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MS 5100-04

Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Irish Language in the Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique / Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België

© Pádraig A. Breatnach, 2019


KBR MS 5100-04; Cat. No. 507

Metrical Rules; Martyrologies; Naomhsheanchas naomh Inse Fáil, etc.

Summary particulars

17th cent. Paper. Ff. ii + 218 (continuous foliation in pencil in top right-hand corner replaces various earlier numberings). 190 × 145-150 mm. The manuscript is made up of 8 sections comprising 22 gatherings of varying size and bound in original cover of vellum on pasteboard (terminus ante 1644, cf. inside front cover). Written almost entirely in the hand of Míchél Ó Cléirigh with dates and locations supplied as follows: Ath Cliath 1627 (f. 22v), Cuinnche 1634 (f. 14v), Drobhaois (al. ‘conveint na mbráthar Dúin na nGall’) 1627 (f. 22v), 1630 (ff. 25r, 28r), 1633 (f. 96v), 1636 (f. 217r), Droichet Átha 1627 (f. 211r). Scribal signatures at ff. 15v, 206r, 217v. Additional hands identifiable by reference to other sources include two principal near-contemporary annotators who write variously in roman and/or Irish script, viz. (1) Fr Hugh Ward d. 1635 (e.g. ff. 40r (top margin), 65r (lower half, right margin), 66r (top left margin), 75r, 82r (l. 16 left and right margin), 85r (top half, right margin) 91v); (2) Fr John Colgan d. 1658 (e.g. ff. 1r, 37r, 42r, 81r (right margin), 94r, 140r, 169r, 176r, 177r-180v, 197ra 13-b i., 200v, 203ri., 205v, 217v, 218r etc.) Attributable entries in other hands are Fr. Thomas O’Sheerin d. 1673 (ff. 177r, 218v ll. 5-9), Fr Antonius (al. Bonaventura) O’Doherty d. 1680 (ff. 3r-4v) and Fearfeasa Ó Maolchonaire (f. 96r), respectively.

Previous descriptions: J. van den Gheyn, Catalogue des manuscrits de la Bibliothèque royale de Belgique 7 vols. (Bruxelles 1901-07) I, p. 319-21; W. Stokes, The Martyrology of Gorman, HBS vol. 9 (London 1895), pp. vii-xviii.

Index of content

Abbreviations used are as follows:

C. Plummer, Bethada Náem nÉrenn. Lives of Irish saints. 2 vols. (Oxford 1922))
W. Stokes, The Martyrology of Gorman, HBS vol. 9 (London 1895)
W. Stokes, Calendar of Oengus (Dublin 1880)
W. Stokes, Félire Óengusso Céli Dé: the Martyrology of Oengus the Culdee, HBS 29 (London 1905)
R. I. Best & H. J. Lawlor, Martyrology of Tallaght from the Book of Leinster and MS. 5100-04 in the Royal Library, Brussels, HBS 68 (London 1931)


Inside front cover. Notes of account (6 ll., followed by space and a further 2 ll.), includes dated entries: (l. 5) ‘... Hac die 14 maii an. 1644 solum debet P. Colganus D. Lestenio 37 floreni’; (ll. 7-8) ‘... Solati sunt D. Joanni Pen. anno [1]644 die 25 novem. pro fusione litterarum 83 floreni…’ Remainder of page blank.

[A]r . Notes and jottings (various hands). (i) List of principal contents (one column, 4 ll.). (ii) Note on S. Switbertus ‘S. Switbertus senior seu S. Willibrordi socius obiit 723, etc.’ (4 ll.). (iii) Two hexameters, ‘Hoc vadet in tomba etc.’ (scribbled over), followed by jottings in English in large lettering, ‘I had this day / this day I had your favour etc.’ (crossed out).

[A]v.- [B]v. Blank (save for modern library marking f. [B]r ).

1r . Index to contents of ff. 6r-39r [formerly paginated ‘1-67’]. In single column, Irish and Latin. Includes two headings, viz. ‘Tabula sequentium usque ad Martyrol. Maoilmuire uire (sic) uí Gormáin’ (19 ll.) and ‘De Regulis sanctorum Hiberniae’ (14 ll. approx.). Hand mainly that of but with occasional data (dates etc.) added in another hand.

1v - 2v . Blank.

3r . ‘Sgiathluirech Choluim Cille.’ Sgiath De do nimh thoram · for bith cé gan anruth. 33 qq. (qq. 22, 27, 30, 31 augmented) (single couplet per line). Ends f. 4r i. (Another copy f. 7r; also 1, f. 65v.)

4v . ‘Itinerarium na fairrge o Choluim Cille in onoir chresa Mo Bhí.’ Crios an c[h]luig ar mo chnes · ar ndul dam a luing. 6 qq. (q. 3, l. a only).

5r - v . Blank.

6r . ‘Mac Coissi cc.’ Abair damsa re Derbail · tagair re hinghin Taidg tuaidh. 15 qq. (Ed. K. Meyer, ‘Mitteilungen aus irischen Handschriften’, ZCP 6 (1908), 269-70.) Subscribed, ‘Slicht in liubhair rúaidh innsin’.

6r 23. [APGITIR CHRÁBAID.] ‘De uerbis Colmain maco Bonæ .i. de uitius (leg. uitiis, sic index f. 1) latentibus [‘sub’ add. index] umbra bonorum operum.’ (Fragment.) BeginsIs dual duit ni thorgoethat na duailchi etc. Ends f. 6v 5,techtaid in gnim netail / […] bethaidh for nimh. finis. (Copy consulted for edition by V. Hull, ‘Apgitir Chrábaid: the Alphabet of Piety’, Celtica 8 (1968), 44-89 (cf. p. 48).) (Another copy 1, f. 65r.) Subscribed, ‘Slicht in liubair rúaidh do sccríbh mac I Choinnlis’.

6v 6. Episode concerning Moling in prose and verse. Begins [C]aillech do rad a mac do Moling, Finnat a hainm (20 ll.). (Another copy in 1, f. 65r.)

6v 26. Episode concerning Mac Raith. Begins Mac Raith mac mic Lomainig .i. fer gradha do Domhnall O Bríain, tanic iarna marbhadh do accallaim a anmcarat. Ends teid isin tempull ⁊ ni tiagait in lucht nach abar ainm & cetera.

