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MS 24 P 33 (Leahbar Cloinne Aodha Buidhe)

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Royal Irish Academy


24 P 33

Historical: Leabhar Chloinne Aodha Buidhe

17th cent. Paper. Pp. 1-240, 11½ × 6⅘, pp. 241 ff., ca. 11½ × 7¼. Pp. 322, excluding flyleaves, numbered regularly at foot in pencil. Another irregular pencilled numbering, mainly by folio, beg. p. 43 and ends p. 291. An older pagination beg. p. 101 and runs 1-18. Pp. 1-24, 295-322 were added when the volume was being bound, these pages, excepting p. 1, are blank; another blank leaf (pp. 29, 30) must have been added subsequent to the writing of this book, it has the date 1810 in watermark; pp. 27, 28 are of the same paper. Pp. 26, 28-30, 38, 40, 46, 48, 119, 120, 14C, 154, 156-160, 214, 223, 228, 232, 234, 240-242, 246, 270-274, 280, 285, 286, 293-322 are blank.

This ms. is the work of several scribes : pp. 43-98 (and perhaps the quatrains on pp. 31 m, 32 i) are in one handwriting (a), which is almost certainly that of Mícheál Ó Cléirigh; no signature is given. The ink is a good deal faded in this section, and the pages are rather worn.

Pp. 99-147 m, 161-203, 206-222, 243-284 are the work of (b) Ruaidhri Ua Huiccinn "mac Cairbre mic Seaain .i. O Huiginn an Tearmoinn," who wrote them for Cormac mac Airt Óig Uí Neill in the year 1680, see p. 172 i. At p. 123 i, (c) Charles O'Conor of Belanagare has added some quatrains and his signature, another note written by him occurs at p. 204, and annotations at pp. 112, 121. P. 239 was written by (d) Tadhg Ó Rodaighe whose name occurs at foot. Pp.. 147 i-155, 224-227, 235-238, and pp. 287-292 are by two unnamed scribes (e), (f); pp. 33, 34, 41, 233, 236 (English writing) were probably written by Arthur Brownlow (g). The biographical notes on pp. 31, 32, 37, 39 appear to have been written by Cormac Ó Neill (h), the original owner of this book; pp. 35, 36, 205, 229-231 were perhaps written by Felim (?) O Neill (i), whose name appears on pp. 205, 231. There remains the English writing on p. 27 (j) : a previous cataloguer (Unpub. Notebooks 144-147) has suggested that this was written by O'Dornin who worked for Brownlow (cf. I.B.L. xxiv, 2), but the paper of this page is like that of the following (watermark 1810), and O'Dornin died in 1768 (loc. cit.).

Pp. 25-42 contain matter which has reference to the second part of this ms. (pp. 99 ff.), which is the source of Leabhar Cloinne Aodha Buide (ed. Ó Donnchadha) published by the Irish Manuscripts Commission in 1931.

The main portion of our ms. was written for Cormac Ó Neill in 1680 ; in 1689 the ms. was in the hands of Arthur Brownlow, see p. 25. The scribbled calculations with date 1744 on pp. 42, 43 suggest that the ms. had again changed hands by that time ; it belonged to Lord Moira in 1765 (see p. 204), and came eventually into the possession of Dr. Reeves, who has written the excerpts from Lhuyd's Archgeologia Britannica which occur on p. 1.

The following names, besides those mentioned in notes (infra) occur in this ms. :—"Ralph Picken." p. 25 i (reversed); p. 33 m; "Muligan," "James McCullogh," "Robertt Donnell," "James Brown" in notes p. 34; "K. O'Neille," p. 37. An obliterated note, p. 101, ends, ". . . son of [ ] Maginis." Notes in English, p. 236, include names "John Duff," "Mary O Mulhalle," and "Mary Darghy (?)." A note, later than the text, occurs p. 108 i. Pp. 49-98 have been ruled and annotated in a 17th cent. English hand.

Ms. is in good condition, though edges of pages are worn and a little soiled. Bd. in half-vellum, gilt-tooled. Reeves Collection, 864. A pencilled note on no. of pages, etc., is on back flyleaf.


