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MS 23 Q 10

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Royal Irish Academy


23 Q 10

An Leabhar Donn

15th cent. Vellum. 10⅗ × 7⅕ (ff. 35-49: 9⅗ × 6⅗), Ff. 49, bearing a late foliation 1-49, and an unnumbered fragment (see infra). The ms. is a composite one, containing sections of various provenance—e.g. (a) ff. 1—10, (b) 13-29, 35-47, (c) 30-33, (d) 48-49. There is no scribal colophon, and the signatures, etc., in marginalia cannot be regarded as scribal (see infra). To judge by the genealogies, the date of writing should be between the years 1432-41. The reigning Ó Néill is Eogan (1432-56) m Néill Óig m. Néill Móir ; the reigning Ó Conchobhair (Ó Conchobhair Ruadh) is Tadg (1426-41) m. Toirrdelbaig m. Aeda. The ms. is at present bound, and it is consequently impossible to make a definite statement as to the composition of the gatherings. They appear to be constituted as follows : ff. 1-6; 7-10; 11, 12 (single leaves); 13-20; 21-28; 29 (single leaf), 30-33, one leaf excised here; 34 (single leaf); 35-47 (fo. 41 being a single leaf, and ff. 35, 47 detached conjugates remounted on vellum); 48-49. Fo. 7 is very stained. Ff. 35 recto, 47 verso are so darkened that they must have formed the outer leaves of a ms. for a considerable time. The condition of ff. 48 recto, 49 verso suggests that these folios, too, formed the outer leaves of a ms. at one time. There are chasms in the ms. after ff. 29, 33. Blanks are ff. 11 verso, 12 verso, 35 recto, 47 verso, 49 verso. Between ff. 40, 41 is inserted a fragment of ms. bearing genealogical matter. Handwriting in (b) is lined in brown, with marginal prickings. The number of columns vary from one to seven (in the genealogical sections). The zoomorphic capitals which occur are rubricated and ochre has been applied.

The ms. at one time belonged to "Félim Mac lomhair" (see Marginalia). If "Domhnall Albanach" who signs his name on fo. 1, inf. marg. (ibid.), is the scribe of B.M. Egerton 93, we have here an indication of date; the identification however with Domhnall Albanach Ó Troightigh (fl. 1477) has not been proved. Bd. in half-calf, gilt-lettered on spine, "Leabhar Donn." Betham ms. Vol. lxxvi (see flyleaf). A rough list in English of contents stands on a front flyleaf.

Marginalia; illegible or unimportant jottings are omitted here.


1 , inf. marg. "Domnall Albonac qui sg[ribsit]." This signature appears to be that of the hand which added marginal note in Latin, but the note is more faded.

2 , inf. marg. "Ag so leabhar Féilim Mic Iamhair." Later hand.

11 , inf. marg. Mo chreach ón mo chreach, 1 q. Later hand. Reagent has been used here and on several of the marginalia, infra. Beneath is written in a hand apparently different from that on fo. 2, inf. marg., "Ag so leabar Felim Mic Iomiar."

24 v ., inf. marg. "Comórtus annso re Dao." The inscription is left thus, unfinished.

29 , inf. marg. Illegible note, which appears to end with the words "Tuilgitis I Duibgeannain."

35 v . Adchonnac brache ucus bru, 2 (?) qq.

36 v ., inf. marg. Alla alla cia fil alla, 2 qq. See also fo. 37, inf. marg., for part of this entry.

37 v ., inf. marg. Saeglond breithemh buan a bladh, 1 q.

38 , inf. marg. Uch mo dhruim, 1 q. (?).

38 v ., inf. marg. As dimbal | dober Dia for mac ndingar, 1 q. "[ ]ll Hi Duibhgeannáin."

39 , inf. marg. Relge mac hua Crimthandan, 1 q.

39 v ., inf. marg. Is fedm rig ac mac tosigh, 1 q.

40 , inf. marg. Robo do lecht i farthe (.i. i troite suprascript), 1 q. Beneath is written "Finden (?)," etc.

40 v ., inf. marg. In colt cruind | tucad dond filid adluinn, 1 q.

41 , inf. marg. Cin adba laech iar lige, 1 q.