7r . Verses on creation. Lethuair is tri huaire décc.1 q.; followed by Uair ar medhon laí cen locht.2 qq.

7r 7. [SGIATHLÚIRECH CHOLUIM CILLE.] ‘Lorica Coluim Cille incipit.’ Sciath Dé do nim umum · ar bith ce cáin áradh. 33 qq. (Single couplet per line in qq. 1-4, thereafter 1 q. per line.) Ends f. 7v. (See above f. 3r; another copy 1, f. 65v.)

7v 22. Four disconnected quatrains (6 ll.). (1)Meisi Béccan buan mo bladh; (2) Forcubhas caich léghfes léir (with glosses); (3) Is é airdhe na críne; (4) Mairg bhis for slighidh baegail (with glosses). (Items 2, 3 edited by Meyer, ‘Mitteilungen aus irischen Handschriften’, ZCP 6 (1908), 268.)

7v 28. [CEDBRIATHRA BICC MEIC DE.] Begins Cedbriathra Bhicc meic De iarna gein (nó breit[h]) focedoir .i. dia mbói cach acc á radha as becc in nóidhe. Ends Ére cen maith ó sin amach co tí in bráth. (Another copy 1, f. 66r m.)

8r . Disconnected quatrains (4 ll.). (1) Mocudo oc iasccairecht doibh; (2) Denam leasa do céli; (3) Cidh beacc med frighed do locht; (4) A ri rind · cid dubh mo thech no cidh finn. (Text (1) MGor., p. ix; another copy (1) 1, f. 66r.)

8r 5. ‘Celtair dichil Diarmata hInnsi Clothrann incipit.’ Beit gom snadhad ar gach ngabadh. 44 qq. Ends f. 8v 16. (Another copy 1, f. 66r.)

8v 17. Litany of Confession. ‘De confesione sancte Cíarane.’ Begins Peccaui et multiplicata sunt peccata mea. Preface (8 ll.) includes subheadings ‘De confesione,’ ‘Exametrum.’ Litany headed ‘Oratio ante confessionem’ (l. 25). Remainder of page in four columns, begins A Athair a Mheic, a Spirut dilgud dam. Continued ff. 9rv-10r in three columns (34 ll. each) with subheadings (‘Do derscuccadh De os na duilib’, ‘Caibitil samlaighthi inso’, ‘De confessione’). Ends f. 10rc 2, Credo / ⁊ pater ⁊ aue maria Finit. (Copy consulted for edition by C. Plummer, Irish litanies (London 1925), no. 1; cf. ibid. pp. xiii, 17).) (Another copy 1, f. 67r.) Subscribed ‘Ni dermat fó dera dhamh an / beccan sin ar an marbhán do/ chur thuasana acht ag lenmain/ na seancairte as ar bheanas, ⁊ / gan a fhios accam go cinnte / cia dona poncaibh áit ina / ttiubhrainn astech é, acht do / leanasa an tsencairt do réir/ mar fuaras remham etir fhocl[a] /, ⁊ puncaibh. &c.’

10rc 13. Litany of Jesus (I). Begins Ateoch frit, a Ísu noemh do chethri suiscelaig ro scribsat do shosceli coimdheta .i. Matha et Mairc, Lucas et Iohain. Continued to end of column, and on ff 10v-11v (two columns). Ends f. 11vb 7. (Copy consulted for edition by Plummer, Irish litanies, no. 4.) (Other copies 1 f. 69r, 4 f. 219v.)

11vb 8. Preface to Litany of Jesus (I). Begins Aurnaigthi Cholgan .h. Duinecda .i. fer leighinn Cluana Maic Nóis insin .i. Scuáp Crábaid. Ends f. 11vb 21 Ateoch frit a Ísu noemh (14 ll.). Cf. Plummer, Irish litanies, p. xvii-xviii.) (Another copy 1 f. 69r.) Subscribed, ‘Ni fes damh cia do na Cíaranaibh darab faoisidi / an ní do scriobhas ríasan Scuaip Crabaidh so, acht munab / é Ciaran Clúana do brigh gurab cneas reroile fuaras/ an dá ní gan edartoidhecht neith eile eaturrae’. Remainder of column blank.

12r 1. [DÁ APSTOL DÉCC NA hERENN.] ‘Do da apstol dég Éirenn.’ Begins Bator da apstal decc ha nErenn hi cCluain Iraird ica foglaim oc Findian. Prose and verse. Ends f. 13r 26 [Iudas Scarioth me indiu 13 qq.]. (Copy consulted for edition BNÉ I, pp. xiv, xxiv, 96-102.) (Another copy 1, f. 70v.)

13v . Rule of Echtgus húa Cuanáin. Headed ‘Echtgus .h. Cuanain do muintir Ruis Cre .cc. hoc regulum.’A dhuine nach creit íar coir · in fleidh caithe con altoir. 86 qq. (Single quatrain per line.) Ends f. 14v m. (Ed. A. G. van Hamel, ‘Poems from Brussels MS. 5100-04, I’, Revue Celtique 37 (1919), 345-49.; see translation and commentary by G. Murphy, ‘Eleventh or twelfth century Irish doctrine concerning the Real Presence’ in Medieval studies presented to Aubrey Gwynn, S.J. , ed. J. A Watt, J. B. Morrall, F. X. Martin, (Dublin 1961), 19-28.) (Another copy in UCD-OFM MS A 33, p. 87.) Subscribed ‘As an leabar do sccriobh Murchadh O Cuinnlis .i. an leabhar ruadh do scriobadh gach a bfuil san ccaternaeso / hi cconveint bratar Innsi no (‘I. n.’ expunged) Chuinnche hi tTuadmumain .30. Iunii 1634.’

14v 18. [GEINEMAIN AEDA SLAINE.] ‘Firt amhra ó Ciaran, & o Finden, & geineamhain Aedha Slaine sunn beos’. Begins Temair na righ is í ba domhnas díles da cech righ nó geibhedh Erinn. Ends f. 15v 24 [Mughain inghean concraidh cain 15 qq]. (Another copy 1, f. 72r.) Subscribed ‘As in lebar rúadh cheadna do scriobadh an la ceadna san cconveint remráitte/ misi an bráthair Mícél.’ Remainder of page blank.

