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MS 23 M 25

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23 M 25


The ten MSS. numbered 23 M 25 to 34 inclusive all form part of an original single MS., and hence it will be convenient to describe the whole series together. The present division, it would appear, originated with John O’Daly.

17-18th centt. Paper. 7⅔ × 5⅘ pp. 468 in all. Scribe : Eóghan Ó Caoimh at various dates from 1684 to 1707. The year 1684 occurs in dates on pp. 61, 111, 154, 155, 217 and 240 ; 16 Mar. 1684 (i.e. 1684-5) on p. 270 ; a poem by the scribe, dated 1693, is given on p. 455; the date 1702 on p. 574; and poems by the scribe, dated by him 1704 and 1707 are given on pp. 603 and 607 respectively. The earlier portion of the ms. was written while the scribe was travelling in Cork and Kerry (in 1684), as we may infer from some of his notes. Thus p. 61 was written in C. na hlnnse (i.e. Castleinch, co. Cork?) ; p. 111 in Dún Ciaráin (Dunkerron, co. Kerry), in the house of Ó Súilleabháin Mór; p. 154 in Cuillinn Hi Chaoimh (Cullen, near Millstreet) ; and p. 217 in Port Trí Námhad (near Brosna). At the bottom of p. 576 we have a note by a son of the scribe’s, as follows : “Finis per me Arthurum Keyffe anno aetatis meae 15.” This Art Ó Caoimh may have written portion of this page, but, if so, his hand is not easily distinguishable from that of his father. The pagination of the different volumes is as follows : 23 M 25, pp. 45-154 ; 23 M 26, pp. 155-246 ; 23 M 27, 247- 270; 23 M 28, 271-300 ; 23 M 29, 301-346 ; 23 M 30, 349- 364, 437-460, and 481-492; 23 M 31, 493-522; 23 M 32, 523-556 ; 23 M 33, 557-574; 23 M 34, 575-612. Some of the volumes have recently been given (not always accurately) an independent pagination, starting from 1 ; the original pagination is followed here, except where it goes astray for a few pp. in 23 M 30, or where, towards the end of 23 M 34, it ceases to be legible. Most of the volumes, being thin, are eked out with blank and unnumbered leaves inserted by the binder. The text is sometimes faded and soiled; the latter portion of 23 M 34 is badly injured. The following pp. of the original ms. are missing : pp. 1-44, 63-66, 169-170, 347-348, 365-436, 461-480 ; there is also a gap (of 2 pp.?) after p. 600, and a gap of unknown size at the end of 23 M 34. John O’Daly has repaired the MS., while supplying some of the text in his own hand, on pp. 287, 555. Bd. in half-leather. 23 M 25 has gilt-lettered on back, “The O’Keeffe MSS. No. 1. 1684”; similarly the other volumes, with change of number and date. The name Joseph O Caoimh, with date 1718, is written on p. 351, margin. On p. 59, margin, “Connor Lyne, Connor Lion.” In 1814 the ms. was in the hands of Piaras Móinseul, of Doneraile, who transcribed a number of the poems (cf. Gadelica, i, 4 n., and Ir. Texts Soc., xviii, pp. 38, 264). Subsequently in possession of John O’Daly, who is known to have made several partial transcripts of the MS. ; see for instance part of 23 E 14 (dated 1846), most of 24 M 43 (dated 1848), and the ms. sold with the Carton (Duke of Leinster’s) library in Dublin in 1925. W. E. Hudson Bequest.

45. TOCHMHARC FHEARBHLAIDHE. Beg. Ríogh rathmhur róchródha do shliocht Cairbre Ríghfhada do ghabh flaithus ⁊ forlamhus na hAlban, dár chómhainm Séamus mac Turcaill.

62. SGÉAL OPTIMUS AGUS OPTIMA. Beg. Rígh ró áitreabh ar an bhFraingc feacht naill, ⁊ do chaith seal dá aimsir gan aonghin cloinne. Imperfect owing to the loss of pp. 63-66. Ends p. 67.

67. OIDHEADH CHLOINNE TUIREANN. Beg. Rígh sochrach saorchineoil ró ghabh flatheas forlamhus ⁊ fearannus ar Thuathaibh dísle dathaille Dé Danann dár ba comhainm Nuadh Airgeadlamh.

86. FEIS TIGHE CHANÁIN. Beg. Sealg ⁊ fiadhach tromthorthach saoraoibhinn do comoradh le Fionn mac Cumhaill ⁊ le fianaibh glanaille Gaoidheal.

112. BREISLEACH [MHÓR] MHUIGHE MUIRTHEIMHNE AGUS OIDHEADH CHONCULAINN. Beg. Feacht naon dá ttangadur Ulaidh go hEamhuin Mhacha go súbhach somheanmnach ⁊ táinig Cúchulainn go Dún Dealgan. Ends (p. 151) : Do chuir a thrí tromghártha caointe as os aird maille re hóguibh na hEamhna ag caoineadh a ccarad ⁊ a ccoigceile Congculainn.

152. Short prose tract (3 pp.) on the characteristics of various nations. Beg. Atáid úghdair eagnuidhe na hEórpa uile ar aonintinn gur mó ocrus ⁊ sáith lucht áitribh na hEorpa.