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MS 23 P 7 (The Annals of the Four Masters)

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Royal Irish Academy


23 P 7

Annals of the Four Masters

17th cent. Paper. 9 × 6 (average measurement) inserted into leaves 13½ × 7 7/10 Ff. 293, numbered 1-293. Scribes: Míchél Ó Cléricch, Cúcoigriche Ó Cléricch, and Conaire Ó Cléricch, Dún na nGall, 1632-1636 (vide Testimonium on 2nd vellum leaf in 23 P 6). There are marginal notes and corrections by Charles O Conor. Ff. 13v, 14r, 18r, 84v, 94v, 118r, 161v, 171r, 174r, 202r, 206v, 238v, 256v, 262v, 281r, 285r, 287r, 289v, 290v, 291v, 293v are blank. This book is the continuation of 23 P 6, the paper, binding, and history being similar. The lettering on the back is : "Annals of the IV Masters, 1500-1616. Original MS. Royal Irish Academy." Former Academy number, 2/5.

Fo. 1. Annals of the Four Masters, 1500-1616, i.e., the continuation of the Second Book.