16r - v . Blank.

17r . Rule of Colum Cille. Headed ‘Incipit regula Choluim Chille.’ Begins Bith ind uathad illucc fo leith i fail primhcatrach minab innill lat cubuss beith i coitchendas ina socaide. Ends f. 17v 11, no do modh do obair thorbhaigh no do shlechtanaibh co thihallus comminic manabat folma do derae. Finit. (Ed. E. O’Curry in W. Reeves, Acts of Archbishop Colton in his metropolitan visitation of the diocese of Derry (Dublin 1850), 109-12.)

17v 13. Rule of Ailbe. Headed ‘Riaghail Ailbe Imleach oc tincoscc Eogain maic Sarain o Cluain Coelain.’ Appair damh fri mac Sarain · is trom an t-oire gebes. 69 qq. With interlineal glosses at qq. 16a, 37d (scribal), etc. Ends f. 20r. (Ed. J. O’Neill, ‘The Rule of Ailbe of Emly’, Ériu 3 (1907), 92-115.)

20r 22. Rule of Cormac mac Cuilennáin. ‘Riaghail Corbmaic mic Cuilendáin indso.’ Samad buan briatar isel · fo fuar madme foglesed. 14 qq. Ends f. 22v. (Ed. J. Strachan, ‘Cormac’s Rule’, Ériu 2/1 (1905), 62-8.)

21r . Rule of Comgall of Bennchor. ‘Riagail Comhgaill Bendchair indso.’ Comha riaghail in Coimded · is and ni foigbe baegal. 36 qq. With interlineal glosses (scribal) at qq. 7a, 8b, 27d. Ends f. 22r 20. (Ed. J. Strachan, ‘An Old Irish metrical Rule’, Ériu 1/2 (1904), 191-208.)

22r 21. ‘Brigitt.’ Ropadh maith lem cormlind mor · do righ na righ. 7 qq. Ends f. 22v 5. (Ed. E. O’Curry, Lectures on the manuscript materials of ancient Irish history (Dublin 1873), 615-16.) Subscribed ‘I cconveint na mbrathar ind Ath Cliath ro scriobadh riaghail Colaim Cille/ & an meid fil ina diaigh anúasana, acht namá riagail Corbmaic mic Cuilennáin/ ro scriobadh as leabar Muiris mic Lughaidh I Clerigh i cconveint na mbratar ag Drobaois/ & as seinleabhar memruim le Flann Mag Craith do scriobadh na riaglacha eile mar adubramar reime in Ath Cliath .1. August 1627.’

22v 11. ‘Colum Cille fecit.’ Mellach lem bith ind ucht ailiuin · for beind cairge. 12 qq. Ends f. 23r 10. (Ed. K. Meyer, ‘Mitteilungen aus irischen Handscriften’, ZCP 5 (1905), 496-97.)

23r 11. ‘Colum Cille’. Oibind beith ar Beind Edair · re ndul tar fairrge findfind. 24 qq. (Ed. W. Reeves, The Life of St Columba (Dublin 1857), 285-89.)

24r 7. ‘Colum Cille cc. ag dol a Dermhaigh in cor deighenach.’ Nocha tathair diar senad · nocan fhell nocha mebhal. 13 qq.

24v 11. Metrical dialogue between Colum Cille and Cormac ua Liatháin. Headed ‘Imaccallaim Choluim Cilli, Corbmaic indso ind hÍ iar térnamh don choire Brecain, & iar siriudh ind aicciúin anforcnedhaigh co riacht ind uarda. Colum cetamas fecit.’ Dia do betha a Corbmaic cain · darsin fairrge fordalaigh. 17 qq. (15-17 augmented.) Ends f. 25r. (Ed. Reeves, The Life of St Columba, 264-69.) Subscribed ‘Asin leabhar do scriob Muirges mac Paidin Í Máoil Conaire .i. an leabhar nua do sgriobad so an ceidfecht. Ag Drobaois 22. Decembris aois an tigerna an tansa .1630.’

25v . ‘Colum Cille .cc. dia tudcaidh Corbmac cuicce asa tir.’Corbmac hua Liathain li glan. 16 qq. (Ed. Reeves, The Life of St Columba, 270-74.)

26r 8 Colum Cille’s prophecy of Adamnán. ‘Colum Cille oc tairngire Adamnain.’ Begins Gebaid a ainm dim anmain dogena cain (5 ll.). (Ed. K. Meyer, ‘Neue Mitteilungen aus irischen Handscriften. Eine Weissagung Colum Cille’s (Brüsseler Handschrift 2324, S. 41 [perperam])’, Archiv für Celtische Lexicographie 3 (1906), 231.)

26r 14. ‘Colum Cille cc.’ Doba mellach a mhic mo Dhe ⁊ aidble remend. 10 qq. (Ed. Reeves, The Life of St Columba, 274.)

26v 11. ‘Colum Cille cc.’ Fir usgimaith a ciald mait a tusci. 31 qq.

27v 20. ‘Corbmac mac Cuilennain cc.’Eirigh a ingen an righ. 17 qq. Ends f. 28r i. (Ed. A. G. van Hamel, ‘Poems from Brussels MS. 5100-04, II’, Revue Celtique 37 (1919), 349-51.) Subscribed ‘Ag Drobhaois damh aniú .27. Febru. 1630.’

28v . ‘Corbmac beos cc.’ Daccomhailltis reim ndligid. 11 qq. (Ed. K. Meyer, Selections from early Irish poetry, unpublished [Dublin 1909], no. 18.)

28v 24. ‘Corbmac cc.’ Mithidh techt tar mo timna. 13 qq. Ends f. 29r. (Ed. A. G. van Hamel, Revue Celtique 37 (1919), 351-52.)

29r 21. ‘Corbmac cc.’ Is imdha eccla ar mh’anmain. 9 qq. Ends f. 29v (followed by four blank lines). (Ed. Meyer, Archiv für Celtische Lexicographie 3 (1906), 216.)

29v 11. ‘Patraic ⁊ Brigitt ind imaccallaimsi.’ A Brighit a naemhingen. 5 qq. (Ed. B. Ó Cuív, Éigse 24 (1990), 65.)