1 . List of Irish ms. collections copied from Lhuyd's Archgeologia Britannica, among which mss. belonging to Arthur Brownlow are described. A marginal note states that the first three mentioned are contained in the present volume, which is not quite correct (see p. xi, Leabhar Cloinne Aodha Buidhe, ed. Ó Donnchada). This page was written by Dr. Reeves.

2-24. blank.

25 . "Ag so leabhar Artuir Bhrounló-no Mach Ar[ ] . . . an céud lá do mhí na Lughnasa an bhlíaghain d'aos an [Tighearna] 1689."

26. blank.

27 . A note in English describing the item beg. p. 43, but confusing it with Leabhar Eoghanach, beg. This is Eochaidh's Book which treats of the Race of Kings that sprang from Eogain O Neil . . .

28-30. blank.

31 . Notes written by a former owner: (1) "My Aunt Margarett O Neille dyed the 7th of July 1677." (2) "Anei ny Closter (?) my foster Mother dyed the 13th of July 1677" (?). (3) "My Uncle Cahall oge O Hara dyed the 2d Day of Aprell being Sunday in the year of God 1693." Between (2) and (3) is a quatrain (written by scribe a?), beg. Ar Aodh mBuidhe ni beir sé. Under the first line of (2) is some cryptic writing, the first words of which seem to be a Xember . . .

32 . (1) A note on the death of "My father Arthure O'Neill" in 1677, followed by an epitaph (written twice) : Hic jacet Arturo vae, virtus omnis in uno ultima Nelliadum gloria leta jacet. (2) A note (or 2 notes) in Latin, almost entirely faded. Followed by the name "Jacobus [ ]." (3)  Maith na comhorsoin clann Néill. 1 q. (4) Clann losraihel na hÉirionn. 1 q. This and (3) perhaps in hand a. (5) Note on death of "My mother Grane ny Hara in 1679."

33 . (1) A list of townlands; the surname Mac Nulty is mentioned. (2) "William Gray of Ballitregash in ye parish of Donathy, Taylor." (3) A note on linen (?). (4)  Do thig on te allain Aodh. 3 qq.; perhaps separate items.

34 . Obscure note in English about someone named Muligan.

34 m. A note on money payments, dated [16]93. For names see introduction.

35 . Acephalous. And when cross-winds forced him on dangerous ro[cks]. 46 11. In praise of the Marquis of Antrim, lately dead. Followed by note : "humbly offer'd by a nameless mourner." The beginning of this poem is on p. 229.

37 . "My uncle Hugh Roe O Neille dyed the 17 of December 1664."

38. blank.

39 . "The Lady Martha O Neille the relict and widow of the Henry O 'Neille of the Lower Claniboy dyed the 19th of Apreil 1678. Followed by 2 11. of Latin, "Upon the chastity of ye sd Honorable Lady," beg. Penelope si casta . . . "Sic Amicus veredicus Anonimus."

40. blank.

41 . A note written in phonetic spelling, beg. Ceán o dimi colum bana . . .

42 . Blank, save for a calculation of the years 1695 to 1744.

43 . Seanchas Ríogh Éirionn . . . agas Gteiniolach na Naomh nÉirionnach. Descriptive heading concludes with words Ar na criochnughadh a cCoinveint Brathar Observawithidhe Mainisdreach Atha Luain a n-easbógoideachd Cluana Mc Nois 1630.

43 m. Note on Michael O'Clery's gathering of the material for this work, and the names of his collaborators : Cucoigriche Ó Cleirigh, Fearfeasa O Maoilconoire, Cuchoigcriche O Duibhghionnan.

43 i. Dates of beginning and completion (1630) of this work. In the margin the years from 1630 to 1744 have been calculated by a later hand. The text is preceded by the invocation "A n-Ainm De," and by the word "Prefacio."

44 . Introduction : Gia hí an chlann nadúrtha . . . Followed by name Brathair Míchél O Cléirigh.

45 m. Copies of approbations (Irish). P. 46 is blank.

47 . Copies of approbations (Latin). P. 48 is blank.

49 . A list of Irish Historians before and after the introduction of Christianity.

49 , col. 2. "Do Ríoghoibh Fhear mBolg."

50 , col. 1 m. Tuatha de Danann kings.

51 . Milesian kings, ending, p. 60 i, with Ruaidhri mac Toirrdhealboigh Mhoír I Concobhair.

