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Adv. MS 73.1.10

Adv. MS 73.1.10

© Catalogue record by National Library of Scotland

(Gaelic MS CVI). Skene MSS Box XVII. I. 2.

Beatha Phádraig.

Mackinnon p. 271; Mackechnie I, p. 271

104 pp., quarto, 21 × 16 cm. 18th cent., paper, 'Pro Patria' watermark (c. 1724-1772). A Life of St. Patrick, based on the medieval Life by Jocelyn of Furness, in 21 chapters. Paginated by scribe. Note on first page in a later hand: "The Life of St. Patrick". Signed on p. 3 and p. 53, "Charles McAra, Bachelors Walk [Dublin]", and on p. 45 "Charles McAra". The paper is badly water-damaged and stained, and for the most part in poor condition with some loss of text. Some leaves missing at the end. The volume may have existed without a binding for the first part of its life. It was later loosely covered by, but not attached to, a piece of leather cut from the binding of a much thicker volume; this, however, being too small, did not help to prevent further damage especially to the fore-edge of the volume. The first and last two leaves are detached from the main block of text, which is held together by its original stitching. - With a letter, 1834, of P. O'Keeffe, translating the chapter headings into English..



P. 1 Beatha an Esboig ghlórmhair [eadhón] Páttruicc, Príomh fháigh na héireann, sonn. A life of St. Patrick, based on Jocelyn of Furness's Vita sancti Patricii episcopi, dated to 1180-1201, in 21 chapters. Text incomplete at end, breaking off in the final chapter.

f. i - ii Letter, dated 10 July 1834, of P. O'Keeffe.