29v 22. ‘Patraic dixit’. Torramha[t] do naemhaingel. 4 qq. Ends f. 30r 6. (Ed. P. O’Dwyer, ‘A tenth or eleventh century hymn attributed to Patrick’,Éigse 6/2 (1950), 111.) Subscribed ‘Ar slicht Muirgeasa mic Paidin ro scriobad na dánta sin Cholaim Cilli, Chormaic, Phatraic, ⁊ Brighde as leabhar Mhuiris mic Lughaidh I Clerigh, i cconveint bratar Dúin na nGall 27 Febru 1630.’

30r 10. Ceithre faide Gaedel nglan. 1½ qq.

30r 13. ‘Patraic cc.’ Cumma lem etir · cen co tias ilLaighnib. 15 qq. (Ed. K. Meyer, ‘Mitteilungen aus irischen Handschriften’, ZCP 8 (1910), 110-11.) Ends f. 30v 4.

30v 5. ‘Moling cc.’ (1) Tainic rath forettarsa. 18 qq. Ends f. 31r 11. (Ed. W. Stokes, ‘Poems ascribed to S. Moling from the Brussels MS. 5100-4, pp. 50-67,’ Anecdota from Irish Manuscripts 2 (1908), 20-41 (at pp. 20-2.)) (2) Glend na n-aingel n-ainglidhe. 14 qq. Ends f. 31v 10. (Ed. Stokes, ibid. 22-3.) (3) Gair na Gairbhe glebinne (with non-scribal accompanying note, for which see above.) 18 qq. (Ed. Stokes, ibid., 23-4.) Subscribed f. 32r 18, ‘Tuiccther asin randsin, ⁊ as an dá dhán gurab é Suibhne dorinne iad / gé gurab ar Moling chuireas an seinleabhar iad .i. leabar Murchaidh mic Briain.’

32r 21. Cros an Coimdhedh cumachtaigh. 12 qq. (Ed. Stokes, ‘Poems ascribed to S. Moling’, 25.)

32v 17. ‘Moling cc.’ A bhen Graig is gruccda sain. 24 qq. (Ed. Stokes, ‘Poems ascribed to S. Moling’, 26-8.)

33v 9. ‘Mael Isa cc.’ (1) Buaidh crabuidh buaidh n-ailithre. 4 qq. (Ed. Meyer, ‘Neue Mitteilungen aus irischen Handschriften. Zwei Gebete des Máel-Isu húa Brolcháin (†1086). (Brüsseler Hdschr. 2324, S. 56 [perperam])’, Archiv für Celtische Lexicographie 3 (1906), 230-31; (2) Etir min is mor. 5 qq. (Ed. Meyer, ibid. 223; (3) A Coimdhe báid ? a ri na rig. 5 qq. Ends f. 33v. (Ed. Meyer, ibid., 231.)

34r . ‘Molling cc.’ (1) Daigh mac Cairill ticfa im dail. 4 qq. (Ed. Stokes, ‘Poems ascribed to S. Moling’, 28.) (2) (l. 9) A Mulling na mill mo tuata. 3 qq. (Ed. Stokes, ibid. no. 7, p. 28.) (3) f. 34r 15. ‘Angelus Dei & Mulling dixit’. Gabhal do sruth Órtanain. 3 qq. (Ed. Stokes, ibid. 29.) (4) f. 34r 22. Mulling cc.’ Mo muilendsa is geb dedail. 5 qq. (Ed. Stokes, ibid. 29.)

34v 5. Thirteen poems ascribed to St. Moling. (1) ‘Mulling cc.’Cellan cille daimcinn duir. 5 qq. (2) ‘Mulling.’ Tangas cuccam o choin Cruachan. 3 qq. (3) ‘Mulling cc. ’Cech righdamhna Raigne. 3 qq. Ends f. 35r 1. (4) (f. 35r 1.) ‘Mulling.’ Cech fer cloinne Conallaig. 3 qq. (5) ‘Mulling.’ Bennacht lem do Chiarraighibh. 5 qq. (6) ‘Mulling.’ Is feta in t-airiughadh. 8 qq. (7) (f. 35v 9) ‘Mulling.’ Féocáine mac Brain. 3 qq. (8) ‘Mulling.’ A Mic Maire it foircclidhe. 3 qq. (9) ‘Mulling cc.’ Bennacht in Coimdedh do nimh 4 qq. Ends f. 36r 3. (10) (f. 36r 4) ‘Mulling cc.’ Hua Briuin occum riaruccud. 6 qq. (11) (f. 36r 17) ‘Mulling cc.’ Hui Degadh Osraighe áin. 24 qq. (12) (37r 12) ‘Mulling cc.’ Uamhain Gall tainig Mulling. 21 qq. (13) (f. 38r 1) ‘Mulling cc.’ Disert mBrecain sunn is t[s]leiph. 4 qq. (Items 1-13, ed. Stokes, ‘Poems ascribed to S. Moling’, 30-9.)

38r 9. ‘Colum Cille cc.’ Tech Mulling mic Faolain · mic Feradaigh find. 5 stt. (each comprising three couplets). (Ed. Stokes, ‘Poems ascribed to S. Moling’, 39-40.)

38r 25. ‘Mulling cc.’ A meic madatt buan. 19 qq (q. 19 augmented). (Ed. Stokes, ‘Poems ascribed to S. Moling’, 40-1.) Ends f. 39r 8, remainder blank.

f. 39v Blank.

40r . FÉlIRE OENGUSSO. Preface (composite version). Begins Cethardai condagar du cach elathain .i. locc ⁊ aimsior ⁊ persu ⁊ tuccait scribhind nó fath airicc. Ends f. 41v.,gusin daightech n-aibind n-etrach · ro gab fine Eachach airdd. Sen a Crist mo labra ⁊rl. coícc raind ochtmhogat ⁊ secht fil san ccedbrolach dond feleiri gusin cced kallainn .i. Re sil Dalach. (Readings not recorded for edition MO², 8-14; cf. ibid. p. viii-ix). (Another version, 6, ff. 46v-47r.)

