, above col. a, and lower margin, below col. a.


1ra. [Commentary on Galen, Tegni.] Acephalous. Beg. here [M]orbus est cum membra accionis sui naturalis tempuramenta egrediuntur .i. iseadis galur ann .i. anuair tosgaid na baoill leth amuith do measurracht ⁊ do comhsuigiugad gnimha ⁊ oibrighthi na naduire [= MS 1299, p. 25b46]. Breaks off with f. 7 Et adeir Gailen anrad ceadna sa .x. leabar De ingenio sanitatis Neresipias eos [? in] / curam quod siquogent teperentes .i. isead adeir [...]. Scribal note, f. 1rbz ‘a Muire as olc an cír ⁊ nin garbh na sgoile’. Ed. and trans. L. Duncan, Revue Celtique 49 (1932) 1–90, from MS 1299 and this MS.

© Catalogue record by Aoibheann Nic Dhonnchadha of the School of Celtic Studies, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.