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MS 23 P 20

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in The Royal Irish Academy


23 P 20

Rosa Anglica, in Irish

16th cent. (?) Vellum. 13½ × 9½ Pp. 44. Scribe unknown. Bound in rough black boards, black leather back, gilt lettering: "23 P 20, Irish medicine. MS. Royal Irish Academy." A docket marked "no. 1268" is pasted to p. 1, and another slip from an old catalogue, pasted on p. 3, reads: "1268. A tract on medicine, Folio, finely written on vellum upwards of 400 years since." A blue slip inserted before p. 1 has in recent hand: "Medical MS. written about 1460. Presented by Mr. Crofton." But the reason for the dating is not apparent.

The ms. contains an Irish version of a large part of John of Gaddesden's Rosa Anglica, written in 1314, first printed at Pavia, 1492.

P. 1 , mainly obliterated, begins with a large initial (I?), beginning a Latin sentence, now almost entirely illegible, This is followed by a list of contents, not in the printed edition. Below, a heading, " [Sicut dicit G]alienus ... de Ingenio Sanitatis."

Other sections not found in the printed Rosa Anglica are:


3 a 1. . . . tu an uair ina mbia tormach na heslainti, ending 6a 22, cum gliccuis anti doni an leighes: on crises in fevers.

17 a. Fiarfuigther in ona cosmailius, ending 18a 22 7 gach uili creacht.

23 a. Quia dictum est, ending 24a 3, do reir na ndoctuireadh, These two sections are on universal diseases.

The ms. ends imperfect, a n-aimsir lenna ruaid na in gach... For contents sec W. Wulff 's ed. of this version, Ir. Texts Soc., vol. xxv; also Fraser and Grosjean's Irish Texts, i. 48.