42r . Index to contents of ff. 43-65 in two columns (former scribal pagination applied, viz. ‘1-45’). Heading ‘As priomhscoltaibh Feileire Aongais.’ Explanatory note (col. a): ‘An S. Aengussius ipse an unus vel plures eius scholiastae scripserint sequentia glossemata in eius Festilogium non sat compertum est ubi nullus expresso nomine producitur author nos sub Anonymi nomine reliquos citationes (?) adnotando de quibus agant sanctis et in quibus paginis.’ Begins (f. 42ra 7), De S. Brigida. Anonymus pag. 1 / De sancta Ita Anonymus pag. 1 etc. Ends f. 42va 9, Naoimshencas Naomh Innsi Fáil. Sealbach do róine circa an. 900. Remainder of f. blank.

43r . Scholia on Félire Oengusso. ‘Do primhscelaib an Feilire.’ Mainly prose with occasional dates assigned in margin (scribal hand). (Similar matter from other sources published by Stokes in MO²; also idem, MO¹; bibliographical references supplied below for selected scholia only.) (1) (In margin) ‘1 Feb.’ Fecht ro faidh Brighit muirseisear uaithe co Roimh dfoghlaim uird Petair etc. (14 ll.). (2) (l. 15) ‘15 Ianu.’ Ite Chluana credhal .i. nomen na cluana itá in ceall in uibh Conuill etc. Includes verse [Isuccan alar lim im disiurtán 6 qq.]. (Cf.MO² 44.) (3) f. 43v 16. ‘2 Ianu.’ Scoithini o tigh Scoithine etc. (Cf. MO² 40.) Followed by 1 q. (glossed) Tri Fursa aird uillinde. (4) f. 44r 18. ‘16 Ianu.’ Begins Fursa craibdech etc. (5) f. 44v ‘11 Feb.’Epscop Ethcen .i. i Cluain Bile indeisceart Midhe etc. (Cf.MO² 72.) (6) f. 45r 3. ‘9 Iun.’ Colam cille mac Feidlimid mac Ferccusa. Ends f. 45v ar is álainn mo crabadhsa & isam apriscc go minic. Finit. (Cf. MO² 146.) (7) f. 45v 20. ‘16 Maii.’ Fechtus do Bhrenainn (gl. ‘do Chiarraighe etc’). Ends f.46v 6 conidh í sin an ditrebhach Brenainn. (8) ‘21 Maii.’ Begins Ende Arne mac Conaill Deircc. (f. 47r 4, subheading ‘Endaehic híc dictus 2.’) Continued Fecht do rala he etc. Ends Tiaghait ar sett iar sin. (9) f. 47r 13, Episodes concerning St Moling. (i) ‘17 Iun.’ Moling Luachra ro bai fechtus etc. (includes verses Is ór glan is nem imgreim 4 qq., followed by note ‘Cuid as iar sin’, followed by 4 qq.). Ends f. 48r 6. (Cf. MO² 150). (ii) f. 48r 7, Fecht do Moling oc imtecht a hsétta etc. Ends f. 48v 3 Tét Moling iarsin, & scríobtar an scel sin occo. Finis. (iii) f. 48v 4, Fecht do Moling confacai Maol Doborcon mac Cellaigh. Ends f. 48v 18 con rucc Maol Dobarcon a eocha lais dia tigh. Finis. (Cf. MO² 152.) (10) f. 48v 19. Three legends. (i) ‘6 Mart.’ Coirpre Crom and Maelsechlainn’s soul. Begins Esboc uasol ro búi hi cCluain maic Nois, Coirpre Crom atberti fris. Ends f. 50r 10 conidh he scél Cairpre Cruim, ⁊ Maoil Sechlaind mic Maoil Ruanaidh .i. ri Erenn indsin. Finis. (Ed. W. Stokes, ‘Three legends from the Brussels manuscript 5100-4 (I.)’ Revue Celtique 26 (1905), 360-77 (pp. 362-68).) (ii) Coirpre Crom and St Ciaran. Begins Coirpre Crom mac Feradhaig mic Lugdach mic Dalláin mic Bresail mic Maine Móir a quo Huí Maine Connacht. Ends 50v 19 conidh maircc bís de sin cen a fhaisittin gres. Finis. (Ed. Stokes, ‘Three legends etc. (II.)’ 368-72.) (iii) f. 50v 20. Colum Cille’s three battles. Begins Tri catha la Colam cille. Includes note at f. 51r 5: ‘Atá in scélso i mBethaid Colaim Cille acht in laid / & da brighsin leiccim toram gusin laidh.’ This followed by Mochen a Cholaim na cloth. 17 qq. (11) f. 51v 17. ‘23 Iul.’ Begins Espoc uasal robúi hi cCluain maic Nois Caon Comrac Inse Endaimh a ainm do muintir Degha a cenel. Ends f. 53r 5, Nír caithsiot sruithe na nGáoideal feóil … o sin amach. (12) ‘4 Sept.’ Begins Ulltan quasi Altan .i. araghéire & ar a aithe etc. (13) f. 53v 11. 11 Sept.’ Begins Sillan .i. o Imbliuch Cassan hi Cualgne etc. (14) f. 53v 22. ‘10 Maii.’ Begins Fecht do Comhgall Bencair acc imthecht a shétta. (15) 54v10. ‘3Feb.’ Begins Colman mac Duach dia tta Cell mic Duach. Ends 55r 10, conidh leis iarumh Aidhne uile ocus clann Guaire mic Colmain o sin go brath ⁊rl. Finis. (Ed. Stokes, ‘Three legends etc. (III.)’, 372-77.) (16) f. 55v 11. Diarmait mac Cerbaill and Ciarán. Begins Ferthair iaramh aenach Tailltean la Diarmait mac Cerbaill. (17) f. 56r 11. ‘23 Jun.’ Begins Mochoe nAndruoma la hUllta etc. (Prose and verse.) (18) f. 56v 15. ‘25 Martii.’ Begins Fecht do Guaire Aidhne. (19) f. 57r 15. ‘18 Aug.’ Daigh mac Cairill, goba et cerd (3 ll.). (Cf. MO² 186.) (20) f. 57r 18. Finnén and the Law of Moses. ‘10 Sep.’ Comadh he Finnen Muighe Bile etc. (Cf. MO² 204). (21) f. 57v 4. ‘20 Octob.’ Begins Is e an Maoldub sin rug Feichin Fabhair laiss i ndaltus etc., followed by Maeldu bidba na ndeman ndaerdubh 5 qq. (cf. MO² 224;MO¹ p. clviii; another copy below, f. 63v).