61 . "Do Sheancas Ardnaomh Éirionn." Ending p. 98 with note : " Finis ar a bfuaradar na seanchoidhe do naomhaibh Eirionn le a leanmhuin go a mbunadhus." Followed by some words of Latin in a later hand.

99 . Ceidrí ro ghabh Éirinn uill. 13 qq.

99 i. Prose, introduction to following item : beg. A siad iommoro riocchdha et roithicchernuidh bhattur san aimsir inar ttionnsguineadh an leahhur so . . .

101 . An Leabhar Eocchanach "thrachtus ar réim riocch sleachta Eoghain mhic Néill Naoighiallaigh." Beg. Cuiccear mac bhadur acc Eochaidh Muidkmeadhoin . . . Another copy begins at p. 247.

119, 120. blank.

121 . Ni haois fhoirfidheas a Aodh. 41 qq. Heading (added by Charles O'Conor of Belanagare) reads : "Dán do Aodh Bhuidhe mac Briain [bhallaigh] mic Muircheartaigh Cheannfhada, mic Enri mic Briain mic Aod Bhuidhe (o raidhtear Clann Aodha Buidhe)."

123 m. A theachtoire théid budh thúaidh. 16 qq. The last 6 qq. were added by O 'Conor, see note at foot of page : "Mesi Cathal Óg ro scriobh na roinn dhedhionacha a gCoillín Thoin re Gaoith Aug. 1. mdcclxv." Unfinished.

124 . Upper part of page blank.

124 i. Nior leir dóibh an dioghuil cruidh. 6 qq. Acephalous. First word is Ioc.

125 . Cuconnacht O Fialán. Anois tanaig Aodh Eangach. 37 qq.

127 . Gradh fa thuairim tugus d'Aodh. 40 qq.

129 . Amhlaoibh O Heachaidhén. Bo mothoigheadh meadhair Gaoidheal. 33 1/2 qq.

130 i. Brían O Gnimh. Na Bhrían tainig Aodh Eanghach. 41 qq.

133 . An slúagh sidhe so a nEamhuin. 53 qq.

135 . Fearghal Óg. Maith do suidhigheadh siol Neill. 55 1/2 qq.

138 m. Truagh m'aistear go hArd Sratha. 24 pp. P. 139 has been pasted to fresh leaf, of which p. 140 (blank) is the verso.

141 . Mor ós gach bed bás an riogh. 18 qq.

142 . Cian O Heachaidhen (added by a later hand). Cinn duinn comuirle a Chormuic. 22 qq.

143 m. Ruaidrí O Heachaidhen. A fhir teid go Tulaigh Móir. 16 qq. Author's name in a later hand.

144 . Seumas O Huid. Raca mé shúr mo shealbha. 14 + 1 qq.

144 i. Diarmuid Mac an Bhaird. Imir do chluíthe a Chormaic. 16 qq.

145 m. Airt Óg O Neill. Dar leat as Airt Aoinfhear inn. 9 qq. + 1 ("An tAbhrán") st.

146 m. Ruaidrí Óg O Heachuidhéin. Fagus umhla d'ainm gaisgidh. 24 qq.

147 . idem. A Sagsoibh loitior Leath Cuinn. 46 + 1 qq. The writing changes here.

150 . idem. Dealbhfad do Chormac mo cheidghrés. 24 + 3 qq.

151 i. idem. Tóguibh do chroidhe a Chormaic. 15 qq. Lower half of p. 152 is blank.

153 . Should follow p. 156. Pp. 153, 155 are pasted to fresh leaves, of which the verso, pp. 154, 156 are blank.

155 . Mór os gach bed bás an riogh. 24 qq. Cont. on p. 153. See also p. 141.

157-160. blank.

161 . Lughaidh O Heachuidhen. Fuighioll tuisleadh trian chonghoil. 59 + 1 qq.

164 m. Fearflatha O Gnimh. Na maith duinn t'fiach a Enrí. 28 qq.

166 . idem. Ni haineabh oicce a bflaithibh, 35 + 4 qq.

168 . Goffraidh mac Bhriain Mac an Bhaird. Ni chongmhann inbhe acht oidbheart. 47 + 4 qq.

