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MS B iv 2

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Royal Irish Academy


B iv 2

Mainly Verse.

B iv 2. Mainly Verse.

17th cent. Paper. Ca. 7½ × 5⅘. Pp. 304, remounted and interleaved with thin white paper; foliation runs [a], 4-37, 40-72, 72-74, 77-81, 83-95, 101-119, 119 (2), 120-162. Part of ff. 36, 37, 69, 70, 74, 141, 142 has been cut away, and leaves have been excised after fo. 37 and between ff. 85, 86. Ms., which is in imperfect condition at beginning and end, has been rebound lately in half-leather, green, gilt-lettered on back “Stowe MS B.IV 2.” In re-binding, fo. 3 has been wrongly inserted after fo. 119, and is now numbered (in pencil) 119 (2).

There are no scribal signatures, but handwriting is that of Michael O’Clery. Ms. was written in 1627 and 1628, see notes at ft 123 vo i, 127 i; the first of these notes reads: “As leabhar na hUa Chóngbála i cCill Dara i Máinistir na mbratar do scriobadh na naoi nduanta sin (see infra) a mi October na bliadna sa 1627.” Other notes, ft 146 vo i and 156 vo i, read: “As duillenaibh Maoileachlainn mic Fithil do scriobhus . . .” Ff. 92 vo-93 vo m were written by another scribe. Ff. 136 vo, 162 vo are blank.

In 1653 this MS. belonged to “Maurice Brauins” (?), whose name appears at ff. 42 vo i, 43 i, 51 i, 89 vo, 116 vo i, 117 vo i "ye younger," 118 vo i, 144 i. The ms. was scribbled over in a childish fashion at this time (see fo. 140 vo marg., “My intention is to scribell all ye booke . . .”); this scribbling is all in English, and includes a note (fo. 124 vo) : “Permitt Grifon Brooks planter to shipp out of ye Swan Capt. Swanty(?) Commander from St. Christopher 45 [ ] of tobaco Dated ye 2d of August 1653," and also the following names:—“Ye Right Honorable Sir Charles Coote, Barronett, Lord Presedent of Connaught,” ft 15, 90, 125 i, 151 vo ("Commander in Chief of Ulster"); "Mr Morgan (H. Morgan)," 17 vo i, 19 i; “ Capt. John Eyre, ” 18 vo i, 69, 80 vo, 81, 123, 125 i, 127 i, 144; “Richard Coote,” 25, 69 (?), 69 vo i, 81(?), 122 vo (?), 124 vo; “Kellys,” 32 marg.; "Robt," 32 vo; “ Mathew ffrench, 41 vo i; " Richard Dawes, " 53 i, 136 i, 148 i; “(Hugh) Edward Allen,” 67 vo i, 68 i, 69, 85 vo, 86, 106 vo (?); “Charles O Lery (?), ” 80 vo; “James,” 81; “ (Revd.) Pauldot,” 81, 124 vo, 128 vo i (also “Pouland”); "Ellisabeth," 89 vo; “ Morris, ” 92 i, 144; "Henry," 107; “John Fennell (?) Esq.,” 107 i, 129 vo; “John Brauins (the elder),” 117 i, 118 i; “Richard Whitte,” 118 vo, 119 i, 123; “Kirwan,” 119 vo; “Bryn Cane of Gallway,” 123; “Hugo,” 123; “James Magter,” “Buttrie,” 129 vo; “John Ennos, prentice,” 129 vo, 130 vo; “Nicol,” “Nicholas [ ]errot,” 130 i, 131 i; “Thomas,” 131; “Capt. Tho. Prier (also Prior),” 134 vo; “William Cocksodge,” 142 i; James [ ],” 143 vo; “Andrew Moore,” “John Lynch,” “Ja. Bodkine,” 144; “Geo. Prior,” 145. A subsequent hand has been at work attempting to delete some of these names.

In 1672,.see fo. 74 vo (and perhaps in 1670, see fo. 111 vo i), our ms. was in the possession of Roderick O'Flaherty, author of Ogygia, who added many marginal notes; a century later (1768), it belonged to Charles O'Conor of Belanagare, see fo. [a], who also made copious annotations. Sometimes missing or extra verses have been supplied by these commentators, but these later additions have not been reckoned in the counts of quatrains for the various poems where they occur. One note, fo. 32 i, appears to have been written by Dr. O'Conor, author of Bibliotheca MS Stowensis, where this ms. is described in vol. i, p. 85, Press I, no. xvi.

Ms. is in quite good condition and writing is clear.


[a.] Two pages of annotated index written by Charles O'Conor of Belanagare, preceded by a note : “October 1768. Oramsa Cathal Úa Conchabhair ro thuit an leabhar so Ruaidhrí oirdheirc Uí Flaithbheartaigh et oruinne ar n-aonar ro thuit an scrúdadh screaptra so na sean- Ghaodhal; et gan meas anos air ar n-ealadhain." Index is followed by some calculations, headed: "Móid sunn ar an aimsir o thorainn toighe na hEamhna etc."