58r 1. Verse scholia on Félire Oengusso. 172 qq. (these mainly discontinuous, grouped in sections in calendar sequence with months usually assigned in margin by scribe, and with frequent marginal attributions and occasional interlineal glosses.) (Bibliographical references below supplied as in preceding.) (1) Scholia on Prologue. Pauper bocht in cruidh ceancair 1q., followed by 8½ qq. Subscribed ‘Rainn marbhain an cédbrólaigh don Fheilire indsin.’ (2) [Jan.] Begins Fochaide righ nimhe náir 1 q., followed by (i) 6 qq., some attributed, with dates in margins; (ii) (f. 58v 9) Poem on Constantine’s leprosy Maithe tanic risin rig. 8 qq. (Cf. MO² 46; MO¹p. xxxvi-vii); (iii) Magh Ferna · magh i mbia Maedhocc Febhda 2 qq. Ends f. 59r 4. (3) ‘Cuid Feb.’ (in margin). Lupait & Ticris tend 1 q. (augmented) [other copies in 1, f. 23,6, 44v 14] + 14 qq. Ends f. 59v 10. (4) ‘Cuid Marta.’ Ticfa Cartach cuccaib 1 q., + 21 qq. Ends f. 60v 1. (5) (l. 2) ‘Cuid April dona rannaibh cuis, ⁊ marbhain.’ Dlighidh Finan fír cuarta 2 qq. + ‘Cechtamair Droma Dubain cc.’ A Derbfraich a máthair Tigearnaigh náeimh 1 q. (cf. MO² 110) + ‘Tigernach cc.’ Mírin arain eorana áin 1q. (cf. ibid.) + ‘Colum Cille cc.’ In almsa i ndiaidh na haeine 5 qq. + ‘Colum Cille cc.’ I madain uair geimhreta 7 qq. Ends f. 61r 10. (6) ‘Cuid Mai.’ In la do cuas ind airc Noe 1 q. + 18 qq. (including Teora saoba sanasa 1½ qq. ed. K. Meyer, The triads of Ireland Todd Lecture Series XIII (Dublin 1906), p. ix n. 1; cf. P. Grosjean, ‘Notes d’hagiographie celtique 15-18’, Analecta Bollandiana 69 (1951) 77-106 (104 n. 2). Ends f. 61v 24. (7) (l. 25) ‘Cuid Iuin’. Óes dana an righ co rim 1 q. + 17 qq. Ends f. 62v 4. (8) ‘Cuid Iúl.’ Noi ficit bliadan malle 1 q. (glossed) + 9 qq. Ends f. 62v 14. (9) ‘Cuid Auguist.’ Fir nime fir talman ard rudrach 2 qq. + 2 qq. Ends 62v 14. (10) ‘Cuid Sept.’ Biathad a daltan do Ultan 2 qq. (cf. MO² 200) + 3 qq. followed by series beginning La Patric la Giric 3½ qq. [cf.MO² 212]. Ends f. 63r 15. (11) (l. 16) ‘Cuid Octob.’ Aodh ba he a ainm iar fir 2 + 1 qq., followed by Maeldub bidba na ndeman ndaerdub, 5 qq. (other copy above f. 57v) + 3 qq. Ends f. 63v 7. (12) ‘Cuid Novemb.’ Ma rotfia caith in Domhnach ar Dhía 1 q. + 10 qq. Ends f. 64r 2. (13) [Dec.] Cet duine in Albain cét aile i Midhe 1 q. + 12 qq. Ends f. 64r 16. Followed by line-space after which the scribe enters note on the number of quatrains in Féilire Oengusso (2 ll.), ‘A coic sescatt ar trib cedaib cuirp ind feilire feissin, ⁊ ase, ⁊ aen / fichet décc in da brolaig he conidh a haen .x. ⁊ ceitre ficit, ⁊ coícc céd insin uile.’ (Cf. MO² 288 n21.) (For a shorter collection of similar scholia including many shared items (e.g 2 (ii), 3, 4 etc.), see 6, f. 44rv.)

64r 17. Poem on the author of the Féilire. Aibhind suide sunn imne. 13 qq. (Note added in left margin adjacent to q. 1: ‘Aongus eile cc, ut videtur.’) Ends f. 64v 20. (Cf. MO² p. xxiv.) (Another copy 6, f. 28, ed. R. Thurneysen, see ad loc.)

64v 21 ‘Incipit Feleire Adamnain dia mathair hic.’ Noim na cceithre raithe. 7½ qq. (Marginal note appended to q. 7 gives variant of second couplet with comment.) Ends f. 65r 11. Subscribed (3 ll.): ‘Aois an tigerna an trath ro sgriobh Siodhraidh ua Maelconaire an leabhar as / ar sgriobadh na roinn marbhain ⁊ chuis sin bheanas le corp an Feilire .i. / m.ccccc. xxx. iiii.; Aois an tigearna an tan so .9. febru .1630.’ Remainder of page blank.

65v . Blank.

66r . [FÉLIRE OENGUSSO.] Prologue. ‘Festilogium S. Aengussii keledei’ (heading added with other non-scribal markings in margins above and below). Begins Iesus. (New line) Sen a Christ mo labra. 85 qq. (single quatrain per line, extensive interlineal glossing). Ends f. 67v 17, Flaithem noem na nuile · Crist mac Muire noieme · Isu inmain áighe (gl. .i. calma) · toied re sil doeine. (Copy collated for edition, MO²,17-31.) Space follows with line drawn horizontally below, under which (f. 67v 19) the scribe enters a short sequence of lexicographical glosses related to foregoing in two columns. Col. (a) begins Re sil Dalach .i. hicotat dala. Toied .i. ticced (7 ll.). Ends col. b, l. 3.