42 , sup. marg. "Dus in fo[gnann] is gles ata agum anois."

43 v ., inf. marg. Abair rissi inech, 1 q. Beneath is written "Maoilin."

44 , inf. marg. Canass tarraid Culann cu, 1 q.

44 v ., inf. marg. An cunn lae, 1 q.

45 , inf. marg. Mebrait cach rand marban min, 1 q.

45 v ., inf. marg. Acht Muire mor, maith a clu, 1 q.

46 , inf. marg. Fuil tri ni | na, dlegar do bocht De Bi, 1 q.

47 , inf. marg. [ ] drem[ ] is mo col | doman deman ~ ben, 1 q.


1 . Astronomical Tract. Irish version of Bartolomeus Anglicus, De proprietatibus Rerum, chap. viii (acc. to Rev. Maxwell Close, see Memorandum attached to MS., dated July 1, 1902, by G. A. J. Cole, Librarian, R.I.A.). Beg. Mundus ita ut dicit Mircuirius. Text ends imperfect, fo. 10 v. m., with the paragraph beg. Et adeir Misahelis isin .iiii. caibidil don leabhar céadna. Rest of fo. 10 verso is left blank.

11 (in single column). Aenta deisi a din Laighin, 37 qq.; written as prose. On Edmond O'Byrne and his wife, Gormlaith, written ca, 1390 (acc. to O'Curry, Betham Cat.). A later insertion. Scribbling on rest of folio.

11 v. blank.

12 (in single column). Prose text (partially illegible) beg. Dobi Maire Macdalen. Later hand. Folio originally blank.

12 v. blank.

13 . Genealogical tract, beg. here Toirrdelbach Mor Ó Conchobhair ocht meic dec lais. Includes the following pedigrees: (14 b) Ó Conchobhair, (15 b) Mac Magnusa Tire Tuathail, (15 v. c) Mac Diarmada, (16 c i.) Mac Donnchadha Riabhach, (16 v. a) Mac Diarmada Ruadh, (16 v. b) Mac Diarmada Gall, Mac Fingin, (16 v. c) Clann diathair Máir, (17 a) Mac Dauid, Clann Gilla Crist Cleirig, (17 c) Clann Donnchadha (Mac Donnchadha), (18 v. a) Ó Taidc in Teaglaig, Ó Hainlige, (19 v. e) Mag Uireachtaigh, (20 a) Ó Mailbrenaind, Ó Concennaind, (20 b) Ó Mailmocherge, Ó Briain, (20 g) Ó Briaain Thoir, (20 v. d) Ó Floinn (title only, space left), (20 v. e) Mac Aeda na Corccaige, (21 a) Uí Derca Cein, (21 c) Ó Maille, (21 e) Ó Dubda, (21 v. a) Ó Hedin, (21 v. b) Ó Sechnasaig, (21 v. c) Ó Mochain, (21 v. e) Mac Gilla Cellaig, (21 v. f) Ó Caemain.

22 . Genealogical tract continues with Fir Bréifne, viz., pedigrees of (23 v. b) Ó Ruairc, (23 v. c) Mac Lochlainn, (23 v. d) Clann Tigherna na Buanaite, Mac Maileehlainn na Crandoige, (24 c) Cland Nell, (24 e) Mag Tigernain, (24 v. b) Clann in Oircinnigh, (24 v. c) Mac in Maigistir, (24 v. d) Clann in Oifistil, Mag Samradain, (25 b) Ó Raigilligh, (25 v. b) Clann Mathghamhna, (25 V. e) Mac in Chaich, Clann Gofraid, (26 a) Mac Conshnama, Mag Mathghamhna, (26 v. a) Mag Uidir, (27 a) Mac Magnusa in tSenaigh, Mag Tigernain Clainne Fergail, (27 b) Ó Hannluain, (27 d) Ó Cellaig, (28 c) Ó Madadain, (28 e) Ó Nechtain, (28 v. b) Clann Aedagain, (29 c) Mac Domhnaill na Halban, (29 e) Clann Somairle, Ó Floind Line, (29 v. b) Mac Domhnaill Galloclaig, (29 v. d) Ma[c] Dubgaill. Genealogies; break off here with fo. 29 v. See fo. 36 infra.

There is a chasm in the ms. after fo. 29.

