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MS 24 P 8

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Royal Irish Academy


24 P 8


17th cent. Paper. 5½ × 6¾. Pp. 256. Main scribe unidentified (no date; no colophon). On pp. 1, 49, 50, 245, 248-254, 256, left blank by the original scribe, "Geffry Ó Donnoghue" (fl. 1667 : see p. 245) and later scribblers have made entries, "Ua Ceallaigh" and "ut est" (a gloss on the text) are written by a hand (or hands) not that of the main scribe on p. 9. The paging here followed is a late pencil pagination at the foot of the pages. From p. 51 on there is also an older ink pagination at the top of the pages (p. 51 = older 1). A few pages are slightly mutilated. Bd. in vellum with gold-tooled border. A typed index to the paragraphs of the item beginning on p. 51, signed "O.J.B." (i.e., O. J. Bergin), has been attached to a blank binder's leaf. "Geffry Ó Donnoghue" bought this book in Dublin (See p. 1). He perhaps owned it in 1654 (See p. 256), and he certainly owned it when Charles II was reigning, after 1660 (See p. 253). On p. 245 he mentions the death of a son Simon in 1667. Bishop Reeves Collection (A slip of paper bearing a slightly mutilated number, 145 or 143, is pasted on the upper margin of p. 3).


1 . On this leaf, left blank by the original scribe, there are some unimportant scribblings in a dark ink by a late hand, and a number of others in lighter inks in the hand of "Geffry Ó Donnoghue," including (i) a stanza in droighneach metre beginning Ní dheachaidh a ccréidhim don chloinnsin Persibháil; (ii) a note, "Ag so leabhar Sheafraidh I Dhonnchadha noch do cheannuidh s(e) a n-Ath Cliach an dara la do mhí Deseimber"; (iii) a note, "Geraphus Donnoghue . . . possessor huius libri."

2. This page is blank.

3 . [Irish Grammatical Tracts : I Introductory : the text published by Dr. Osborn Bergin as a supplement to Ériu VIII, 1916.] Beg. Aibghitear sunn feibh as teachta a thaithmheach.

49 . This page, left blank by the original scribe, contains a genealogy of St. Gobnait (13 generations to Conaire Mór), in the hand of Geffry O 'Donnoghue, headed "Geinealach Ghobnatan ann so."

50 . This page, left blank by the original scribe, has the name "John Donoughue" written on it upside down.

51 . [Irish Grammatical Tracts : II Declension : the text published by Dr. Osborn Bergin as a supplement to Ériu VIII-X, 1916-1928]. Headed "Leabhar Ceart ann so." The tract consists of a number of paragraphs containing as a rule (i) a model for declension, (ii) a list of similarly declined words, (iii) distichs from poems giving examples of these words in use. The first paragraph of the present recension is Buille; the last (p. 183) Neamh núa. A typed alphabetical index to the paragraphs has been attached to one of the flyleaves (see supra general description of the present ms.).

184. This page and pp. 185-186 are blank.

187 . A recension of the mainly syntactical section of the [Irish Grammatical Tracts]. (Cf. supra 750, B, 28a; C, 42.) Beg. "Atú a n-aghuidh bhfir," cóir o bheith do ghníomh 'na aghaidh.

243. Pp. 243-244 are blank.

245 . Notices in the hand of G. O'Donnoghue, of the deaths of "Frater Jacobus Mahony, ordinis D. Augustini" in 1666 and of "Simon filiolus meus etatis sue anno 3°" in 1667.

246 . This page is blank except for the name "Geffry Donoughue" written by a late hand. P. 247 is also blank.

248 . (i) Genealogy (carried back to "Banquho") of "Charles .2. what nowe (rai)g(n)eth." Taken from the "Historia . . ." of "Hector Boetius," signed "Geffrey Ó Donnoghue." Followed on p. 250 by (ii) "Geinealach Rígh Saghsan ann so." Beg. Séarlus [II], ends Buncutha, followed by notes in English on "Kinge Charles the Second" and on "James Duke of Yorke," all in the handwriting of G. O'Donnoghue.

252 . Genealogical notes on the O'Mahonys (in the handwriting of G.O'D.), headed "Do chraobhsgaoileadh mhuinntire Mathghamhna ann so."

253 m. (in the handwriting of G.O'D.). (i) Cheithre fichid bliaghuin bhinn. 1 q. Dating the death of "Domhnall [Mac Carthaigh] an ceidiarla, 1596." (ii) Dates : "Maidhm Móna Móire 1520"; "Maidm an Calaith 1553"; "Maidm Móna Ruadha 1574."

254 . (in the handwriting of G. O'D.). (i) Historical notes on events which occurred in 1645, 1641, 1566, 1567. (ii) An- agus amh- 7 eas-. 1 q. List of Irish negative prefixes.

255 . (written by an unidentified 18th cent. [?] hand). Eóghan Ó Caoimh [see subscription]. An tí geintear san ghaoith anneas. 4 qq. On the fates of persons born in the different winds.

256 . (i) Upside down scribblings in a late hand including the name "James Donough(ue)." (ii) A note in the hand of Geffry O'Donnoghue which has been read by a former cataloguer (unpublished R.I.A. notebook 28) as "I owe (?) my company on Wednesday the 21 of June 1654 : £7 - 2s - 6d." The ink of this note is very faded and the first two words have been obscured by scribbling.