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Adv. MS 72.3.7

Catalogue of Gaelic Manuscripts in the National Library of Scotland

© Ronald Black, 2022

Adv. MS 72.3.7

(Gaelic MS.LXXXV). Transcript of National Museum of Scotland, manuscript MCR 39

Further description: Mackinnon, p.260; Mackechnie, vol. 1, p.264; NLS F.R.192, f.77

195 pp. Quarto. Watermarked 1803. A transcript of National Museum of Scotland manuscript MCR 39, pp.33–311, made by Rev. Donald Mackintosh during 1803–6 in his capacity of “Keeper of the Records and Translator of the Gaelic Language” to the Highland Society of Scotland, perhaps for the use of Sir John MacGregor Murray of Lanrick, who was chief of the Clan MacGregor and a prominent number of the Society. Its pasteboard cover is inscribed “Extract of Red Book of Clanranald in the Original Gaelic (see p. 97, Padraig Caoch Mac Ghrigoir) MacGregors mentioned pp. 60, 87, 97”. The text is headed “Copy of the small volume, (erronesly [sic] called) The Leabhar Dearg of Clanranald. Beginning at the 33d page, the rest are gone”. It concludes (p.194) with the remark “The rest of the M.S. is torn away from the end”. Following this (p.195) is a general note on the MacMhuirichs, ending thus: “Few of their works were written in this Book which seems to have been the last volume or memorandum book kept by the family, the old volumes being all written upon parchment, as all writes before printing came in use were. Edinr. 3d Octr. 1806. Donald Mackintosh F.S.S. Antiquaries, Highland Society, & Philos[ophical Society of Newcastle]". (Corner of leaf torn off).


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