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MS 23 M 36

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Royal Irish Academy


23 M 36

Medical Treatises

15th or 16th cent.? Vellum, much worn, the last leaves transparent. 7 × 5¾. Pp. 20, besides four blank leaves added by binder. Gilt-lettered, "Memb. ms. Hib. Tract. Med." Bd. in green linen, green leather back. Scribe, Uilliam Ó Bolgaidh (p. 18). On fly-leaf, a slip extracted probably from a catalogue : "A fragment of a quarto vellum MS., 10 leaves interlined with paper as if for translation. The work is on Medicine and is extremely curious." On the pages interleaved the Latin headings are copied in a 19th century hand, with renderings in Irish and English. Original Academy no. 28/4.


1 to 18. Fragment of a treatise on various diseases, found also in T.C.D. 1436. Beg. acephalous clobus ⁊ lignum aloeis = T.C.D. 1436, p. 280, 14. Treats of singultus, uolismus (or cinodoxia), and colerica passio (imperfect).

2 . Dolor epatis potest sumi dupliciter . . . .i. fetar tinneas na n-ae do beith o da moduib. There follows a description and discussion of the symptoms, causes, and cures of dropsy, spleen, colic, urinary troubles, piles, worms, menstrual flux, uteral tumour, arthritica passio, pox, leprosy, as in T.C.D. 1436, pp. 281-294, ending is amlaid sin slaneocar lucht na heslainti sin mad ail le Bia. Finit. There follows on p. 18, 1. 12, a note, "Et is uime aderar coilliget risin leabur so .i. on focal laidne re nabar collexio ⁊ is inann coillexio ⁊ comthegar .i. comthegar teoricechta ⁊ praittigechta na nuile doctuir do beith aige ⁊ Tadg O Cuinn do cur a nG(aedilg) ⁊ Aod mac Caisin do gab ⁊ Uilliam O Bolgaid do sgrib." The copy in T.C.D. 1436 stops at doctuir. This is presumably the same Tadg O Cuinn to whom the translation of no. 462 is ascribed (but in no. 460, another copy of the same herbal, the credit is assigned to Uilliam O Híceadha). See also the account of T.C.D. 1323 and 1343 in T.C.D. Cat., pp. 352, 364.

18 , l. 15. "Dotimuirgesa andso sis riaglaca praittigechta ar sintibh lamh a n-anoir Dia ⁊ ar trocuiri don pobal Gaedealach ⁊ ar les rem daltaibh ⁊ rem cairdib a leabraib laidianda a nGaedilg .i. o ugduras Gailighen a Leabur deighinech praittigechta Pantegni ⁊ o Ipocraid a Leabur Pronosticorum .i. a leabar na taisgelta .i. nethe iadsein beg-digbalacha cnesta tarbacha, athcumra noch roderbad linne ⁊ ler n-oidedaib co minic." Cf. T.C.D. Cat., p. 313, and R.I.A., no. 473, fo. 24 v., eol. i, 1. 17. The treatise continues with cures for wounds as far as col. 2, l. 4. Ends fuaig ainnsein an tinne le snaithi sida ⁊ . . .

19 (different hand). A gap here in ms. On injury to eye, beg. Do cosg na fliuchaigechta . . . na rosc . . . Ends : bainne gabar ⁊ linn uighe circi ⁊ a cur fon suil amuich.

ibid., l. 18. "Dona sronaib annso sis" .i. da mbrenuid no da roibh aillsi srona forra. Charm : "Egor, egor, memor, memor, tap, tap, cep, cep," ⁊ a cur isin ordoig . . . fo tri risin fuil ⁊ coisgid. Ends : ⁊ a cur arin fuil.

20 . "Do gallruib in sgamain" .i. glas lochtuile ⁊ bren loch-tuile. Ends imperfect: ⁊ mm eorna ⁊ gruiten ⁊ a mbruith . . .