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Adv. MS 72.1.50

Catalogue of Gaelic Manuscripts in the National Library of Scotland

© Ronald Black, 2011

Adv. MS 72.1.50


Mackinnon, pp.125 f. ; Mackechnie, 207–9.

17th cent. Paper. 15 × 9 cms. Ff. 26. “Pot” watermark. The manuscript was written by Niall MacMhuirich c.1658 (f. 6v), and was probably obtained in Uist by James MacPherson. It passed into the hands of MacPherson’s trustee John Mackenzie, and was no.14 of the eighteen manuscripts received from him by the Highland Society of Scotland on 5th January, 1803. “London 5th January 1803 / John Mackenzie” is written on ff. 2r and 26v. “No 14” appears in addition on f. 2r, and “No 9 JMcH” on f. 26v. At the beginning and end the edges became somewhat worn, probably during the 18th century, resulting in some loss of text. A portion (MCR 39, pp.11–16) of Niall MacMhuirich’s Clanranald history, for which Adv.MS.72.1.50 is probably a source-book, was laid up with it until 1896, when it was gifted by the Advocates’ Library to Clanranald. A copy of the material, made by Donald MacPherson in 1874 (NLS Acc.2543, f. 21), was added to the present manuscript as ff. 27r-29v, the whole being mounted and bound together. Foliation is modern, pencilled. ‘These leaves . . . were given over to the Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland for transmission to Clanranald, and a transcript of them by Professor MacKinnon is deposited in their place.’ (Adv.scroll cat., f. 53.)


1 r

1 v1 Obiits of six prominent MacDonalds, 1405–1509.

2 r1 Annals of the Clan Donald South, 1600–1626.

4 r12 Genealogical account of MacDonnells of Antrim. (4r12) the Bisset marriage; (4v3) Iain Cathanach and his sons; (5r1) descendants of Alasdair mac Iain Chathanaich; (6r9) the present Earl, Raghnall Óg.

6 v5 Note on present childless state of Clanranald and Glengarry, with colophon “Aois an Tighearna an tan do sgriobh me so, míle bliaghna ⁊ sé céad fichid ⁊ a h-ocht dhég, san bliadhuinsi testa Oilifer Cromal brotector Shagsan ⁊ Alba ⁊ Eire .1658.”

7 r1 Notes from the Book of Invasions. (7r1) Parthalon; (7v7) the 6 subject peoples; (8v1) the 12 free peoples; (8v12) the slingstone of the Tuatha Dé Danann, with verse (9r8) beg. An tathluibh teinntighe tenn (11 lines); (9v3) the descendants of Nemed.

10 r1 Ban-sheanchas beg. Sgota ingean Foruinn bean Niuil mathair Gaoidhil Ghlais.

11 r blank.

11 v1 The Lord’s Prayer.

11 v7 almost totally illegible (prose).

12 r1 Scottish pedigrees. (12r3a) David I; (12r9b) Charles I; (12v1) ?

13 r1 [Míchél Ó Cléirigh, Seanchas Ríogh Éireann.] (13r1) “Do ríoghaibh mac Míleadh”, beg. Eireamhon mac Mileadh Easbáinne dángoirthe Tolamh . Ff. 25, 26 transposed in binding and foliation. (26r1) “Do rioghaibh iar ccreideamh”, beg. Laoghuire mac Neill Naoighiallaigh triocha bliadhain do co\<gadh> eidir Eirinn ⁊ Albain. Sequence of this text is as follows: f. 26; 1 f. missing; f. 25; Adv.MS.72.2.2, f. 48 (q.v.). See Arch.Hib.V (1916), Supp. pp. 15–36 (NLS Y.183)