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MS 23 N 16

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Royal Irish Academy


23 N 16

Medical Treatises.

16th and 17th cent. Paper. 8 × 5¾, ff. 136. Half-bd. in boards, leather back, gilt-lettered on back, "Irish MS. Treatises on Medicine I." Sir William Betham’s book-plate inside cover. The leaves are numbered 3-138 ; the first two leaves have been lost since this numbering was made. Name of scribe unknown. Dated 1596 (f. 61 r.) ; 1597 (f. 23 v.) ; 1606 (f. 133 v.) ; 1610 (f. 122 r.). Written at Cell Breacain (f. 38 v.), Baile Uí Cheilli (f. 35 v.) ; Achaidh Mhic Airt (f. 61 r.) ; Edarguil (f. 122 r.) ; Áth Charrna (f. 133 v.). Very closely written, with more than usually illegible contractions. The paper soft and margins badly frayed, especially towards the end of the volume. Abundant marginalia of topical interest ; some of the most important are printed in ZCP xviii. 250, seq. See also ff. 38, 56, 102, infra. Contents include Commentaries on Hippocrates’ Aphorisms and Prognostics, Aegidius De Urinis, treatises by Bertaucius, Geraldus de Solo, Lanfrancus de Mediolano, etc. Former Academy no. 27 A. Betham MSS., vol. 62.

f. 3 - 16 . Commentary on Aphorisms of Hippocrates, bks. 1 and 2, beg. acephalous : cuislenna dia ngoirter uenae miseraice (on aph. 2 of bk. i, "In perturbationibus uentris").

f. 11 r. 21. On bk. ii, aph. 1, In quo morbo.

f. 11 r.z. "Slan duit a Uilliam í Fhinngaini."

f. 12 r. Some blank spaces, indicating defects in the scribe’s exemplar.

f. 17 r. Another commentary on the Aphorisms, beg. Vita breuis ⁊ rl.

f. 22 r. On bk. ii, aph. 1.

f. 22 v. Commentary breaks off at is don nemnechtardha do labair Ipocraid an tan adubhairt "Quicunque dolentes." Here half a page is left blank : the commentary resumes on f. 23 r. at the beginning of bk. v, and is continued to f. 31 r. 13, ending ⁊ a ndul a bfiabrus no a ndrocheslaintib eili. The rest of this leaf and the next are blank.

f. 33 r. Beg. Incipit hic de medicinis simplicibus et compositis que purgant humores et de dosibus earum. The same treatise on Materia Medica as in 451, pp. 199 seq.; B.M. Cat. 268.

f. 38 r. 11. Explicet tractatus de syropis digestionibus et de purgationibus eucuuantis .i. tairnig annso ... do reir Iohannes de modo medendi. Continues without a break on Materia Medica : Fumus terrae, Diasene, Trifera sarrasenica, Yera logodion, etc.

f. 38 v. z. "A gCill Breacain dam i n-aoini i ndegaidh an diardaoin aluinn."

f. 40 r. 25. Materia Medica ends : curthar caisia fistola ⁊ prem yris ann. Rest of folio blank.

f. 41 r. Commentary on Hippocrates’ Prognostica, beg. Nihil perinde medico.

f. 45 v. 20. Aqua inter cutem : Prognostica, bk. ii.

f. 53 r. Febris siue sanus : Progn., bk. iii.

f. 56 r. Commentary ends : Is iad so eslainti thuices Galienus annso do thecht ona heslaintib gera mar ata empyema, etc. Finis. Followed by a note : "anno domini 1596 an 13 la do Maius. a nAchaidh mhic Airt dam an tan-sa a bfhochair Dhonnchadha óig í Chonchubhair ⁊ is urusa dhamh anois bheith dobrónach oir adime mo charaid ⁊ mo chumpanach uaimh .i. Mairghrég inghen Donnchadh ⁊ dar an leabhar ni fes dam créd do dhén ina hégmuis fesda."

ibid., 1.12. Treatise on divisions of nature, elements, humours, etc., beg. Medicina diuiditur in duas partes siliscet in theoricam et practicam. Ends p. 58 v.z ⁊ teid tar na soithibh amach.

f. 59 . Treatise containing names of diseases and descriptions, Latin with Irish renderings : heading at top of leaf neatly cut out. Beg. Horripilatio in febribns fit.

f. 61 r. 1. 7 from foot. Tract ends Finis. Anno Domini 1596. Here follows a long note by the scribe, printed in ZCP xviii, 25, n.

