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MS 23 N 8

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Royal Irish Academy


23 N 8


16th cent. (?). Vellum. Ca. 8-7⅗ × 5, interleaves ca. 8⅒ × 5½. Pp. 40, including interleaves and blank leaves at beginning and end, numbered, in pencil (with interleaves, etc.), in folios, 1-20. Ms. is for the most part illegible, being very much faded and discoloured; erasures appear to have been attempted, and at a later period chemicals have been used to restore the writing. Possibly two hands were at work on this MS., the second being responsible for the Latin prayer (fo. 18 vo,), the erased notes, fo. 18 ro., and the note fo. 10 vo. i. This calendar resembles closely that occurring in 466, ff. 2-8 ro. (16th cent.), but was evidently somewhat fuller. The months March and April appear twice, and some leaves are misplaced, being set in backwards, and the correct sequence is not adhered to. The general plan of the calendar is as follows: At the top of each page appears the name of the month, and usually the number of days in the month, and a reference to the moon. On the left side of each page are six columns of letters and figures, opposite which appear notices of Saints’ Days, feast days, the “house” in which the sun is to be found during the month under consideration, and whatever planet is “fa re grein.” At the foot of the page the number of hours in the day and night is given. Mention is made of weather conditions and what they betoken, references being always to the occurrence of thunder. Other notes, as to seasonable diet, blood-letting, etc., occur on some pages. Rubricated letters and words occur through­out. On fo. 18 vo. is an illuminated picture of a saint in an attitude of benediction. Printed paper was at one time affixed to the blank pages at beginning and end; see ink rubbings ff. lro., 20 vo. Bd. in leather, tooled. “Irish MS. Calendar’' appears in gilt letters at back. Former Acad, no. 13/4.


4. April, on verso March.

6. May, on verso June.

8. March, on verso April.

10. January, on verso February.

12. November, on verso December.

14. September, on verso October.

16. July, on verso August.

18 ro. The signs of the Zodiac, with indications as to whether they are propitious or otherwise. Some lines of verse follow, that appear to have been written over previous notes, now indecipherable. Beg. Omadhon lae comadhon(?) lae la m’feall.

18 vo. Illuminated figure in attitude of benediction, un­finished. Underneath is written a prayer beg. O Domine Jesu Christe adoro te in cruce pendentem . . .