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MS 24 B 3

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Royal Irish Academy


24 B 3

Medical Treatises

15th and 16th cent. Vellum ff. 64, pp. 128 + 2 fly-leaves ; 8 to 8½ × 5¼; partly paginated in late hand in pencil. Two pages following p. 90 were at first omitted, and afterwards numbered 90a, 90b : the last page is numbered 126. Principal scribe : Conla mac an Lega (p. 104 i., p. 124), writing at Granseach Muintere Fithcheallaigh (p. 94), and Achaidh Lois[c] the (p. 109). Dated 1496 (p. 109). Bd. in white parchment, padded, lettered on back, gilt. Caps. rubricated and illuminated in green. Many spaces left blank for caps. The ms. consists of a number of fragments bound together, and contains a medical treatise similar to that in 467, ff. 1-9, a portion of a translation of the Lilium Medicinae, a philosophic tract by Johannes Damascenus, part of a treatise on materia medica, etc.


1 . The first 8 leaves (pp. 1-16) and fo. 56 (pp. 111-112) contain a fragment of a translation (or adaptation) of Bernard of Gordon's Lilium Medicinae, part i, caps. xiv to xxiv. P. i almost illegible.

2 , l. 2. "Clarificacio," on sweat in case of bite of poisonous animal, serpent, etc. =Lil. Med., part i, cap. xiii, "De morsu serpentium & aliorum venenosorum," continued to foot of p. 16, after which should come pp. Ill, 112. Ends ni henund adbar doib (Lil. Med. i. 28, "Clarifieatio in morbis unguium").

17-28. Fragment of a version of Gualterus De Dosibus : cf. Brit. Mus. Cat., p. 175 seq. (but the order is different). Sections begin : Dicto de medicinis simplicibus attractiuis (p. 18); Dicto de medicinis euacuantibus flegma (p. 23), etc. P. 17 is partly illegible. Ends at foot of p. 28, incomplete. Gualterus = Walter de Agelon (v. Comrie, Scottish Medicine, i, 75).

29 , ll. 1-29. End of another tract.

29 , l. 30. Beg. Not let co tuicther form (?) na ndul o da moduib. A philosophical tract : "Jacobus de Fortiliuio" quoted. Breaks off at foot of p. 30, incomplete.

31 . Fragment of treatise on contents of urine, beg. aceph. corp mar nell : ends at foot of p. 32, cairtigti beoil, incomplete. On p. 31 some words of the text are in ogham script.

33-110. Contain a treatise similar to that in no. 467, ff. 1-9, written by the same scribe, Conla mac an Lega, cf. p. 124, with the same characteristic features, e.g., prescriptions in verse attributed to Diancecht, who is mentioned by name in poem on p. 66, 1. 16, beg. Findaid a lega fer bFail, and other points of similarity.

33 . Is as genes in folt. Illuminated heading.

35 . Is as genes in lethe.

36 . "Do gallraib na tunde," etc.

37 . Laubrum anois do leighis na carraige, etc.

38 . " Do marbad na nuile mil bis isin corp," etc.

41 , l. 27. On diseases of the head, etc.

46 . "Dona cluasaib."

48 . "De dolore occulorum .i. do gallraib na [sul]," etc.

53 w. "Obaid ar galur sula" : A Coluim Cille a Padruig a Muire, etc.

54 . "Do gallraib na srona"; p. 55, "d.g. in beoil" ; p. 56, "Do gallraib na fiacul" ; p. 57, "d.g. na tengad"; p. 59, d.g. na sgaman," etc.

64 . "Eolus do dichur locha tuile."

66 . "Ar galur cichi," etc. ; l. 6, poem mentioning Diancecht, Findaid a lega fer bFail. 5 qq.

67 . Piece cut off and mended neatly with red thread.

68 . "Do gallraib na nae" ; p. 70, [Is]ed is buidechuir and, etc.

71 , l. 14. "Cuit na teasaidechta gu nuige sin. Cuid na fuaraidechta anois." On "at comhaill," etc.

72 . Idropis, etc.

73 , l. 26. Praisech ar cair ⁊ ar leic, cf. no. 467, f. 1 v.

