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MS NKS 261 b 4°

Copenhagen 261B

References are to the edition in D.A. Binchy, Corpus Iuris Hibernici. 6 vols (Dublin 1978).

For further details of the texts below, see the account in Liam Breatnach, A Companion to the Corpus Iuris Hibernici, Early Irish Law Series 5 (Dublin 2005) 89–90.

1Ra 2Ra : On contracts, consisting of extracts from SM6. Cáin Aicillne with glosses and commentary. Ed. CIH 2233.1–2238.15.

2Rb 2Vb5 : On contracts, consisting of an extract from SM15. Di Thúaslucud Rudrad with glosses and commentary. Ed. CIH 2238.16–2240.20.

2Vb6 –end: On contracts, consisting of a fragment from SM14. Di Astud Chirt 7 Dligid with commentary. Ed. CIH* 2240.21–2241.14.

3Ra 3Vb20 : On deposits, consisting of Heptads XIX and XX from SM9. Sechtae with glosses and commentary. Ed. CIH 2241.15–2243.37.

3Vb21 4Vb16 : On deposits, consisting of OIr citations with glosses and commentary. Possible sources are Ántéchtae and SM45. Córus Aithni. Ed. CIH 2243.38–2246.29.

4Vb17 –end: On deposits, consisting of the beginning of Heptad IX from SM9. Sechtae with commentary. Ed. CIH 2246.30–2247.4.

5Ra–Rb : On loans, consisting of Heptad XLVIII from SM9. Sechtae with glosses and commentary. Ed. CIH 2247.5 –2249.12.

5Va 6Vb : On the share for enforcing (tobach), consisting of citations with commentary. Identifiable sources are SM20. Bandíre-tract and Córus Íubaile. Ed. CIH 2249.13–2253.18.

6Vb –end: On assault, etc., from Cáin Phátraic. Ed. CIH 2253.19–2254.16.