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MS 23 O 23

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Royal Irish Academy


23 O 23

Materia Medica

15th cent. ? Vellum. 9¼ × 6¼. Pp. 42, rubricated. The parchment is much worn, especially behind illuminated capitals. Half-bound in brown boards; leather back, not lettered. Scribe unknown : no indications of place or date. Former Academy number, 213. This ms. and the four following contain copies of the same treatise, which seems to have enjoyed wide popularity in Ireland and elsewhere, judging by the number of copies still extant. Cf. T.C.D. Catalogue of Irish MSS., p. 364, and MacKinnon, Catalogue of Gaelic MSS. in Scotland, pp. 21, 70. This copy is defective at beginning and end and has a good many other lacunae. It begins with Asfodillus and ends with Venenum.