75 , l. 4. "Ar galur na mban and so," on sterility, childbirth, etc.

77 . Three lines from below. Ar breith leinim do mnai gan guasacht na briathra so sis do scribad a membrum ⁊ a cengul ma broind .i. Maria peperit Christum Anna peperit Mariam Elizabet, ⁊ loannem, etc., satur + arepo + tenet + opera + rotas + etc., cf. no. 473, f. 89 v, 1. 19.

83-85. Corners cut off and renewed, as at p. 67.

83 . "Don aillse"; p. 87, "Don lindiguin"; p. 89, "Don galar toitmech"; p. 90 a x, "Don lubra."

90 b. 13. Remedies for various diseases, continued to foot of p. 93.

94 . On the virtues of aqua vitae : cf. no. 464, 36; T.C.D. 1337, 417. At foot a note : "deoig lai Sathrind cingcide si aniu in ma toich budein ar Gransich Muintire Fiehel-laigh ⁊ 8mad huatad aes esga."

95-110. Eight leaves in a smaller and apparently a different hand : yet the "Conla" who signs on p. 104 i. is probably Conla mac an Legha. Spaces are left blank for capitals.

95 , l. 1, "[D]e dolore aureum"; l. 23, "[D]o galar na fiacal"; p. 96, 1. 17, "Do galar in fuilt"; p. 97, 1. 24, "De fluxu uentris"; p. 98, "Do gallraib na sul"; p. 99, " [D]e epilencia."

100 . " [D]o quid pro quo." Version of a tract by Arnaldus de Villa Nova, beg. Arson olae .i. detgae nó ar gallaim. Arson brotano pointeca. origanum .i. puiliol .r. Arson na hapsinti coitcinde protanus.

101 , l. 31. Astrological tract with Latin headlines, beg. [G]loriosus et sublimis Deus creator omnium.

103 , l. 27. "D finis Ipocratis," beg. [P]eruenit ad nos quod cum Ipocras appropincquaret morti. An Irish version of the "Ivory Casket," different from that found in no. 447, p. 164; no. 451, pp. 220, 252. Ends p. 104 i., mian mor dermar do nethib millsiu age, rl. "Conla sin" (the scribe).

105-109. Lapidary, beg. [E]uax rig na hArape : a different version from that described in B.M. Cat. 257. Ends p. 109 i., Topasio . . . "marsin crichnuighthear in lebar lapiderachta arna tarraing asin Ró .i. lebar Fiondgaine mec Maoltuile in mensi Iuni a tic Emaind meic Muirgesa a nAchaidh Lois[c]ti dotindscnad ⁊ do forbad iar toigecd dam do rochtain Cathail berrta meic Diarmada Gall ⁊ se arna lot gu guasachtach o saigit 7 rl. isi ais in tigerna ann .i. m. bliadan 7 4.c. 7 4 xxit 7 16 bliadna rl."

110 . A number of cures for various ailments.

111, 112. misplaced : see p. 1, supra.

113-124. Philosophic tract, beg. Sicut dicit Iohannes Damas[c]enus magnus thethologus medicus ⁊ pilosufius .i. ader Iohannes . . . Ten definitions of anima, followed by ten chapters expounding these definitions. P. 124 i. : gurub ed is anum and spirut tuicsinach arna hordachan cumbendaigtea and fein ⁊ annsa corp. Finit amen. Cf. T.C.D. 1310, p. 9, seq.\ Then follows a note in fanciful spelling : "Meiussiu Conlaiu maoae ien Leiugauoi doua graebh ar aun buaien na toigh buoadeinn aine Cesta aniubh a Cairgioun naie saioer ar Gransigh na coereeh (?)."

122 , lower marg., in later hand, Corp remhur ⁊ taobh slemoin, etc.

125 , l. 1. "De spasmo," beg. Adeir G. gu fuilet da gne ar in spas .i. gne ticc o linad gu hutmall. Below (l. 24): Spasmus est contraxio neruorum uoluntarium motum impediens. Page ends ⁊ aderar an crupan so.

126 . illegible.