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MS G 466

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the National Library

G 466


(?) 16th cent. Vellum. 30 × 21 cms. 7 ff. unnumbered. Foliation: ff. 1-6 gathering of eight wanting centre bifoliumm, f.7. Scribe unidentified; later scribe (unidentified) wrote items (mainly illegible) on ff. 1 r, 3 v low. marg. (see below). Writing in double column, 43-9 lines to column; ruling, where visible, in brown.

Vellum in poor condition, badly stained; f. 1r partially, f. 7r mainly and f. 7v wholly illegible; leaves repaired with strengthening parchment; loss of text in several.

Bound in white parchment with 'Amra Columb-Chille' in gilt on spine; f. 7 misplaced, should be first and in reverse order. Slip bearing 'Amra Choluim Chille or Eulogy of St. Columba, ascribed to Dalian Forgaill a 16th century (?) copy / Deposited by the Rev. M. H. Maclnerney, O.P.' on recto of first endpaper; slips bearing numbers 1-7 on low. marg. of recto of leaves; 'Bibliotheca Dublinii SS Salvatoris Ord. Praed' stamped on each leaf and endpapers.


7 [AMRA CHOLUIM CHILLE.] For order of leaves see introductory remarks. Beg. (first legible line f. 7r a 11) Tanic Conchobar iar sin co hairm (a rabatar na fileadha) corresponding to YBL [Facs.],p. 71 b 28. Text, which appears closer to YBL version, breaks off f. 6vb Buich bron cerd Cuind dul dodruib meti maith ... a cnaimmi corres. to YBL [Facs.] p. 80 a 35. Lacuna in text (due to loss of leaves), which occurs between ff. 3 v and 4 a, corresponds to YBL [Fasc.Jpp. 76 b-77 b 1.

Marginalia as follows: (a) f. lr low. marg. Baill ( eol... ard); (b) f. 3v low. marg. A ( . . . )r a lion/ro ( . . . )ch an chinn righ / (. . . l)ion gaibh (...)/(...) la (...).