1, 2. missing.

[3.] Sec fo. 119 (2), which is this folio.

4 . Gillae Caemháin. Ere ard inis na Ríogh. 158 qq Preceded by invocation, "IHS. M."

10 m. Prose tract on the monarchs of Ireland after the coming of Christianity, headed, "Iar ccreidem indso," beg. Laeghaire mac Neill xxx bliadhna ro bui i righi Erenn . . .

12 i. Giollai Mo Dhuda, Ere og inis na naemh. 91 qq.

16 . O Dúbhagáin. Ata sunn senchas riogh Eirenn. 140 + 1 qq.

21 vo m. Giolla Coemain. A eolcha Erenn airde. 48 qq.

23 vo m. O Duinn (author’s name added by O'Flaherty). Aoibhinn sin a Éire ard. 98 qq.

27 vo m. Eol damh seisear cloinne Cuinn. 50 qq. Preceded by note in C. O'Conor's hand: “An duain so romhainn do dhénam a ndáil Thoirredhealbhaigh Mhóir Uí Choncabhair R.E.”

29 vo i. Eochaidh Ua Floinn. Cóig righ dhég deirge gosa. 3 qq. In Charles O’Conor’s handwriting.

30 . Freccair meisi a mhic Coisi. 36 qq. "Eidirchomrádh sunn ag Donnchadh mac Briain et Mac Coisi." Title added by Charles O’Conor.

31 vo m. Dursan mar tái a Dhúin na Scieth. 8 qq.

32 . Mac Choncabhair Ua Cheallaigh. 1200 (O’Conor’s ascription). Genelach ó a Maine Mór. 119 qq. Ends fo. 37 ; lower half of this leaf has been cut away. A scribbled alphabet is in verso. Following leaf has been excised.

40 . Cland ottamhan uaisle Eamhna. 82 qq.

43 vo. Eamain alainn árus Uladh, 19 qq.

44 m. Cruacha Connacht rath co rath. 69 qq.

47 m. Fionnat seanchaidhe ffear fFail. 74 qq.

50 i. Donnchadh Bacach Ua Maolconaire (author’s name added by O’Conor). Eistigh a éiccsi Banba. 43 qq.

52 m. Cianocc inghean Chiocharain. 17 qq. “Beansheanchus.” Title given by O’Conor, who has added some notes and obits at end of poem, fo. 52 vo i.

53 . Flann Mainistreach (ascription contradicted by O’Conor). Conall cuingidh cloinde Neill. 58 qq.

55 m. Ata sunn rulla na riogh. 29 qq. Described by O’Conor as “Dan bregach nár chum. Flann ná Pátraic.”

56 m. Enna dalta Cairpre cruaidh. 46 qq.

57 vo m. Estidh re Conall calma. 24 qq.

58 vo m. Cairpre, Eoghan, Enda eim, 11 qq.

59 . A eolcha Chonaill ceolaigh. 32 qq.

60 i. A liubhair ata ar do lár. 17 qq.

60 vo i. Ata sunn senchas nach suaill. 17 qq.

61 vo m. Benndacht ort a Floinn Aidhne. 13 qq. Ascribed to Laitheog (by O’Conor) “madh fíor.”

62 m. Congal cinn maghair maith ri. 7 qq.

62 i. Flann mac Lonáin, ollamh Connacht. Ard na scela a mheic na ccuach. 63 qq. The scribe skips fo. 62 vo; handwriting is much smaller ff. 63-65, but appears to be that of the same scribe.

62 vo. Notes in the handwriting of Charles O’Conor of Belanagare, continued from fo. [a] vo, and including “Genelach Toighe na hEamhna” and “Genelach Sleachta Ereamoin ar feadh na Rée sin.”

65 i. Gilla Briccde mac Conmide. Rocca na cloinne Conall. 41 qq.

67 . idem. Conall cuingidh cloinne Neill 33 qq. This is not the same poem as that on fo. 53, which has the same first line.

68 m. Brian R[uadh] Mac Conmide. Iomdha urraim ag Ulltaibh. 37 qq.

69 . An ceist for cloinn na cColla. 23 qq.

70 . Midhe maighen cloinde Guinn. 51 qq.

72 . Mac Coisi. Moelsechlainn sinnsear Gaoidheal. 26 qq.

72 [a]. Aedh oilicch inmhain lim he. 9 + 1 (beg. Ceithre bliadhna gan mearbaill) qq.

72 [a] i. Mian Corbmaic tighe Teamhra. 12 qq.

72 [a] vo i. Dun Eoghain bel forsan loch. 8 qq.

