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Adv. MS 72.1.21

Catalogue of Gaelic Manuscripts in the National Library of Scotland

© Ronald Black, 2011

Adv MS 72.1.21

(Gaelic MS I). (Gaelic MS.XXI). MEDICAL.

Mackinnon, p.53; Mackechnie, p.160.

?15th cent. Vellum. 8 ff. Quarto, 26.5 × 19 cms. Single gathering, bound by thread with thongs attached. Hand small and precise, akin to that of Adv.MS.72.1.10 but strongly seriffed. There may be an Ó Siaghail connection, Cf. f. 5r. Written in two columns. Begins with large decorated initial; capitals coloured red to f. 2r. Two further hands appear in marginalia, one at ff. 2v and 5r, the other elsewhere as listed below; there are also some obscure marks or scrawls (ff. 3r, 4r). The marginalia include three love-charms, all beginning Bran ber. Damp-staining has obscured some text at front and back. Kilbride no.14 by Major MacLachlan’s enumeration (“14th Medical”, f. 1r); no.17 by Hugh Kerr’s. The latter’s name or initials are on every leaf. Foliation modern. f. 6r is reproduced photographically in CMJ (New Ser.) 6, facing p.43.


1 r.a1 On APHORISMS of Hippocrates, Cf. Adv.MS.72.1.10, f. 1r.a37. Beg. Quecumque in utiro habent hiis concluditur os matricis et cetera .i. iseadh adeir Ipocrait and sea gach bean ga mbi an toircis bid bel in macluic dunta (book 5, no.51). Ends incomplete, f. 8v: “Late postuili non uailde et cetera .i. o do labair Ipocrait asin canoin so tuas dona credaib” (book 6, no.9). Also covered by Adv.MS.72.2.10, pp.1–56 (abridged version). Authorities cited: Galen, Isaac, Aristotle, G(il)b(ertinus), Gerallterus (6r.a8), Ricardus (6r), Avicenna.


2 v “Na assir clach na curri grian ni biadh urri acht an rath riogh”.

3 v “Dé beatha a dheighmic ma ríog, 1 q.; “misi me”.

5 r “Mo mhallacht air Dhiarmuid O Shiaghail, is lom do cuir a bhen mo colladh do dhí orum areir”.

5 v “Bran ber breas eo erobi. Cur a slait cháorthainn ⁊ da ndeca pher tairrs ni fuidhther pit aici”.

6 r

(a) “amen as maith an litir”.

(b) Fa gráss ní éur eunduine, 2 lines.

(c) “Bran ber bera ears earb. Cur a slait chaorthainn ⁊ da ndecha fer thairsi ni eirgheann air.”

6 v “Bran ber ar thelar ibe. A cur a slait chuill ⁊ púail tri bhuilli ar mhnaoí dhe. ⁊ carfuidh thú.”

8 v “Commortus risin ufer do scrioph ……… agam.”