170 i. Fearflatha O Gnimh. Nell longphuirt os loch eacach. 41 qq. Followed, p. 172 i, by scribal colophon : "Um sgitheach d'aithle ar sgriobhus aniú a nGort an Chairnn an xvii la do mhí June 1680. Ruaidhri Ua Huiccinn mac Cairbre mic Seaain .i. O Huiginn an Tearmoinn ro sgriobh an leabhur so do Chormac mac Airt Óig Uí Neill, Dia da cumhdach slán."

173 . Mac Conmidhe .i. Cormac mac Briain Óig. Dursan nach mairionn mac Briain. 17 qq.

174 . Lughaidh O Heachuidhéin. Cia meisi no an mac-sa Seaain. 21 + 3 qq.

175 m. Seaan O Groidhin. Racha me dom aithne d'Einri. 12 qq.

176 m. Niall Og Mac Muireadhaigh. Ceannus na feile ag fuil Fheidhlim. 38 + 4 qq.

178 m. Fearflatha O Gnimh. Mna tar muir maith re Gaoidhil. 25 + 3 qq.

180 m. idem. A Iamh dar bheam an beim sul. 14 qq.

181 m. Domhnall O Heaehuighéin. Mor loitios lot na laimhe. 18 + 3 qq.

182 m. idem. A Mharia ceanglum connradh. 12 + 4 qq.

183 m. Roinnfiod meigsi re hAirt Óg. 10 qq.

184 . Lughaidh Óg O Heachaidhén. Ceard aithreamhoil eineach Gaoidheal. 36 + 4 qq. Author's name added by a later hand.

186 m. Fearflatha O Grnimh. Cia as mo comaoin ar chloinn Neill. 26 + 3 qq.

188 m. Domhnall O Daloigh. Da roighnioh chreideas Clann Neill. 34 + 4 qq.

190 m. Somhairle Mac an Bhaird. Ni d'ainbfios mealltar mac Seaain, 36 + 4 qq.

193 m. Lucchaidh mac Ruaidhrí Dhuibh I Eachuidhéin. Buime na heigsi Art Óg. 34 + 3 qq.

195 m. Domhnall O Heachuidhein. Eudmhur meisi fa mac Seaain. 14 + 3 qq.

196 m. 3 opening words of a poem : Truacch m'aistear go . . . Rest of page is blank.

197 . Amhghar bisigh bás flatha. 39 + 1 qq.

199 m. Iosa Criosd da chaomhna a rath. 1 q.

199 i. Beag nar sáruigheadh siol Neill. 40 + 1 qq.

201 i. Sgéul nua nach cabhair dar ccrádh. 14 qq.

202 m. An beo dhéinneoch don fhuil ríogh. 26 qq.

204 . blank except for note: "Íasacht an leabhair so d'fhaghail damhsa ó Thighearna Mhuighe Rath a nDuibhlinn Mai ix. Mdcclxv. Cathal Ua Conchabhair ó Bhel Atha na gCarr."

205 . Hic iacet Arthurus parva spatiosus in uma. 10 ll. An epitaph on Arthur O'Neill and his wife. Followed by name Felim (?) O'Neill and some scribbles.

206 . Gteiniolach Iarla Urmumhan. Lower half of page is blank.

207 . "Ceart gnathuicchthe et Ticchearnus Ui Neill ar ehoigeadh Uladh." Beg. A cheart ar O nDomhnaill, teacht lion a thionóil . . . Ends top of p. 210 ; lower half of page is blank.

211 . "Ag so craobhsgaoileadh et gteiniolach na cColladh." Ends p. 213 m; lower half of page and p. 214 are blank.

215 . "Do Phrovinsial na mBrathar nEireannach d'Ord S. Froinsias." Beg. Á athair onoraigh. Ar mbeith don bhrathair Michel O Cléirigh san rioghacht sa na hEireann . . . Tuileagna O Maolehonuire's indictment of Mícheál Ó Cléirigh on the grounds of inaccuracy; followed by Fearfeasa O Maolehonuire's reply, which concludes with the following poem: p. 219, Fearfeasa O  Maolconuire. Beag táirthear don tagra mbaoith. 77 qq. Unfinished. Pp. 223, 224 are blank, except for some cancelled lines on p. 224, which are the opening words of the poem which occurs on the next page.

