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Adv. MS 73.2.20

Catalogue of Gaelic manuscripts in selected libraries in Great Britain and Ireland

compiled by John Mackechnie

Adv. MS 73.2.20

MacLeod Poetry.

Paper water-marked "1810".

Contents :

1 . Poem of 33 qtt. headed, "Original of Fraoch as collected by Jerome Stone. Report (sc. on the Poems of Ossian) No. 7." Begins : - Osan caraid ann Cluain Fraoich/. Cf. NLS. 72.1.37, i.e. the "Book of the Dean of Lismore", p. 301,4 - 303,22; N. Ross, "Heroic Poetry" p. 198.

ff. 4 (stitched)

2 . (In Irish script) : -

(a) Poem of 26 qtt. Poem of 26 qtt. "In praise of William MacLeod, triath do rioghfhuil aicme Olbhuir." Begins : - Ar ttrial bhus esguidh go leisg fhaicsin's gach am/.

(b) Poem (fragmentary) of 6 qtt. without heading. The last qt. begins : - Lean Mairgreid le comhghnas.../

ff. 2

(c) Poem of 19 qtt. headed, "Marbhruinn (sic) Shior Tormoid Mac eg an treas la don mhi Mhairt A.D. 1705". Begins : - Rug an fheibe a teirme astech/.

ff. 2

(d) Poem of 45 qtt. headed, "Donnchadh O Muirghesan cct." Begins : - Do thurn aoibhness Innsi Gall/. The poem is a lament for Norman Mac Leod who died in 1705. Cf. Cameron, "Rel. Celt." vol. 2 , p. 265 sqq. where there are 45 qtt. ascribed to Niall Mac Muirricgh (sic leg. Mhuirich).

ff. 2

3 . John MacGregor Murray, Edinburgh, 7th July, 1800, to Henry Mackenzie enclosing all the above, which he has received from Lord Bannatyne, i.e. William MacLeod, son of Roderick MacLeod, W.S. He was one of the founders of the "Highland Society" and also of the "Bannatyne Club". Born in 1743 he died in 1833.

4 . Blue envelope (foolscap) marked "Gaelic Papers from Box No. 3. Antient Mss. (5 pieces)".