68r . [FÉLIRE ÉLIRE OENGUSSO.] Metrical martyrology. 374 qq. (Single quatrain per line, changes to single couplet per line at f. 69v m. (8 ll.); month’s quatrains numbered (‘1’ etc.) and extensive glossing entered by scribe; copious later annotations include month’s name inscribed in Latin at opening of each in margin.) ‘Januarius’ (added sic passim), begins [R]e sil Dalach doine · toied in ri remain (space left for large initial), 31 qq. Continued f. 69v, ‘Februarius’, Mórait kalaind Febru · fros martir mor ngledend, 28 qq.; f. 70v ‘Martius’, For kalaind mis Marta · nít mordai fria ngudi, 31 qq.; f. 72r ‘Aprilis’, Soerait kalaind Apreil · Ambrois co méit glaine, 30 qq.; f. 73v ‘Maius’, Kallaind Mai mo chaime · gein Pilipp as díxu, 31 qq.; f. 75r ‘Iunius’, Oidh menman feil Teclai · ar dlig dím a céattal, 30 qq.; f. 76v ‘Julius’, [Iu]il i kalaind mirbuil · Muire moras Mathae, 31 qq.; f. 78r ‘Augustus’, [D]o kalaind in Auguist · do raraic mór mbrige, 31 qq.; f. 79v ‘September’, [F]or September kalaind · Cicilia co ndirgi, 30 qq.; f. 81r ‘October’ [B]uaid prisce pais Lucais · lith Germán grían cétal, 30 qq. (with note added in right margin between qq. 7-8, ‘Deest hic dies octauus etc.’ (5 ll.)), ends f. 82r 16 (remainder of page blank); f. 82v ‘November’, Lonan Colman Cronan · cona cléir gil gríanaig, 30 qq.; f.84r ‘December’, Sluinn December Kalaind · Candida cain curach, 31 qq. (Copy collated for edition, MO², 33-263.)

85v . [FÉLIRE OENGUSSO.] Epilogue. On kalaind co raile · ro fersam ar níarair, 139 qq. Single couplet per line, changes to single quatrain per line f. 91r 1. Ends f. 91v 10,in rigraid imrordus · IMRORDUS IN RIGRAID. FINIS. (Copy collated for edition MO², 264-88.) Followed in lower margin by note on authorship of Féilire entered later, below which is a further note by same with text loss due to cutting.)

92r . Blank.

92v . Topographical note, otherwise blank.

93r . Blank.

93v . Excerpt from Latin historical work, viz. Chronica Slauorum seu Annales Helmoldi presbyteri Buzouiensi [sc. Reiner Reinecius] / impressa in folio Francofurti … an. 1581, pag. 645 cap.(1?) 217, text loss due to cutting).

94r . Note (at top of page), heading, ‘M. Gormanus’, followed by ‘Sancti de quibus dubito an sint Hiberni an alii; quia non reperiuntur / in aliis martyrologiis iis quibus denotantur diebus’. After space list follows (single column, 4 ll.) headed ‘Februarii’.

94v - 95rv . Blank.

96r . [FÉLIRE HUÍ GORMÁIN.] Testimonial in Irish in hand ofFerfeasa O Maolchonaire with signatures of same and Cu Coigcriche, O Clerigh. ‘i cconuent Dúin na nGall’, 18 August 1633. (Text with translation, MGor. 2-3.)

96v - 97r . Blank.

97v . [FÉLIRE HUÍ GORMÁIN.] Preface. Begins Is e inad i ndernad in felere se, Cnoc na nApstol i lLughmhudh. Ends f. 98r 10. (Ed. MGor. 4.)

98v - 99 . Blank.

100r . [FÉLIRE HUÍ GORMÁIN.] Metrical martyrology. 244 stt. + 4 qq. (Stanzas of varying length, four parts per line, twenty lines per page; with interlineal and marginal glosses in minute hand by scribe; some later annotation added). Begins IHS Ianuarius. For kalaind aird Enair · fo recht Isu ergna (10 ll.). Continued f. 106v m. Februarius; f. 112r Martius; f. 117v m. Aprilis; f. 123r m. Maius; f. 129r m. Junius; f. 135r. Julius; f. 140v m. Augustus; f. 146v. September; f. 152v. October; f. 158v. November; f. 164v m. December. Ends f. 170v., Cech noeb ro búi, bias (4 qq.). Finis. (Ed. MGor. 6-251.)

171r . Two columns, each headed ‘Ianuarii’, with lines numbered 1-11 in left margin, otherwise blank.

171v - 175r . Blank.

175v . Excerpts headed ‘Ex Bollando to. 1.’ Begins Annorum septem existentes etc. (2 ll.).

176r . List of saints (2 ll.), followed by continuation of foregoing ‘Ex Bolando to. 1’ (4 ll.).

176v . Blank.

177r . (Inserted slip) Notes in Latin on Fedlimid mac Crimthainn (14 ll.).

177v . Blank.

178r . Continued from f. 176r (10 ll. with spaces intervening).

178v . Continues preceding. Headed ‘Qui diu vixerunt’. Notes on longevity of saints (Sinchell, Mochtaeus, Kieranus, etc.) with dates, accompanied by Irish verses extracted from scholia, annals etc. Ends f. 179r.

179v . Continues preceding. List of saints with dates headed ‘M. Taml. nihil habet de sequentibus’ (14 ll.). Followed by note ‘Habet M. Taml. sequentes.’ (1 l.).

180r . Continues preceding. Includes note ‘17 Ap. Donnain Ega cum suis 52 quorum nomina (inquit) in majore libro scripsimus’ This note to be linked with reference to same source below at f. 197ra 13. List of names with dates follows, headed ‘Habet MTaml. sequentes’ (continued from f. 179v) (5 ll.). Various jottings at top and bottom of page, viz. ‘Mochuda vide Machutus etc.’ (6 ll.), ‘illustrissimi’ / ‘diomsach’ / ‘diomarcaigh’ / ‘Diomaoin do duine ar dhoman’, ‘diomsach dfar’ (for similarly worded jottings see UCD-OFM MS A7, f. 48d, see FLK Cat. 15; also 6, f. 30r.)

180v . ‘Verba P[atris] N[ostri] S. Franc[isci] in Latinam (altered to Hibernicam) conversa per Rm. P. Hugonem Cauellum.’ Mór do geallsam uainn. 6 qq. (with corrections added later). (Ed. F. O’Brien, ‘A poem by Aodh Mac Aingil’, Irish Ecclesiastical Record 36 (1930), 517-20; also C. Mhág Craith, Dán na mBráthar Mionúr 1 (1967), 167-8.)