30 . Aislingthe atconnaic Cormacc, 13 qq. here. Written in single column.

30 m. Irish version of the Pseudo-Augustine, Speculum Peccatoris. Beg. Hic incipit Speculum Peccatoris .i. is andso tinmgainter Speculum in Peccaig ~ a cairde inmaine lenab toil in legththoirecht so d'eistecht. Cf. 409, 59. Ends fo. 32 v. a i.

32 v . a i. Homily on Death. Beg. Is é int ecc crich déighineach bheathadh gach enduine.

33 a i. On the Miracles of the Eucharist. Beg. Deich mírbuile Cuirp Christ annso.

32 b m. Homily on Repentance, with quotations from St. Ambrose and others. Beg. Briathra annso o Ambrosius .i. do leghis, ar se, dera Peadair ~ nír leghis a leorgnimartha. Cf. 1228, 17.

33 v . a m, On St. Brigid. Beg. Cach ni trath roaitceadh Brighit forsan Coimdhe do-bered dí facéadoir.

33 v . a i. Short section (4 ll.) on Charity, headed, "Ag so ni do tuarascbail na Derce." Beg. Is uaisle hi na mil ~ is gile hi na snechta.

33 v . a m. Tale of Lóegaire and St. Patrick. Dia raibhi comblicht mor ocus asaenta idir Loeguire mac Neil ocus Patraic.

A leaf has been cut out after fo. 33.

34 . Fragment of a Medical Tract, beg. with a section on Climate. Beg. [ ] non eadem est natura temporis in omne regione ~ cetera .i. is ed adeir Isidorus nac inann naduir don aimsir a ngac en reghion. Breaks off imperfect, fo. 34 v. b i., with the words Is ed is substaint ann anni anas le fein ana sesam is (?) bunudus dona haicedibh rl (translating Substancia est que per se susistat). Isidore, Avicenna, and Arnaldus are quoted.

35 recto is blank.

35 v . a. Later entries, difficult to decipher; appear to give the derivation of certain names (11. 6-8). The names Medb, Cairpre Ceinndeirg and Aengus mac Duibsinnain occur 11. 9-35.

35 v . b. An account of Eogan Taidlech, alias Mog Nuadat. Beg. Eogan Taiglech ~ Fithir. Cf. 535, 215 a. Text has been treated with a reagent and is illegible.

35 v b i. Story of Finn mac Cumhaill, apparently. Reagent has been used here too.

36 . Genealogical tract, interrupted by chasm after p. 29, resumes here with (36 a) Ó Neill (Eogan m. Neill Oig m. Neill Moir), (36 b i.) Clann Aeda Buidhe, (36 c) Ó Cathain, Mac Suibhne, (36 d) Ó Gairmleadhaigh, (36 e) Muinter Dalaig, (36 v. a) Ó Dalaig Brefne, (36 v. b) Cenél mBinnig, (36 v. c) Ó Duibdirma, Ó Conchobhair, Muinter Mailmocherge, (36 v. d) Ó Faircellaig, (36 v. e) Sil Fergusa, Clanna Neill, (36 v. f) Mag Lochlainn, Uí Brolcan, possibly chasm here, (37 b) Ó Dochartaid, (37 c) Ó Mail, Mac Gilla Finnein, (37 d) Ó Canannain, Clann Chonaill Cremthaind, (37 e) Sil [Aeda] .i. Ó Cellaig Breg, Ó Mailmuaidh, (37 v. a) Mag Echacain, (37 v. c) Sil Ronain, (37 v. d) Uí Inneirge, (37 v. e) Muinter Tlaman, Ó Duibginn, (37 v. f) Muinter Mailconaire Conaire, Ó Muirigein, Ó Ciblech (?), (37 v. g) Ó Caindelbain, Mac Cargamna, (38 a) Ó Brain, Cairbre, (38 b) Ó Conchobair, Uí Aghda, (38 c) Ó Ledbain, Mac Cuinn, Uí Gabalaig, Uí Dubslaiti (rest of this page has been rendered indecipherable by use of a reagent), (38 v. b) Clann Neill Geilbuide, Mac Maghnusa Tire Tuathail, Mac Conaifne, (38 v. g) [Ó] Diarmada Ruad (?), (39 d) Mac Donnchada Riabhach, Mac Cormaic, Mac Dauid, (39 v. i.) Mac Donnchada, Ó Taidg, Ó Hainlige, Mac Branan, (40 a) Ó Flannagain, (40 b) Ó Fallamain, (40 c) Ó Floinn, (40 d) Mag Oir?, Ó Mailbrenainn, Mac Aedha, (40 e) Ó Concenainn, (40 f) Ó Mailmocherge, Mac Cethernaigh, Ó Finn, (40 g) Muinter Dubda, (40 v. a) Ó Heidhin, (40 v. b) Ó Sechnasaigh, (40 v. c) Ó Mochan, (40 v. d) Ó Derca Cein, Ó Flaithbheartaigh, (40 v. e) Ó Maille. Between ff. 40, 41 is stitched a fragment containing pedigrees.