225 . Peadar O Maolconaire (mac Firfeasa). Díol toile caoinmheas Cormaic. 42 qq. Ends top of p. 227 ; remainder of page and p. 228 are blank.

229 . These winking lamps, blacks, silence, altars breath. 40 11. Beginning of the poem on p. 35. "To the most Honorable Lady Marchionesse of Antrim on ye death of ye most honble Lord Marquis her husband . . ." 86 11. in all.

231 . Invictus patriae Caroli, Bandelle Der [ ]. 8 ll. An epitaph on the Marquis of Antrim. Followed by name Felim (?) O'Neill.

231 i. Epigram on the Marchioness of Antrim : Penelope si casta ... 2 11. Followed by note : "Sic F.ON." This page has been gummed to the following leaf, the verso of which (p. 232) is blank.

233 . What meanes this suddanie (?) dark not Round [ ]. 10 ll. "To the Memory of the Most Honble Randall Lord Marquis of Antrim as he lay in Mourning etc." This page is attached to the following leaf of which the verso, p. 234, is blank.

235 . Notes giving dates of various events and persons of importance in Irish history. 1687 is the latest date recorded. An addition has been made in the handwriting of Charles O'Conor. This list fills p. 235 and is continued p. 236 m, ending at foot of page. The following quatrains are included: P. 235, Tríochad ceathrachad seasgad sé céd. 1 q. Ceithre bliadhna gan mhearball. 1 q. "Cath Chraoibhe Tulcha"; Ceathra bliadhna dhúinn ar dheich. 1 q. "Cath Chlúana Tarbh"; Nochad da cheathair nach tim. 1 q. "Bél Atha Buidhe"; Seacht mbliadhna seascud is cúig céd. 1 q. On death of Seaan an Díomais; Ceithre fichit fécha soin. 1 q. On death of Aodh Buidhe; Ceithre fichit, cuig céd dég. 1 q. On death of Aodh mhac Féilim. P. 236 m, Seacht mbliadhna dég fáth fíre. 1 q. On death of Brian "triath na tíre"; Aois mhic De da ríomh rachad. 1 q. On death of Conn Óg mac Cuinn; Mile o thoigheacht Chriost tre ar ccoir. 1 q. On death of Domhnall O Néill; Sé chead dég is caogad coir. 1 q. On death of Féilim O Néill.

236 . Some notes beg.: My wife tooke her journey to Dublin the 18th January 1693 . . . For names, see introduction.

237 . A bhean do ní an trúaighpheacadh. 6 qq. + 1 st.

237 m. Aoibhinn duit a dhuine bhoichd. 4 qq.

238 . Blank except for some notes on consonants and vowels at foot of page, reversed, and a note (middle of page, reversed) : "Hugh [ ] of the Port."

239 . Tugus tuile tromghr[áidh] dhuit. 15 qq. Followed by name Tadhg Ó Rodaighe.

240-242. blank.

243 . Céidrí ro ghabh Éirinn uill. 13 qq.

244 . 1½ pp. of prose introduction to following item beg. Asiad iomorro riogha et roithighearnuidh bhadar san aimsir inar tionnsgnadh an leabur so . . . See also p. 99 i.

246. blank.

247 . An Leabhar Eocchanach. "Trachtus ar réim ríocch sleachta Eoccain mhic Neil Naoighiallaigh." Beg. Cuiccear mac bhádur acc Eochaidh Muimheadhóin . . . Ends p. 269. See also p. 101.

270-274. blank.

275 . "Ceart gnathaicchthe et ticchearnus Ui Neill ar chuigeadh Uladh annso." Beg. A cheart ar O nDomhnoill . . . See also p. 207. Ends p. 279, lower half of page and p. 280 are blank. See also p. 207.

281 . "Craobhscaoileadh et geineolach na cColladh." See also p. 211.

284 m-286. blank.

287 . Geinealach I nDomnuill; p. 288, col. 1 m, Geinealach Í Dhochartuigh, col. 2 m, Geinealach Í Bhaoidhill.

289 . Forus focal lúaightear libh. 68 qq. Pp. 293, 294, which are of same paper as rest of ms., are blank, as are also the remaining pages (pp. 295-322) which were inserted at binding.