f. 61 v. Treatise on fevers, etc., beg. Morbus est cum membra accionis sue naturalis temperamenta egridiuntur. Ends imperfect on f. 73 v. dlegthar an diet do thabhairt dona daoinibh uhís a ngoire don bhas do choimhlionadh.

f. 74 r. Version of AEgidius De Urinis, with Gentilis de Fulgineo’s commentary, beg. An cead-caibidil. Dicitururina quoniam fit in renibus una. Line 8, Isin leabur so ata in t-ugdur ag tabairt foircedail uaidhe aran bfhual. In top margin, “I n-ainm in Athar ⁊ an Mhic ⁊ an Spioraid Naoimh an tionnsgnam so.” The Irish translator, Séamus Ó Fiongaine, is named in the colophon at foot of f. 112 r., which was written on June 22, 1610, "at Edarguil in the company of Donnchadh óg Ó Chonchubuir." It is printed in ZCP xviii. 252.

f. 79 r.z. "Is dirsan lium a Dhiarmuid do shuile-si ⁊ mar ata mo bholg fein."

f. 102 v. i."Dar nail is amarach aderaidh Brian mac Toirrdhealbhaidh a ced-aithfrinn ... an 10 la do Iunius 1610." As to this Brian FitzPatrick Lord of Ossory and poet, see O’Rahilly, Measgra Dánta, p. 203, and T.C.D. Cat., pp. 164, 362.

f. 106 v. 1.15. "Incipit capitulum de contentis & est secunda pars principalis," beg. Sepius artificem, etc.

f. 107 r. 7 1. fr. ft.Nunc contentorum, etc. ata an tughdur ann so ag cur na ccontennta sios do reir uird ⁊ uimrech ⁊ difinitioin ⁊ breithemhnuis. Circuius, ampulla, granum, nubecula, spuma, etc.

f. 122 r. AEgidius ends 1. 30, "Finis anno domini 1610," followed by long note on harrying of Leix, printed ZCP 18, p. 252 (note).

f. 122 v. Begins new treatise : Halitatio siue pandiculatio est extentio brachiorum & crurum, etc. Nicolas Bertaucius, Tract. sec., prime sectionis, cap. quint. 1518, fo. xxviii, v. "De alitatione ⁊ oscitatione."

f. 123 r. Prognosticatio, etc., ending : "Bertracius Bononiensis scriobhas an cuid so ina collectorium fein Tractatus secundus prima sectionis capitulo 5°. trocuire donti do cur so a ngaoidilg .i. Donatus iuvenis an 20 la do iunius 1611." Next page blank.

f. 124 r. to 133 v. Treatise on fevers, ascribed to Geraldus de S[ol]o, beg. In tan doniter tinnes in chinn on gaili is imchubhaidh scethrach do dhenumh.

f. 125 r. 7. Cures by different authorities for various diseases, Avicenna on paralysis, Galen on dropsy, etc.

f. 126 r. On purgatives.

f. 126 v. 6 11. from foot. Instructions for vomiting, an scethrach doniter do coimed na slainti.

f. 127 r. 4. Cholera putresit extra vasa, etc. On tertian fever.

f. 127 v. 5 11. from foot. "De laxativis."

f. 129 r. 4 11. from foot. "De febre phlegmatica."

f. 130 r. "Sequitur de laxativis" .i. dona neithib lactacha foghnus a ttosach na heslainti so. "De febribus melancholicis" .i. dona fiabrasaib doniter o linn dub, etc.

f. 131 v. "De febre ecthica," etc.

f. 132 v. "De febre pestilenciale" .i. don fiabras phlaghamhail ⁊ cuisighter é o drochshuidhiughad in aer, etc.

f. 133 v. Ends : "Tairnig ann sin trachtadh Geralldus de Solo ar moduib leighis na bfhiabras. A naith Charrna dhamh a ttigh Emoinn mhic Ceallaigh mic Seaain ⁊ in la roimhe sin do rinne d[nb] o f[nil] linm an 28 la Aug. 1606.”

1. 17. New treatise begins : Omne quod volumus investigare, etc. Opening chapters (3) of the Chirurgia magna of Lanfrancus de Mediolano. Edited by W. Wulff, ZCP 18, pp. 249-282. Ends imperfect f. 138 v., ní lugaide ata gluasacht acu sin mar ataid . . .