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MS 23 D 2

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Royal Irish Academy


23 D 2

Tecosca Cormaic ; Genealogies.

17th cent Paper. 5¼ × 3½. Pp. 30. Pagination (in later ink) starts at p. 2, and is sometimes in the middle or outer margin of the page where the bottom of page has been cut away. Numbering is wrong from “22” written “23,” but error is corrected on every page. After each leaf a blank leaf has been inserted by binder. There are two scribes, neither of whom is named. Pp. 1-4 (viz., the Gen'ealogies) are in a small fine script resembling that in 23 O 19, which was written by Iollann mac Tórna Ó Maolchonaire in 1643. An approximate anterior date is given by the inclusion in the Genealogies of Séamus, great-grandson of the Sir Eoin Ó Gallchobhair, who died in 1595 (P.M. vi, 1986). The remainder of M.S. was written in 1661 (p. 20 m.). The script here seems a little later than that on pp. 1-4, and is some­what larger, but equally good.

Ms. is a little soiled and damaged. Top outer corner has been torn away and mended, with some resultant loss of text, especially on pp. 1-4. Lower outer corner and margins of early pages and end of ms. have been mended with gummed paper. There is a stain like water right through ms. and first page is very dark and stained. The opening words have been treated with some chemical, with the result that they are now almost undecipherable. Bd. in half-leather (green) with, on back, in gilt letters : “23 D 2. Royal Irish Academy.” The name of John T. O’Clery (an owner) with date 1847 is on front fly-leaf. The leaves inserted by binder have a watermark : J. R. Jones.


1. Genealogies of the Uí Gallchobhair. Headed “Senchas [ ] Gallchobhair.” Beg. [Cúiger] mac ag Eoin [mac] Niccoil mic Giolla Coimdhe .i. an Manach, Donnchad o a bfuilit sliocht Donnchada, Aod da bfuilit sliocht Aoda, Lochloinn .i. an tepscop óttáitt sliocht an eapscoib et Magnus riabach ottait sliocht Magnusa riabaigh. (Cf. with this : Leabhar Genealach Mhic Fhirbhisigh, p. 157, col. c). Continues Dubaltach mac Maoilcaba m. Cathair .i. O Gallcobhoir. Half of col. 1, p. 2, blank. Breaks off imperfectly p. 4 f.Aenghas mac Aedha m. Maolrúanuidh m. Domhnoill m. Fearghail m. Giolla Coimdhedh.

5. [TECOSCA CORMAIC.] Heading “Incipit teccoscc Corbmeic m[eic Airt] meic Cuinn da mac do Chairbre Liphthecair dia rothothlaigh ar a athair Corbmac uair ba breithiomh ar gaois,” etc. Beg. ib. m. A Ua Cuinn a Chorbmeic ar Cairbre, Cidh as deck do righ. Arrange­ment of colloquy is here somewhat different from that in Meyer’s ed. (Todd Lecture Ser. xv); see Thurneysen, Zu ir. Hdschr. i, 7, seq. Ends p. 25 with set of maxims beg. Ni ionchoiscc iodna iomorba; see Meyer, op. cit., p. 56.

25, 1. 3. BRIATHRA FLOINN FHÍONA MEIC OSSA. Beg.Atcotta soicheall saidbrius. Breaks off p. 26, 19 : bat umal gorbat uasal (= Anecdota iii, 13, 16). ib. New heading "Fland Fína beos." Beg.Cía feighe rangais. Fir Mhuighi Feine et gaoth. Cf. Meyer op. cit. Pref. vi-vii, and Smith, R.C. xlv, 69. Resumes p. 27, 1. 12, dlighidh eaccna airmidin. Ends p. 30 i. ferr mbrughaid mbliocht[a] = Anecdota iii, 20, 8, R.C. xlv, 87.