181r . List pairing apostles etc. with correlative Irish saints. Headed ‘Hi sunt sancti qui erant unius moris et uitæ ut dicunt’. BeginsIohannes Baptiza escop Ibair. / Petrus apostolus. Patricius. Ends f. 181v 11 Augustinus episcopus angelorum, Barre escop Muman ⁊ Connacht. (Another copy 7, f. 101r.) Remainder of page blank.

182r . [MARTYROLOGY OF TALLAGHT] (incomplete). ‘Incipit martira Oengus mc. Oibleain ⁊ Maolruain íc.’ Begins Kl Enair Brocan mac Ennae. Entry for 1 January written across the page (5 ll.), thereafter in two columns. Scribe breaks off mid-sentence at f. 197ra 12 (ends i lLaind) in entry for October 30; adds note at foot of page, col. a also (in part cut away): ‘ni fhuarus an cuid ele don martarlaic / san seanleabar i cCill Dara 22 A ...’. (Collated for edition, MTall. 178-90.)

197ra 13. [MARTYROLOGY OF TALLAGHT.] Supplementary entries. Begins ‘Asan leabar mor so sios’ (see above f. 180r). Supplies list of entries for 31 October, after which the remainder of col. a is left blank. Col. b is headed ‘December’, with entries supplied for 17-31 December. Ends f. 197v, col. b. Finnio Airne (l. 27). (Matter not collated MTall. p. xvi (and n.).

197vb i. Three notes. (i) Dec. 18, Cummenus (3 ll.); (ii) Emianus (4 ll.) (cf. MTall. 126), followed by ‘So as marbán Mar Tam’; (iii) obits of ‘Bran m. Conuill etc.’ and ‘Bran úa Faoláin etc.’

198r . Names of Irish bishops, priests and deacons. In four columns (a-d) to end of f. 198r. Col. a headed ‘Comainmniughadh noem Erenn inso’. Begins Aed Ferna (2 ll., false start, remainder of col. left blank). Col. b/c headed ‘Hi sunt episcopi Hibernensis [sic].’ Begins (col. b) Patricius magnus / Patric[ius] Ruis Dela /Patricius hostiari [sic] (29 ll.), col. c ends Etail. Continues f. 198va in five columns, f. 199rv four columns. Headings at f. 199rb 23, ‘Hi sunt sacerd[ot]es’; f. 199vb ‘Hi sunt diaconi.’ Ends f. 199vd 6. (Cf. Book of Leinster VI, ed. A. O’Sullivan (Dublin 1983), pp. 1649-59.)

200r . Blank.

200v . ‘Authores regularum.’ List of Rules and their authors (3 ll.).

201 . Blank.

202r . Note (5 ll.) cancelled. Followed by ‘In martyrologio Casselensi habentur sequentes’ (1 l.).

202v . Blank.

203r . Attestation in Latin (11 ll.) with signatures of Fr Bernardinus Clery Guardianus Dungallensis, Fr Mauritius Ultanus, and Fr Mauritius Ultanus, ‘die 29 Aprilis 1636’. (Ed. P. Grosjean, Irish Texts 3 (1931), 79.) Followed at foot of page by some notes on saints with dates (3 ll.).

203v . Blank.

204r . Attestation in Latin (8 ll.) with signature of Ioannes Culennanus Episcopus Rapotensis, ‘29 Aprilis 1636’. (Ed. P. Grosjean, Irish Texts 3 (1931), 79.). Paper seal affixed.

204v . Blank.

205r . Testimonial in Irish (16 ll.) with signature of Conell McGeoghegan, 11 October 1636 (hand of signatory). (Ed. P. Grosjean, Irish Texts 3 (1931), 80.)

205v . List of saints mentioned in Naoimhshenchas.

206r . Naoimhsheanchas naomh innsi Fáil. 169 qq. Ends f. 211r m. Subscribed ‘A cconveint Dhúin na nGall do sccriobh an brathair Michel o Cleirigh an dhuan shencusa so da ngoirtear Naoimhsenchus naomh innsi Fáil. 25. April. 1636, as leabhar mheamruim le Muiris mac Torna uí Maoil Conaire.’ (Other copies below, f. 212r, and 2, f. 1r [see ad loc.].)

211r 16. ‘Aongus cele Dé ughdar psaltrach na rann cc.’ Húi Neill uile ar cúl Coluim · ní sccath muine. 4 qq. Followed by ‘Breth in aingil innsin etir ardnaomhaibh Erenn.’ Subscribed ‘A nDroicheat Atha do sgriobad na roinn becca sin as seinleabar cianaosta dorcha an ceidfeacht .6. Augusti, 1627.’

211r 26. Carais Pattruicc Phuirt Macha (qq. 1-2, 37 only). Ends f. 211v 8. (Ed. Stokes, ZCP 1 (1897) 59-73.) (Complete copy in 1, f. 44r.) Obit of S. Cuimíne, bishop of Noendruim (658).

212r . Naoimhshenchas naomh Innsi Fáil. 180 qq. Ends f. 217r. Subscribed ‘An brathair Michel O Cleirigh do sgriobh an duan so a cconveint Duin na nGall as an ccoip do sgriobadh as leabhar Leacain Mhic Fir Bhisigh ⁊ nir chuir athrucchadh suidhighte na cumaoin sgribhneorachta uirre acht ani fuair san ccoip asar sgriobh .28. April. 1636.’ Other copy above f. 206r.

217v . Pairt adbal Ambrósi 1 q.

218r . Heading ‘Vitae quae habentur in Nicolao Bellfort […](?) / Eccl. S. Joannis Suessionensis Canon. Reg. … prout citantur in Indice. Sed in opere aliter.’ List arranged according to month (January-September).

218v . Continuation of foregoing. Followed by miscellaneous notes and jottings in various hands.

Inside back cover.

Headed ‘Iesus Maria’. List follows (obscured by flap). Also verse: ‘Claoidter cos na coingleaca · dar leamsa nir gniomh gamna · dul go tréun ag coinbeasuibh · ina gclaoidter an tarbhdhamh’. Remainder blank.

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