73 m Ce lion triocha ind Erind áin. 11 qq. Followed by some notes and calculations in O’Conor's handwriting (1772).

74 . Further notes by O'Conor; lower half of this leaf has been cut away.

74 vo. O Heogusa. Denaidh cruas a chliar chrabhaidh. 3 qq. Dated 1672. This was transcribed by O'Flaherty, according to O'Conor: “Lamh orrdearc Ruaidhri Ui Fhlaithbheartaigh on Phárc a Macch Uillinn."

77 . Coiccedh Laighen na lecht riogh. 69 qq.

79 vo m. A coiccedh cain Chairpre cruaidh. 35 qq. Ends fo. 81 m; lower half of page was left blank, and has since been scribbled over.

81 vo. Some words in O'Flaherty's hand and a note by O'Conor (1769), followed by a list (“Riograidhe Eamhna") written by him.

83 . Caisel cathair clann Mogha. 73 qq.

85 vo i. Maoilin Occ mac Bruaideaghda. Cuirfead cummáin ar cloinn Tail. 97 qq. A note on the author has been written at ff. 85 vo i, 86 i by O'Flaherty, dated 1706.

89 vo m. Marthain duit a Ioraird fhéil. 52 qq.

91 vo m. Na tri Cuinn do sliocht an Ruaidh. 22 qq. Preceded by note of O'Conor's : "A chompáin Mholing et Baoithín is tusa an fáidh bréicce." See last quatrain.

92 vo. Gilla Brighde Mac Conmidhe. Tainig tairrngire na n-érlamh. 33 qq. "D'Aodh mac Domhnuill Óig Ui Dhomhnuill a ecc 1333." Title added later.

94 . Tadg Mor O Huiginn. Gach en mar a adba. 42 qq.

95 vo i. Ceithre bliadhna for a deich. 1 q. Probably written later.

101 . hEriu ard inis na righ. 150 qq. Ends fo. 107 vo, followed by words “Sliocht Liubhair na hUa Chongbala.” At foot of page is a quatrain beg. . . . viii. mbliadhna Enna enaigh.

107 vo m. Gilla Coemain (ascribed by O’Flaherty to Conaing Ua Maolchonaire). Ata sund forba fessa. 37 qq. From same source as preceding. Some notes on this poem, written by scribe, are at fo. 108 vo i.

109 vo. idem. Annaladh anall uile. 58 qq. Followed by note: “As Leabhar na hUa Congbála do sccriobhadh.” The date 1630 appears very small and faint in margin, lengthwise (fo. 111 vo i); near it the number of years to 1670 has been calculated. A note of O’Flaherty’s follows, giving January 1671 as the date of Duald Mac Firbis’ death (“a Thoma Croftono occisus”).

112 . Fland Mainistrech. Righ Temra dia tesband tnú. 35 qq. “Sliocht Leabhar na hUa Chongbála.” Preceded by invocation "IHS."

113 vo m. idem. Righ Temra toebaige iartain. 52 qq. “As leabhar na hUa Chongbála do sccríobhadh an duan so.”

116 . Maelmuru Othna. Canam bunadas na nGaedel. 83 qq. From the same source.

119 (2). Acephalous. Nisbatar mna saidbri. 31 qq., from another copy of Canam bunadas na nGaedel. This leaf is wrongly placed; it is really fo. 3.

120 . Fland Fina. Roddet a n-inis Find Fail. 24 qq. From Leabhar na hUa Chongbála.

121 m. Ailill Ulom. Beir mo sciath sceo fri úath. 25 qq. From the same source.

122 m, idem. A mhaccain na cí. 44 qq. Followed by scribal note, see introduction.

124 . Short prose passage, beg. Laithe n-aon dia rabhator tareis gnia leigind ... “Ar sliocht Maoileachlain mic Fithil (?) do sccriobhus.”

124 vo. Scribblings.

125 . BRUIDHEAN MIC DA REO (title added by later hand). Beg. Boe fodhard mor oc aithechtoathaibh Erend . . . Includes poem (fo. 126 vo m). Saorclannd Eirionn uile. 12 qq. Ends fo. 127 i, followed by date 21 Iuin 1628.

127 vo. Prose tract beg. Cídh dia mbaoi in ces for Ultoiph.

128 vo m. Diamad meisi an truagan truagh. 1 q.

128 vo i. Se bliadna .1. gun oil. 6 qq.

129 m. Madh bagach as mibladach. 3 qq. “Suim” is written in margin beside this and the following entry.

129 i. Flaithis uFer mBolcc mbrat glan mbind. 4 qq.

129 vo. A Mor maigne moigi siuil. 11 qq.

130. In rannán do gniath samh. 17 + 3 qq.

130 vo i. Ceandfaoladh mac Ailella. Suidiuccad thighe midhcuarta. 31 qq.