41 . Genealogical tract continues with the following pedigrees :—(41 b) Ó Domhnaill, (41 v. a) Clann Tigernain, Mac Mailechlainn, Clann Tigernain, (41 v. c) Mac Neill, (41 v. d) Mag Tigernain, (41 v. f) Clann [in] Mhaighistir, (41 v. g) Clann in Oifisdel, Mag Saniradhain, (42 b) Ó Raighilligh, (42 e) Mac in Chaich, (42 f) Mac Bradaigh, Mac Consnamha, Uí Derca Gein, (42 g) Mac Mathgamna, (42 v. a) Ó Cellaig, (42 v. c) Ó Madadain, (42 v. d) Mag Uidir, (42 v. f) Mac Magnusa, (42 v. g) Clann Aedacain, (43 b) Ó Hanluain, (43 c) Mac Domnaill na Halban, (43 d) Clann tSomairle, (43 e) O Floinn, (43 f) Mac Domnaill Clainne Cellaig, Ó Meith, (43 g) Uí Fiachach Arda Sratha (sic leg.), Fir Rois, Uí Mac Uais, Uí Bresail Macha, Uí Bresail Oirrthir, Ó Loman Finnabrach, (43 v. a) [ ]Maig, Ó Nuallain, (43 v. b) Ó Faelain, Ó Bricni na nDeise, (43 v. c) Mac Murchadha, (43 v. e) Ó Conchobhair Failge, (43 v. f) Ó Dimasaig, Ó Duinn, (43 v. g) Ó Tuathaill?, Ó Broin, (44 e) Ó Murchada, Mac Duibigir, (44 f) Ó Dublige ri Fer Tulach, Ó Duibidir, (44 g) Ó Fergail rí Fortuath Heireann, (44 v. a) Uí Briuin, (44 v. b) Ó Riain, (44 v. c) Ó Donnacha, (44 v. g) Mag Aengusa, (45 a) Mag [R]agnaill, (45 b) In Prioir (Mag Raghnaill), (45 c) Ó Mailmiadaigh, Ó Cuinn, (45 d) Mag Orehaidh, Mac Tagadain, (45 e) Comarba Caillin, (45 f) Comarba Cluana?, Mac in Oglaich, (45 v. a) Mae Artain, Mac Consleibe, (45 v. b) Ó Mordha, (45 v. c) Sogain, (45 v. d) Ó Fergail, (45 v. f) Mac Aeda Oig, (46 a) Ó Conchobhair Coreomruaid, (46 b) Ó Lochlainn, Ó Lidan, (46 c) Ó Conchobhair Ciarraid[e], (46 d) Sil mBriain, (46 v. c) Mag Mathghamhna, Mac Muircertaig, Ó Ceinnetig, (46 v. e) Mac Conmara, (47 b) Ó hEthaig?, (47 c) Ó hIfernain, Mac Cochlain, (47 d) Mac Conri,' (47 e) Ó hEdhra, (47 g) Ó Gadhra, Ó Conchobhair Ciannachta, Ó Cerbaill.

47 v, blank.

48 recto is so defaced that the text is illegible.

48 v . Mutilated fragment of a Medical Tract. Two hands are to be distinguished here. Galen and Avicenna are named on fo. 48 v. b in a section, beg. [ ] tathar ga fhiarfaige in disgailind teasaideacht nadurda in corp.

49 v. blank.