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Adv. MS 72.1.22

Catalogue of Gaelic Manuscripts in the National Library of Scotland

© Ronald Black, 2011

Adv. MS 72.1.22


Mackinnon, p.55; Mackechnie, p.161.

15–16th cent. Vellum. 8 ff. Folio, 27 × 20 cms. Single gathering bound by thongs, the largest of which bears script (“an so”). Text hand bold, slightly angular and generally above average size. The only marginalium, “Amo Deus, bene literat, amen dico vobis” (f. 1v) may be by the same hand although in a different ink. In two columns. Capitals coloured red. Severe staining has obscured some text at front and back. Not numbered by Major MacLachlan, not listed in Mackintosh’s catalogue. Numbered 18 by Hugh Kerr, whose name or initials appear on every leaf. Foliation modern.


1 r.a1 On Isidore’s commentary on APHORISMS of Johannes Damascenus (Mesue), Cf. Adv.MS.72.1.13, f. 1r.a1. Beg. acephalous ata an triacla do beith uair and = Adv.MS.72.1.23, f. 2r.a22. First complete section begins Morbi exteriores vere e aestate. Ends “Item adeir Isidurus gurub tarbaidhe” in section beg. Quibus in iuventute quater in ando. Relates to Mesue’s printed text (ed. Venice 1514) ff. 31v.a18–32v.a19. This portion of the tract is also covered in parts by Adv.MS.72.1.23 and 72.1.17. Authorities cited: Galen, Hippocrates, Aristotle, Avicenna, Constantine, Isaac, Averroes, Ptolemy (5v.b).