132 m. A coigiod caoin Cairpri crouid (alt. later to crúaidh). 37 qq. See also fo. 79 vo m.

133 vo. A bean nacham Aicille. 49 qq.

135 vo. Feochoir mo luan rem lesmac. 9 qq.

135 vo m. A fir na mannoir an ces. 3 qq. "Triar occlach do muinntir Oedho Mic Domnaill na tig oigedh ro cumsat na runna sa." These qq. are annotated by the scribe and followed by a note on name Eis Ruaidh.

136. 11 11. of prose, beg. Eo Rosa, et Eo Magna et Bile Tortan . . . Introducing following item.

136 m Cia do rorchair craob Daitin. 4 qq.

136 i. Tomus tige mec an óg. 3 qq. Verso blank.

137. Colum cille. A Muiri mín maith inghen. 16 qq. Preceded by invocation "IHS."

137 vo m. Dia lem fri cech sniomh. 18 qq.

138 i. Deus mens adiúva me. 28 11. Latin and Irish.

138 vo m. M’aonarán imm’aireglán. 14 qq. Followed by 3 11. of prose, beg. Batur triar do muintir Corcrain . . .

139 i. Neach at cobrai dol for nem. 28 qq. "Anmcairdeas Manchain leith."

140 i. Iodhal oro hairccedhsom. 24 qq.

141 i. Colum Cilli. Ropadh mellach a mic mo De. 10 qq.

141 vo i. Is mebal dom imradudh. 12 qq.

142 i. Uasal epscop Eirenn Aodh. 33 qq.

143 vo m. Pattraicc Macha martai Gaidil. 12+1 qq.

144 m. “Aided Breasail.” Beg. Fledh di rinne Bressal mac Diarmata . . . Includes poem : Dia do betha a Bresail binn. 6 qq.

145 m. Prose piece beg. Crimtann mac Lughdhach diata Crimtann la hU Maine . . . Ends fo. 146.

146 m. Breithem Erend ase Patraic. 11 qq.

146 i. 2 ½ 11. beg. Guin Colmáin (?) rimed d’fir da muintir fein.

146 vo m. Me Eba bean Adhaimh will. 4 qq.

146 vo i. Aided Aughaine nar bfann. 1 q. Mo flaith do Conoll cét celg. 3 qq. At foot of this leaf is a note, now very faint: “As duillennaibh Mhaoileachlainn mic Fithil (?) ro scriobhus uile.”

147. Cetna laithi tairir 9 qq.

147 m. Fuarus lus no icfad in doman truagsa. 6 11. (?).

147 i. Prose, beg. Partraighe cera cidh re cloinn Fiachad Giallait . . .

147 vo. Some lines recording the deaths of heroes who gave their names to the places where they fell.

147 vo m. Ba muca eich caoirigh gabar. 1 q.

147 vo i. 3 short passages of prose on place-names derived from famous people.

148. A eolcha in domhoin duanaigh. 33 qq.

149 m. Cidh dech do linnibh flata. 12 qq. At foot of fo. 149 is written a quatrain beg. Na dena dobail ar cill.

149 vo i. Tuilsetar mo derco suan. 5 qq. Glossed. Breaks off at foot of leaf, and is continued on fo. 151 vo.

150. Mo téora ucsi forsin ri. 3 qq. (14 11.).

150 m. Ro gab dia deiliugad. 4 qq. Ní ruire nat coicced Concobar mac Nesa naisces o drobhais coboind. 5 11. of prose.

150 i. Tuaiscert nEireann o Ess Rúaidh co hUainsi. 4 11. of prose.

150 vo. A cloch tall for i l[ ] uair. 11 qq.

150 vo i. Conall ar cliu Eugan ain. 2 qq.

151. Tolcc do tolccaib simenn. 3 qq.

151 m. Flann gac air gac narad núarteid. 1 q.

151 i. Samhoin so sodham go Tadg. 7 qq. here, cont. fo. 152; 47 qq. in all.

151 vo. Cont. from 149 vo i.

151 vo m. Cailti. Bee anocht luth mo da lua. 3 qq.

152. Cont. from fo. 151.

153 vo m. Scíath rig gaola glantar í. 34 qq.

155. Gleann Ruis enaig budh fior damh. 11 qq.

155 i. Bad e an tinad oirdnide. 1 q.

155 vo. Teallach Feile Uibh Echach. 36 qq. Note fo. 156 vo i, “As duilleanaibh Maoileachlainn mic Fithil do sgriobhus.”

157. Lecht Cormaic mic Cuilendain. 46½ qq. Imperfect. Ms. ends abruptly, fo. 158 vo.

159. Some genealogical notes written by Charles O'Conor in 1769. These continue to fo. 161 i.

161 vo. A list of Ulster Kings, also written by O'Conor.

162 vo. blank.