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Adv. MS 72.1.9

Catalogue of Gaelic Manuscripts in the National Library of Scotland

© Ronald Black, 2011

Adv. MS 72.1.9


Mackinnon, pp.26, 113; Mackechnie, p.146.

Paper. 1f. 15 × 20 cms. Bottom half of folio sheet written c.1625–50 by Eoghan Mac Pháill, judging from the similarity of the hand to that of Adv.MS.72.1.34, p.41. Text on recto only. Kilbride no.5 (bears Hugh Kerr’s name). With 19th cent. transcript.


1r1. Conclusion of a tract dealing here with prognosis. Beg. (acephalous) isin leis maille stranguria 7 re droch comarta eile.

1r9. “Se(n)chus Cloinne Dubhuill”. Pedigree of Alasdair Mór, chief of MacDougall 1625-c.1650. Three columns. Column a: line (partly in Roman script) erased, then: “Sin agad a brathair inmuin 7 ma ta locht sgriobhnoirecht ann ni hiongnadh sin uair ni roibh agum ach coinneall mailli deifir mhor”.

1v. Blank.

2r. Transcript of tract on prognosis (above). F. 2v blank.

3r. Transcript of MacDougall genealogy (above). F. 3v blank.